Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st February 2011 Written Update (Episode 87) Piya finds that Abhay is a Vampire

Episode 87 starts with Piya getting into the room where Maithili was burned while Abhay is running to save her. Scene moves to Abhay who stops running. He says, ‘This place once took everything away from me. And today this place is calling me again. This time I would not be late’. He resumes running. Scene moves to Chand and Haseena. Chand opens his closed eyes.
Chand: I am unable to reach Pia. How can that be? How can that happen? Whenever Abhay wants he always reaches her. And not us… why?
Haseena: I feel that there is some connection that binds them together.
Chand: Come…Let’s go and cut that connection.

Scene moves to Piya in the room recalling Maithili calling Abhayender to save her from the fire. Piya thinks that the only way to find the truth is by putting her into danger because every time she was in trouble Abhay saved her. She recalls him saving her several instances. She wonders what power is that which draws Abhay to her and if a normal human can do things what Abhay has done. She recalls her questioning Abhay and him answering her.

Piya goes and closes the windows and door. She sets the fire and waits for Abhay. Abhay is still running to save Piya. She then calls out for help. Chand and Haseena who were running fast reach there. They see the burning room.
Haseena : See what this girl has done. You know what she is doing?
Chand: This game will cost heavily for Pia. By searching for the questions she has about Abhay’s life her own life would become a question. She will have to pay for it. (Piya calls out for help)
Chand: Let’s go.
Haseena closes the door from outside and Chand places some heavy objects in front of the door so that it remains closed.
Haseena: Abhay may come any moment, let’s go!

Piya realizes that the fire is getting out of control and tries to escape through the door. She pushes the door but could not open it. She realizes that she is stuck there. Pia shouts for help. Abhay reaches there and see the room on fire. He says, ‘Piya… what did you do?’ He remembers Maithili burning in the fire after his failed attempt to save her as Abheyender. Abhay sees Piya through the door gap and says, ‘Piya … what did you do?’ Piya sees Abhay and calls out for him. Abhay says, ‘I am coming Piya’ and runs toward the room. He gets into the room and falls. Abhay is confused as he needs to get into his Vampire form to be able to save Pia. His consciousness in the form of Abheyender tells him to save his love even if she may hate him after knowing the truth. To save Piya Abhay transforms himself into a Vampire and gets closer to where she is standing. Piya is petrified to see this and moves back towards the fire as Abhay as Vampire with fangs and blue eyes approaches her. Abhay lifts her in his arms and carries her out of the room. The scene ends.

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