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17th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 101) Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Mount College

The scene starts with Panchi Dobriyal entering the Office and telling how boring the Office looks on the Valentine’s Day and they should decorate the Office. She instructs the peon to bring lots of flowers including red roses and decorate the office. She tells him that he can tell the cashier that she told him. After some time Siddharth walks into the office decorated with flowers and asks Panchi who was sitting and doing some work, ‘What’s up with this Flower’s Shop?’
Panchi (Panchi gets up from the chair): Oh…Actually Sir it is Valentine’s Day, so I thought…
Siddharth: Ah…This wrenched Day.. (He sits on Panchi’s chair) …You know this day is a conspiracy against me. On the other days the girls are very calm…They feel happy with a stupid phone call or a coffee. But today… no, no, no (Panchi smiles) Today they need flowers…After that they need personal attention…after that they need candle light dinner… and after that they need romantic talk and after that they need… Well after that they need ….that I have no problem with. But poor me find it difficult to handle the ladies in this city all alone. Because of that every Valentine’s Day I get out of the city. Problem solved!
Panchi(sarcastically) : I understand, How romantic! (Siddharth gets up from the chair)
Siddharth: Come to my Office… There is some work for you.
Panchi: Okay (she sits on her chair)
The scene moves on to Siddharth’s office where he is looking at some brown cover with a difficult to read expression. There is a knock on the door and Panchi’s voice, ‘May I come in Sir?’ Siddharth rolls the brown cover and puts it into his jacket pocket.
Siddharth: Yeah…Come in. Take the notes. It is very important.
Panchi: Yeah
Siddharth: Buy 72 Bouquets and send it to all my Girlfriends. You have the list, right?
Panchi: Yes Sir.
Siddharth : (signals with his eyes to the door)You may leave.. (Panchi leaves)
Siddharth holds the cover he was looking and says, ‘Happy Valentine!’ He then burns the cover by lighting a lighter.

Scene moves to Mount College which is decorated with Balloons, flowers and Valentine’s Day signs. Piya looks around and thinks, “Oh…Today is Valentine’s day. Today there would be a lot of activity in the college. I need to be away from all this. Today whole day I would close myself in the library... Piya walks into the library and finds Abhay sitting there reading a book with his back on her. She smiles and goes near him and tells, ‘So you are also sitting here to escape from the madness of outside.’ ‘College is all pink… It is like a circus.’ He keeps looking into the book. Piya replies, ‘Yes I know. Anyway, I will use this time to finish my some other work’. Piya keeps her bag on the table near where Abhay is sitting. She takes some papers and after looking at it put it back on the table. She goes and looks at the book on the shelves. After that she climbs the ladder to look at the books on the higher shelf. While she is tries to pull something she falls from the ladder. Abhay who senses her in danger moves in lightening speed and catches her on his arms. They have an eye lock. While they are looking at each other with Pia in Abhay’s arms some students come to the library door and one girl says, ‘Hey Guys, Come on! (Abhay puts Pia down) There is no need to romance secretly at least today. Come out… the next number is yours, (she looks at another guy and says) isn’t it? The guy nods.
Piya: Number? What number?
Guy: Couple competition is happening Pia, Come on!
Piya: Competition? (She looks at Abhay)
Girl: Couple Competition of Valentine’s Day. All the couples in the college are participating. And we think that you should also participate. We think that you would win some prize or the other. Come on friends! You should come.
Guy: 6 PM sharp at the College Campus. See you, Bye! (The group leaves)
Abhay and Piya leave the library. Abhay holds Piya’s hand. Tracker looks at the couple from a distance lovingly. She says to herself, “OMG... How cute these both look. I wish I also have someone…this cute…To share this day… (Suddenly she remembers) Oh my God! There is Angad in my life… I forgot… This year I do not have to wait outside the Boy’s locker in a line…I have someone…I hope he does some cool romantic thing for me…’

Scene moves on to T and her friend standing in the college campus and Tracker talking to Angad, “Angad where are you…I have been waiting for you for long’. T thinks, ‘Till now T never spends a Valentine Day alone. This year even this despo has a boyfriend and not for T? This is so not happening. Boys roam around T. Think T think!’ T suddenly notice a new Guy in the campus and thinks, ‘Oh …new Guy! He will do for now. Hold on Guy… Here I come. Today is your lucky day.’

Scene moves on to Dobriyal House where Panchi is packing her suitcase. He puts her clothes in a big Trolley type red suitcase. Madhu comes in and asks if she is going for overnight stay for office work. Panchi tells that it is a dinner meeting so she would have to stay in the night and would be back in the morning. Madhu asks what sort of a job it is and if the meeting would go all night. Panchi tries to reason with her. Madhu asks her if everything is alright and whether her Boss treats her right. Panchi tells Madhu to call hear once in every 2 hours and leave the room with her suitcase. Madhu gets suspicious and asks what is the matter and follows Panchi who says there is nothing.

