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15th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 99) Abhay Announces that He and Piya are a Couple

Episode 99 starts with Arnab talking to Madhu over phone that in his love for daughter he has become a servant and that he could have told Ramprasad but if any mistake happens both of them would get beatings. Arnab put the packets in the car and adds that because of that he himself got all the things like cool drinks, chips and everything which is required for the party. Arnab gets into the car telling that he is returning home. As Arnab drives off we see a middle aged man sitting on another car telling, ‘This time where would you run off to Arnab? There is a lot of questions you have to give answers to’. Scene moves on to Misha getting ready for the Party wearing a pretty blue dress when her phone rings. She picks up the phone with a smile seeing that it is Shaurya’s phone. Shaurya informs her that he would not be able to come for the party as he is unable to change his plans. Misha gets angry and tells him not to come and tells him that if he comes she would throw him out. After ending the call a frustrated Misha changes from the dress she was wearing to her signature outfit and throws away things from the dressing table. Panchi finds her angry and asks if she is going to wear shorts for the party and asks her why she is behaving like that. Misha takes her anger on Panchi and asks her to shut up. Panchi teases her telling that dad is throwing a Party because Misha did the impossible task of winning a Fashion Show and if they see her like this they would take the prize back. Misha shouts at Panchi and tells her that she does not care anyway as he is not coming and asks her to be left alone. The scene moves on to Misha who is frustrated and removing her makeup talking, ‘Misha Dobriyal, You are an idiot... Who told you to fall in love? Why it has to be so complicated? Why can’t it so happen that the girl likes the boy and the boy likes the girl and they live happily ever after? I hate love… I hate love…’

The scene moves to Abhay and Piya walking together, but with lots of space between them. Piya was about to be hit by a speeding car but Abhay pulls her from the way and into his arms. After a minute of eye lock Piya moves away from him and move to the other side of the road. Both look at each other wanting to be together in mind but standing there gazing at each other before resuming walking again. As they are walking Piya tells in mind “there are a lot of questions in my mind the answers to which you only can give’. Abhay answers her question in mind ‘Piya I know what you are thinking. But I do not have an answer to your questions at this time.’The scene moves to Angad and Tracker. Angad stops the bike seeing tracker asking for the lift. He asks her to sit on the bike. Ruhi asks him that is he asking her to come on the bike even after she has rudely behaved with him. Angad replies that he cannot be angry with her for long and tells her that she would go to the party as his date. An excited Ruhi kisses Angad on his cheek. Angad is taken by surprise and is happy. As they go of in the bike Ruhi tells that she does not like T and feel like killing her for what she did to Piya and so on. Angad stops the bike and tells Ruhi that he has an idea to get even with T and take revenge on her. And excited Tracker hugs Angad and tells him ‘Angad, I am in love with you’. Angad kisses on her head and tells that he is in love with her too and starts the bike. The scene moves on to Panchi getting ready for the Party. Madhu comes and asks where Misha is. Panchi tells that she does not want to talk about Misha. Madhu asks her if she had a quarrel with Misha. Panchi tells her that she did not do anything but Misha was shouting that she got so irritated and keeps her hand on her head. Madhu notices the ring on her finger and asks her about the ring. Panchi tells that it is a long and silly story and she did not want her to worry. When Madhu goes off Panchi looks at the ring and remembers Siddharth’s proposal. Then she talks loudly, ‘ Panchi… Don’t ever think of that womanizer in that manner. Gosh!’

The scene moves on to Abhay and Piya reaching outside Dobriyal House when suddenly Abhay gets uncomfortable and closes his eyes. In his vision he sees himself running in great speed till he reaches a place where he sees Piya at a distance. He calls her and asks her what she is doing there. They are happy to see each other. Abhay walks towards where she is standing and Piya extents her hand by uttering ‘Abhay’. Abhay extends his hands too and walks towards her when suddenly one hand wearing an Emerald ring (or was that Peridot) holds on to Piya’s hand and she shouts for Abhay as she vanishes. Abhay looks around and keep calling her name. Abhay is woken up from his trance by Piya who keeps her hand on his shoulder gently shaking him.
Piya : ‘Abhay, we have reached the Party. Is there any problem?’
Abhay: No, nothing!
Piya : Okay, So should we go?
Abhay : Let’s go.
Piya says okay and walks ahead. Abhay thinks ‘What was it actually? Was it an illusion or a warning that something wrong is going to happen with Piya. But what?’

