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14th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 98) The Sports Teacher turns Seductress and Abhay's declaration of Love to Pia

The Episode starts with Chand telling Haseena that he hopes that they would get the answer to their Questions from Piyali’s file and Haseena telling that they would now be able to know what Pia is hiding from everyone. Chand and Haseena looks through the file and finds details of Piya removed from the file. They are disappointed and finds it strange. Chand tells the sister that they are curious to know the details of Piya who studies in Mount College. When the sister asks what details they are looking for Haseena clarifies that they would like to know the background and other information of Pia. The sister tells them that they don’t give personal details of inmates as to where they came from etc as it is a very sensitive issue. For such details one needs to get a court permission and since Chand and Haseena has come to the Orphanage to give donation she does not see any reason what they have to do with the information of one student. Chand thanks the sister in charge for her time.

The scene moves on to Piya walking in the college campus thinking, ‘I need to thank Abhay. Yesterday how sweetly he helped me from getting insulted in front of everyone. I have to thank him’. She remembers the ramp walk with Abhay when she realized her zip is open and she tripped and Abhay holding her. The scene moves on to the Guys Locker Room where Abhay is standing in front of a locker wearing a back vest. The Sports Teacher comes from behind and touches Abhay’s shoulders with her fingers seductively. Abhay turns and looks at her. Shenaya tells Abhay, ‘ Very impressive I must say Abhay!’ Piya reaches the window of the Male locker Room and sees Abhay with Shenaya. Abhay starts wearing his shirt and buttoning it up. Shenaya tells him ‘You have maintained your body quite nicely’. Abhay then notices Piya. Piya goes from there and Abhay runs behind her and holds her hand.
Abhay : Piya… Piya, Please listen to me.
Piya : Abhay, I don’t want to listen anything. And… What are you going to tell me? I did not ask you for an explanation. You can do whatever you want.
Abhay : No Piya.. She just came near me and..
Piya: Abhay please… I don’t want to hear anything. Why are you telling me this? Haven’t we decided that we would not interfere with each others lives? If you wish you can be with someone else…
Abhay places his hand on both her shoulders and tells her, ‘No Piya! No one else… only you! In my life other than you there is no place for anyone else’. Both of them have an eye lock.

The scene moves on to Angad and Tracker. Angad informs Tracker that he can help her to impress Shaurya whom she is desperately trying to impress. Tracker arrogantly tells him that she does not need anyone's help. He tells Ruhi that Tanushree spoiled Piya’s zip at the fashion show so that she could win it. Tracker is shocked to hear it. He tells her that the lovely, innocent, sweet and crazy Ruhi has changed by being in the Company of T and leaves from there. Ruhi confronts T and asks her why she bought Piya in between and fires her off from being her love life. Ruhi goes to Angad who is bouncing the ball at the indoor court and tells him that she is sorry and Angad tells her that he knows you are not that sort of girl and asks her to open her eyes and that she has lost her personality by being in the company of T. They have an eye lock.
The scene moves to Siddharth’s Office and Panchi is doing some work. Siddharth opens the doors and comes in.
Siddharth : Ah…Panchi…Let’s go’.
Panchi: Where? I cannot come in the midst of work.
Siddharth : In the middle of work we are going for some work. How many questions you ask.
The scene moves on to Panchi driving the car and Siddharth sitting beside her and chatting over the phone. She tries to interrupt him to ask where they are going but he does not allow her to talk but orders her to drive. Suddenly he asks her to stop. The scene moves on to Siddharth and Panchi in a Jewelry Shop.
Siddharth : So Panchi.. Tell me which is your favorite ring?
Panchi: Why me?
Siddharth : Because your personality is homely… very housewifish…
Panchi selects a ring and then says, ‘Okay.. I think this one’ and hands over it to Siddharth with a smile. Siddharth looks at the ring and remarks ‘Ah…Solitaire?’ He then goes down on his knees in front of Panchi and by holding the ring in his hands proposes to her, ‘Will you marry me?’ Panchi is shocked. Sid gets up.
 Siddharth: Don’t flatter yourself. I was just rehearsing. There is this girl I want to impress. She has loads of attitude. I thought I would propose to her... melt her heart and sweep her on her feet.
Panchi : Sick!
Siddharth: You are a girl, you tell me. After my impressive proposal won’t you be like ‘Sid, I love you so much..Oh Babe..ummuah..
Panchi : U wish …Sicko!
Panchi turns and walks off. She bumps into Danish and is shocked to see him there. Siddharth notices this. Danish asks Panchi how she is for which Panchi replies why it means to him. Danish holds on to both Panchi’s arms and tells her that she means to him. Siddharth interferes by putting his hand around Panchi.
Siddharth : Let’s go love…
Siddharth looks at Danish and then says,’ Oh..Who is your friend? No problem, I am Sid! And you?
Danish: Sid… who?
Siddharth : Pinky darling’s Fiance of course… Would love to stand and chat…But so little time and lot’s of things to do…Honeymoon and all… (Looks at Panchi) Shall we love?
Panchi : Let’s go!
Danish stands there stunned. Scene moves on to Misha showing off her Trophy to Arnab who is shocked to know that Misha did not win it for any sports but for a fashion show. He suggests that they throw a party to celebrate it. Scene moves on to Siddharth driving the car with Panchi sitting beside him silent and dull.
Siddharth : Today first time I did something like that. It is not in my nature to help any girl
Panchi: Thank you so much! I am really grateful that you helped me. You know actually he ..
Siddharth : No…No…No… Please… Please… I don’t need to know more information on who is and what your relationship with him is… I don’t want to know anything.
Panchi: Thanks! You have no idea how you helped me
Siddharth : You are right! I have no idea why I did that.
Panchi smiles at him while Siddharth is still wondering about his actions.

Scene moves to Abhay arriving outside Pia’s Hostel in his car. He says to himself, ‘ Piya, I could not find what is the truth of this CD and I do not want to know. It is your treasure and I am going to return it to you. What is in the CD and what you are hiding, I don’t want to know’. The scene moves on to Piya trying out a new blue dress in front of the mirror. She tries to remove the tag of the dress with her hands. But it does not come out so she takes a scissor and proceeds to cut the tag when suddenly Abhay calls her. The scissor cuts into her skin and blood oozes out. Abhay slowly approaches her and stands in front of her with his expression slowly changing. He closes his hands into tight fists. Then he suddenly keeps his hands on both her arms hurting her while Piya looks at him dumbstruck and utterly confused. He moves his head to one side of her shoulders. His fangs sprung out and pupils turned blue (Reminded me of the scene between Stefan and Elena in Vampire Diaries). He almost went so close to her neck as if to bite her but suddenly controlled himself by leaving her shoulders and turning his back on her with his eyes still blue though the fangs had disappeared.
Abhay : This is why Piya… I and you cannot be together. You have to stay away from me. You and me cannot be one…
Piya: What are you saying Abhay? What had happened to you?
Abhay: What I feared happened’.
He closes his eyes and tried to control the Vampire in him. His eyes turns back to normal and he turns to face Piya with the CD in hand.
Abhay : I came to give this CD
Piya : But I broke and threw it away
Abhay : I know. From that broken CD I retrieved the data and had it copied to this CD
Piya : Did you see it?
Abhay: No, It is yours. And the truth hidden in the CD is yours. As long as you want to hide the secret, you may. I would respect that. Here keep it with you. It is yours.
They look at each other and the scene ends.

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