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25th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 108) Siddharth’s Company Offers Campus Placements for Mount College Students

Episode 108 starts with Sanaya telling Siddharth that Abhay is in love with a girl.
Siddharth: Abhay is in love with someone? Well…Well…Well…Then I have to meet with this love. She needs to be punished for loving Abhay. Abhay is in love with somebody…that’s unexpected…Shocking even!
Sanaya: Shocking…why?
Siddharth: What to say now? Abhay and me parted because of one girl. From then till now Abhay is grieving for that girl. Silly! But I never thought that Abhay would be able to forget that girl and become someone else’s. What is so special in this girl? I have to find out now! Who is this girl and what is she all about?

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha is sitting on the sofa. Panchi comes and sits there too. Madhu comes and tells them that they would not go anywhere out without Drivers. Madhu tells that Misha especially would not go anywhere in her bike. Misha argues with her and tells her that all the drivers are scared of her and would not take her anywhere. Panchi asks Madhu what the matter is and Madhu tells them about the news of a girl being murdered in the jungle and the police could not find out what sort of animal was responsible for that. Panchi tries to reason with Madhu and Misha tells that no animal would eat Panchi as they may want fat free food. Arnab comes in and supports Madhu. He tells Panchi and Misha that till the Police finds out the murder was done by a human or animal the rule applies for both of them. Arnab is worried about Piya as her Hostel is very near to the jungle. He calls her and talks to her. Arnab tells Piya that after the previous day’s incident he is worried as Piya’s Hostel is near the jungle and tells her to come and stay at the Dobriyal House for a few days. Piya asks him if he is taking all the girls in the Hostel to his house. She tells him that she is okay and she has lived without the concern of the family till date. She cuts the phone. Piya packs her bag for college and takes the phone in hand. She thinks, ‘Abhay, I need to thank you. My Uncle and Mr Dobriyal does not know that I could have been in the place of that girl if you would not have saved me from the jungle’. Piya dials Abhay’s House Number.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. The Phone rings and Chand Raichand picks the phone while Abhay is coming down the stairs.
Chand: Yes?
Piya: Hello! Can I talk to Abhay Please… (Chand tells Abhay, ‘Piya…she wants to talk to you’ Abhay tells Chand, ‘Please tell her that I am not in the house… and you do not know when I would come’ Pia listens to Abhay’s conversation with his Dad).
Chand: Abhay is not in the House. (Piya keeps the phone down with a worried expression. Chand puts the phone down too and tells to Abhay, ‘I know that you did not talk to Pia not because we don’t wish. Whatever be the reason I am glad…What you are doing…you are doing right’. Chand goes from there.Abhay thinks, ‘Wrong or right…I only know this much…I am doing this to protect Piya. If Piya has to remain safe she has to stay away from me. If Siddharth sees Piya everything would end. And I would not let that happen.

Scene moves on to Mount College. Misha is walking backwards and hits a Guy. She says sorry. By then Tracker comes near. She is wearing Rudraksha Beads Rosary on her neck and even on her hair. She tells Misha that her Mom gave it to her for her protection. They then see Angad who is wearing a Rudraksha rosary too. Ruhi is happy to see Angad and goes and hugs him. Misha hits her head on the wall and then looks at them and smiles. Tracker tells that Babaji told that some spirits entered animals and they are killing People. Misha tells them that it could be the work of some Psycho killer and not any animal. Misha thinks that it should be some Psycho killer who moves around normally and takes girls to the jungle and kill them. She wonders if it is Shankar as he roams around her and thinks that maybe he could be planning to make her his next victim. Misha calls Shaurya on the phone and asks him to come and meet her as she has something very important to say. She then sees Shankar asking a Guy where Misha is. Misha hides behind the pillar.

