Monday, February 7, 2011

7th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 92) Piya and Abhay stuck on the Lift

The Episode starts with Arnab Dobriyal receiving a Call on his Mobile and someone asks him about the figures. He tells the person that he would refer the file and tell. He turns and takes the file from the back seat. He sees a Diary along with it. While he is wondering whose diary it is and is about to open it Piya comes to and seizes the diary from him. Arnab tells her that she could have just called him and he would have kept it safely and why she has come running. Piya tells him that she needed it for her assignment. As soon as he leaves Piya tears the first page of her diary and throws it to the bushes which had her full name as Piyali Jaiswal.

Piya gets into the lift in the Mall. Abhay also enters the same lift. Piya thinks what sort of situation I am in … You are so close to me , but I am not able to meet your eyes. Abhay and Pia’s hands are so near that Pia could almost touch Abhay. Abhays tells in mind… Please stop yourself Piya. Piya thinks why the lift is slow. Some more people enter it and leave also. At the end it is only Abhay and Piya on the lift. Suddenly the power goes off and Piya is scared. Abhay tries to comfort her by holding her arm and telling that everything would be alright. Abhay notices that Piya is terrified and shaking and asks what happened to her. She tells him that she is scared of closed Spaces and that she is a claustrophobic. Abhay holds her and ask her to take a deep breath and relax. She comes closes to him and hugs him. He hugs her back and tells her to think of something else. Piya thinks that when she is in Abhay’s arms everything is alright. Abhays too thinks that despite of trying so hard to be away from each other why destiny always brings them close. Abhay tells Piya that they should sit down for a while and she would feel better. They sit and when she tells his name he hugs her closer. Abhay has his left hand on Piya’s shoulder hugging her closely to him and his left hand entwined with Piya’s fingers while Pia holds on to Abhay’s arm with her free hand.Abhay thinks if this is wrong why does it feel so right.

In the meanwhile at the store Misha notices that Tracker and T are in the changing room on either side of her. Tracker praises T and talks bad about Misha. Misha goes to the counter to pay the bill. T notices a green dress and tricks Misha not to purchase it by telling bad things about the dress. Misha pays her bill of Rs 5000 and leaves. Immediately T comes to the counter and claims the dress telling that it was the best dress in the store and only a loser would leave it. Tracker excitedly kisses T. When Misha is waiting near the lift both Tracker and T comes there and they have a small argument. Just then the lift opens and the three of them notice Piya and Abhay together. Misha smiles a make a comment to Piya that it is very romantic. Piya is embarrassed while Abhay walks out. Ruhi smiles but T is not pleased with what she saw. Piya tells Misha to stop joining their names together as it is an impossible love story. Misha wonders what is this impossible love story and Piya walks in the opposite direction to Abhay.

The scene shifts to the college where a sexy lady enters the college and all boys follow her including Kabir. They come to know that she is the new sports teacher and Kabir gives a small lecture to his friends on how sports is important. Kabir notices Angad sitting silently and Angad says that he only thinks of Ruhi and no one else. T and tracker sees the new teacher and feels insecure. The scene shifts to the Gym where Angad is trying to lift weight beyond his capacity and Kabir asks what is it worrying him. Angad Points out to Shaurya’s muscles from the window and girls ogling at him. Kabir and Angad starts working out with enthusiasm.The scene shifts to Panchi's Office. Panchi gets dis balanced from the ladder on hearing her Boss calling out her name. Before she falls her Boss supports her. He tells her that he lost his costly watch and Panchi should find it for him and they have a small argument. He tells her that he lost it within the past 3 days somewhere during his affairs and since she is his PR Manager it is her duty to find it. He tells her that while doing it she could use the company car and later thank him for it. The scene moves on to a hand lifting the Photo frame with the group photo on Panchi’s desk (I assume so as Piya’s face was not visible because of the nail polish stain) and drawing a round around Abhay’s face using a marker.

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