Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd February 2011 Written Update (Episode 89) Piya returns back to Hostel

Episode 89 starts with Abhay sitting near fire in his room and remembering Piya saying to stay away from her and shouting for outside help and running away. Abhay feels deceived by Piya’s rejection after knowing his truth by tricking him to reveal himself. He thinks, ‘ I knew that Pia would not be able to take the truth and I now I cannot see the hatred in those eyes where there was love. Piya, you wanted the truth and now that you know you could not take it. What sort of love is that??? Instead of facing the truth now you are running away from me. I will not let that happen and you cant run away from me and my identity and you have to listen to me’. Abhay gets up from the chair.

Scene move son to Chand and Haseena sitting in the Hall with their drinks when they see Abhay going out. Chand tells Hasina that like Maithali he saw Pia burning in fire so he is in despair and let him be. Haseena says that it was the only way to separate them and Pia's death has proved to be a good sign for them. Scene moves on to Misha who looks for Shaurya at the construction site as he did not come in her dream. When she does not find him at the site she asks a worker where he is. The worker replies that he has not come and that he may be in another site. Misha is disappointed. Tracker sees Misha and asks her what she is doing there. Misha tells Tracker that she came to see if everything is going fine as people get distracted seeing her beauty. When Misha asks what Tracker is doing there she says that she is looking for Shaurya as she does not feel well without seeing him for many days. When tracker goes Misha thinks that she also feel sick without seeing him. She wonders if she is in love with Shaurya and decides to seek Piya’s advice. Scene moves to Misha at Piya’s Hostel looking for her. Misha finds the cupboard empty and Piya’s things gone. The warden informs Misha that Piya has left Dehradun. Scene move to Dobriyal House where Arnab , Madhu and Misha are standing in the room. Arnab says how she can just go like that. Madhu also worries about Piya thinking that she did not say anything to Arnab about Pia being his daughter to keep the promise she gave Piya.

Pia is standing near a bus with her luggage. Abhay comes in his car and stops in front of the bus at a distance. Abhay sees Pia near the bus and says in mind, ‘you are running from your worries Pia. If this is the only thing left to do then go’. He gets out of the car and walks towards her.Pia sees him and gets flashes of him as vampire. He reaches her and they look at each other. Abhay then bends and takes her luggage and throws it to the top of the bus and walks back to his car. He stops near the car and look at Pia and Pia also look at him. Pia gets into the bus and Abhay gets into his car and the vehicles go in opposite direction. Both think of the moments with each other. At night and the bus stops at some Dhabba and the driver says that due to fog they cant move ahead and will have to stay there for 4-5 hours. Piya remembers Abhay saving her several times. She thinks, ‘Why did I fall in love with you? Why did you teach me to love? You did so much for me. You saved me and because of me you got humiliated in front of others. Because of me you even went against your family. I was living my life. Why you came and made you life there? Why Abhay ? Is it possible that nature made you and me for each other? Today I am going away from you… Leaving everything… my studies… my future…my life… I want to ask you why you allowed love to happen when I am a human and you… May be this is my fate… I know that your heart has stopped beating. But my heart… my heart beats for both of us… Maybe because of that I am not able to leave you and go. I am coming back Abhay to ask you for answers and to tell you from now on you stay away from me’.

Piya asks the Tea shop kid when will be the next bus to Dehradun is and he tells her its after 2 hours from the same place. Pia returns back to the hostel and opens the lights to see Misha sitting on her bed. Misha scolds Piya for leaving. Pia hugs Misha and says sorry and says she will never leave them. Scene moves on to Abhay driving the car. He thinks, ‘ Piya, you showed what you are made of. When life did not run the way you want, you ran away from life. I will forget you. You hate me? This is what I wanted. I did not know that you would not be daring enough to love me. Go… Go away!’. Abhay reaches in front of Piya’s Hostel. He notices the light in Piya’s room. Scene moves on to Misha telling Piya that she has so much to talk but it is too late and that she has been waiting for her for such a long time. Misha tells her that Mom would be worried and she needs to go home. Misha hugs her once again for coming back and leaves the room. Misha gets into her bike and calls out for Piya. Piya comes and opens her room window and looks down. Misha says, ‘Tomorrow see me at college, okay’. Piya smiles and says, ‘Okay, Bye!’ Misha then notices Abhay in his car. Misha drives off. Piya closes the window. Abhay looks and says in mind, ‘Piya is back! (he smiles) Abhay, Why are you this happy?’ He drives off and thinks, ‘Piya is back. But the distance between you and her is still there. I was angry to see Pia going. But that was better for her. Think Abhay, what were is asking Piya? Togetherness? Togetherness with a Beast… a blood sucking beast? No Abhay! Piya is better off away from you.’

The scene moves on to Pia calling Abhay from her mobile. Abhay notices Pia’s call on mobile but does not pick it up. Piya thinks, “Why are you not lifting up my Phone Abhay? I need to talk to you. You have lots of questions to answer. Abhay says in mind, ‘No Piya… Stay away from me. Stay away from me…’ Piya says in mind, ‘ Not anymore Abhay, I have run moo much and enough of this distance… (she dials the number again) Why did you allow you to love me? Why did you allow me to come closer to you? Why did you love me… And now… Why are you going away from me?’ Abhay replies to her mind talk, ‘This is not permissible by nature Piya…You and me cannot be one. This is not right for you’. Piya says in mind, ‘You would decide everything Abhay. Will I keep on looking for the answers to my questions?’ Abhay responds, ‘ I won’t be able to bear your love. If you love me I would not be able to stay away from you. Hate me Piya! Be angry with me.’ Piya tells in mind, ‘ So easily you pushed me away from you. No way! I am also there in this relationship and I have decided that I would not allow this relationship to break. You can’t keep me away. You have to talk to me. You have to meet me. The scene ends up with the close up of Abhay and Piya.

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