Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 94) Abhay Raichand wins the Basket Ball Match against Kabir Singh Rathore

The episode starts with Kabir telling Angad that he would make a pulp out of Raichand the next day at the Basket Ball court. Abhay who hears the conversation tell why wait till tomorrow when we can have a practice match today itself. Kabir accepts the challenge. The scene moves on to the Mount College basket Ball Court where the match Abhay vs Kabir is happening. Kabir makes Basket while Abhay controls his urge to make the baskets. Pia silently pleads Abhay in her mind to let Kabir win. Kabir taunts Abhay whether he has to make all the baskets or Abhay would at least touch the ball. They agree to go for a best of 10 match which Abhay wins and Kabir has an ego hurt. Abhay goes to Kabir and tells that he should have done his home work before challenging Abhay and that if he would have known that Abhay was a state champion we would have never attempted to do so. Abhay go off from the courts and on the way makes a reverse basket taking Misha and the Sports Teacher by surprise.

The Sports Teacher follows Abhay and calls him from behind making him stop. She tells him that she was impressed by his performance and want Abhay to play for the College Team. Abhay says that he would not play for the college as he is not a Team Player and he likes to play alone. He adds that he played happily with Kabir because it was a one to one challenge and that he was removed from the school team because he would not play with anyone. The Sports Teacher Shenaya offers to coach Abhay and deal with all his problems. Abhay tells her that he does not make deals with any one be it the match or his life and that he would prefer to be left alone. When Abhay is leaving the Sports Teacher says in mind that maybe Abhay want’s to be left alone because he is playing some other game.

The Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office where Siddharth calls someone over the phone and orders for a beautiful cactus and then saying, ‘Panchi Dobriyal now I’ll see how will you get away from me.’ The scene moves on to the Mount College classroom where Ms.Proteema tells the students that this week they would study about the Family Tree and the students have to make a presentation about their family and ancestors along with their photographs and videos. Pia gets worried for Abhay who himself looks tensed. T tells the class because of the presentation people would have to see some horror shows like one from Abhay Raichand who would show off his weird parents. Kabir joins T in insulting Abhay telling that all of them would be in Black as they are all color blind. Piya feels bad for Abhay. T and Tracker praise themselves on their own looks and then humiliate Misha telling that she used to be cute during childhood and after that she had and accident and turned into a boy who nowadays is quite confused. Misha insults her back talking about a chubby T who came uninvited for one of her Birthday Parties and stealing cake and eating. T tells the class that her’s would be the best presentation when Ms Protima gets the idea of inviting Parents for the presentation.

The Scene move son to Siddharth’s Office where Panchi is sitting on her chair when the delivery man arrives. Panchi opens it and sees the Cactus. She gets angry and frustrated when Siddharth buzzes her on the intercom and tells her that sometimes her words pricks like cactus and orders her to come inside the cabin. When she goes in Sid tells her that his cabin is a mess and orders Panchi to clean it while he goes on for his 4’0’clock appointment. While cleaning up Panchi notices the engagements rings, love letters and intimate apparels of Siddharth’s girlfriends. She takes revenge on Siddharth by throwing away the belongings of his girlfriends to the trash with a victorious smile on her face.

The Scene moves to the Class Room where the presentation is happening. On seeing Trackers presentation on her family video where she goes on and on with singing Misha cuts the crab out of her singing and then proceeds to show her own Video which had a small chubby Tracker stealing cake and eating. While the students suppress their laughter T is angry. Ms.Protima scolds and then tells the class that let us now view a better presentation of a sensible student and asks Pia to show hers. Everyone loves Piya’s video showing her childhood memories with her mother Suganth and even compliments Piya. Pia then notice that Arnab and some Parents walking down the corridor and remove the plug from the projector. Abhay notices this. Misha is surprised to see Arnab in the class who tells her that he has come to watch the presentation on Ms Protima’s invite. Abhay volunteers to check out what is wrong with the Projector and by looking into a nervous Piya’s face removes the CD from the Player. He informs that there is nothing wrong with the Projector and the problem is with Pia’s CD which is corrupted. He hands over the CD to Pia who puts it into her bag. Misha is disappointed and says that it was such a cute video. The scene ends with Abhay going and sitting at his place and looking at Piya.

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