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21st February 2011 Written Update (Episode 104) Arnab Dobriyal finds out that Pia is his daughter Piyali Jaiswal

Episode 104 starts with Abhay getting into the Principal’s Room and checking the Scholarship File on his table. Abhay notices that Piya’s Scholarship Form is rejected. The Principal then comes into the Room. He asks Abhay if he can help him. Abhay asks the Principal Mr Mehra that why he has rejected Piya’s Scholarship Application. The Principal tells him that he knows that Piya is a deserving candidate but he is helpless as that it was the decision of the Trustee decision to deny Piya Scholarship. He tells that if Mr Privin has rejected the Application there is nothing he can do about it. Abhay tells him that he does not believe him. The Principal tells Abhay that Piya is the most deserving candidate for the scholarship and that he is unable to understand as to why Mr Pravin has denied Pia the scholarship. He adds that he is sure that if Mr Pravin has done it there sure must be a problem and that he would not be able to do anything. Abhay tells in mind, ‘Pravin Jaiswal, I know why you are doing this injustice with Piya’. The Principal suggests that if Abhay has a problem with the Trustee’s decision, he should go and speak to him. Abhay says, ‘Okay’ and goes out of the room.

Abhay looks for the Trustee in the college Campus and spots him walking. Abhay’s calls from behind, ‘Mr Jaiswal’ and Pravin stops. Abhay goes to him.
Pravin: Yes?
Abhay: My name is Abhay Raichand. I want to know that on what basis you rejected Piya’s scholarship.
Pravin: Can I ask you on what basis are you asking me this Question.
Abhay: You cannot just take a one sided decision. You have to answer the students.
Piya: Really? As a Trustee I am answerable to such a student who instead of accepting my decision sends goons to me… threatens me…? Are you telling that such a student should get the scholarship?
Abhay: Please Do not bring Piya in between. Every student in the College would oppose your decision because there is no other deserving candidate than Piya in the College.
Pravin: Abhay, You deserve the scholarship.
Abhay: I am rejecting this Scholarship. I don’t need it!
Pravin: Okay, Reject it! But because of your rejection Pia is not going to get the scholarship. Your sacrifice would go waste. (Abhay turns and walk away)

Scene moves to Panchi getting to the house after her trip with Siddharth. Madhu and Arnab Dobriyal are in the sitting room and talking when she gets in. Arnab sees her and asks, ‘Hey Fatty! What’s up?’ Panchi cries and goes from there. Panchi gets into the room crying. Misha asks her what is wrong. Panchi asks her if she is fat, ugly and boring looking. Misha tells her that she says such things only to pull her leg. Misha tells Panchi that the person who should get an inferiority complex is her because from childhood she has been hearing from people that her sister is beautiful and talented and why she is not like Panchi. Madhu comes to the room and asks Panchi what happened. After some persuasion she tells Madhu that she has lost her self confidence. Madhu is angry at Danish for Panchi’s plight.

Scene moves to Chand and Danish sitting in front of a Blue Print at Raichand House. Chand asks Danish to look into it carefully and tells him that they need to strike the deal. Seeing Danish absent minded Chand asks him what the matter is. Chand tells him that Arnab would not be bidding for the project this time but they would have a new rival, another Company as volatile as its Owner Siddharth. Chand tells Danish that he is a young guy and it would be interesting. He adds that whenever there is a new player it changes the dimensions of the game.
Chand: So, Are you ready?
Danish: Yes, Sir! And thank you… I only hope that Abhay does not create any Drama because of my presence here. After all, he does not want to see me here.
Chand: Danish, Abhay is my son at home. What my Office what happens… why it happens… I decide! You don’t have to worry. (Both of them get up from their seats) And…You are a very important part of my Company (Chand shakes hand with Danish. Then they hear Abhay’s voice, ‘Dad’. Abhay walks toward them.
Abhay: Don’t you think before giving someone an important part in the Company you need to check his criminal record?
Chand: Abhay! I suggest you behave yourself! (Abhay looks at Danish and goes from there) You don’t worry Danish! You concentrate on what you have to do. (Chand shakes hand with Danish again) right?

