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26th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 109) Siddharth Mehra arrives at Mount College Campus along with Panchi to take Interviews

Episode 109 starts with Abhay stopping Siddharth's car with his bare hand. Siddharth gets out of the Car and comes near Abhay.
Siddharth: Hmm…I thought you would be very eager to meet me. I am kind of disappointed in you.
Abhay: Why have you come here?
Siddharth: Where is the love?
Abhay: Why have you come here?
Siddharth: To annoy you…To take away your happiness…To ruin your life…and then to enjoy the drama…(Abhay charges at Siddharth but he stops Abhay with a finger) Temper…temper…little Brother! Calm the f*** down!This city is enough for both of us…unless of course you are hiding something from me.Come now…Tell me! Are you hiding something from me?Hmm…? You can trust me! After all, we are cut from the same cloth. You and me are similar.
Abhay: No Siddharth! Not at all…You and me are not one, nor can ever be.
Siddharth: You are so right! I am smart, devilish,dark,daring and you are a weak creature in the name of Vampires! You neither belong to Vampires nor belong to humans. You are quite an apology for a Vampire!
Abhay: That does not even matter to me! Stay away from my friends, understand!
Siddharth: Friends? Which friends? I heard that you have a special friend.
Abhay: You…
Siddharth: Come on now! What’s her name?
Abhay: Stay away from Piya! You get that?
Siddharth: Pia? (Sings)Someone’s got a Girlfriend! (Laughs) She is very special, is it not? After all after ages you have fallen in love! Wow! She must be special! Tell me…How is she? She reminds you of someone? Oops! (Keeps his finger on mouth) Sorry…sorry…touchy topic, is it not? (Laughs again) Don’t worry little brother. I will stay away from her…but the Question here is…will she be able to stay away from me? (Siddharth sarcastically lifts his eyebrows and goes back to the Car smiling. He opens the car door) Ah…by the way that is a nice jacket! It is funny, is it not…that our likings are so similar…After all, we are Brothers! Our choice would be one…but the only difference is you usually bought it…and I have always got it!(Smiles and bends back by holding on to the car door) So good to be back! Back to the hunting ground…And now that I am here I am going to make sure that the Vampires can get back their bad name! Brothers promise!!!(Laughs and get into the car) Fangs is back! (Looks at Abhay and shows a biting sign and then drives off the car)Abhay watches with a worried expression.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where Misha is asking General Knowledge Questions to Piya. Piya asks Misha to attend the interview with her but Misha tells her that for that she needs to take the permission from her dad. Piya notices Abhay on the campus and goes to him after excusing herself from Misha. Piya calls him from behind.
Piya: Abhay! I want to ask you… (She opens a book and look into it)
Abhay: (without turning) what happened now Piya? Now you have fallen into what such problem that I have to save you? Piya, Can’t you behave like normal girls… who do not without reason fall from mountain…lose themselves in the jungle… (Turns and look at Pia)Or are you doing all these to seek attention? Piya, I have read that those children who do not get the love of their Parents often have attention problem. I am fed up of saving you always. I am sick and tired of you and your problems. (Tears form in Pia’s eyes) Now you will say that I am heartless. Piya you forgot…I told you several times that I don’t have a heart. You and I can never be together! (The Book Piya was holding falls from her hand. Abhay and Pia both bends down to pick the book. Abhay picks it up.)Here…take it! (Pia takes the book) last time I am helping you. Learn to take care of yourself!(Abhay notices Shenaya walking and goes behind her)
Abhay: Excuse me Mam!(Shenaya turns and Abhay goes near her)
Shenaya: Hi Abhay!
Abhay: I wanted to tell you something but somebody was distracting me.(Piya watches them)
Shenaya: No Problem! So tell me…You may be doing workouts daily
Abhay: I will be there Mam!
Shenaya: Don’t call me Mam… (Shenaya goes closer to Abhay. Piya watches with tears in her eyes) my name is Shenaya! (Piya runs away from there) Come with me! (Abhay goes off with Shenaya)

Scene moves to Shaurya sitting on his Bike and talking to Misha over phone.
Shaurya: Listen Misha, I just talk with Shankar… You don’t worry okay? (Shankar walks into the restoration site) I will straighten him today…either this side or that side…Okay…now you take care…I will let you know about it.(Shaurya says Bye and cuts the phone. He then sees Shankar walking to him. Shaurya imagines Shakar wearing a white vest and yellow cap. After that he imagines Shankar vest less. He looks at Shankar awestruck (I am in love music plays on the Background and Shankar wakes Shaurya up from his imagination by snapping with his fingers).
Shankar: Shaurya, You called me?(Shaurya is unable to tell even a word) What do you want to talk to me?

