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7th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 260) Kabir confesses to Angad that he is falling for Misha

Episode 260 starts with Madhu calling Arnab's name. Arnab runs towards where Neil's body was lying followed by Madhu. The dead body of Neil is not on the Road.
Arnab: Where is Neil's body?
Madhu: I don't know!
Arnab: It was here...(Arnab looks down the bridge and instructs Madhu to look from the other side)
Madhu: Where can it go?

Misha and Pia decides to do Alina's makeover. Tracker overhears the conversation so they allows her to be part of the group also. Misha, Pia and Tracker goes to Alina. Pia tells Alina to go home with them as they have a surprise for her. They go from there. Misha drives the bike from the College Parking lot with Alina and Pia leaving Tracker there.

The Police Team is at the murder spot along with the Dobriyals.
Inspector: From here where did the body go on it's own?
Arnab: That is what we don't understand. the body was here. We saw with our own eyes. After that we were trying to contact you. I was not getting network so we went ahead... when we turned and looked the body was not here.
Inspector: Are you sure it was a dead body and not a wounded man?
Arnab: Of course!
Madhu: I checked the pulse also... The body had become white...He was dead... (The constables are looking around for the dead body)
Inspector: And that was Neil Khurana?
Arnab: Yeah! We know his family very well.I know who is Neel Khurana. That was Neil Khurana only.
Inspector: Don't understand what is happening in this city. Now I had got a phone from Jeh Khurana that someone has kidnapped his Mom and Neil. And someone attacked his house and broke things there.
Arnab: So Jeh did not say anything? (Inspector nods no)
Inspector: I do not understand this case... Is it not...
Arnab: Dipanita Khurana and Neil Khurana were kidnapped? How can this happen?
Inspector: Yeah, you heard right! Mrs Khurana and Neil was kidnapped. And now you say someone murdered him...and made his body vanish in front of your eyes...
Madhu: What is all this happening Arnab?
Arnab: Inspector, We need to get to the bottom of this.
inspector: Sir, We are putting full efforts... We will go to the Khurana House and make inquiries. You also come with us...
Arnab: Sure! After you... (Arnab and Madhu walks to their Car. the Police people get into their jeep)

At the Mount College Campus, Kabir is standing leaning on to the wall lost in thoughts. Angad comes there and notices Kabir.
Angad: Hey! How are you dude? Hey Kabir... How are you... I am your Brother Angad...Hey...What's wrong with you... I have been saying hi and hello and How are you... all that jokes and pranks of yours... where is it gone? (Kabir walks a few steps ahead)
Kabir: Don't know... I am tensed up... I am fully confused...
Angad: Why are you confused Brother? Your Brother is here... tell me what happened...
Kabir: I am trying to understand life's funda. I don't understand... I feel that the bad experiences life throws at us is for us to value those good experiences in life.
Angad: Kabir, Why are you throwing such big theories? You know well that I would not understand anything...
Kabir: Angad...Will you listen to me seriously?
Angad: Why are you becoming so emotional? Come on tell me...tell
Kabir: I have always talked hot girl, popular girl or good looking girl. I just get making a list about it you know. Actually the girl who values me... I have taken her for granted. (Angad is confused) But now I understood that what I need.
Angad: Kabir, who is that girl who has given my Brother this much happiness? Tell me the name...
Kabir: Misha! (Angad laughs) Laugh... laugh even more loudly...Get all the jokes out of your system for your Brother... You understand my emotions?
Angad: Emotion? Misha is a danger bell... She will ring the bell in such a manner that you will go mad.
Kabir: Angad, You have gone mad. Misha is my oldest friend. She is a good friend of mine...
Angad: yeah...
Kabir: She understands me...she gets me right... Whenever I am upset or not in mood.... she is the one who makes me laugh... She makes me smile...I don't know how it happened... Misha is always behind me like a rock...
Angad: Kabir, Did you tell about this to Misha?
Kabir: No!
Angad: No... right? You know what I am seeing?
Kabir: What?
Angad: When you go to Misha...When you say to Misha, 'Misha, I love you, Do you love me?'... Do you know what she will say to you? The rock which you were talking about... she will hit you on your head with that rock... have you gone mad?
Kabir: Angad... Just get it serious , okay? I told you that I do not know... how...when... why... But I have started falling for Misha...If there is going to be a girl... she is the one... No arguments...
Angad: Yeah, she is the only one... Brother, She is your true love but she will also cut your throat...You have gone mad... (Kabir gets angry and leaves from there.  Angad laughs, 'Kabir... You are gone...')

Pia, Misha and Alina are in Misha's room. There are a lot of clothes lying on the cot.  Pia picks up a jeans from the lot and gives it to Alina and asks her to wear that.
Pia: There are a lot of clothes to try... It's going to take time (Alina goes to the washroom)
Misha: ahh... I tell you man...What all I have to do for the sake of my Kabeera... But you see Pia... She will look so hot ... I mean... it's going to be great fun...
Pia: I know...
Misha: How cool are we, right? (Ruhi comes to the room)
Ruhi: You made me walk? I came walking all the way... I am her true friend... and anyways I am legendary in style... Everyone knows how stylish I am...
Misha: Yeah right Tracker... Your style is so legendary that it looks like that from last birth... (Alina comes out wearing the jeans which is small for her in length and loose on the waist. Misha tells Piya and Tracker that their mission is becoming impossible from difficult. She tells them that they should put on a lot of hard work).

