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24th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 107) Abhay decides to leave Piya to keep her safe from Siddharth

Episode 107 starts with Siddharth and Chand sitting and talking at the Auction Hall. Siddharth tells Chand, ‘What will happen next, I don’t know’ He then notices Abhay. Both the Brothers stare at each other.
Siddharth: (with a smirk on face) I will see you around, Daddy dearest. (Siddharth gets up and walks from there singing, ‘Daddy, Daddy cool,Daddy, Daddy cool… Hums the tune. He reaches near Abhay and stops. Both the Brothers look at each other. Siddharth then gives a sarcastic smile and goes from there humming the Daddy Cool tune)

Scene moves to Piya at her Hostel room sitting on her cot and remembering her Mom talking to her. She remembers her Mom telling her, ‘Piya you came to this world because of love. Before you came to this world itself your Mom loved you. Before you opened your life your Mom dreamed of your life…such a life where there is only love. Wherever you go, you will find love’. Piya turns and takes a Photo frame with the photo of her Mom and her as a kid from the side table. The looks at it and remembers her moments with her Mom. She looks at the photo and says, ‘What will I do Mom’ and hugs the photo frame to her chest crying.

Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal entering the Mount College Hostel corridor with a bag in hand and looking around. The Warden who comes there with a book in hand notices him.
Warden: Mr Dobriyal? You here?
Arnab: Oh, Mam. Actually I was looking for you only. For the past few days it is too cold here in Dehradun. Here I got some warm clothes for Piya. Please give it to her.
Warden:Sure! How much you take care of her. I am happy that because of people like you an Orphan like Piya…
Arnab: She is not an Orphan.
Warden: Meaning?
Arnab: I mean it is a very rude word Mam. It does not suit us… to take her near her reality. I don’t want it to sound that way. But you don’t tell her that I got this for her. She won’t take any charity from anyone. She won’t accept. (Gives the bag to the Warden)
Warden: Of course not! As you say…
Arnab: Thank you very much!
Warden: You are most welcome
Arnab: I will take your leave
Warden: Sure! (Arnab walks off from there)

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the Car with Panchi beside him.
Panchi: At the bidding you lost you control…It became a little over with Mr Raichand, is it not? I felt that who people would have a fist fight. (Siddharth keeps a serious expression and keeps quiet) I don’t get it. Is it just a Business rivelry or is there any personal problem?
Siddharth: (talks in a harsh tone) The relationship between me and Mr Raichand is a very old one. I have to settle some old scores with Chand Raichand. He and his son both…
Panchi: Abhay? You know Abhay? What did he do? (Siddharth is serious and keeps silence) I get it. (Siddharth looks at Panchi) You were taking revenge in this bidding!
Siddharth: (becomes his normal cool self again) Oh No! I went to the bidding only for entertainment.(uses a harsh tone again) That was certainly not my revenge! (Panchi’s mobile rings and she picks up the call which was from Misha. Misha asks Panchi where she is roaming around like a loser and that she needs to talk something very important with her. Panchi tells her that she is at work and asks her to show her childishness somewhere else and keeps the phone down).

Scene moves to Misha cursing and telling that it is no use to have a big sister and that she should have kept a parrot instead. Misha is frustrated and wondering who to ask whatever is happening between her and Shankar is normal or not. She wonders why he keeps fighting with her.

Scene moves to Shankar (Pintoo) in conversation with his Mom Dad at his House.
Shankar: My problem is that I want to get to know her my way.
Shankar’s Mom: But Shankar, In the Dobriyal House such a Drama happened. The elder daughter’s engagement broken… and the younger one…
Shankar: Don’t tell me anything Mom. I came from London to meet Misha. And I wish I meet her my way. I have seen her and understood her… She is not the way you are telling at all. There is something in her that is very good. And there are some things that I need to find fast. I just really like her. I feel that she is just made for me. That’s all I know.
Shankar’s Dad: (laughs) well done my son! When you go behind her this daringly she would never be able to say no to you. Poor Girl! She does not know what you think for her.
Shankar: Dad, I know what feelings I have for her. Just I need to understand her heart faster and make her feel for me. (Shankars Dad wishes him best of luck and his Parents go from the room. Shankar takes out the paper cutting of the Dobriyal Family with Danish and looks at Misha’s picture and smiles)

