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20th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 201) Chand and Haseena Raichand joins Abhay to fight Wolves

Raichand's fight the Wolves together
Episode 201 starts with Abhay watching Jay go with Pia on his bike. Abhay thinks, 'Who is he? Why was he touching Pia like that?' Abhay then composes himself and says in mind, 'Stop it Abhay!You don't want any right on Pia. If she has fallen in love with a human, you should be happy that at last she has come out of your darkness and is going towards light...towards life... Be happy Abhay, and go back. Move away from the path of her happiness Abhay!' Abhay hears the howling sound of wolves and face them in his Vampire avatar with fangs and blue eyes. He sees many wolves in front of him. In the darkness only their shining eyes are visible. He thinks, 'So death has come in front of me. I am going to end my life for Pia. This is for you Pia!' Abhay charges at the wolves and stares at them showing his fangs. He tells them, 'Come on! I am ready!' Suddenly Chand and Haseena appears in front of Abhay in their Vampire form and stares at the wolves showing their fangs and making scary faces. One by one all the wolves withdraw from there. Once all the wolves vanish the Raichands come to their human form. Haseena and Chand turns to face Abhay. Abhay is looking guilty.
Abhay: Thanks Dad!
Chand: I told you Abhay if you don't obey me and go out of the protective circle you would get into trouble. They won't leave you. You have to realize that we are at war. If you roam around Pia alone you will be in trouble.
Abhay: Now it's enough Dad. I will never go behind Pia.
Chand: Is that so?
Haseena: Oh Come on Chand...Abhay has realized that what ever he was doing was wrong. And instead of supporting him you are questioning him?
Chand: Hasina, This is not so simple... (Chand looks at Abhay) There is some other reason behind Abhay's decision. Am I right Abhay?
Abhay: I wanted to go with Pia so that I could protect her. Now she got a companion. A human just like how Piya is. And he would protect her. He would save her from all sadness and troubles. He will keep away from all worries. Piya deserves a normal life. She does not deserve a monster... a Vampire like me. I am fire and she is air. I am darkness and she is the sunlight of the morning. She deserves a normal life. I am a monster...a Vampire. She deserve a normal human. I saw him... That human will keep her happy. She has to stay away from me. And she can stay away from me. So I have decided that I will stay away from Pia.
Haseena: Abhay, this too shall pass. Once we handle ourselves we will go back to a powerful family to which the wolves will never be able to reach. They can defeat one Vampire...but three...No way!
Chand: Let us go! (Chand and Haseena walks ahead together, Abhay stays back. Abhay recalls Jay taking Pia on his bike. He thinks, 'Pia deserves all that happiness a human can give her. But I, I cannot give her anything...other than sorrow...other than this freedom... I am setting you free Pia...I will only keep an eye on you from a distance...till I am sure that you are safe. I will not let you come close to me. I will just watch till you are safe...'
Jay driving the Bike with Pia sitting in front of him
Jay and Pia Bike ride
Jai stops the Bike when a car blocks his way
Jay is riding the bike with Pia on his lap with her face on his shoulders. Pia thinks, 'I am here and the secrets of the Jungle too. Is my fate connected with this jungle? Who is that man who always comes to save me from troubles? Who is he? Is he my imagination? Whenever I try to forget him he comes back again in my life...and that too he comes when I need his help. My Angel! Will I ever be able to meet him? Not while in confusion but face to face like two people meeting each other. And on the other side is Jay...Today what he did for me was sweet. Was he really worried for me? That's so sweet!' Pia wipes a stray hair from her face.
Jay: okay?
Pia: hmmm Overall better. I have some scratches...and maybe a sprain too...
Jay: Maybe for small scratches I can sign but this was a big one ehh?
Pia: Wow!
Jay: See! It is a once upon a blue moon sight...You are lucky. (Pia and Jay both has slight smiles on their faces and a contented look. Jay drives the bike in silence. Suddenly a Car comes in front and blocks the way. Jay applies the brakes and shouts, 'Hey! What the hell man...' Pia gets down from the front)
Jay: You okay?
Pia: Yeah... (A girl gets out of the drivers seat of the Car and walks towards Jay)
Girl: What is this nonsense Jay? I was waiting for you for half an hour. What the hell is bloody going on? (Jay and Pia look at each other) And this girl...who is this girl ehh? You were bloody on a joyride with her? Can you explain this damn it...
Jay: Really sorry Mallika. Nothing was happening here baby. Just don't worry . I will be there.
Pia: Yeah, Nothing was happening Mallika, he is all yours! (Jay offers to drop Pia home but she refuses and walks away from there. Mallika also goes to her Car in anger. Jay stands on the road angry and frustrated)