Scene moves on to Abhay and Pia walking together to the Dobriyal House Party. Kabir who was standing by the bar and drinking with a friend notices them together. Kabir tells the other Guy, ‘I don’t get this friend. What is in between Piya and Abhay? I wonder if there is anything or not.’ As Piya stands talking to a girl Abhay stands silently by her side. Kabir tells the other guy that whatever it is he would talk to Piya today. The other guy tries to stop Kabir by telling him that he is drunk and may tell something wrong if he goes there. But Kabir moves on towards Piya. He almost falls on to Abhay who steadies him.
Kabir : What is your problem?
Abhay : The problem is not with me… but with you Kabir. If you cannot handle your drinks then why do you drink so much?
Kabir: Hey, Mind your business. This is my friend’s house and not your father’s that anyone is send away. But if anyone has to go, you can go back to your father’s house.
Piya : Common Guys, Stop it! What are you guys doing? Just stop this!
Abhay tries to keep away Piya from the fight by signaling her away but Kabir interferes and tells him, ‘Hey Hello! Don’t tell anything to her. You stay out of it. I and Piya are friends to each other. And that too before you. So you don’t interfere in between’. Abhay signals Kabir to carry on and moves from between Piya and Kabir to stand on one side. Kabir talks to Piya and asks her that does she not know his feelings for her and that he loves her. Piya tells him that she is aware. Kabir then moves away from her and tells her, “Then why so much of confusion? Finally… tell straight once for all if there is any relation between you and Abhay. Piya..Give me an answer. Look at me and give me an answer Pia’. Piya just stands silently unable to answer when Abhay interferes and tells Kabir, ‘I will give the answer to it Kabir. Yes, Pia and I are together. Piya and I are a couple. There is a relationship between Piya and me. We are together. Got the answer… Mr Kabir?’ Abhay then catch holds of Piya’s hand and walks off from there leaving a stunned Kabir who had another ego break.

Scene moves on to Misha and Panchi. Panchi tells Misha that she is good just the way she is. Panchi asks her why she was doing all that and whether she likes any Guy. Misha tells no when she hear someone greeting Shaurya. Panchi notices Misha smiling and expressions and tells her that now she knows the reason for Misha’s change and that she likes that Architect. Misha asks Panchi to stop slowly. Panchi tells her that Misha’s feeling for Shaurya is so transparent and written all over her face. Misha tells Panchi that she would go and change the dress. Panchi stops her telling her that he would think that she is different and advice her that if she really likes the Guy she should present herself just the way she is. Shaurya notices Misha and goes to them. Shaurya compliments Misha on her looks and flirts with her telling that it is nice that she did not wear the silly dress otherwise his Misha would have been lost somewhere. Excited by his compliment Misha gets up and hugs Shaurya who hugs her back while a happy Panchi watch them.

The Scene moves on to Piya and Abhay. Piya breaks free from Abhay’s grip and asks him, ‘Abhay what was that?’
Abhay: I do not need to give you an explanation
Piya : Abhay, you are telling me this? Abhay you only told that we cannot be one. And then you said all this and that too in front of everyone. What the hell did you do Abhay?
Abhay: I am so sorry Piya that I came in between Kabir and you.
Piya: Abhay, Kabir? You were saving me from Kabir? Abhay, Kabir is my friend. He would never harm me. You don’t need to save me from Kabir.
Abhay : Right! I made a mistake. It is actually my mistake. I am sorry. (He turns away from Piya but Piya make him face her.)
Piya : Abhay Please… Listen to me. Abhay Please… tell me the truth. What’s the matter? I know Kabir is not the reason. Why did you tell in front of everyone that we are together? Why Abhay?
Abhay: Just forget it Pia
Piya : No Abhay. I cannot forget it and I want to know why.
Abhay: Trust me Piya. Just Believe me. You would not want to know.
Piya : Abhay, I want to know… and I need to know.
Abhay : Piya, It is necessary that I stay near you. Piya something is going to happen. I can feel it. Something very bad is going to happen.
Piya : Here? In this Party?
Abhay: No…But something bad is going to happen. Trust me Piya. I can feel it. Trust me
Piya: Yeah... Abhay!
Abhay: No Piya. I know that we are not together. But this time it is very important that I be with you. And I want to stay with you… just to be safe.
Piya nods her head and the scene ends with both of them looking at each other.

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