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23rd June 2011 Written Update (Episode 204) Jay Khurana defends Pia Dobriyal in front of Abhay Raichand

Panchi catches Neel red handed with another girl
Episode 204 starts with Arnab Dobriyal sitting near the Fire Place on the Hall reading a Vampire Book. He thinks, 'How many times I have read this Book. But every time I read I find something new (He looks at a picture on the book and reads out the description). When a living dead touches a human he leaves a mark on the human. This mark is called the shadow of the dead human or Vampire breathe'.Suddenly the wind blows through the window and the logs at the fireplace die out. Arnab covers his with a hand because of the intensity of the wind. Suddenly a lamb shade falls down in the wind and breaks. Arnab thinks, 'Calm down Arnab...calm down. This is not a horror movie...this is just a book. Oh God...It's too late in the wonder. Just I will see my 3 daughters once and then straight to bed'. Arnab gets up from the Chair with the book.

Misha is walking to and fro in the room. She says, 'Damn it! It's 2 in the Night and no news of Pia...and on top of it her phone is also not reachable. I don't believe it. She has become more irresponsible than me. I should not have let her go with those Guys. If something happens to her Papa would murder me. Oh God!' Misha sits down hiding her face on her palms in frustration and worry.

Arnab opens Panchi's room and looks at Panchi who is peacefully sleeping on her bed. Arnab looks at Panchi with a smile and says in mind, 'Ahh my sweety fatty...Madhu tells right before marriage she has to lose some weight. No more ice creams with Papa... sorry!'Arnab closes Panchi's bedroom Door.

Misha goes to the table and picks up glass of water kept there saying, 'Oh were is she?' She walks sipping the water from the glass and bumps into Arnab who opens the door and walks in. She screams and switches on the light in the Room.
Arnab: Ah Misha, What are you doing? You scared me... And why are you walking to and fro in the room? Why have you not slept? (Misha shows the water to Arnab)
Misha:Papa Water... (She drinks water from the glass and then talks with Arnab nervously)I have drunk too much water, now I am going to sleep Papa.
Arnab: 2'o'clock in the night you... Please go and sleep.
Misha: yeah, Goodnight Papa. Goodnight... (Arnab closes the door and goes from there. Inside the room Misha starts walking to and fro again and curses. She then switches off the light. She gets into her Bed groaning and covers herself head to toe with Blanket).

Arnab opens Pia's bedroom Door and looks at Pia's Bed. He sees that Pia is not in the Room and that her Bed is neat. He calls out for Pia.
Arnab: Pia...Piya, Are you in the bathroom? (He gets no response. Arnab closes Pia bedroom door)

Misha is sitting on her Bed trying to call Pia on her Mobile. She says, 'Come on Pia...(She curses) Still unreachable...'. Arnab opens the door and Misha immediately lies on the bed pretending to sleep. Arnab comes near Misha's bed and pulls the Blanket from her body.
Arnab: Misha, Get up! Don't pretend to sleep...get up! (Misha gets up and stands in front of Arnab looking guilty)Where is Pia? I know when ever there is some problem in the house your involvement is definitely there. Now I am asking you...where is Pia?
Misha: Papa, I don't know
Arnab: What do you mean you don't know? You are telling lie. Pia is not in her is 2 at night already. You are saying excuses? What is all this nonsense? I want to know where is Pia.
Misha: Papa I swear... I swear I don't know. I mean... (Misha tells Arnab something. The voice is mute)
Arnab: What?
Misha: I was trying to call her through out...
Arnab: God...I don't believe you Guys...
Misha: I don't know what to do... (Arnab raises his voice)
Arnab: What do you guys keep on doing? What am I suppose to do? Where to search her? (Misha bows her head in guilt. Suddenly they hear the sound of Car horn and sound of a Car stopping. Arnab walks out of the room and Misha follows).