Scene moves to Mount College where Ruhi is slowly walking. Suddenly Angad drives in a Bike with heart shaped balloons fixed on it. Both are happy to see each other and show all their teeth. Angad gets down from the bike and takes a big card and gives it to Ruhi telling that, ‘This is for you.’ Ruhi opens the card and is very excited. Angad says, “one second’ and gives a box of chocolates for Ruhi. He then takes a bunch of roses, goes on his knees and gives to her saying,’ My love this is for you’. Ruhi is so happy and says ‘So romantic’ and smells the roses. Ruhi says, ‘I feel as if I am flying… (Angad throws rose petals on her)… I feel as if I am a Princess…Angad tells her, ‘You are my Princess…my love’. Ruhi tells him that today they would be able to win the competition for sure. Angad asks which competition. Ruhi tells him, ‘best couple competition’. Angad tells her, ‘Ruhi and Angad are made for each other.. . And apart from us no one can win the competition. ‘T and her friend who was watching them walk out from there. Angad gives Ruhi a bunch of balloons and keep another bunch of balloons with him.

The scene moves on to T and her friend walking and the new Guy coming from the opposite direction. T stops the Guy and asks what his name is. He says Shankar. T makes a temporary arrangement with Shankar to be her boyfriend for the day. She gives him a ring and asks him to give her in front of everyone. She also hands over to him and buy 1 kilo rose petals from the market and puts them down as she walks. She further instructs him to memorize some poems from the internet and walks from there leaving a confused Shankar standing.

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the car with Panchi sitting by his side.
Siddharth: You left the house and came?
Panchi : No
Siddharth: So you know that we are going for just a night’s trip.
Panchi : Yeah!
Siddharth: Good! I thought maybe you are going to some refugee camp. This big a bag…(He laughs)
Panchi : Very funny!
Siddharth : Do you see that Briefcase? All my things are in it.
Panchi : But Sir…what about your night clothes?
Siddharth: Night clothes? What is that? Darling I never need night clothes. (He smiles. Panchi is embarrassed)
Scene moves to Panchi and Sid at Hotel Grande Reception. Siddharth introduces himself and Panchi at the reception. The guy takes a key and says ‘114 and’. Panchi seizes the key from him and tells to Siddharth that she would meet him in the lobby in an hour and goes off. The guy at the reception asks Siddharth if he knows that there is only one room available. Siddharth tells him that he is aware and there is no need to shock Madam at this time. He tells the guy that she would know about it and that she likes to be surprised. Scene moves on to Panchi coming out of the bathroom with face pack on her face. She notices Siddharth lying on the bed and says, ‘What the hell?’
Siddharth : Hello! Relax…relax… I was not doing any strip tease. I was just removing my shoes.
Panchi: But what are you doing in my room?
Siddharth : Ah… The situation is… Since we did the booking at the last minute we got only one room. So this is not your room but our room.
Panchi : What?
Siddharth: You know… Valentine’s Night and all. It is houseful. Don’t worry… it is going to be all business. We will sleep like in tacky Hindi films… I would sleep on the bed and you sleep on the floor.
Panchi : No way! Get out! Please get out… Leave right now… (Panchi catch holds of his hand andSid gets up) If you think that I am like your other girlfriends… You are mistaken. I am not going to be a victim of your words. Out!
Siddharth : How rude! I would meet you in the lobby in an hour. (Walks out)
Panchi: I don’t care! God I don’t believe this Guy!
Siddharth: FYI (For your Information)… I like your face now. It is a big improvement.
Panchi : Shut up! Leave…
Siddharth laughs and closing the door says, ‘Going…going’.

Scene moves on to Mount College. The Guy and the Girl who told Abhay and Piya to participate in the couple competition comes to the stage and says together, ‘Welcome all! How are you Guys? The students cheer. The girl says, “Alright Guys! In Mount College Valentines Special we are welcoming the hot couples! The Guy says, “In this competition 3 couples are selected.’ He introduces T who is the 3 times winner participating along with her new love Shankar. T pulls Shankar to the stage. T asks him where is the ring is. When he takes the ring from his pocket T seizes it and puts on her finger and shows it to everyone. Then the Guy and Girl introduce the second couple as ‘Angad and Ruhi’. Angad lifts Ruhi up and carries her to the stage. The Guy then tells, ‘The last and the hottest… The dark and the smart Abhay and Piya.’The Group claps and cheer for Abhay and Piya and they walk to the stage. Abhay gets into the stage first and offers his hand to Piya to climb up. Abhay puts her hand on his hand and looks at Abhay lovingly with a smile. Abhay tells her, ‘Piya, what are you doing? This all is a lie for this world.. Do not get carried away by your emotions and forget yourself. This is not real!’ Piya’s smile vanishes as she looks at him and the scene ends there.

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