The Police Team and the Dobriyals walk into Khurana House. Jeh is coming down the stairs.
Inspector: Mr Khurana, Did you get any phone call or any news?
Jeh: Inspector Sir...(Jeh comes to the Hall) Regarding what? (Inspector looks at Arnab)
Inspector:  We will have to tell him...
Jeh: One minute! Uncle... what matter?
Inspector: Mr Khurana... We are very sorry that your Brother's dead body was found... (Jeh is shocked) Mr and Mrs Dobriyal saw him...and he is dead...(Jeh is in shock. Arnab and Madhu goes near him)
Arnab: Jeh... (Madhu and Arnab stands on either side of Jeh and puts a hand on his shoulder to comfort him) Jeh... Look...We were coming this side only but we found Neil's body on the way. We only in fact informed the Inspector.
Madhu: I am sorry Son! I don't understand what to say to you now
Arnab: It is a very difficult time Jeh... but we are with you... (Jeh recalls Neil asking him if Jeh would not say a last good bye to his Brother or give him a hug. He remembers Neil asking him for what fault of him is Jeh punishing him).
Inspector: You had told that someone kidnapped your Mom and Brother... Did you get any phone call from them? Did they threaten you? Did they keep any demand?
Madhu: Inspector Sir please... Can you stop your Questions for some time please? Can't you see his condition? Leave him alone for some time please...
Inspector: Okay... Mr Khurana... If you get any news inform us...We are going to inspect that place. (The Police Team goes from there)
Arnab: Jay...In my opinion you should go with us to our house... (Jeh sobs) Jeh...Jeh...
Jeh: Thanks... but just leave me alone for a bit...
Madhu: It's okay... (Madhu and Arnab leaves from there. When they reach the door they turn and look to see Jeh falling on his knees on the ground and crying. Arnab and Madhu goes from there)

At the Dobriyal House, Danish and Panchi are sitting at the Hall and talking.
Danish: Panchi, Everything would be alright. Today Uncle and Aunty has gone to them to break the relationship. So you relax! Everything will be alright!
Panchi: I hope so Danish. (Danish keeps his hand on top of Panchi's hand reassuring her)
Danish: I know Panchi... Neil behaved very badly with you...He gave you a lot of sorrow... He wasn't the Guy for you. But you are lucky Panchi... at least you got rid of him... And your Parents... How good they are...They believed in you... They did not force you even one time...
Panchi: Yeah Danish! I can't tell you how grateful I am to my Parents. Only lucky ones get such parents. But you know what? Sometimes I think why did I have to go through this pain.
Danish: Panchi, Nobody can give the answer to this. No one can! We can just accept our life as it is... and move ahead in life...
Panchi: Yeah...
Danish: All the wounds heal with time...
Panchi: Time is the best healer...
Danish: Exactly! (Arnab and Madhu comes from outside)
Arnab: Panchi... (Panchi gets up and goes near her Parents. Danish also gets up)
Panchi: Papa... You talked to them? (Danish goes near them)
Arnab: Panchi, There is a very bad news! Neal is dead!
Panchi: What?  (Danish is also shocked) But how did all this happen?
Madhu: Don't know dear! As a matter of fact we went to their house to break the engagement...
Arnab: And on the way we got his dead body...
Panchi: But... I didn't want this... (Madhu goes near Panchi and consoles her)
Madhu: Dear... no one wished that... we also did not wish it... But it happened... What can we do? How did it happen... we do not know. Police is making inquiries. Don't worry!
Arnab: Now see... Whatever it is... I think we should be with Jeh... There is no news of his Mother. So we should support him. Madhu, You take Panchi inside... (Madhu and Panchi goes from the Hall)
Danish: Uncle, I will also go... It's a difficult time for you so I do not want to impose...
Arnab: Okay Danish! (Arnab walks from there. Danish thinks, 'I have to give this news to Abhay as fast as possible'. Danish dials the number)

Pia and Misha are sitting on the Cot waiting for Alina to come. Tracker comes to the room followed by Alina who is dressed up in Tracker style in short skirt and funky accessories. Misha and Pia gets up.
Misha: My God! Tracker part 2... It's you man...
Tracker: Excuse me... She is looking so cute... (Alina goes and looks into the Mirror)
Alina: My God! I look like a Joker!
Tracker: It's the first time... that's why... (Misha goes near Alina)
Misha: Don't worry Alina... Now that Tracker has shown her magic... now I will show my magic... (Pia interferes and tells that she does not want Alina to look like a boy. She asks Misha to stay away from Alina. They start arguing. Tracker also joins in adding fuel to the fire).
Alina: Guys, Listen to me...You Guys are experimenting on me... Why are you fighting with each other...Don't fight! I am with you all...You all will get a chance... (Alina's mobile rings and she picks up the call)
Jeh: Alina...
Alina: Jeh I do not want to talk anything with you...
Jeh: Neil is no more with us! Neil is dead! (Alina is shocked and drops the phone down. Pia, Misha and Pia notice the expressions of Alina change and looks at each other)
Misha: Alina... Are you alright? (Alina does not answer)

Danish is leaning on his Car and waiting for someone on the Road. Abhay Raichand comes there in his Car. The Guys meet halfway.
Abhay: What happened Danish? You called me?
Danish: It's Neil... Neil Khurana is dead!
Abhay: What? Neil Khurana? How you know? How did all this happen?
Danish: Mr Dobriyal found his body.
Abhay: Thanks Danish... for informing me... (Abhay turns to go)
Danish: Abhay! (Abhay stops and looks at Danish) Tell your Parents to be careful...Police will doubt them first... And the enmity between you two families is not hidden from anyone. (Episode ends)

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