Saturday, February 12, 2011

12th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 97) Misha Dobriyal wins the Trophy at the Mount College Fashion Show

The scene starts with Piya sadly deleting her video with her mother as it could have endangered several peoples lives if it would have got exposed. The scene moves to Chand picking up the Principal’s call. The Principal Mr Mehra informs Chand that Abhay wanted to know about Piya’s parents but before handing the information he thought he should speak to Chand. Chand tells him to tell Abhay that there are no records and asks the Principle for all information on Piya. The Principal informs that Piya is a scholarship student who came from an orphanage in Indore and promise to give all details after looking into the official records. The scene moves to Siddharth driving the car with Panchi on front seat when the phone rings. Siddharth says it is Malini’s call and tells her that he enjoyed it too when Panchi interrupts him telling that she needs to talk to him. Siddharth cuts the phone off after telling that he would call back. Panchi says. “Sir I don’t know what type of girl do you think I am. But I am not that type of girl who dance in the night club with strangers. That is just not me!’. Siddharth tells Panchi to chill out and not take herself seriously. The phone rings again and he informs that it is Malini again and adds that how difficult it is to resists his charms and that a man has to do what a man has to do. He stops the car in front of Panchi’s house and dismisses her off by telling that her stressed and boring talk can wait for the next day. Panchi gets out of the car and goes. The phone rings again and Siddharth picks up the phone and says,’Tell me, I am alone’.

The scene moves on to Piya walking down the college corridor thinking ‘I cannot wear this dress. It is too uncomfortable. I need to go and take permission from Mam. I am sure she would understand my problem.’ Scene moves to Shenaya talking to someone on the phone. She tell the person on the other end that everything is alright and she has organized a fashion show in which he is also participating and that she would try her best. She then notices Piya who is standing a few feet away from her. Shenaya accuses Piya of leaving her manners at home, eavesdropping her conversation and spying on her. She further insults Piya by calling her Gossip Queen and asks her if her Mom Dad sends her to college to do that. Having her sore spot touched, Pia breaks down and leaves from there. The scene moves to the Raichand Mansion where Haseena asks Chand who called him. Chand tells her that it was the Principals call and tells her that they need to go to Indore to find details about Piya because if the information is important to Abhay they need to know about it too. Haseena tells to Chand that Piya is Abhay’s weakness and if Piya has any weakness she is hiding that could become their strength.

The scene moves the Piya who is crying and hurriedly walking through the corridor and Abhay comes from the opposite direction. He catches her hand and asks her why she is crying. Piya shakes off his hand telling nothing and walks off. Abhay then tells her, ‘I know who your Dad is’. Piya stops and turns to look at Abhay. She is shattered and sits down by the pillar and cries. Abhay feels sad seeing her in the condition and tells her, ‘Piya..Please don’t cry. Please… don’t cry. I don’t want to be the reason of your tears. I told a lie. I don’t know anything. I cannot see you cry Piya. I tried to understand the depth of your sadness and pain through the lie. Whenever you feel that you want to share it… I am there for you… forever…’. Piya looks at him with teary eyes and then gets up. She runs to him and hug him. Abhay hugs her back.

The Scene moves to Tracker and T getting ready for the fashion show. While they are having a small fight over earrings Tracker notices Piya who is combing her her and compliments her on her looks. T feels uncomfortable about Tracker and Piya and decides that she needs to do something about it. The scene moves to Mount college fashion show where Ms Shenaya comes and talks about the show and tells that it would be judged by Shaurya Khanna. Tracker looks out to the stage and thinks, ‘God… You send Shaurya here for me’ while Misha thinks, ‘ Shaurya, I took so much pains for you. You better be impressed’. The Fashions show starts which the students walking down the ramp. Angad leaves Tracker while taking a head dip and she falls down. Misha and Kabir walks confidently followed by Abhay and Piya. Abhay is in black wearing a blue tie to color coordinate with Piya who is in a short blue dress. First Piya and then Abhay walks the ramp alone and then they walk together with Abhay holding Piya’s hand. When they reach the middle Piya realizes that her zip is open and trips into the dip. Abhay and Piya share and eye lock and Pia says in mind, ‘How much you take care of me Abhay. Can’t we for a minute forget everything and be one?’ Abhay replies to it in his mind, ‘No Piya, Some love stories are not written to be fulfilled’. Abhay steadies Piya and they walk back. They are followed by T and Sahil who take their individual walks. When Sahil extends his hand for them to walk together T tells him that she is the show stopper and does not need him and would hit the ramp alone. While Tanushree is walking she trips and falls down. People howls and laughs at an embarrassed T who gets up and walks back. After that all the couples then come to the stage. Ms Shenaya comes to the stage and tells everyone that it was indeed a wonderful display of talent and that Shaurya would announce the winner. Shaurya tells, ‘Guys, what a show! You know what? Everyone who performed were totally superb! Winner… Clear winner… is only one. There were many contenders… strong contenders… But the person who with her beauty,style and charm won my heart… Let’s give a big hand for Misha Dobriyal’. T and Tracker are angry and jealous hearing Misha’s name announced. Misha is excited and all smiles and walks to Shaurya to collect the Trophy. Shaurya gives her the Trophy and a dimpled smile to Misha and says, ‘Let me tell you something. You are beautiful’ and winks at Misha who is all smiles. Misha hugs Piya and shares her happiness with Angad and Kabir and they shows off her Trophy in midst of an unhappy T and Tracker while everyone is clapping.

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena at the Orphanage telling the sister in charge that they are impressed by the work done at the orphanage and would like to give a donation. They have a small talk and Haseena mentions that they give the best of education to their only son Abhay who studies at Mount College at Dehradun. Hearing this the sister informs that there is an inmate of the orphanage in the same college named Piyali Jaiswal who is a scholarship student. Haseena tells the sister that they would like to have further details of scholarship students of the orphanage and the sister gives them some files and goes to pick up certificates and other papers of scholarship students. Chand reads the name on the second file as Piyali Jaiswal and says, ‘We may get the answers of our Questions from this file’ to which Haseena says,’ We will know now what Piya is hiding from others’. The scene ends with Chand turning the papers in the file.

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