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19th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 103) Piya meets her Uncle Pravin Jaiswal, the Trustee of Mount College

Episode 103 starts with Panchi looking out of the Hotel window looking at Siddharth sleeping in the car. She notices that he is uncomfortable. Panchi says to herself, ‘Poor thing! He is sleeping in the cold in the car. How much he irritates me, but eventually he respected me and gave me the room.’ Then she turns from the window and thinks again, ‘Oh No Panchi! What are you thinking? Since his old tricks did not work on me maybe he is trying new tricks. His intention is definitely wrong. Nobody can change him.But on second thoughts… Poor thing might be freezing in the cold.No, I don’t think I should do that. One second!’. Panchi wears a shawl and goes out. She comes near the car and knocks on the window. Siddharth opens his eyes and lowers the car window. He asks Panchi what she is doing there. Panchi replies that she thought that he might be feeling cold and bought him coffee. Siddharth asks her if it is morning. Panchi replies, ‘Not yet’. He looks into the watch and asks her, ‘What will I do with this coffee? Is it not enough that I am tortured inside the car that you do not let me sleep in peace? What is it? I am the one who is in cold… but I feel that your mind has frozen’.
Panchi: Sir I was just trying to… (Siddharth gets out of the car.)
Siddharth: I will tell you…I will tell you what you were trying to do. You were unable to bear the comfort of the room so you came to take the sympathy for free. I know … I know… I know… Poor Panchi, her Boss is trying to flirt with her.Oh poor Panchi… She has to sleep in one room with a man. Oh poor Panchi… Oh my God…You know what ? You cracked it. Business was just an excuse. I bought you here so that I could sleep with you in one room. That is it… Oh God… You found the reason… You are a regular Sherlock Homes’. Panchi throws the coffee on the ground along with the cup. She tells him, ‘ Stop it! What nonsense are you talking? Insensitive… inhuman… horrid man!’
Siddharth: Inhuman! Inhuman me? You are sleeping alone in the room with heater and humanity is not in me?’ Panchi goes away from there angrily and Siddharth gets into the car. He tells that he should not have told to remove the face pack and could have taken her with the face pack so that it could have been fun.

Scene moves to next day morning at Mount College class. The teacher tells the students that the assignments given to them last week should reach her table and no one should be late. The students nod and the bell rings. The teacher tells that for some students it is a very special day as the college trustees are going to decide who would get full scholarship for next year. T makes fun and tells that who need a scholarship as her parents can afford her education and some poor charity cases might need it. Misha tells her that that they may not be able to afford brain transplant. The teacher calls aside Piya and tells her that as a teacher she cannot take sides but she is sure that Piya would get the scholarship. She adds that she has not seen dedicated students like Piya and that she really deserves it. Piya thank her and tells her that her fingers are crossed and that she has not received the scholarship yet. The teacher says says that piya would be lucky and would win the scholarship.

Scene moves on to Piya getting out of the classroom and she hits into a gentleman coming from the corridor and her books fell to the floor. They both bend to pick the books. He hands over a book to her. Piya remembers the confrontation of her mother Suganth when Piya was a child with the man who is her uncle.
Suganth : Then where will I go?
Uncle: I don’t know. Go anywhere! Go to hell! Did you even think of this family? Did you think of yourself? Do you even know what you are to him? Listen… By staying under my roof you cannot do it. Go anywhere. And after today do not show your face. Enough! (He walks away from the room leaving Suganth and little Piya there).
Suganth: Brother, Please listen to me!
Piya looks at the man who is standing with her. He tells her, ‘Be careful when you walk dear… you may get hurt.
Piya: Thank you (she walks off)
The man says, ‘It’s alright! It’s Okay’. The teacher come out of the class and greets him. She asks the man if he met their star student. The teacher tells him that she is a scholarship student and is very hardworking. The man says, ‘let’s go’ and the teacher and the man walk together. Piya turns and look at them walking.

Scene moves to college canteen where Angad and Ruhi is having some Public display of affection while T and friends are watching. Misha looks at them smiling. T tells her friend so that so much of PDA is disgusting and tacky. She remarks that what sort of day has come that even tacky people are having boyfriend. Misha reaches T’s table and tells her, ‘Very true! Even tracker has a boyfriend. But poor T was all alone even on the Valentines day with no friends and boyfriend. And too desperate that she had to flirt with a Professor.’ T tells Misha that the Guy is not a Professor but a Career councilor. Misha tells that then it is awesome and he would be required as T has to find her non existent career. T and her friends get irritated and walk away from there. Misha then goes and sits along with Tracker and Angad and jokes with them. Angad reminds her that Misha has an appointment and she remembers that she has to see the so called T Boyfriend and Career Councilor and goes from there.

