Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd February 2011 Written Update (Episode 88) Piya decides to leave Dehradun

Episode 88 starts with Abhay transforming into a Vampire and coming closer to Piya who is terrified and moves away from him. He lifts her up in his arms and carries her out of the place. She struggles forcing Abhay to put her down. Piya moves away from him and says, ‘ Move away from me… (Abhay’s fangs vanish and he says her name) Please stay away from me Abhay. Abhay… don’t come near me!’ She shouts for help. Abhay asks her if she is calling for her to be saved from him. She then runs off and he calls her name. Abhay kneels on the ground and says, ‘You saw my truth? Now how can I bear your hatred?I lost you Piya…I lost you… What I feared happened.’

Scene moves to Piya at the Hostel sitting on her mind thinking, ‘Was this Abhay? Whom did you give your mind to? How did you fall in love with this beast? Oh God! Who is this? What is this? No… This is some bad dream. This is not true’. She recalls Abhay saving from the fire and touches her face and hand. Scene moves to Chand and Haseena. Chand says, ‘Years ago Abhayender came to us as our Abhay and today Abhay is returning to us again’. Chand and Haseena smiles. Scene moves to Abheyender lying on the ground regaining consciousness. He sees the hooded figure of Chand who says that now he is alright. Abhayender asks him why he saved him and when his Maithili is no more why he is alive. Chand tells him that he is also not alive and that now he is something else… the living dead who would be on earth till eternity. Abheyender asks him again why he was saved. The scene moves to Abhay shouting why he was saved and that he could have been left to die like a normal human being. Abhay says, ‘I am a living dead.. Who for ages have been longing for my love… Living dead! Now I also lost Piya. There was only hatred in her eyes… only hatred. She despised me… You could have allowed me to be dead.(He falls on his knees to the ground again and shouts) I wish to die. I wish to die! Why did you save me? I want to die’. The scene moves to Piya’s Hostel room. Piya recalls her moments with Abhay and thinks, ’whom did I fall in love with? I allowed him to come closer to me. Oh God…He touched me.’ Piya gets up from her bed and runs to close the door of her room and gets into the bathroom and stands underneath the shower fully clothes trying to wash away Abhay’s touches from the body and recalling the moments with him. She thinks, ‘I gave him place in my heart. I allowed him to come closer to me. And I did not know such a big thing about him that I fell in love with not a human but a vampire. How did he allow this to happen… knowing that I started loving him…he allowed it to happen. Why did I allow this to happen? Whom did I give my heart to? To someone whose heart beats stopped long back?’

Scene moves on to Abhay who is still in the forest from where Piya ran off. He recalls Piya telling him to stay away from her and running away. Abhay walks into Raichand Mansion. He looks at Chand and Haseena in the sitting room who stay silent. Abhay goes off to his room. Chand and Haseena raise a toast. Chand says, ‘Congratulations! Our plan was a success’. Haseena says, ‘We have finally thrown Piya out of our lives’.
Scene moves to Piya and Mount College the next day. She looks around. Misha sees her and comes to her.
Misha : What happened? Who are you searching for?
Piya: No body!
Misha: Oh! Telling lies to me. Your eyes are searching for Abhay…right?
Piya: Misha, Please…Don’t even take his name.I want to forget him. I hate him. I don’t even want to see his face. I don’t want to be with him in a bench… class or even a city. (She walks off and Misha holds her hand)
Misha : Hey…hey Hold on. What happened suddenly? Till yesterday you…
Piya: Everything has changed.There is a lot of difference between yesterday and today.
Misha: What happened in one night? Did you meet him yesterday? Did he do anything?
Piya : Shut up Misha! I don’t want to talk about him or want to hear his name. okay? I want him far far away from me.
Piya walks off leaving Misha think what is it that happened to Piya who was fighting for Abhay in front of the whole college suddenly hating him. Misha says,’ Abhay, what did you do? And where are you?’ Misha walks off.

Scene moves to Abhay in his room sitting on a rocking chair in front of the fire. Haseena opens the door and comes in.
Haseena : Till now what are you doing here? Don’t you want to go to college?
Abhay : No.
Haseena : You need to go to college and meet people. And you know this is important.
Abhay: I told you. I don’t want to go to college. I don’t want to meet anyone. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Now nobody will wait for me there. I won’t go to college.
Haseena : What would you do sitting at home whole day?
Abhay : Nothing! Just leave me alone.
Haseena : Fine (She leaves the room and closes the door).
Outside the room Haseena thinks, ‘”So Piya’s problem ended. That girl only got problems for us and now that problems have been removed from the root.’ Abhay closes his eyes and rocks himself on the chair.

Scene moves to Mount College class room where Piya is unconsciously writing Abhay’s name on her desk by looking into his empty seat while Abhay thinks of Piya’s reaction after seeing him as a Vampire. Piya remembers the dance and then the fire incident and suddenly realizes that she scribbled Abhay’s name on the desk. She tries to wipe it off, Kabir sees it and feels happy. Misha also notices what Pia did and says in mind, ‘Don’t want to see his face but sitting an scribbling his name… What is it that happened Piya? Why has he affected you so much? Abhay left a mark on you forever. It may be a deep hurt the mark of which would never go. Piya thinks, ‘How to erase this mark? No… I have to remove this name from my heart and brain.’ Piya opens Trackers bag and take a nail paint with which she paints Abhay’s name which he had scribbled on the bench. Misha, Tracker and Kabir watch her.
Scene moves on to Kabir and Misha walking and talking at the college campus. Kabir tells that it is good that Abhay has gone from Piya’s life and that is better for her.

Scene moves on to Piya at the Principles room. She tells the principle that she wants to leave Dehradun forever because of some personal reasons and asks him for permission to leave the college. The Principle tries to reason with her and ask her to give herself 24 hours time to think of her decision. He tells her that if she feels the same thing next day then she can leave. Piya says in mind that the decision is already made to leave Dehradun.

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