Next day morning Misha opens the door of Pia's room and jumps into the bed hugging her. Pia gets up and sits on the bed. Misha thanks her for saving her from Parents. Piya tells her, 'We all know that you did not do anything intentionally. And the good part is that you are sorry, okay? I am alright and it's over!'
Misha: Thank God it is over. And from today your new chapter starts...Volleyball match... You remember, right?
Pia: Misha, I don't think I will be able to play
Misha: What? What are you talking about? You are the Captain...
Pia: I know but... looks at this (Pia shows the injury on her ankle) I have a sprain on my ankle and moreover I got hurt on the back also. And look at me I am out of shape...
Misha: If you go to Gym you will vanish
Pia: Come on Misha I am not in shape. (Misha tells her about some shoes she can wear which is comfortable to wear. Pia and Misha decides to go for shopping of shoes. Misha suddenly stops and says, 'Otherwise we can go to the Khurana's')Why Khurana's?
Misha: Because Jay can give you a special massage. I mean yesterday night was full on romance and bike was on fire...
Pia: Shut up!
Misha: Okay dear...Yesterday night you both were lost in each other...(Misha hugs Pia. Pia pushes her away)hugging and all
Pia: I don't have any interest in that stupid Jay Khurana, Okay? Look! I need good shoes and a sexy dress because today I will kick ass in Volleyball court...jay Khurana...
Misha: I see! So let's go kick ass... (The girls laugh)

At the Raichand House Abhay is standing by the fire place. He talks to himself, 'Jay Khurana, I hope you deserve Pia. Don't play with Pia's heart. She is precious.' Haseena comes there.
Haseena: Abhay, That Guy who was with Pia... who is he?
Abhay: His name is Jay, Jay Khurana. I found out...He is the son of the owner of Khurana Industries. Yesterday even if I would not have been there he would have saved Pia. He was looking for Pia here and there. He was very worried. There was love and fear for Pia on his face. Piya needs such a Guy Mom who would love her very much and be willing to do anything for her. I love Pia so much and I am willing to stay away from her for that. (Haseena comes to Abahy and keeps her hand on his arms)
Haseena: I am so proud of you. Abhay, I know that these human emotions are not for us Vampires. But in you that human pain and love is still alive. You are not a Monster... nor are you blood sucking creature. You only know to love. You only know to take others sufferings. Abhay I know...This decision to stay away from Pia is giving you a lot of pain. But I just hope that you be able to forget Piya...and concentrate in your life. (Haseena goes from there. Abhay recalls seeing Pia face to face in the water under the Ice grave and her touching his heart. He also recalls looking at her face while carrying her and thinking how he would stay away from Pia. Abhay then comes to the present and rebukes himself, 'Stop it Abhay! It's enough...You have to keep yourself away from her. You have to let her live a normal human life'. Abhay recalls watching Jay driving off the bike with Pia in the front. Abhay says in mind, 'Forget her! Allow her to go to Jay. She needs a normal relationship. But I need to know well if Jay is right for her or not').

Chand Raichand is sitting in a Chair looking at the Blue Print of Hasina Raichand Studios. He says, 'Perfect! I like it...' He looks at the Guy standing with some files near him, 'Get the Work started!' The Guy agrees and goes from there. Chand Raichand says, 'Hasina Raichand Studios...This is that Project which will take us back to Dehradun. The State of the Art Technology and the Raichand's more powerful...More influential!' Haseena comes there and stands next to Chand.
Chand: Hasina, In Dehradun's society our first step would be Raichand Studio's in your name...Hasina Raichand Studio's... In the Past one year some new rich people has come to the City, Khurana's. In their competition we will build our studio in this side of the jungle. We will call the press. The Headlines would be, 'Hasina Raichand takes on Dipannita Khurana'. Good publicity. Good press ... Let the Dehradun's society know how powerful the Raichand's family is. (Chand gets up from the chair and faces Haseena) And forgetting them is not easy. What do you say?
Haseena: It sounds great Chand.
Chand: I want you to involve Abhay in this. He should work with you. I don't wish that he gets distracted. (Haseena nods) Episode ends.

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