Scene moves to next day. Siddharth is sitting at his room. Panchi knocks the door and comes in. She gives him his mails. He asks her to come after half an hour and tells her that he needs to dictate an important letter to her.
Panchi: Yes Sir
Siddharth: You may leave…
Panchi: Sir did you mean what you said?
Siddharth: Yes, when I said come back after half an hour and that I have to dictate an important letter…I Obviously meant what I said…
Panchi: Sir, I am not talking about that.
Siddharth: Then what are you talking about?
Panchi: That day what all you told about me… You told that I am ugly…I am horrible (Siddharth tries to suppress a smile)… You did not even think once what I would be hurt? (Siddharth smiles and gets up from his chair. He comes near Panchi)
Siddharth: My dear little naive Pinky! You really do not know anything about Guys. The number one rule: If any Guy says bad things about a girl in front of her… say she is ugly… or horrible… There can only be 2 reasons. Number 1: He is not interested in the girl at all or He is interested in the girl a little too much (comes more close to Panchi). You have to decide who I am. (Panchi smiles and Siddharth asks her with an innocent expression, ‘Now,Can we get to work?’ Panchi tells him, ‘Yes Sir’ and goes from there.) I will see you in half an hour.

Scene moves to T and friend in the Ladies locker room. T is applying lip-gloss while her friend is watching. T tells that with no money, no parents and no scholarship Piya should be in some Mahila Niketan type of place. She closes the locker door and notices Misha and Piya standing there and looking at her. Misha gets into a fight with T for spreading gossips about Piya. Shankar sees the fight and takes Misha away from there.
Shankar: Misha, How can you talk to people like that? Fighting in the locker room…Is that how you behave?
Misha: Go to hell! It is none of your Business. (Misha turns to walk away but Shankar catch holds of her arm and turns her towards him).
Shankar: Your Business is my business.
Misha: What?
Shankar: I am telling that I am your Councilor. If a student behaves badly or misbehaves with teacher it is my responsibility to solve it. Got it?
Misha: Whatever, Okay? What you want to do you do…Don’t give me lectures! She had it coming. Excuse me… I got to call my father. (Misha walks off and calls Arnab)
Misha: Papa, Please find out. T was telling that Piya will not get the scholarship this year. How can that happen? Papa, please find out… There is no one more deserving than Piya…
Arnab: I understood… I will do… Hello! (Misha thinking that she is stuffing the mobile into her back pocket mistakenly leaves it where she was sitting. Piya notices it and calls out for Misha)
Pravin: I need to talk to you, come with me (Arnab listens to the conversation as Misha had forgotten to switch off the mobile phone)
Piya: Why are you doing this to me? For what are you seeking revenge at me?
Pravin: Your mother blackened our faces in front of the society and spile dou family name. Instead of listening to her big brother she believed in the love of that Arnab Dobriyal. Because of her sorrow my Mother died. Everything ended… (Arnab who is listening at the conversation recognizes Pravin’s voice)
Piya: Just because my mother chose her love and not your false pride? What did my mother do… She only loved… And you…what did you do? Did you take the responsibility of a brother? You made her stand on the street… threw her out of the house…You did not allow my Mom to live and now when she is not alive you are seeking revenge on me? What are you seeking revenge at me for?
Pravin: I don’t want to even see your face.
Piya: Okay, if you do not want to see my face, I would not stay here. If you do not want to give me scholarship don’t give me. May be you won’t give me the scholarship but you won’t be able to close the doors to my life. I will not fight anymore.
Pravin: Really? If so, why did you send that Abhay Raichand to me? (Piya thinks, ‘Abhay went to fight with him for me?’) If that many doors are open for you, go away. You will not get the scholarship… because this is just my decision. (Piya goes away from there. Arnab who had listened to the conversation realizes that Pravin knows about his daughter and that she is studying at Mount College. Arnab decides to meet Pravin immediately).

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where Pravin, Mr Mehra and a teacher are sitting. There are several students around like T, Tracker, Angad, Misha and Piya.
Principal: Today the name of the Scholarship student who gets the scholarship for next year would be announced. And this student would be paid in full… (Abhay comes there too) the expenses of stay…the full college fees for the year…everything would be borne by the college. This prestigious scholarship would go to such a student who would not only deserve but also who would bring name to the College. And the Harrison’s Scholarship goes to our most deserving student… Piyali Jaiswal!

Misha hugs Piya and Abhay is happy too. Every one cheer and claps for her while T is irritated. Pravin claps too! Piya goes to him and look at him. Pravin says, ‘I see my sister’s picture in your eyes. How long can I stay angry? I am fed up with it. This scholarship is yours dear, you deserve it. Well done, Take care!’ He gives her the certificate and Piya smiles. Piya is congratulated by the Principal and teaches. Abhay watches from a distance and smiles. Misha takes the Certificate from her and jumps around showing it to everyone while Angad lifts Pia up. T and her friend walk away. Arnab comes there the same moment. Misha runs to him and shows the Certificate. Piya sees Arnab looking into the scholarship certificate which had her name as Piyali Jaiswal. Arnab is shocked to find out Pia is his own daughter Piyali Jaiswal. Arnab and Piya looks at each other. Misha takes the certificate from Arnab and goes and hug Piya again. The scene ends.

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