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23rd February 2011 Written Update (Episode 106) Siddharth Raichand – Abhay’s Vampire Brother revealed!

Episode 106 starts with Abhay shouting at an unconscious Piya and asking her to get up.He then remembers Chand’s words about Vampires being cold blooded animals who does not have any body heat in them and that if they wish their blood can create heat in others. Abhay covers Piya with his jacket and shirt. He then lifts her up to a standing position and hugs her tightly. He thinks, ‘I can do this! I will bring you back.My love is stronger than me.My love is so strong Piya that I would put the animal in me to sleep.Get up Piya, I am your friend. Get up!’ He hugs her again. Piya opens her eyes and Abhay removes the stray hairs and touches her face. Piya looks at him and thinks, ‘Abhay, you have really come to my life for me as an Angel’. She hugs him again and he hugs her back.

Scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi entering the Auction Hall.
Siddharth: Did I remind you how important this bid is? (Panchi nods) Bidding is suppose to start at 1 crore.
Panchi: Yes, Your upper limit is 4 crore. You will not bid more than that.
Siddharth: Oh really? You would keep me in control, won’t you? Sometimes I get carried away. You will take care of me, won’t you? (Siddharth’s phone rings and he looks at the number and tells to Panchi) Go grab a chair, I have to take this call. (Panchi goes and occupies an empty chair and then looks into the file when someone keeps a hand on her shoulder. Panchi turns and see Danish).
Panchi: Danish!!! What are you doing here? (Panchi continues looking into the file)
Danish: I have come here with Mr Raichand. (Danish goes and sits on the chair next to Panchi and holds her hand in both his hands. Panchi tries to pull the hand away. Danish does not leave her hand.)
Danish: How are you?
Panchi: You have lost the right to ask that Question
Danish: Panchi are you perfect? You never made any mistake? (Panchi is still trying to remove her hand)
Panchi: Danish don’t make a scene in public
Danish: Listen to me Panchi. What I want to say you (Suddenly someone places a hand on Danish’s shoulder. Siddharth taps at his shoulder again)
Siddharth: You! Wherever we go, you come behind my Fiancee (Panchi rubs her hand which was tightly held by Danish before) Leave all this! Anyways, this is a business meeting. We will settle this Drama later. Okay? No go…move ahead! You are sitting on my chair. (Danish gets up and looks at Siddharth) Look! Radish…right? I will not try to become a hi-man like you. It’s not my style. I am a lover not a fighter. But if you disturb Panchi again, I will kill you. (Panchi looks on) Panchi… (Danish hold Siddharth by his arm)
Danish: You stop coming in between me and Panchi. (Siddharth smiles) She was my Fiancee. And in between us there are still some Questions incomplete. So you need to back off!
Siddharth:You know the keyword being here is ‘was’. Whoever was in Panchi’s life earlier (Siddharth points finger to Danish) is now no more. And who is there now… that is more important. So you need to learn to let go and move on (Sid taps with his finger on Danish’s chest and he gets angry) in life. (Danish catch hold of Siddharth’s hand)
Danish: Hey! Watch it!!!
Siddharth: No…No Radish! You watch it! If I see you again, I have got to kill you! (Siddharth turns to Panchi) Let’s go Panchi, This table is started to smell a bit. (Panchi gets up and follows Sid. Siddharth turns to her) come on love! (He put his hand around her waist. Danish gets angry and charges at Siddharth from behind. Siddharth punches him by turning at lightning speed hitting on his nose and Danish falls on the ground. Danish is taken by surprise and his nose and lips starts bleeding from the hard punch Siddharth delivered. Danish touches the blood on his lips with his hand and look at it).
Siddharth: Oh Radish! Fight not from behind but from the front. (Panchi looks at both men. Danish lowers his eyes. Siddharth looks at Panchi).Come on Panchi, the bidding is about to start. (They walk away together leaving a stunned Danish on the floor).