Scene moves to T and her friends. T tells her friends that she does not need to do an internship and it would suit charity cases like Piya. Tanushree says that she is the princess of her Dad and a Secretary Job is the last thing she wants to do. T’s friend clarifies that it is not a Secretary Job but a PR Internship and that she heard that the pay would be very good. T tells that she does not need a job but needs a man who would do job. She tells, ‘Moreover with my hot looks, middle class things like jobs does not suit me’ she adds ‘And T’s job is to look glamorous which I do…right?’(T then notices Panchi and Siddharth near the college notice board.
T: Who is with Panchi?
T’s Friend: Panchi’s Boss Siddharth Mehra…The job you are refusing… the interviews are supposed to be taken by him. I have also heard that Panchi is with her Boss…you know like a couple…
T: What? No…No…No… couple? Panchi is T’s old enemy. And how can T leave such a hot Guy (Panchi and Siddharth is walking together) with this Guy a fat homely girl like Panchi does not suit at all. He is my Type!
Siddharth to T and friends: Well, Hello…hello!
T: You must be Siddharth Mehra, right?
Siddharth: Guilty as Charged! But you lovely ladies can call me Sid.
T: And you?
Panchi: College Bimbo! (T is angry. Siddharth looks at Panchi. He suppresses a smile)
Siddharth: Excuse us! (Sid and Panchi walk from there) College Politics…How I missed it…This idea of Campus Placements was very good! Something tells me that today I am really going to enjoy, right Panchi?

Scene moves to the girls who are sitting waiting for their turn for the interview. Misha is sitting with Piya who is tensed up. One by one girls go out disappointed from the interview room. T and her friends also come to attend the interview. Misha tells Piya not to worry as Panchi is on her side and assures her that she would get the job. Misha tells that the company is looking for 3 interns and she is sure to get the job. More girls go out of the interview room disappointed and there is only 15 more minutes for the interview to be over. Misha sees Piya tensed up and asks her to close her eyes and meditate for a while. Piya closes her eyes and Abhay talk comes into her mind about her being an attention seeker. She opens her eyes and turns the pages of the book she has in hand and comes across a note from Abhay asking her to meet him at the Gym Locker room at sharp 5:40. Piya thinks, ‘what are you saying Abhay? You did not want to talk to me…but this note? It should definitely be something important. Oh God! How can I not go? I have to go…’
Abhay is pacing in the Gym locker room. He looks at the clock the time of which shows 5:35. He says, ‘Come on Piya…Come on’.

Piya gets up from where she was sitting. Misha asks her where she is going and Piya tells that she would come in 2 minutes and that she needs to use the washroom. Misha tells to hurry back fast as there are only 2 girls left out for the interview. Piya goes off.
Piya is happy and thinks that whatever Abhay talked to her earlier could not be true. She enters the Gym locker room which is dark. She gets inside and does not find anyone there. Then suddenly Abhay come slowly from behind and hugs her. He tells, ‘I knew that you would definitely come’. Piya turns and looks at him. Abhay moves back as if startled.
Abhay: you? What are you doing here?
Piya: Abhay! You only called me with that note.
Abhay: for you? I did not write that note for you. I wrote that note for Shenaya. Piya, don’t you even have a little self respect? I told you so much in the morning and even that did not make any difference to you? I don’t believe you. You’re disgusting! (Pia looks at him with tears in her eyes and then runs away from there while Abhay hates himself for having to behave and talk to Piya in that manner. He says in mind, ‘Please forgive me Piya, I cannot allow Siddharth to meet you in any condition. I have to keep you away from him. You don’t know what he is. You have so far not seen a real devil's face. Siddharth is that devil from whom I need to save you’. He goes to the window and looks at Piya who is running through the corridor. He says in mind, ‘I cannot permit you to go there for the interview. Because if Siddharth sees you everything would end there’.

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