Scene moves to Siddharths Office. Panchi is sitting and doing some work. She notices that Siddarth is worried.
Panchi: Sir, you don’t seem to be here.
Siddharth: I am thinking about one girl. (He turns a paper weight around with his fingers)
Panchi: Speaking of girl…Sir, did you watch the news? The dead body of a girl was found and nobody could make out if she was attacked by an animal or human. In the news they even said that the girl was outside the jungle with a man and after that…nothing! (Siddharth who was not facing Panchi till then suddenly turns to face her. Siddharth looks at Panchi with a weird expression. She lowers her eyes and then looks at him) what?
Siddharth: Today you are looking very yummy.
Panchi: What rubbish Sir? Now you have changed from Casanova to Dracula?
Siddharth: Dracula? Why not? I will look a very cool Vampire, is it not? After all I always wear Black. (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: No ways, you would not look cool. Vampire roam in the jungle by feet and you cannot stay without your Car. But…Sir…DO you think that girl was attacked by a Vampire? (Sid laughs and gets up from his chair and walks towards where Panchi is sitting).
Siddharth: Come on Panchi. Since when you started believing in such things? Next you would say that you are waiting for Prince Charming.
Panchi: Oh Please! I know Prince Charming and Vampires do not exist. In fact may be somewhere there may be some Vampires… But Prince Charming… exists only in dreams and story books. (Siddharth sits on the vacant chair next to Panchi facing her. He looks into her eyes.)
Siddharth: That Garnish hurt you so much? If you tell…shall we get rid off him? If only he was little edible…
Panchi: What? (Siddharth shows a biting sign. Panchi laughs. Siddharth joins too) Sir, you… (Siddharth suddenly gets serious)
Siddharth: Anyway, I was thinking that we need to bring new energy to this company. You know… new blood.
Panchi: Okay, in the sense…?
Siddharth: Young interns…new energy…new ideas
Panchi: Wow! That would be great!
Siddharth: What do you think about College Placements?
Panchi: Superb!
Sidharth: Finally! You felt something great about me (Panchi smiles). This is the start. Speaking of which…you should get started. Start with your Mount College. (Sidddharth walks back to his seat and sits on the chair)
Panchi: Okay Sir! I will get to work right away! (Panchi gets up and go from the room. Siddharth closes his laptop and says, ‘Come up, Come up, wherever you are!’

Scene moves to Mount College where Panchi is putting a notice regarding Campus Placements on the Notice Board of the College. Piya comes running seeing Panchi.
Piya: Hi Panchi! How are you?
Panchi: Hi Piya! Read this notice. (Piya looks at the notice) You know why Piya? This internship could be of great use to you. My Boss Sid is a very good paymaster. Above all, you would get work experience. I think you should think about it. It is really very good for you.
Piya: You know what? Doing work along with college… It is very challenging…I think I will definitely come.
Panchi: But listen Piya…just be a little guarded. My Boss is talks are a little strange. He is a little weird. So be careful.
Piya: Why so?
Panchi: No, I mean to say he is very charming and he is a big flirt. But he is a master of talks. The effect of his talk can create an impression in anyone’s heart or mind. I mean to say that he is too charming in his own way.
Piya: Meaning… the effect of his talk has an effect on you too?
Panchi: No…No way! Nothing like that! In fact I know him very well. And his girl friend’s list is with me only. I am too immune to his charms. It does not make a difference to me.
Piya: Oh…really?
Panchi: Really…I mean I don’t even care about him (both the girls start walking)
Piya: Okay, tell this…What is his favorite color?
Panchi: Black!
Piya: Oh…Black! How do you know?
Panchi: I know everything about him dear.
Piya: I am sure…
Panchi: Yeah…Now you understand a little too much.There is nothing like that.
Piya: I? What did I say? I did not say anything (They laugh).

Scene moves to Misha in conversation with Shaurya.
Misha: So Please Shaurya…we have to keep an eye on this Psycho. The attack which happened in the jungle was not done by any animal.(She moves her head towards Shaurya’s ear and says,’it is some serial killer type’) And I think that serial killer is Shankar.
Shaurya: Yeah? Okay… If you are telling…just to keep your trust, I would find out (Misha smiles)
Misha: Thanks!
Shaurya: Anytime Babes (Shaurya walks off from there and Misha watches him. The girls in the campus watch him as he walks. Misha looks at Shaurya from behind and says, ‘My God,what a piece you made! Perfect 10’ She smiles.)

Scene moves to Panchi at Mount College talking to Siddharth who is in his Office. Panchi informs him that she has put the notice and that lot of people seems interested. Siddharth says, ’Good job’ and cuts the phone. Siddharth says, ‘Game on! Brother…Now where will you hide your little pet? She is going to be all mine…Till the time I don’t get bored with her. Game on!’
Scene moves to Panchi at Mount College Campus. She sees Abhay and calls out to him.
Panchi: hey…Abhay! (Abhay stops walking and turns around. Panchi goes near him). Tomorrow some students are coming for internship. And my Boss is taking the Interview. Pia is also coming. So why don’t you come? (Panchi walks off from there. Abhay with a worried expression goes to the notice board and reads the notice. He thinks, ’I have to stop Pia from going to the interview. Siddharth should not meet Pia. I would not let it happen’. He strides away from there.
Scene moves to night. Abhay is running through the road like wind. A Car is coming from the opposite direction. Siddharth is driving the Car. He sees Abhay. When the car reaches near Abhay he bends slightly and stops the car with his hand. Both the Brothers look at each other. Siddharth has a devilish grin on his face.

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