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16th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 100) Abhay finds out that Arnab Dobriyal is Piya’s Father

Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani Episode 100 starts with Ruhi and Angad entering the party. Angad gives something to Ruhi and tells her that she has just 10 minutes to hide it in T’s bag. Ruhi goes to Tanushree and apologizes to her for talking rudely to her. T says okay and gives her love advice (by pointing out Shaurya and Misha hugging) that if Ruhi needs to impress Shaurya she need to stay within boundaries and not pounce at him like Misha without any self respect. Tracker tells T that something is wrong with her makeup and requests to help her. T agrees and they go to the bathroom to fix it. While T puts lip gloss on Ruhi’s lips she puts the packet Angad gave into Tanushree’s bag. Scene moves on to the Dobriyal House hall where the DJ is playing Music and the guys and girls are dancing. Suddenly Misha runs to the DJ and ask him to stop the music. He stops the Music. Misha tells the group that the Fashion Show in the college was such a hit that she got inspiration for another program ‘The Boy’s Shop’ where 3 hotties of the college would be auctioned and the Boy’s would have to follow the girl who win the bid like a slave. Misha introduces the boys in the shelf as Kabir Singh Rathore, Angad and Shaurya. Misha asks the guys to show them what they have. Kabir shows some dancing, Angad shows some funny moves and Shaurya removes his shirt and displays his 6 pack abs. The bidding starts and Kabir gets sold to T for Rs 3000. Misha cheats and claims Shaurya for Rs 4000. When Angad’s turn comes no body offers the base price of Rs 1000, so Misha reduces the price first to 750 and then 500 but still nobody comes forward. Misha offers Angad for the price of Rs 250 and Tracker raises her hands and tells that she is bidding Angad for Rs 5000. Everyone cheers up and Angad is happy. Misha announces that Angad belongs to Tracker for Rs 5000. Tracker tells that it is not the cost but it is the value. The party resumes with the guys and girls dancing again. The scene moves on to Angad bringing Tracker to a room and hugging and thanking her for saving him from getting insulted. Tracker tells him that she knew that she is sweet and cute, but he reminded him of it and so she needed to thank him for that. Angad then gets a phone call and he tells the caller to come fast and that she is here. Angad tells Tracker that it is time for the real fun. The scene moves to the dance floor where the guys and girls including Piya, Tracker and Angad are dancing. Then suddenly some police officers and a Camera man comes in. The Police officer tells that they are looking for Tanushree Ambolker. T happily waves her hand and says that she is Ms T and asks them all to stand in a line and that everyone would get her autograph. The Officer tells T that they got information that T has brought drugs to the Party and despite of her refusal The Police officer opens and searches her bag. Tanushree asks the group to help her for which Misha asks her, “What help T? The same type of help to do for every one?’ The Police Officer takes the white powdered packet from the bag and asks T, ‘What is this?” Seeing that Tanushree utters ‘Drugs!! Oh my God, Oh my God’ and fake fainting. Angad tells that he would help her and goes to catch her. He then takes the packet from the officer and sprinkle the white powder on T and also put some on her mouth. Tanushree tells everyone that it is not drugs but salt and everyone bursts into laughing. Tanushree gets angry at the group for fooling her using Fake Police Officers and salt. Misha tells her that they have learned everything from T only and tells her that because of T Piya had a wardrobe malfunction and did not win the show. T tells them why she would do that and asks for proof. Misha tells her that everybody knows about it by putting hands on Tracker’s shoulders. T gets angry knowing that Tracker was also their side for fooling her and asks Ruhi is this what she gets for helping her. Ruhi tells T that she did not do any help and because of her jealousy for Piya she did it. Ruhi asks T to say sorry to Piya. Misha also orders T to say sorry and reluctantly she says sorry. Piya says that it is okay and ask her to say a proper apology. But Misha interferes and tells her that it is not okay. T then tells Piya Sorry and that what she did with Piya was wrong. Piya tells T , ‘It’s okay. You said it and that’s enough’. Angad tells thanks to the fake officer and Tanushree storms out with her friends. Misha tells that now since the apologies are over they should party and everyone cheers.

