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18th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 102) T’s Valentine’s Date Shankar turns out to be the New Economics Professor of the College

Episode 102 starts with Piya and Abhay being called to the stage for Valentine’s day Couple competition. Abhay gets first into the stage and then offers his hand for Piya to climb to the stage. Piya puts her hand in his and looks and smiles at Abhay lovingly. Abhay tells her, ‘Piya this is all a lie for this world. This is not real’. Piya’s smile fade and she gets into the stage. Abhay tells her, ‘Piya, control yourself. Don’t get carried away by this lie’. Piya tells him that she is not carried away and that she is aware what she is in his life and why they cannot be together’.
Abhay : Because Piya we both…
Piya : I know that you are doing all this to protect me
Abhay: This is important
Piya : I know Abhay…I understand
Abhay : No Piya! You don’t know how important my being with you is. Piya trust me. I can feel it. Something very bad is going to happen.I can feel it.
Piya: I understand Abhay.Trust me! (She smiles)
Abhay and Piya joins the other couples on the stage. The girl says, ‘Just look at them such perfect couples. Give them a big hand’. Every one claps.
Girl : I welcome all the couples on the stage. Angad and Ruhi, T and Shankar and last but not the least Abhay and Piya…
Guy : Now we will play a game and let’s see who knows what about their love. And they have to give the right answer. We will start with Angad and Ruhi…
Angad answers all the questions related to Ruhi (color,perfume and flower) correctly. T tries to tell the answers to Shankar. When Ruhi’s turn comes she could not answer even one. The girl remarks that it seems that Ruhi does not love Angad. Angad tells that Ruhi does not know anything about him but he has been in love with her for several years so he knows everything about her. Angad tells the group that Ruhi just started loving him and that their life has just started. Ruhi hugs Angad. T is irritated.

The scene moves on to Panchi hitting on the Hotel Receptionist desk with face pack on face.
Panchi : How dare you? I need to tall to your Senior now!How dare you give my room keys to someone else? (The reception guy stammers…. But…but…Mam)
Panchi: What mmmm Mam…I want to talk to your senior right away!Is this the hotel reputation? (Siddharth comes running from behind and puts his hand on Panchi’s arm.) I want to talk to your senior right now.
Panchi shakes off Siddharth’s hand and tells him, ‘ Stop it! With you I will deal with later. I want to talk with him now.’
Panchi (to the reception guy) : Call your seniors right now!
Siddharth: Panchi serious…
Panchi: What?
Siddharth: Face pack
Panchi : What face pack?
Siddharth: On Your face. Beautiful green around your face.
Panchi touches her face and realizes that she did not remove her face pack. She curses and runs away from there.
Siddharth : The green brings out your eyes and the eyes of everybody else around.
He tells the reception guy that he would sort it out and follows Panchi.

The scene moves on to Mount College Valentine’s Day special.
Girl: Now it is time for our 3 year Champion T and Shanker, Give them a big hand.
T tells the group that she would not waste the people’s time and proceeds to tell the answers of Questions asked to Ruhi and Angad about Shankar. But the Girl cuts T and tells her that the questions are different for couples. They ask Shankar about T’s favorite holiday spot, channel and designer and he tells them he has no idea. The same questions are asked to T about Shankar and T gives some answers. Shankar tells them all as wrong. The girl sarcastically asks Shankar to tell at least what T’s full name is. Shankar tells, ‘T’ and explains that ‘T tells everyone her name as T’. Everyone laughs and the girl says, ‘What sort of love story is this?’ Suddenly the Principle comes and tells, ‘Mr Shankar, What are you doing in the stage?’ Shankar replies , ‘Waiting for you’. The Principle says, ‘Come let’s go..’ and walks from there. Shankar tells everyone that he is the new Economics Professor of the college. T almost faints and Angad catches her. The girl says, ‘She was dating a Professor!’ Everyone laughs. T and her friend is embarrassed.
The scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi in the car.
Siddharth: Good job at the meeting today
Panchi: Thank you so much Sir
Siddharth: Here we are Hotel Grande
Panchi : Thank you and Good Night! (Panchi gets out of the Car)
Siddharth: (After she goes) Sleep well. Sleeping alone at midnight… not my style… (He tries to make himself comfortable trying to sleep inside the car)

