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28th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 110) Piya is hit by Abhay’s Car

Episode 110 starts with Siddharth and Panchi at the interview room. He looks at one file and puts it aside.
Siddharth: Next one!
Panchi: Piya Jaiswal, She is a very good student. In fact, she has won this year Scholarship Award. I think she should be our best candidate. And most of all, she is very sincere.
Siddharth: Good! Send her in… Panchi, I have come to your college, won’t you offer me some Coffee?
Panchi : Oops! Sure Sir! I will just be back. I will get it for you.
Siddharth: Panchi…Send Pia in!
Panchi: Yes,sure! (Siddharth says, ‘Pia Jaiswal, I was waiting for you’ A girl just then enters with her back to Siddharth and closes the door)
Siddharth: Piya Jaiswal, I was anxiously waiting to meet you. (The girl then turns. It was T and not Piya)
T: Excuse me! I am not Piya Jaiswal (T walks towards the table). Do I look like that loser? No bloody way! (Siddharth has a disappointed look on face. T comes and stands in front of the table and puts her hands on the table. I am T, short for Tanushree. And I don’t need this job. But I heard that the Owner of this Company is very handsome and charismatic. So I thought you… (Siddharth smiles slightly) I mean… we…could make a good Team, right?
Siddharth: Of course my dear.(Siddharth gets up from the chair and leans towards T) I want professional girls like you in my program.And I feel that you stand a very good chance(Panchi comes in with coffee and keeps standing at the door) to come into my team.
T: You won’t regret the decision.
Siddaharth: Regret?I don’t regret any of my decisions. And this decision, there is going to be a lot of fun! (Siddharth notices Panchi) T…is it?
T: Yes (Siddharth goes to the side where T is standing)
Siddharth: Your confidence…Your attitude…Your personality…suits this job description perfectly. You can expect a call from me sometime tomorrow.
T: I will wait for your call. (She smiles and leaves from there)
Siddharth: Nice! Oh Panchi… all done?
Panchi: Yeah…One more candidate was there who was better than this loser. But she could not come because of some problem. (Gives Coffee to Sid)
Siddharth: So call now!
Panchi: Her phone is out of reach.
Siddharth: No Problem. Call her again. We will wait for her.
Panchi : Okay (The Principal Mr Mehra comes in)
Principal: Mr Siddharth?
Panchi: Hello Sir!
Principal: Panchi I suppose your work is done. We have to close the college at 6. So…
Panchi: Yes Sir, Just give me a while. We are wrapping up.
Principal: I believe you got your Interns.
Siddharth: Yes, we got some interesting Potentials.
Principal: Good! Excuse me! (Principal goes off)
Panchi: I just clear, okay?
Siddharth: Call her back again…

Scene moves to Mount College Hostel Room. Misha enters the room calling for Pia. Piya is sitting on her back to Misha on her cot.
Misha: What the heck? Why did you come away from there? You know how much big job opportunity you missed. (Piya is crying) And you know that among all candidates you were the best qualified and you would have easily got the job. You got mad? Are you gone Psycho? You know… Panchi saved your internship till the last moment. She was looking for you. Piya…since when you have become moody like me? Hello…will you say something or sit like that? Piya you are just driving me mad… I just (Misha notices that Piya is crying. She sits next to Pia) Piya…you are crying…what happened?
Piya: Nothing!
Misha: Come on Piya Tell me…You are getting me worried!
Piya: Misha…Abhay messaged me
Misha: Again Abhay? Please don’t tell me that you left the Interview and went to meet Abhay…and now sitting and crying! Something is wrong. Come on Piya… I just don’t understand what is in between you and Abhay.
Piya: Nothing!
Misha: Nothing? That is why when he calls you go running to him…leaving the important things in life. Piya, Is he your Boyfriend? (Piya nods ‘no’)Then what?
Piya: Misha, I am sorry but I should not have gone like that on Abhay’s calling. Maybe this job was not in my destiny that is why it went like that. I promise Misha…hereafter I will not do such stupidity.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion, Abhay’s Room. Abhay gets into the room and searches for something in his cupboard. He turns the pages of some books and then throws it down. Haseena enters the room. Abhay then finds what he was looking for. It was a picture of Abhay and Siddharth together, both wearing similar types of cloths and smiling.
Haseena: What is the matter Abhay? You are looking very troubled…
Abhay: You remember Mom? How you and Dad saved me and Siddharth from the face of death and gave us new life…the life of a Vampire…And today, He has forgotten everything. He has forgotten that he had a brother. He has forgotten that there was a relationship between us. He has forgotten everything…every damn thing!
Haseena: How is he?
Abhay: He is full of hatred. Hatred for me!
Hasina: No Abhay, He always had a place for you in his heart
Abhay: No Mom, No…He never loved anyone…except you! For me there is only hatred in his heart. I had forgotten. I had forgotten how dangerous he is. And now, with time he has become even more dangerous. I have a very strong feeling that he has come to show us a very bad time. But I will not let him spoil our lives. 200 years back I gave my life for my love. Now time has changed…If required I would even give up my soul. I will do anything for my love. I will not allow him to play with our lives. (haseena looks really worried. Abhay goes near his window and looks at the moon. He thinks, ‘ I gave up my life for Mythili’s love…Today for Piya’s love I am willing to fight any war…I will not let Siddharth go near her.

