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11th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 96) Abhay tries to find about Piya’s Parents

The scene starts with Abhay being worried about Piya. He wonders what made her fear and remove the plug from the projector when she had actually prepared and brought the CD to the class for everyone to watch. He wonders suddenly what made her change her mind regarding showing the CD and what is in it that she wants to hide. Abhay recalls CD display in class and then says in mind, ‘Mr Dobriyal? Are you hiding something from him? And why? I will find out Piya what you are hiding from me’ He then goes to the dustbin and picks up the broken CD from where Piya had thrown it. He hopes that there would be someone who should be able to retrieve the data of the CD and puts the pieces into his jacket Pocket and is about to go when Piya sees him.
Piya : You are here Abhay. Everyone is looking for you for the fashion show practice.
Abhay : Fashion Show?
Piya: Maybe nobody told you we are organizing a charity fashion show the proceeds of which would go to the girl child.
Abhay: I am not interested.
Piya: Common Abhay. Why would you not participate? Everyone would be participating and you… What excuse are you going to give this time? Your leg is broken? After the Basketball match everyone is talking about you. Instead of behaving normally you are doing things differently. What is it Abhay?
Abhay tells in mind ‘Don’t worry about hiding my secret Piya. Now your secret is going to be revealed.’
Piya : Come Abhay, Please

The Scene moves to Siddharth’s office and Panchi enters the cabin.
Panchi : Yes Sir ?
Siddharth : Tonight there is a meeting with a very important client, you have to come with me.
Panchi: But Sir?
Siddharth : But what Panchi? Mummy daddy did not give permission to get out in the night?
Panchi : I will be there.
Sid: Panchi? (Looks at Panchi accessing her)
Panchi : Yes sir?
Siddharth : Wear something more fun… You may go now.
Panchi leaves the cabin making faces. She goes and sits on her hair and says in mind “Bloody… Who does he think he is? If God would forgive one murder I would put a full stop to Siddharth’s story’.

The scene moves to Abhay going to a CD retrieving expert. Though the guy at first refuses to do the work because of the poor condition of the CD buy when Abhay offers him three times the price he agrees to try that he would try and tell Abhay that he would call and inform him once the work is done.
The scene moves on to Tracker telling T and 2 other girls that Misha would be a disaster in the fashion show and would be wearing Panchi’s dress and they make fun of Misha. Misha overhears the conversation and is disheartened and thinks,’True, this girls will eat me alive… This love is really a pain’. Angad joins Misha and she shares her problem of not having a proper dress for fashion show. Angad tells her that she could borrow his sister’s clothes. Misha is happy and they leave together.

Scene moves on to Siddharth driving the car with Panchi sitting beside him.
Siddharth : Panchi this is a very important meeting with Malini Sharma..Owner of Malini textile mills. I want a positive relationship happening between our companies. In fact I wish today night itself we sigh the deal.
Panchi : Sure Sir, Actually I took all the data and files in pen drive. I also took out our company profile.I am sure we will crack the deal
Siddharth : I hope so too! (He looks at Panchi and says in mind “Panchi love…I have never got an easy target like you. You really do not know what is there waiting for you.’

Scene moves on to Mount College where Piya is walking fast and Abhay following her and stops her.
Abhay : Piya
Piya : I know what you want to ask. But it is my life.
Abhay:And in that life there is some problem which you want to hide. I want to know about it Piya.
Piya : Abhay Please. It is not right okay.You don’t know how many lives would be affected.
Abhay : Whose life Piya? And why? Why anybody’s life would be affected? Tell me…
Piya: Just forget it Abhay… Please… (Piya walks off and Abhay thinks ‘Life will be spoiled? What is in that CD that someones life would be spoiled? I hope the data of the CD got retrieved)

Scene moves on to Siddharth and Panchi walking into the Disco.
Panchi : Sir, where have we come?
Siddharth : Panchi.. hats off to your attention span. We came for the meeting of course.
Panchi But sir this is a disco and people come here to Party and Dance.
Siddharth: Panchi…Panchi… In between big big companies the meetings happen in such places.
Siddharth spots the client and flirts with her and then introduces the ladies. Then a short bald headed man comes to the table and Malini introduces him as her cousin Raj to Siddharth and Panchi. Siddharth goes to the dance floor with Malini after telling Panchi to entertain the guy Raj as it is her job.

Scene moves on to Mount College where the students are gathered in a room and Shenaya enters. She makes students practice their walks. T walks confidently followed by Misha who is hesitant at first then moves confidently. When Ruhi’s turn comes she walks in a funny manner like a school kid showing her dress showing all her teeth and Shenaya scolds her. Shenaya then does the pairing (Misha and Kabir, Ruhi and Angad, Tanushree and Sahil, Piya and Abhay) for the fashion show. After that Shenaya tells that the pairs have to walk straight and then stop at the end. The boy would then give a spin to the girl with one hand and then would take a head dip. She asks Abhay and Piya to go first. Abhay holds Piya’s hands and they walk together straight and comes to the end and turns. Instead of giving the required spin Abhay seem to have forgotten what to do and Piya puts one hand on his shoulder and the other on his other hand. Abhay puts one hand on Piya’s waist and supports her back with the other hand and then takes a head dip with both staring on each other’s eyes intensely with barely much distance between their faces as the students watch. Misha, who is amused by this make Abhiya aware of the surroundings by telling them, “Hello! Abhay- Piya… If your love story has finished… move ahead… Common Move it!” Abhay and Piya walks back to where they came from with Abhay holding Piya’s hands. Abhay thinks in his mind ‘ Piya…what are you hiding from me?’ Piya responds by answering the question in her mind ‘Abhay Please…Leave this matter. This is one secret which I cannot tell you’.

The Scene moves on to Raj jumping and asking Panchi if they could dance. Panchi said she does not know to dance but Raj pulls her to the dance floor and goes on demonstrating some monkey dance. Siddharth is amused by Panchi’s uneasiness and urges Panchi to dance with the guy as it is her duty as PR to keep the guy entertained. Scene moves on to Abhay receiving a call from the CD Shop guy that the job is done. Abhay goes and collects the CD. Abhay tells himself ‘ I will find out what is in it that you were hiding’. He reaches his house and checks the CD where he comes to a part where little Piya is asking her Mom that if she is preparing everything for Papa. Just then there is a voice saying ‘Hai! My 2 most beautiful ladies in the world.’ but the picture is not visible. Abhay thinks ‘Papa? Piya talks about her Mom… But so far I have never seen her talking about her Dad.’

Scene moves on to Abhay knocking an entering the Principles room. He asks for details of Piya’s parents. But the Principal thinks it would not be wise to anger Mr and Mrs Raichand and tells Abhay that the office is closed now and he shall pass on the details the next day. Abhay comes out of the room and says to himself ‘Piya…Forgive me for gathering information about you in this manner. But it is essential for me. If there is anything that is giving you so much pain then I need to know about it.’

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