Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 93) Abhay messes up with the new Sports Teacher Ms Shenaya

The Episode starts Panchi’s Boss Siddharth telling her that he lost his costly watch. He tells Panchi that she can search at the places he went in the last three days. Since there are six girls he says the work should take 3 days and Panchi can use the company car for the work. Panchi sits and makes calls to the ladies most of whom gives insulting replies. The scene moves to the students at the Gym class. Miss Shanaya, the new sports teacher, comes in and introduces herself. She tells the students that she takes sports seriously and expects the same from them too. She tells the students what sort of punishment she gives for absentees and those with excuses. She takes the attendance and when she finds out Abhay is missing she asks Piya to go and fetch him from wherever he is. Piya finds him in the class sitting and she informs him that Ms Shenaya send her to bring him to the class. Abhay tells Piya that he is much more powerful than a human as he is supernatural and he cannot afford to expose his supernatural powers in front of everyone by attending the Gym class. He talks about how he saved Piya when she fell from the mountain, stopped the truck from hitting her and other times he used his powers. Pia reasons with him that the Gym class is compulsory and by avoiding he would be attracting more attention to him.

The scene moves on to Panchi in conversation with another woman who informs her that Siddharth’s watch is with her and he himself can come and collect it by visiting her that night as her husband is not there. Panchi informs her that it might not be possible and the lady’s turn would come next week. The lady gets angry at Siddharth and throws the watch which Panchi catches. Panchi calls Siddharth and informs that she got the watch. The scene moves to the Gymclass where Abhay is sitting at sit at one corner while the guys and girls are exercising. Kabir is amazed to see that Abhay is not obeying the sports teacher’s orders and talks about it to Angad. Just then Shaurya comes to the class and Misha who was not doing anything till then also gets up and starts lifting weights. Shaurya tells that lifting weights in the wrong manner can cause back problems and demonstrates the correct way to tracker. Angad and Misha are jealous and angry. Shaurya says bye and leaves.

The scene moves to Panchi and Siddharth. Panchi is happy with her efficiency of doing 3 day work within a day. Siddharth tells her to complete the job by getting the broken watch fixed. Panchi informs that it is not possible. Siddharth throws the watch to the dustbin and then asks Panchi to fix a date with the Drama Queen who is responsible for the plight of the watch. Panchi says she is angry and do not want to see him. He tells her that that is what makes things interesting and it is all about the chase when it comes to women. Panchi asks him ‘Are you a child?’ for which he replies ‘On the contrary...I am all man’. He says the proof is in the diary where she can find the likings and disliking of the women he dates. He tells Panchi to send a Bouquet of Flowers to the lady. He tells her that the magic of flowers work on all women and flirts with Panchi. He asks her what is her favorite flower for which she replies, ‘cactus’. Siddharth laughs.

The scene moves on to the Gym class where Ms Shenaya enters and spots Abhay. She goes to him and tells him that the punishment she gives latecomers is doing 100 pushups. Abhay tells it is not possible as he pulled him arm string muscle and there is a note with the Principal. She hands over a Rely Spray and tells Abhay to apply it so that he would be able to do the push ups the next day and leave the class after telling them to meet her at the Basket Ball court the next day at 8 AM for Team selection. The next scene shows Shenaya talking to someone that the work won’t be very easy but it would be fun (Looks like Shenaya is here on an agenda which is probably spying on Abhay). The scene moves on to kabir making fun of Abhay for giving girly excuses and then telling that he would make a pulp of Raichand the next day at the Basket Ball court. Abhay challenges Kabir for a practice match immediately and Kabir accept it. Piya is worried for Abhay.

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