Misha opens the front door with Arnab standing behind her. They see Pia in a drowsy state standing there supported by Jay Khurana who is looking guilty.
Arnab: Pia... What happened? (Pia's eyes is closed. She keeps her hand on her head and then leans to Jay) Pia, Look at me! (Pia tries to but she is unsteady and almost stumbles) Are you drunk? Oh my God! She is drunk. Misha comes near Pia to take her inside supporting her)
Jay: Yes...Careful...
Arnab: Carefully... I don't believe it... (Arnab and Jay follows them to the House) 2'o'clock she comes home all drunk. I have given more freedom for you people which you take wrong advantage of. I will stop everything. The same goes for you Misha. (Misha takes Pia up while Jay and Arnab are standing in the Hall)
Jay: I am really sorry Uncle. I don't mean to interfere but in this there is no fault of Pia Uncle. Uncle, she has not consumed Alcohol. Those 4 Guys mixed something in her drink. I don't know what it was. It's good that I reached there are the right time otherwise you never know what their intentions were. And by the way Uncle... I am really sorry but Pia is a little scared...and what punishment she had to get she already got it. Ahh I just want to say I am really sorry...Just take Care!
Arnab: Alright! Jay, Whatever you have done I am really thankful and I really appreciate it.
Jay: Good Night Uncle...Please take care, Bye! (Jay goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'How much Jay thinks for Piya. How much he cares for her. That is really very sweet. He is a good boy. I like Pia and Jay as a couple. I must do something then).

Arnab opens the door and gets into Pia's Room. Pia is in the Bed sleeping. Arnab goes and sits on her Cot and fondly runs his hand on her head. He thinks, 'Pia my daughter... How many more times life will test you. God, Please remove this shadow from my child's life'. Suddenly Arnab sees the same mark on Pia's neck about which he read only sometime back in the Vampire Book and recalls what he read. Arnab looks at the mark carefully and thinks, 'Vampire Breath? Because of Siddharth Pia has come into the shadow of a Vampire. Siddharth...Because of you what all Pia had gone through. Vampire Breath on my child... Siddharth, I shall never forgive you'. Arnab gets up from Pia's bed.

Next day morning Arnab is sitting at the Breakfst Table sipping his Tea. Panchi comes to the room and greets Arnab.
Arnab: Good Morning! (Panchi occupies a chair next to Arnab)
Panchi: Oh Cholai... (She picks up the Bowl) Today Mom is not there. No diet... (Arnab takes the Cholai from Panchi)
Arnab: Who told you? Mom is not there so more diet... Come here Ramsingh...
Panchi: Papa you are joking!
Arnab: Yes. (The Kitchen Staff comes and keeps a glass of Juice in front of Panchi. He takes the Bowl of Cholai away)
Panchi: Papa...What is wrong with you Papa... I won't drink this...Yuck! What happened to you?
Arnab: Morning Juice and afternoon Vegetables... (Panchi grumbles while Arnab starts reading the newspaper. Panchi tries to butter Arnab but it does not work. Arnab takes the Jewelry Box from the table and hands over to Panchi. Panchi opens it and looks at the Jewelry).
Panchi: Oh my God! Papa, This is so beautiful. Thank you so much!
Arnab: Don't thank me. This was send by Neel and Dipannita. Your In-laws sends gifts and all...You are very lucky! They are very generous. (Panchi thinks, 'Loser Neel...this is enough! This is getting serious. I have to stop this Drama of engagement'.
Panchi: Well papa... I have some work. I will go running and be back running.
Arnab: Go running only!
Panchi: Why?
Arnab: For your own benefit... No Car...
Panchi: Come on Papa, Stop it! Bye...
Arnab: Bye!

