Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22nd February 2011 Written Update (Episode 105) Abhay the Lover fights the Vampire in him to save Piya

Episode 105 starts with Arnab Dobriyal looking at Piya being lifted by Angad. Misha sees Arnab and runs to him calling Papa. She goes and hugs him that Piya won the scholarship. Arnab looks at the scholarship certificate and sees Pia’s name as Piyali Jaiswal. He realizes that Pia is indeed his and Suganth’s daughter. Piya also sees him looking at the certificate and finding her truth. Arnab first looks at her with shock and then he is happy that he has found his daughter (and sad and confused as to why Pia preferred to hide her identity from him). He turns and walks back trying to control his emotions. Piya follows him.
Arnab: Piya, Do you know how long I have been wandering looking for you? You are my daughter, you knew that. How long?
Piya: Forever… (Arnab turns and look at her) From the very first time I saw you…
Arnab: And you did not tell me. Piya, I am your father! You did not feel like meeting me even once? (He moves towards her but Piya steps back)
Piya: I know to control my heart Mr Dobriyal! In my heart there are my Mom’s memories. In her life there was a person who left her to die alone. Such a person who did not turn and look at her…such a person who did not bother if his daughter is alive or dead… My Mom taught me to live life alone… I can live without you… (Piya turns to walk away)
Arnab: But dear, your father did not learn to live without you…
Piya turns to face him and says, ‘These all are mere words, if you loved us you would not have left us. You remember Mr Dobriyal? My Mom left her house for you…broken relationship with her brother and you… did not even turn and look at her.
Arnab: Piya, There are so many things…
Piya: I do not want to listen anything… I don’t want to keep any relation with you. I am an Orphan and have lost my Parents long back. And it would be better for you too that you forget that you have one more daughter. (She looks at a Misha who is sharing the joy of her victory with friends at a distance) For Misha’s sake… for Panchi’s sake… Do not fall in front of their eyes. They do not know that their Papa had left a Women and her daughter to die alone. Don’t kill their Hero. Don’t make them an Orphan like me. Please don’t take this curtain away from their eyes!
Arnab: Don’t tell like that Piya!
Piya: I am not your daughter! I don’t need you. Please stay away from me. (She runs off from there)
Arnab: Piya…
Misha comes and hug Arnab and asks where Piya is. Misha tells her Dad that she is so happy that Piya won the Scholarship.

The Scene moves to Piya running through the forest. She remembers watching Arnab telling her Mother who is crying that he cannot do that. Piya falls down. At the same time Abhay who is at Mount College senses Piya in trouble. Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal driving the car remembering him extending his hand to little Piya to hug her but Piya moving away and hiding behind her mother. He also remember Piya telling him that she does not want to keep any relationship with him and that she is an Orphan who lost her Parents long back.

The Scene moves to Piya who had fallen down calling out to her dead mother. Piya says, “Call me near you Momma… I don’t want to stay here…I don’t want to stay here… I am not bold enough to face that man… He was calling me daughter today…when he was not there all those years …How? Mamma I was happy in my life with my love …then why did he come to my life? Mamma tell him to go back from my life…Mamma…I hate him…I hate him… I hate him…I hate him.. (Piya gets up)
The Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal sitting on a chair by the fire at his House. He thinks, ‘My daughter hates me… What I have done? How many life's I spoiled? How to tell my Pia that how much I love her and how much I am ashamed of what I have done. How to ask forgiveness? How?’ Madhu comes and sees him looking worried.
Madhu: Arnab, What happened? You look terrible…
Arnab: Madhu, Piya is my Daughter with Suganth. I met her today. All these days she was with us, near us and between us and we did not recognize her.Now what will happen Madhu? What to do now?
Madhu:Arnab, We need to bring Piya to our House. (Arnab gets up from the chair and faces Madhu)
Arnab: Madhu, You really mean it? You don’t have any objection that she stays in this house?
Madhu: Piya is your daughter.Now she is alone… and she needs us.
Arnab: She will not come here Madhu. She hates me! She considers me a culprit. She would not forgive me. She will not listen to me.
Madhu: Arnab, She is angry …after all she is a child… She is emotionally disturbed…Arnab,We need to bring her here. I will go and talk to her.
Arnab: Thank you Madhu…Thank you!

Scene moves to Piya running through the forest and she hits a tree and falls down. In the meanwhile Abhay is also looking for Piya in the forest. He stops and says, ‘Piya…Piya where are you? Piya where are you’. He tries to sense her and then proceeds to run. He runs and stops by a tree. He sees Piya at a distance on the ground with blood oozing from her chin and forehead. He transforms to a Vampire at the sight of Blood. His fangs sprang out and his eyes turned into a violet-blue. He makes animal noises. Abhay remembers Chand’s conversation to him, ‘You feel that you can love a Human, It is not in your nature Abhay! The blood of the human you love most will attract you most towards them. Will you be able to stand by that person when they are in trouble? What will you do then? How will you move back? How will you manage your love and thirst both?’ Abhay tries to control his animal instincts and move forward to Piya from the tree he was holding on to. But the animal in him overtakes the lover in him and his fangs sprang out again. He goes near Piya and fall on his knees. He makes animal sounds again. He remembers Chands words, ‘Your love will attract you the most towards them. How will you move away from your love? Abhay, you are a living dead. Your life is cursed. That is your life’s biggest truth. A Vampire cannot love a Human. Her blood will keep on calling for you, Abhay!’ Abhay lays down next to Piya looking at her. Abhay moves his face towards Piya with an urge to bite her and suck her blood to quench his thirst. He remembers Chand saying ‘There cannot be love in between a Human and a Vampire. The more you go near her the more you would put her in danger. The more you go near her, her blood would call you near her’. Abhay resists his urge and gets up. He says, ‘No! I have to control myself. This is Piya. I love her. I will control myself. I can control myself. Piya, I will save you. Yes Piya,I can save you! No… I need to control myself… I need to stop the beast in me. I can stop the animal in me. Yes, I can control myself. I will control myself’. Abhay tries to fight his animal instincts. He goes to the tree nearby and scratches it with his nails marking them and howling. Abhay controls himself and then walk towards Piya. He kneels down and places his hand over her wounds healing them by keeping his face up and eyes closed. Piya turns her face slowly and opens her eyes. She says his name. Abhay tells her, 'No Piya. Nothing will happen to you. Just you have to go away from me. (she again mutters his name) No Piya, No. You will be alright! I will not let anything happen to you. Piya! No!' (Piya tries to get up but faints) Abhay calls her and tries to wake her. He finds that she is cold. He remembers Chand’s words to him, ‘Vampire is cold blooded…like a corpse. We don’t have any heat in our body. But if we wish our blood can create heat in others’. Abhay puts his jacket on Piya. He then unbuttons his shirt and put that on her too. He then lifts her up making her stand and embraces her. He hugs her tightly running his hand over her back and hair. He says, ‘I can do this! I will bring you back. My love is stronger than me. My love is so strong Piya that I will make the monster in me go to sleep. Get up Piya! I am your friend! Get up!’ The scene ends.

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