Scene moves to Misha thanking everyone with her Trophy in hand. She tells them that there is one last celebration to be over. She informs the group that she wants to dedicate the Award to Piya. Everyone is happy except Tanushree who makes faces. Misha tells the group that everyone knows that Piya is the actual winner of the Fashion Show and if T would not have spoiled the zip of Piya’s dress she would have won it. Misha asks Piya to come and collect her Trophy. Piya walks to Misha to collect it while the group claps. Piya takes the Trophy from Misha and thank her. Arnab Dobriyal walks in and tells, ‘Whoa Whoa Whoa it’s nice! Let’s capture these moments’ and clicks pictures of Misha and Piya together with the Trophy. After some time Misha tells Arnab, ‘Papa… Please stop. How many photos would you take?’ Arnab replies, ‘How can I stop when I have 2 most beautiful ladies in the world in front of me?’ Abhay notices the wordings used by Arnab. Arnab asks Misha and Piya for one more picture. While Pia uncomfortably poses for the picture Abhay turns his back from the group and recalls what he saw in the CD. He visualizes little Piya asking Sugath ‘Papa is coming na?’ and he hears Arnab’s voice,’My 2 most beautiful ladies in the world… How are you both?’ Abhay opens his eyes and realizes that the voice is of Arnab Dobriyal. Abhay looks at Piya who is standing by the side of Misha silently. Piya give the Trophy back to Misha and tells her that she would be back in a minute and want to go to the loo and leave from there. Abhay follows Piya who walks out of the house. He tells from behind, ‘So Arnab Dobriyal is your Dad?’ Piya turns to look at him.
Piya : Abhay Please… This is not your problem. Please don’t interfere
Abhay: Piya, Why are you doing this? Why? Despite of having a father and family why are you living the life of an Orphan? Why you tell everyone that you have nobody and that you are an Orphan.. Why? Why don’t you go and tell him that you are his daughter?
Piya: Whom to tell Abhay? To the man who did not even recognize his daughter?
Abhay: Piya, He did not see you for so many years. May be he made a mistake.
Piya: And some mistakes do not deserve forgiveness Abhay. He was wrong. He was wrong when he left my mother and went years ago. He made the mistake when he did not show the guts to accept my Mom in front of the society. He committed a mistake when he left his 8 year old daughter and never turned and looked back. I was just 10 years Abhay… from that time I am staying in the orphanage. Every happiness…every sadness… I have faced alone. He is not my father. He went away from my life years ago and I do not need him anymore. There is no place for him in my life. And you… what do you wish? That I go and ask him for my rights? For what Abhay? For what? Misha and Panchi are my friends. Have you thought that if they come to know that what would they feel?
Abhay: And you? What would happen to you Piya
Piya: Nothing would happen to me Abhay. I am in the habit of staying alone. And I am telling you let this secret remain a secret. This is not my secret alone. If everyone comes to know that Misha and Panchi have an illegitimate sister what would they feel? The first time I saw Arnab Dobriyal, I wished that I would go to him and tell him that I am the same girl whom he left during childhood. I wanted to go and tell him that I do not need him anymore. I wanted to tell him that Years ago he abandoned me and now I am abandoning him. But Abhay… even my anger was not in my fate. I kept quiet. I kept quiet for Misha… I kept quiet for Panchi… Panchi and Misha gave me the love of more than sisters. And for them I would keep quiet. I want this secret to remain a secret Abhay. I know to stay alone… I am alone and I am fine. I am just fine.
Tears flow from Piya’s eyes. Abhay who listened to Piya’s story with pain in his eyes and face moves towards Piya and keeps his hands on her shoulders and tells her , ‘Piya, Piya you are not alone Piya I am with you. Believe … You are not alone. I am with you’. He wipes off her tears and hugs her. The scene ends.

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