Scene moves to Mount College Valentine’s Special.
Girl: Now it is time for our hottest and latest couple Abhay and Piya… (everyone cheers for them) Give them a big hand. Come on say something
Guy : Let’s start with Abhay… how much he knows about Piya. Abhay, What is Pia’s favorite color?
Abhay: Purple
Girl: So Pia, Is it right? (Pia nods) Wow! Excellent! (everyone claps)Now Abhay your next Question is …Pia’s favorite flower?
Abhay: Orchids…
Girl: So Piya, Is it right?
Pia: Right!
Guy: Right Answer! (everyone claps)
Girl: Okay, The next Question is … Abhay, What is Piya’s favorite Book?
Abhay answers it right too. The girl remarks that Abhay know quite a lot about Pia.
Girl: Okay Pia, Now it’s your turn! First tell us which is Abhay’s favorite color.
Piya : Black.
Girl: Abhay?
Abhay: Right!
Guy: The second question is what is Abhay’s favorite flower?
Piya: Lillies
Girl: Abhay?
Abhay : Right!
Guy : Wonderful!
Girl: The last Question is …What is Abhay’s favorite Book?
Piya startles Abhay by giving the right answer for that too.
Girl: Is she right?
Abhay: Right!
Every one cheers.
Girl: Now I would like to invite our dashing hot couple to come forward and dance with us. Come on!
Abhay offers his hand to Pia and they walk together to one corner of the stage. They dance together remembering some old romantic moments together in between. They take a head bend with Pia looking at Abhay lovingly. Abhay brings her back to reality telling that, ‘Piya, the music has stopped. But you are still immersed in the lie… Piya moves away from Abhay and walks off.

The scene moves to Misha sitting on a wall looking at a hand mirror.
Misha : Roses are Red…Violets are blue… You and me are like Rubber and glue… (Pia comes near her)
Piya : What is this you are doing?
Misha : Composing a Poem for Shaurya…
Piya : What? You are alright?
Misha: No Piya, I am not right. Poetry and Romance is not for me… Whenever I try something stupid is happening.
Piya : Exactly Misha! This is not for you… This is not you…What happened to you? Just be yourself. If you like some one go and tell him that you like him. (Abhay stops on hearing what Piya is telling to Misha) This is not for you. And this drama (Piya picks up the mirror) this is not for you. Leave this for T or Tracker (Abhay smiles)Okay? (Piya keeps her hands on Misha’s shoulders) You know what Misha… Plannings never work. Love just happens.(Abhay looks with a smile on his face) And you know what? You need to be honest with yourself. If you are truthful with yourself you would be honest with him too! Feel love…And don’t be so worried. (Piya shakes Misha’s shoulders and then takes her hands off. (Misha and Piya laughs).
Misha: Okay
Abhay: Misha? (he comes near her) You want to tell someone that you love him?
Misha: Yeah…
Abhay: Then go and tell him that whenever he comes near you , your heart beat stops. Whenever he is near you your life becomes more bright. Without his love your life is incomplete. And this world… Without love is not worth living. Love is the greatest strength in this world. And without love we are nothing!
Misha smiles and says ‘Dude!’ and then turns to Pia and tells her, “Now I understand why you like Abhay so much. He is so romantic’. Misha extends her hand and touches on his chest and then tells, ‘Thanks Dude! You made my life easy!’
Abhay: You are welcome! … always… (He walks off)
Misha looks into the mirror and practice what Abhay said and then laughs and says, “Shaurya is all mine!’ Both girls laugh.

The scene moves to Abhay and Piya in the night walking.
Piya: Abhay, Abhay! I want to ask you something.
Abhay: Tell me
Piya: Will you give a truthful answer?
Abhay: I would try!
Piya: What you told Misha about the strength of Love… Do you really believe in it?
Abhay looks at her and says in mind, ‘It is the strength of love that binds us together. You don’t have any idea about the strength of your love. But our love an never be complete…’
Piya: What happened Abhay? Give me an answer…
Abhay: Pia there is nothing like love. It is just madness. It is such an attraction that a human forgets himself. There is no value for love. Maybe Misha saw us together and thought that we love each other so much. But she saw a lie. Is it not? We are just acting. Trust me Piya… There is no value for this love. Piya, in this path there is a lot of darkness. I have walked through this path. In this path except sadness and hurt there is nothing. Piya and Abhay’s unbreakable love story is a lie…
Abhay walks off while Piya just stands there. The scene ends.

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