Scene moves to Abhay coming walking from the corridor and noticing Piya sitting with her back. Pia has tears on her eyes. He goes near and Pia wipes her tears.
Abhay: Pia, what happened?
Piya: Nothing Abhay! (Piya walks from there and Abhay follows her)
Abhay: Pia, Pia what happened? What happened?
Piya: Maybe next year… I would not be able to study in this College.
Abhay: Why?
Piya: Abhay, This year I got scholarship. But…next year I do not know how will I manage to pay the fees. (Abhay turns her towards him)
Abhay: Don’t be silly Piya! You are the best student of the college. Apart from you no one can get the scholarship. And I am sure that you would get the scholarship. In fact I heard the Principal telling the Trustee that you are a scholarship student.
Piya: Abhay, Do you know who the trustee is? (Abhay nods ‘no’) Pravin Jaiswal Abhay, my Mom’s Brother. My uncle! Abhay he threw my Mom out of the house when he came to know about Dad… That relationship was not acceptable for him Abhay … And he broke all ties with us. He never came to see Mom Abhay…ever after she died.
Abhay: Piya, I am so sorry! I can understand your pain. And I know that you have suffered so much. And I promise.. no more! I would make everything right for you.You will not go anywhere.
Piya: Thank you Abhay! Thank you for everything!
Abhay: Pia, Always remember one thing. I am here for you always. You are not alone! I am always with you. (They look at each other. Piya keeps her head on Abhay’s shoulders and Abhay hugs her)

Scene moves to Misha in conversation with Shankar. Shankar tells her that she is not one of the top students. Misha tells him that she is not in the bottom students either. He asks her if she would tell something about her.
Misha: Okay,shoot!
Shankar: You got a Boyfriend? (Misha is startled and sits upright) How many Boyfriends now … And how many earlier? And what do you see in them?
Misha: Hold on! Who are you to ask this questions? How can you ask personal questions to me?
Shankar: I just wanted to see your full personality. I just wanted to know you so that I can understand what sort of a girl you are.
Misha gets up fro her chair and by putting both her hands on the table looks at a smiling Shankar and tells him, ‘Excuse me! What sort of a girl I am …You leave it. I am clearly seeing what sort of a man you are. If you want to know me better ask my Papa. He would pick me up from the college. Let him also know what sort of Lecturers come to teach in this college’. Misha curses Shankar calling him several names and leave the room. When she goes out Shankar takes a photo of Misha (wearing the Indian Dress and Misha getting the proposal from a couple for their son Pintoo) and says,‘My God! She is a firecracker!’ and smiles.

Scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi in the car.
Siddharth: I think you should not tell anyone about this trip, especially that nothing happened in between us.
Panchi: Why?
Siddharth: Look Babes! My reputation is a little too much exciting. No body would believe you. Everyone would tell that you are telling a lie. And without reason you would get into my list. And honestly, You don’t deserve to be in my list. People will tell, ‘What happened to Siddharth’s taste? When did his taste become so bad?’ It is bad for my reputation.
Panchi: Excuse me! Please don’t be full of yourself.
Siddharth: Full of myself? You have my diary. You have met my girlfriends. Some are hot … some are super hot… But you are the homely type… The kind of boring!
Panchi: Stop the car!
Siddharth: What?
Panchi: Stop the car!
Siddharth stops the car and Panchi removes her seat belt.
Siddharth: What do you think? Someone would give you a lift? Do you know how terrible you look? Ah…somebody would give you a lift. Definitely some drunk driver who had a cataract operation would definitely stop for you. And moreover, I do not leave any girl on the middle of the way. It is not my style. How much ever boring she is. (Siddharth drives the car)

Scene moves to Mount College. Arnab Dobriyal sees Pravin Jaiswal. He thinks that Pravin definitely might know about his daughter but may not tell him anything as he hates him. Arnab thinks he has to take a chance and ask him. Arnab confronts Pravin Jaiswal.
Arnab: Where is my daughter Praveen?
Praveen: Whoa Mr Dobriyal! You could not take care of my sister and even you lost your daughter. You are an irresponsible person. First you spoiled the life of my sister and did not even give the girl your name. You even don’t know if she is alive or dead. Even if I know I would never tell you Arnab.(Misha sees them and comes closer) Actually I am thinking that I would tell you so that the High society people in Dehradun would know what sort of a person Arnab Dobriyal is.
Misha: Papa? (Arnab turns around and sees Misha)
Praveen: Is this your Daughter? How many you have? (Pravin walks off)
Misha: What the heck was that? What a strange man he was Papa.
Arnab: Don’t worry about that. It is an old business rivalry. You go and sit in the car.
Misha: I will kill him Papa. I swear! (Arnab thinks that let Pravin not know anything about my daughter and that he may seek revenge).

Scene moves on to Pravin Jaiswal in the Principal room and looking into the Scholarship File. He looks at Piya’s Application and sees that she is daughter of Suganth Jaiswal. He says to himself, ‘So this is Suganth’s daughter… Piyali Jaiswal’. Scene moves to Abhay walking and saying to himself, ‘Piya, Don’t worry! Leave everything to me. I will handle everyone’. Piya’s application is marked as ‘Rejected’ by Pravin Jaiswal. Abhay gets into the Principals room and looks into the scholarship file and sees that Piya’s application was rejected. Abhay tells to himself, ‘Piya’s application was rejected? Mr Mehra, you did wrong!’ The scene ends.

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