Thursday, February 10, 2011

10th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 95) Abhay Questions Pia on what she is hiding

The Episode starts with Piya breaking the CD and putting it in the dust bin and walking down the corridor when Abhay confronts her.
Abhay: What are you hiding?
Piya: Nothing
Abhay: Really? Are you sure?
Piya: I told you…nothing…leave me alone.
Piya moves forward but Abhay catch hold of her hand and stop her.
Abhay: That’s what I told you too. But till you knew my truth you did not stay calmly nor did you allow be to stay calmly. Now it is my turn. Tell me what you are hiding.
Piya: Nothing
Abhay: You are lying Pia! I saw you remove the plug from the Projector. What is in that video you are hiding and from whom?
Abhay goes closer to Piya and by looking into her eyes keeps his hand on both her shoulders and scans her mind with his supernatural powers. Memories of Piya flashes in front of him but just before Arnab’s face was about to get revealed Piya stops him.
Piya : Stop it Abhay, stop whatever you are doing. I told you this is my problem. Leave me alone and do not interfere.
Abhay: Like you stayed away from me?
Piya: How do you know what I am thinking? How do you know what is in my mind Abhay? (Piya walks off while Abhay stays still).

The scene moves on to the Sports Teacher who was watching them from the window. She tells in her mind that the story is taking an interesting turn and then talks to someone over the phone. She tells over the phone that Abhay is with some girl and they have something going on between them and from the look of it anyone could say that they are in love. She further adds that she knows her work and it is her job to get them separated and the job would be done.
The scene moves to Panchi who is angry with her Boss and telling herself what he thinks of himself when the intercom buzzes. Siddharth asks her to come to her office. When she enters the office she is shocked to see him kissing a lady. He introduces the lady as Shimona and asks Panchi to drop her home and kisses the lady before she leaves the office. After she leaves he talks to himself that how exciting it is to irritate Panchi and something tells him that it is just the beginning.

The scene moves to Misha sitting at the Canteen with Mr Dobriyal eating Burger. She tells him that he should have seen Piya’s CD and how pretty she was as a kid. She tells him that her mother is also beautiful and that Piya got her curly hair from her mother. She also put forwards the idea that she would ask Piya to prepare another CD and they could all watch it at home and have a party. When Arnab Dobriyal says that he missed Misha’s presentation too, Misha tells him that he would not want to see it as it was dedicated to someone else. Arnab asks Misha than when she would grow up.

The scene moves to Panchi who is driving the lady home. The lady tells Panchi that there is no point in being angry at her because Siddharth loves her. Panchi informs her that Shimona is his 10’o’clock girlfriend and there are many like her. The lady is shocked because he had made several promises to her and even gave her an engagement ring. She also was going to leave her husband for Siddharth. Panchi tells her that Siddharth changes girlfriends on hourly basis and that he bought 50 engagement rings on wholesale from jeweler. She advises the lady that it would be better for her to be with her husband.

The scene moves on to Abhay who is about to get into his car. The sports teacher Shenaya come and asks him if he could do the favor of dropping her to hillview and he says yes. As Abhay is driving Shenaya tells him, ‘I should not be interfering, but I saw you arguing with another student. Is there a problem?’ Abhay replies, ‘Yes, you should not be interfering’. Shenaya tries to talk with him again and tells him that among all her students she noticed him because he is different. She adds further that he is the distant and lonely type who likes to live alone and she does not think that he has any friends. Abhay stops the car suddenly and tells her that Hillview is just down and from there he has to take a right turn and she could walk from there. Shenaya thanks him and gets out of the car. Shenaya thinks to herself, ‘Abhay..Make me angry…behave to me rudely so that…’

The scene moves to Kabir who had an ego hurt after losing to Abhay. He tries to find the details of Abhay’s records on the internet and could not find any. He wonders why Abhay told lies and if he is not a state champion how he could win so easily. The next day Kabir confronts Abhay regarding when his team won. Abhay replies that it is 2009 and he played for Mt Carmel. Kabir tells him that he could not find any records and Abhay tells that is probably because he does not know how to use the laptop properly and may need some computer classes. Kabir tells Abhay that he is not Piya to believe everything he says blindly and that he would find the details soon. He also tells him that he would also find out what Abhay is made of. Abhay wishes Kabir best of luck and says in mind “Do what you want Kabir. You don’t know who you are dealing with. You are lucky that I have no time to deal with you now and I am more worried about Piya’s life”. Abhay then spots Piya and calls her name.
Abhay: I need to talk to you. You know everything about me and till you knew it you did not stay peacefully. I need to know what was in the CD and what you are hiding.
Piya: We have decided that we won’t interfere. What difference does it make what is in the CD and what is not. Leave me alone.
Piya walks away and Abhay thinks, ‘How can I leave it alone? The thought which hurts you and gives you pain… How can it not matter to me? I will find out.’

The scene moves to T and Tracker. T tells Ruhi that she would transform the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan and give some of her dresses. They decide to check on Misha who is participating too and sees Misha wearing a Pink dress. T promises Ruhi that Tracker would win and Shaurya would be hers. They get down from the ladder on which they were standing and Ruhi falls down and T falls on top of her. Both girls run off from there.

The scene moves to Abhay who is worried about Piya. He wonders what made her fear and change her mind regarding showing the CD she had prepared for the class to view. Abhay thinks of the CD display in class and then says in mind, ‘Mr Dobriyal? Are you hiding something from him? And why?’

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