Scene moves to Raichand House. Haseena is sitting on the sofa with a drink in her hand. She is tensed up. Chand is standing behind Haseena sipping his drink while Abhay stands a few feet away.
Abhay: This is not coincidence.
Chand: We don’t have any place for him between us. Our doors are closed for him. And he knows this very well. (Haseena gets up)
Haseena: What is he doing here? And whatever he told you…you know that he can do anything! He has not come here to ask forgiveness or correct his mistakes. Doesn’t that scare you?
Abhay: I know him very well. He has come here definitely with a plan. And believe me I will find out what is in his mind and what he is planning to do. (Abhay thinks, ’this is the danger I was seeing repeatedly. If he is keeping an eye on me that means Piya is in danger!’ Abhay closes his eyes and remembers the vision he saw about Piya’s hand being held by a hand wearing an emerald ring. Abhay remembers telling her that it is necessary for him to be near her and him warning her of danger. Abhay opens his eyes to reveal his blue Vampire eyes. He says in mind, ‘What you want to do … you do Siddharth. But this time I am ready for you’.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s car reaching Dobriyal House.
Siddharth: Ah! The Dobriyal House eh? Quite nice!
Panchi: Thank you Sir! (Siddharth leans towards Panchi) Sir… I am sorry… I can’t!
Siddharth: (leans back a little) For the first time I was being a gentleman. I was only opening your door. The door is locked… it is jammed… You would not have been able to open it. But…!
Panchi: I am sorry…Sir! I thought you…
Siddharth: Don’t worry Panchi, what you were thinking I was about to do. But I thought maybe some other time.
Panchi: Sir, I don’t like such behavior.
Siddharth: Panchi, You talk too much! Something needs to be done to keep you silent. (He leans again and then moves back)
Panchi: Sir, I don’t understand what you are doing.
Siddharth: I mean…the talking…something needs to be done… (Leans towards Panchi)
Panchi: Nope! Goodnight… (Opens the car door and gets out. She leans from the passenger side of the window) Sir what you did for me…Thank you very much! That was very sweet of you. (Siddharth smiles) You saved me from Danish…That was very thoughtful of you.
Siddharth: By God Panchi! What did that Radish do with you?
Panchi: He broke my Heart! But that is over now… Goodnight! (She goes off. Sidharth is saying, ‘Human…They are made so weak! A big mistake has been done by giving them heart. I also had a heart once… but not now! And look how happy I am! I am glad to be heartless! (He smiles).

Scene moves to night. Abhay is standing in front of Piya’s Hostel Gate looking at the window of her room) He says in mind, ‘Piya, Staying near you has become even more dangerous now. I need to go away from you. Being away from you would break me Piya! But I need to suffer it. I can handle the beast inside me but now he has come back! Siddharth! He is very dangerous. And if he finds out that you are my life, everything would end. I will not allow him to come closer to you. He is such a devil that wherever he goes he brings destruction. He will end everything! And I…I will not let it happen. I need to go far…far…far…away from you Piya! Very far from you… in such a place that even my shadow would not fall on you. And I…I need to stop Siddharth…Piya, don’t hate me! But other than leaving you and going I don’t have any other option’.

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the car. He stops the car on seeing a girl standing on the road waving her hand for the car to stop. Siddharth stops the car and looks at her. He says, ‘Hello Love!’ The girl says, ‘Excuse me! I need to reach the city fast. Would you be able to tell me a short cut from here?’ Siddharth replies, ‘Well, There is one way. But it goes from the middle of the jungle. It is a little dangerous. You are sure you want to take it?’ The girl says, ‘Yes, I have to reach the city at any cost. Danger…? All is fine. Nothing will happen to me. Someone is waiting for me…’ Siddharth tells the girl, ‘Okay, the way is there’. The girl says thanks and goes off. Siddharth is in the car and he smiles. He says, ‘Again it came in between…heart!’ (He smiles and get out of the car. He twists his neck and says, ‘Ah…it is good to be back! (He removes his tie) Oh yes! Let the hunt begin!’ He runs into the jungle like wind as the girl is seen walking… and suddenly there is a scream of a girl from the Jungle.

Scene moves to Piya entering a room where Pravin Jaiswal is sitting doing some work. He sees Piya and tells her, ‘Piya, Come in’. Piya walks in while Pravin Jaiswal also gets up from the chair and meet her half way.
Pravin: Piya, I was thinking that you should shift to the College Guest House. There are servants, good facility of food and people to take care of you. Look dear, I only come twice or thrice a year and you can stay there in comfort.
Piya: Why? Where I am I am alright!
Pravin: Piya, I understand that there is a lot of distance between us. But relationship is a relationship. You are like my daughter. Why not today forget everything and move ahead? You have a Grandfather…Uncle… 2 sisters…brother and your full family is there.
Piya: Till now it was not there. Please don’t take me wrong. I made my own world…with my own hands… and maybe I will not be able to keep this relationship. I am happy in my world, Thank you! (Piya turns to walk away)
Pravin: Piya, I wanted to ask about Abhay… I mean he came to fight with me for you…
Pia: Abhay is only my friend.
Praveen: Good! This time you need to concentrate on your Career and studies. Do not get involved with any Guy, it would only create problems!
Pia: Thank you for the warning! I will keep it in mind! (Piya thinks in mind, ‘Without Abhay how many problems would have been there in my life you do not have any idea’. She remembers Abhay saving her when she was hurt in the forest)
Pravin: Piya??? (She looks at him) Piya, if you want to stay in the Hostel, I respect your decision. But take care of yourself. These days a lot of incidents are happening in this jungle. One incident happened… a girl was dead… she was killed…
Piya: Don’t worry! I will take care of myself. I will be fine!
Pravin: These forests only look good from outside. But there is so much of darkness inside. Be careful! (Piya goes from there)

Scene moves to Sanaya walking in the jungle. She stops in front of a man.
Sanaya: I tried a lot! But it is not easy to trap Abhay Raichand. He is with some girl and to the extent I understand he loves her so much. (Siddharth who was with his back on Sanaya turns and smiles)

Precap: Abhay runs fast towards a car coming on the road and stops it with his hand. Siddharth is in the driving seat and both the Brothers look at each other. Siddharth gives a devilish grin.

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