Scene moves to next day at Siddharth’s Office. Shenaya is also sitting in Siddharth’s room. Siddharth is looking into the Job Applicant’s Resume file.
Siddharth: Who is Piya Jaiswal in this?
Shenaya: Her Application is not there. (Siddharth puts the file aside)
Siddharth: Interesting!
Shenaya: I can get her information and give to you. Let me try! (Siddharth signals Shenaya to go and she goes away)
Siddharth: Little Baby Brother Abhay, Why are you hiding this Pia from me? You are scared of me, no? Yes, because you know if I see her, her half cloths would be at my house. Insecurity would kill you (Laughs and takes a red rose from the table and throws petals down one by one telling she loves me- she lusts me… When only a few petals remain Siddharth says, ‘She loves me… You can keep her love…I just want her lust…He bites the flower and eats it).

Scene moves to Mount College. Misha sees Shaurya inside the Campus and comes to him.
Misha: Hey! Did you meet Shankar?
Shaurya: Yes Misha, I met him. But I just need little more information about him like…where is he from? What does he do? Any family background …I just need to know something about anything…what happened?
Misha: You want to ask anything else? What happened to you? You got Shankar’s illness? You are asking so many questions. You met him onetime and you have changed. You could have asked these questions to him.
Shaurya: Misha…Don’t worry about Shankar. I will handle him. I know how to handle him just want to know something about him. By the way he is very hot looking…good looking guy…isn’t it? (Misha thinks, ‘Oh my God! This stupid Shaurya is getting ‘j’. Good! This is the opportunity to make him even more jealous’)
Misha: I think Shaurya…he’s hot!
Shaurya: Yeah, He is very hot!(Misha thinks, ‘Yeah Shaurya, You are feeling jealous? Poor Baby!’)Misha, the college girls might be asking about him and …
Misha: You know about this College girls. They do not leave anyone. They like him because they find him different. (Shaurya thinks, ‘This College girls… I will! Misha…I hope you do not like him’)
Shaurya: Misha, Do you like Shankar? (Misha thinks, ‘Oh my God! He is becoming senti…’)
Misha: Yeah! He is okay…
Shaurya: Thank God!
Misha: What you mean thank God?
Shaurya: I mean it is a very good thing…a very nice thing that you don’t like him. (Misha thinks, ‘Super Duper Great! Out of jealousy towards Shankar, Shaurya has started liking me…Nice!)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office. Panchi is sitting on a chair across Siddharth doing some work.
Panchi: Sir, I know it is not my place. But in my Opinion we have not got a perfect Intern so far.
Siddharth: Yeah? Who is the perfect intern in your opinion?
Panchi: Pia Jaiswal! I told you about her.
Siddharth: Yeah, But she could not come for the interview.
Panchi: Yes Sir, Unfortunately she had some problem that she could not come. But Sir, Trust me…This girl is very deserving! You should give her one chance…
Siddharth: Yeah? If you are insisting this much then okay… Do one thing…ask her to come here…we will see her talents…
Panchi: Really Sir? Thank you so much! And I promise you…you would not regret this! (Panchi goes off and Sid says, ‘So little red riding hood comes knocking on my door’ He smiles)

Scene moves to Piya at Hostel. Her mobile rings and she picks up the phone. Panchi calls Pia and informs her that her Boss has called Pia for an interview. Piya is happy and she tells Panchi that she is coming immediately. Panchi warns her not to be influenced by Sid’s flirty talk before keeping the phone down. Piya remembers that she did not take copies of the resume. Piya reaches the College and the library is about to close and she requests Madam to permit her to take a printout so that she can go for the interview. Anbhay sees her and he tells in mind, ‘No Piya, Don’t go! I have to stop you’

It is night and Pia is walking on the road with a file in hand and bag. Suddenly a Car comes from behind in full speed and hits her and the drives speeds away. Pia screams and falls to one side of the road. Abhay stops the car a little ahead and says, ‘I am sorry Piya! It was necessary to hurt you. I have to keep you away from Siddharth in all conditions. I know a storm is going to come and it is difficult to stop it. But I will try my level best to stop it. I will fight Piya…I will fight for you…and this is going to be a big War!’ Abhay drives off as Arnab Dobriyal’s Car comes there. Arnab sees Abhay. He runs to Pia lying on the road trying to get up. Arnab helps Pia to get up.
Arnab: You are alright? You have lot of injuries. I will take you home and we will call the Doctor there.
Piya: I am alright! I don’t need a Doctor.
Arnab: Of course you need a Doctor! Don’t argue please…
Pia: I am alright! If I need a Doctor, Warden would call. I have to go back.
Arnab: If you want to go back to the Hostel, I will drop you to the Hostel, No arguments! (He picks up the things which had fallen on the ground and walks with Pia towards the Car)

Scene moves to Abhay running like wind in the forest. He stops near a tree and shouts, ‘Yaaa’ He hits 2 trees on either side of him, one tree after the other and both falls down. He kneels on the ground and shouts, ‘Why???Why Siddharth why? Why did you do this? Why did you come back? Why? I will not let you go near Piya. I will not allow you to hurt her. Pia is not alone…I am with her. I will not allow you to win! (Shouts) I will not let you win!’ He gets up and runs again. He stops near a tree. He says, ‘Pia, Forgive me! You are the one who is hurt but I am the one who is having the pain. I am sorry Piya! I did not have any other option. I am sorry Piya! I am sorry! (Scene ends)

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