Scene moves to Piya in her Hostel room packing her bag. Madhu comes in.
Madhu: Piya, Where are you going?
Piya: Far from here.
Madhu: No Piya, Please listen to me…
Piya: I don’t want to hear anything. Aunty Please! You go away from here.
Madhu: Dear, without you your father will break down.
Piya: He did not break down then when he did not come to see my Mom in the Hospital even once. Then he did not remember me when I spend 9 years in the Orphanage. When my mother died of Cancer and he did not feel anything. Where was he when we needed him?
Madhu: Daughter, All makes mistakes! And your father was helpless.
Piya: (Piya turns to Madhu) He was helpless?? He also cheated you. How did you forgive him? If it was me I would never have forgiven him.
Madhu: Piya, You could not understand him. He is a nice Guy. It is true that we had to suffer because of his mistake. If I can forgive him, you also can forgive him dear.
Piya: I don’t have a big heart like you. I will never forgive him.
Madhu: Piya, How will he live without you?
Piya: Till now he was living, is it not? He is not dead and he is not going to die…
Piya: He does not need me. He wants to accept me only because he wants to show that he has a big heart. But I am not a toy that when he feels he will lift me up and when he feels he throws me away. I am sorry! I don’t want to become part of his happy family picture. I don’t have the strength to forgive him. (Piya turns and walk away).
Madhu: Pia, This much bitterness? (Pia turns to look at her)
Piya: I don’t care! I don’t care about him. (Piya walks away while Madhu stands there)

Scene moves to the Raichand Mansion. Abhay walks in while Haseena is seen sitting on the sofa.
Haseena: Abhay! You should have gone with Chand for the meeting. It is important for Business. He needs your support.
Abhay: Yeah, right! He is getting full support. From Danish! Why does he need my support? Hmm?
Haseena: You have changed Abhay! That girl distanced you from us. (Abhay walks ahead and stops when he hears the TV news live reporting about the Carson Bid. Abhay looks at the TV and vanishes from there)

Scene moves to the Auction place. The bidding of the statue is about to start by the auctioneer who starts with a base price of one crore. The bid goes on with Danish and Siddharth bidding against each other. The bid crosses Siddharth’s upper limit of 4 crores but he still continues to bid after telling Panchi to relax. Siddharth makes a bid for 5 crores. Finally, the statue gets sold for 5.5 crores to Chand Raichand’s Company.
Panchi: Thank God! You gave up…
Siddharth: Oh Panchi! You hurt my ego! I gave at at 4 Crore itself…I was just trying to make your Protein Shake Boyfriend to spend some more money. That’s all! (People in the hall go off leaving Danish-Chand and Panchi-Sid. Sid turns and looks at Chand Raichand from across the table. Chand looks at him too.)
Chand: Danish, I will see you in a minute.
Danish: Sure Sir! (Danish gets up and goes off)
Siddharth: Panchi, You go ahead. I will see you in some time.
Panchi: Okay Sir! (Panchi takes her laptop and file and goes off from the room. Siddharth gets up from his chair and walks towards Chand. He stands in front of Chand).
Siddharth: Hello Dad!
Chand: What are you doing here? (Siddharth smiles and sits on a chair facing Chand)
Siddharth: What do you think? I am here to ruin your life…That’s all!
Chand: I suggest you go away!
Siddharth: (smiles) Oh! Come on now you Daddy dearest… You have lost the right on that day when you threw me out of the house. Come on now… Let’s not forget. Now I am not your son. Now I don’t need to follow your instructions. I know what you must be going through. The anger… (smiles) But you know very well that if we have a fight who will be heavy on whom. You also have to take care of your precious reputation that no one recognizes your face, right Dad? Dad… What is it? What have you done to yourself? What happened to your standards? One loser son and a good for nothing assistant… Come on Dad…And this game…You paid 5.5 crores for it? What is going to happen next (Abhay walks in), I don’t know. (Abhay comes forward. Siddharth is about to get up and he sees Abhay. They look at each other and the scene ends there).

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