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19th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 268) Alina admits in front of Jeh and Pia that she is in love with Abhay Raichand

Chand assures Kabir that Danish will be alright
Episode 268 starts with Abhay Raichand coming to the room where Hasina Raichand and some hooded Vampires are standing.
Abhay: I will ask you people a question and you people would give me the answer. I had asked you people to leave Dipanita alive and you people felt that I took away your right... and in return you people killed Neil killed a human...who was not our enemy nor a werewolf... Why? One of you is responsible for his death. Who is that who has become so blind in the thirst for blood that he does not see any difference between right and wrong. We all had taken an oath together that we will drink animal blood to quench our thirst. Then who is that who broke that promise? (Hasina looks guilty. Abhay goes near her) Mom, tell me...Who did this?
Hasina: Enough Abhay... That is enough!
Abhay: No Mom! Do you know what is the price to kill a human? Whoever did this has to give the answer...
Hasina: What's wrong with you Abhay? What have we done? We have killed an enemy... that's all...
Abhay: How can you say that Mom? For a moment of happiness by revenge you people broke the age old promise? Someone is there who have lost himself forever and you are telling me enough...How Mom...How? (Abhay looks at the hooded Vampires standing with bowed heads) You people go away from here...Leave! (The Vampires leave from there)

Kabir is happily whistling and cleaning up the Hall after the Teachers Day Celebrations by picking up the empty cups. Tanushree comes there.
T: K, You are worse than girls (Kabir stops what he is doing)... You had to take Abhay's help for your security. I am so glad that I dumped a loser like you... because who cannot protect himself how can he protect me? After all, I need a real man and not a sissy. (Kabir turns to face T)
Kabir: Save it T! Your condition is that you neither get a man nor a sissy.
T: Oh... You are so wrong!
Kabir: No T... In my life first time I have taken a right decision... leaving you...
T: Excuse me! I dumped you and not you ...
K: All is a matter of convincing your mind... What is the truth you know and me too! And the truth is that I love somebody else... (T looks at Kabir with a shocked expression) Yeah, I am in love... And this time it is a true love, Okay? (Kabir turns his back on T and resumes what he was doing earlier. Misha comes there and is standing behind T)
T: So you have fallen in love? Definitely would be with some sissy... So what's her name?
Kabir: T, I had fallen in love long back... but did not recognize that love. I was trapped with you... You know T... You are so selfish and shallow that I have started hated the outside beauty. (Misha is happy and smiles) because I realize that whom I love is 10 times more beautiful...much more than you... She is very lovely T... And you know what? She does not need to wear small small clothes and makeup for that...unlike you! (Misha thinks, 'So finally Kabir has fallen in love with Alina. You are too good Misha. From today onwards my name should be Misha the Cupid'. Misha smiles)
T: So what is the name of that poor girl? Tell me the name...
Kabir: T, I don't need to hide her name from you.
T: So tell me...
Kabir: Of course! Her name is... (Kabir hesitates)
T: Yeah... her name is... Why? You are shy?
Kabir: Her name is... (Suddenly Kabir's Mobile Phone rings and he picks up the Call. He is shocked hearing the news from the other side and tells that he would reach there immediately. Kabir shouts for Misha. Misha tells Kabir that she is there and asks what is the matter. Kabir asks her to stop questioning and go with her. Misha and Kabir leaves from there).
T: K... How rude!

Madhu is lying on the bed while Arnab is sitting on a chair and watching the TV. Madhu thinks, 'What a boring husband I got...'. She complaints to him about being unromantic. She insists that they sopend some nice time together drinking wine and watching a romantic movie together as the kids are not at home. Arnab reluctantly goes to get red wine for Madhu. After Arnab goes from the room, Arnab's mobile phone rings. Madhu looks at the caller identity of the phone and sees that it is Chand Raichand. She cuts the phone.

Misha and Kabir reaches the Hospital
Misha and Kabir comes to the Hospital and inquires at the reception about Panchi and Danish. The Nurse on the reception tells that Panchi is alright but the condition of Danish is bad and gives them the details of the room. Misha and Danish rushes to go to the room and on the way they see Chand Raichand. Kabir stops and asks Chand about Danish while Misha goes to Panchi's room.
Chand: Danish has met with an accident. But don't worry... He will be alright!
Doctor: Mr Raichand... Has some one from the Patient's family come?
Kabir: Doctor, I am his Brother.
Doctor: You come with me... Nurse, Give the Patient's papers... Look, At this time we cannot say anything... but you have to sign these papers because we have to do the operation immediately.
Kabir: But Doctor why don't you say anything? Why papers... signatures? You tell me how my Brother is...
Doctor: Look! He is very critical... Anything can happen on the Operation Table. He has lost a lot of blood. He needs blood... everything is in the hands of the almighty... You sign these papers... (Kabir is reluctant and shattered. The Doctor speaks to Chand, 'Look...please tell him to sign the papers... we have to do the Operation immediately... please!'. Chand goes near Kabir and takes the pen and gives it to Kabir)
Chand: Kabir, Danish will be alright! Go ahead... (Kabir signs the papers)