At the Khurana's house Dipannita Khurana is looking into a file and smiles. She says, 'That's great! The forest authorities are in my hand. In the Auction I will buy the entire land at a cheaper price'. She makes a call from her mobile. Jay picks up the Call.
Jay: Hi Mom!
Dipannita: Jay, Where are you? This is the first auction in your life and I am sure you are going to enjoy it. In Business you might not have seen things like this earlier. Are you ready for it?
Jay: I know Mom...I know. I am just reaching...Okay? I will see you.
Dipannita: That's great! I will see you there. (Both cuts the phone. Jay says, 'Pia' and then dials her mobile number. He gets no response and tries again. He then says, 'Not available? Okay...Misha...let's try!'He dials Misha's number.

Misha comes into Pia's room and talks to Piya.
Misha: Majnu Singh's phone came. He was asking about you got up...the hangover is gone...etc etc etc... Hello! Don't make a face. You and I both know that if he would not have been there what would have happened. He saved you!
Pia: If he was not here at the first place... all this drama would not have happened, Okay? (Pia goes and sits on her bed. Misha follows)
Misha: Excuse me! Did he keep a Gun on your head? Did he force you? You went on your own to meet those Guys. He dared you and you went. Don't you have brains?
Pia: Misha, You are telling me this...You? When I dressed up in those dirty tacky clothes and went...then you did not tell anything...You were all nice that time.
Misha: When did I tell that I have brains? I am an idiot from childhood. And now the whole world knows that you are an idiot too! (The girls laugh) Thank God Pia, jay was there. And I really think that you should give him a chance. Because I am sure of it that he is trying to give you a chance. Ummm...Just think about it, okay? (Pia smiles) See ya! (Misha leaves the room. Pia thinks, 'How will I tell you Misha that it is not Jay but my Angel who saved me. But I cannot tell about him to anyone. But I know what I have seen. He was there...I know...but I just can't prove it...'.

The door bell rings at the Khurana's Residence. A House staff opens the door. he recognizes Panchi. Panchi tells him that she has come to meet Neel. The Guy tells her that Neel is not at home. Panchi thinks, 'His Car is parked outside'. Panchi gets into the house and tells the house staff, 'I got something for him. I will keep this myself inside'. The Guy tries to stop her by telling Panchi to give it to him and that he will give it to Sir. Panchi thinks, 'This much costly jewelry I cannot entrust with him. I will keep this in Neel's Cupboard myself'.
Panchi: Well, No Problem! I will keep this myself. (The Guy tries to stop her by calling her but Panchi climbs the stairs towards Neel's room).
Neel attends to his bed mate while Panchi is talking
Panchi opens Neel's bedroom door. She sees Neel in a compromising position with another girl and is shocked.
Panchi: Neel! (Neel and the girl both sits upright leaning to the headboard covering their naked bodies with the blanket. Neel puts his hand over his partner's shoulders)
Neel: Panchi, Don't you know to even knock? This is such bad manners! I mean, You Mom-Dad did not teach you even this much? (Panchi walks in to the room)
Panchi: So your servant is also with you in this... The entire family is involved (Neel gives attention to his partner while Panchi is talking). He told you that you are not at home so I did not think it necessary to knock).
Neel: So then Panchi...
Panchi: So then...What are you doing with this girl? If you don't bother about my reputation think of your reputation. You are engaged!
Neel: When my fiancee does not have interest in me...what is with other girls Panchi? I mean, I thought you wouldn't mind, do you? (Neel is still attending to his Partner and not looking at Panchi)
Panchi: Yeah, I don't mind at all. But when (She takes her mobile to click a picture of the Couple)my and your family see this photo, then they would definitely mind.
Neel: Go ahead Panchi! Baby, Let's pose for Panchi(the girl nods)... Panchi, You go there and take. From there you will get a good picture. Come on...let's pose!
Panchi: You disgust me!Are you not ashamed? I did the right thing breaking up with you. Don't you see that in order to teach me a lesson how much you have fallen? Next time... Don't send me expensive gifts like this.(Panchi throws the Jewelry Box at Neel and heads to the door) You cannot buy me, Stay away! (Neel twists a strand of the girls hair with his fingers and smiles)