Misha looks at Panchi through the Glass at the Door. She then gets into the room.
Misha: Panchi, How are you Panchi? Thank God you are okay... Panchi, How are you?
Panchi: Misha, Where is Danish? Is he okay?
Misha: Panchi, I am asking about you... What happened? How you reached here?
Panchi: It's a long story Mish. You know Danish had made a lot of arrangements for me. It was so sweet. He took me for a date and he only wanted to set my mood right. He wanted to see me laughing. It was so much fun. We were laughing... He turned to see me laughing and suddenly a vehicle came... speeding so much in the wrong direction and then (Panchi recalls the incident) it crushed us so badly. You know Danish shielded me with his body and saved me... otherwise I would have died Misha... Where is Danish...please tell me... Where is he?
Misha: And that other vehicle... what happened to it?
Panchi: I don't know...That other vehicle... I had seen... It was a lady... (Panchi recalls seeing the lady's hands)... She also opened the door...but then she didn't help us...and there was a diamond bracelet in her hand.
Misha: You mean it was a hit and run? How disgusting... (Misha's mobile rings and the caller identity shows the call from Arnab)

At the Raichand House Abhay is questioning Hasina on who committed the crime.
Hasina: Abhay, What had to happen has happened. But you should not have talked to them like that. You need them... not to hate you... You need their support ... By getting angry at them or disowning them you can accomplish nothing.
Abhay: No Mom! In this Vampire world there are certain rules and regulations... Dad has taught me and I understand the importance of it very well. Who can it be who has done all this? What do you think? If Dad was here would he have not known who did this? Tell me... (Abhay's mobile rings and he picks up the Call. He tells the caller that he is coming) I need to go!  (Abhay rushes from there)

Jeh questions Alina's behavior at the Party
Alina is walking through the road. Jeh stops his Car in front of her. Piya is also along with Jeh in the Car.
Jeh: Alina
Alina: Brother...
Jeh: Sit in the Vehicle...
Alina: Brother...
Jeh: Told you... no questions...Sit in the Car... (Alina gets into the back seat and Jeh drives the Car)
Pia: It was fun... right Pia? People got to see a new drama for free on Teachers Day... Everyone enjoyed... I am sure... My sister... She was behaving as if whoever remains in the family should have died. I also should have died along with Neil.
Alina: Brother, What are you talking? You know all that is nonsense...
Jeh: Okay...This all is nonsense? Then what was all? You were dancing so close with Kabir that I had to stop you... That was not nonsense? And instead of being with me you were defending Kabir...and even that was okay but that Abhay... creep... who has the bad habit of poking into everything...he also came to save you... And what did you do? You silently went with him...That was not nonsense? I should learn from Abhay how I need to take care of my sister? What Alina love was flowing for Abhay or what? Tell me Alina...why are you quiet?
Alina: I heard it Brother. I love Abhay. (Pia's and Jeh's expression changes) I love him... Happy?
Jeh: What? Alina...Abhay is our family's biggest enemy... You know what you are saying? Mom used to tell right. You are a disgrace to our family. 
Pia: Jeh...
Jeh: Just let it be Pia...(Pia receives a call from Misha)

Arnab and Madhu comes to the Hospital reception and inquires about Panchi. Arnab and Panchi reaches Panchi's room. Madhu gets emotional. Panchi tells them that she is alright and asks about Danish. Arnab tells Panchi that Danish should be Okay and that they came to her straight away. Panchi tells them that Danish saved her life by taking all the impact of the accident on him. Panchi pleads with Arnab to let her see Danish.

Abhay comes to Hospital
Abhay comes near Chand.
Abhay: Dad, What happened?
Chand: Panchi and Danish had an accident... Hit and run case... I was passing that way... I got them here. Panchi is alright but Danish is not good. He is in ICU. Kabir is also not feeling so good... (The Doctor comes near Kabir)
Doctor: Mr Singh...
Kabir: Doc... How is he? How is my Brother?
Doctor: I am very sorry Mr Singh...We are trying to bring him to consciousness but...
Kabir: But what Doctor? What are you people doing? Save my Brother... Just don't say that you can't do anything...
Doctor: Look! We are trying to bring him to consciousness. We also have the option to put him on life support... But he has lost so much blood that his organs are not supporting. We have to keep him under observation all night... maybe some miracle may happen... Mr Singh I am really very sorry! (Kabir is shattered. Abhay and Chand look at each other) Episode ends

PreCap: Jeh sees Abhay and Pia together.

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