Abhay and Hasina Raichand reaches the Auction Hall. They are standing in the Hall and talking.
Hasina: Chand's plan is well made. By making me stand against Dipannita Khurana, he is making sure that we get good publicity. And I am happy that now I am doing something more for my family. And moreover, what can be a better way than this to enter the high society?
Abhay: Controversy... is high society's best friend. I am sure that you will win in this auction.
Hasina: Not me... we... (Abhay looks at her questioningly) I know that you need this forget your pain. (Abhay notices a guy ushering Dipannita Khurana and Jay in)
Abhay: There you go...your biggest competitor.
Hasina: Don't worry! I will not let her win. Let's go! (Hasina and Abhay goes and takes a seat at the auction hall. Abhay looks sideways at jay who is sitting with his Mom at the table near by and thinks in mind, 'And here is my competition. But I have to let him win...for Piya. Pia, even by staying closer to you I have to stay away from you'. Abhay looks at Jay Khurana and thinks, 'Now it is time to see you Jay...if you really care about Pia or not'. Abhay notices Jay walking away from the table after talking something to his Mom. Abhay gets up and follows him).
Abhay: Excuse me! Jay...Jay Khurana...
Jay: Exactly!
Abhay: Hi! I am Abhay Raichand. (Abhay and Jay shake hands)
Jay: Abhay Raichand...Nice! Our biggest rivals in this auction...
Abhay: Competition eh?
Jay: Well, yes!
Abhay: Coffee?
Jay: Ahh, why not? Come on! (Abhay follows Jay. Dipannita and Hasina looks at each other as if sizing up the competition).
Jay and Abhay bond over Coffee
Jay hands over a Cup of Coffee to Abhay.
Jay: So...You are joining your Mom's Business, right?
Abhay: Yeah (They walk towards the chairs in the room. Jay sips his Coffee. She feels it's high time (Abhay and Jay sits on the Chairs) and I need to join the Business.
Jay: Thank God! My time has not come still. Now I still want to chill for a while. And anyways, Mom made Neel...Neel, my Brother...join our Business... So not for now!
Abhay: You mean your elder Brother Neel
Jay: Ummm...My big brother...
Abhay: I heard that he is going to get married to Panchi Dobriyal. (Jay laughs)
Jay: Yeah! True story...
Abhay: Poor Girl! She is very sweet...but life has been very bad with her. She has gone through a very bad phase. She deserves a nice Guy unlike her younger sister Pia... She is little problematic. (Jay suddenly sits upright keeping the Coffee on the Table with a stern face as if not liking what he is hearing) She is one of those bitchy types.
Jay: Hold on! What do you mean?
Abhay: You know what I mean...She is like one of those bitchy girls. I heard that she met some Guys at the Pub and got out of there with those Guys... Where she went and what she's really disgusting!
Jay: Ahh Just shut up! I...I really don't know you. Abhay...Abhay, correct! I just know this much that you don't know Pia at all. And about the girl whom you do not know there is no need of talking all this nonsense. How much do you know Pia? Buddy, Pia is a great girl. He loves her friends, family and even her team more than herself. For your kind information, She had gone with the four guys because she was doing a favor on them and nothing else. Why are we even talking? You and me are... so just get lost! (Jay gets up and walks out from there. Abhay thinks, ' You saw it Abhay? This is what you wanted to hear...that there is someone who cares as much about Pia as you. And now that you know that such a person is there in Pia's are feeling sad? Can't bear it? Why? For Pia this is right... So then, Leave her alone. In her life there is such a friend ... such a love... who will always protect her...Will take care of her...She is safe! And you also wish only that, right?'). Episode ends

PreCap: Arnab is standing behind Pia helping her with her chain. he looks at Pia's neck and sees that the mark he saw in the previous night is not there.
Pia: Papa, Over?
Arnab: Hmmm
Pia: Thanks, Bye! (Pia leaves the room. Arnab thinks, 'Where is that sign gone? Yesterday night it was there...But today...')

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