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16th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 199) Pia goes with Misha and Jay on a Bike Ride at Night

The Vampire Family stands united to fight the Werewolves
Episode 199 starts with Panchi noticing the cut on Neel's neck. Panchi goes near Neil who is sitting alone and drinking.
Panchi: Is this injury from the accident?
Neel: Ahh Come on Panchi...Now why are you acting? To show your parents, right? By your fake loving act...
Panchi: You know what? In this game I was never serious with you. A Guy like you is not worth loving. So I used you deliberately... till I get some good Guy...
Neel: Honestly? That's good. Now I will use you deliberately. (Panchi sits on the chair next to Neel)
Panchi: What do you mean?
Neel: Have patience will understand everything... As time passes on you will understand everything.
Panchi: Stop it Neel!
Neel: Now is just the beginning. It's just started! I was your time pass, right? Now I promise that you will not have time for anyone else other than me.
Panchi: I will not give you the opportunity. I will end this engagement this moment, get it? (Panchi gets up and turns to go away but stops when Neel talks to her)
Neel: Go ahead honey! What you want to do, you do. But after that I will do what I want to do.
Panchi: What the hell do you mean?
Neel: Why not try and then see what I am capable of doing... Do it!
Panchi: Damn! (Panchi turns and walks off. Neel then gets a phone call. He attends the call and tells the caller that he is in a boring party and could meet in 20 minutes. Panchi who overhears the call stops. Neel looks at Panchi and smiles).
Abhay, Haseena and Chand - Raichand Family Unity Bond
Abhay comes to the hall where Chand and Haseena are standing.
Abhay: What happened?
Chand: We got news that the werewolves are coming with their entire clan... for us!
Abhay: Let them come! We are much more stronger than them.
Chand: How much? Will you be able to handle them alone?
Abhay: I have fought with them earlier also. I also have killed one of them...
Chand: They know this matter that is why they are coming with the whole family.They are coming for us and this is not an ordinary fight Abhay! This is a planned operation. One thing you have to understand...we are stronger than them if we are together and if we are alone we would lose... So keep your personal agenda away and listen to what I say. (Abhay tries to say something but Hasina stops him)
Hasina: Abhay, listen the full matter...
Chand: We will fight with them. We will go back to Dehradun. The Raichand Family shall return...better...stronger...! We will stay together. We shall be together.(They hear the sound of the wolves howling on the background. Chand lifts his hand and Haseena and Abhay places their hands on top of his and join them together in a strong Unity link)

Neel comes near Dipannita who is sitting with the Dobriyals and tells her, 'Mom, I got some urgent work, I think I have to go'. Dipannita tries to stop him but Arnab tells her to let him go as work comes first. Dipannita says, 'The Business families understanding is different, they understand everything. Dipannita gives permission for Neil to go from there. Panchi then comes there and asks Neel if he came by Bike. When Neel says 'yes' she asks him to take her for a ride also. Neel thinks, 'No problem Panchi! You want to come and see me with another be my Guest'.Misha and Jay comes there.
Misha: I like bikes too! Jay, you have bike, right?
Jay: Yeah, it's outside...
Misha: Cool man! Then we will all go... To leave Neel to Office all of us will go on drive... (Neel gets irritated and thinks, 'This girls are alright but if Jay sees me with Sana then it will be a problem'. Piya then passes by and Misha stops her) Yeh Piya hold on! Listen...We all are going out...Join us! Bikes...Cool air...and Ice cream...
Pia: Okay... (Arnab asks why suddenly all the youngsters are leaving the Dinner Party and going out. Dipannita says that the children seem to be bored in their company. Arnab gives permission to go and the youngsters rushes out).
Misha tells Jay that she would drive the Bika and not sit behind him
Neel comes out first and gets into the Bike and wears the helmet. He thinks, 'I need to lose Jay. But why are are these girls coming for the ride? I must get out of here as fast as possible...leaving all of them'. Neel then calls out to Panchi and says, 'Panchi, Do you mind coming fast? Sana may be waiting for me. She does not like it when I get late'. Panchi comes near the bike.
Panchi: I am here! I have come, fine? (She gets behind Neel on his bike)
Neel: By the way I am very happy that you are coming with me. You need to know who is your competition. (Neel starts the bike and drives off. Jay comes out and calls Neel but finds him gone. Jay gets on his bike. Misha comes and touches him on shoulder to get his attention.)
Misha: Hello! What are you doing?
Jay: We are going...
Misha: Ahh no no no! Do you think I will sit behind you and enjoy the bike? No dude...get off...
Jay: Ahh Misha, You realize that this bike is very heavy?
Misha: What do you think? I can't handle a bike? Come on man...get off! Come on!
Jay: Yeah, Okay! Be my Guest (Jay gets off the bike. Misha gets on the bike and wears the helmet humming a tune)But you have to be careful... (Jay tries to tell about the gears breaks etc but Misha cuts him telling that she knows everything)It's very expensive...
(Pia comes there)
Pia: Jay, you are going with her, She is very rough
Jay: What do you think? I am alone going with her? No no no... we three are going together...
Pia: What? Three people in one bike?
Jay: Yes! Because your sister is insane and she is drunk. And this is a very expensive bike. If something happens I need a witness. You are the witness. Come on...hop on... Hey Misha, You are ready? (Jay gets behind Misha)
Misha: yeah, sure!
Jay: Now let's go! (Pia reluctantly sits behind Jay)
Misha: Everybody safe?
Jay: Yes we are safe...
Misha: Let's go people... (Misha drives from there)
Neel and Panchi on the Bike
Neel is driving the bike. Panchi asks him to drive slowly. Neel asks if she is feeling scared. Panchi thinks, 'I know what game you are playing Neel Khurana. Do whatever you want, I won't accept defeat. I am not coming to meet your girl friend. I will expose your ego and evil plans. I will show my parents and yours what you are. I will tape you with Sana and then see if this engagement will break or not'.
Jay Sand witched - Misha, Jai and Piya Bike ride
Misha is driving the bike with Jay sandwiched between her and Piya. Misha is not driving very steadily.
Jay: Piya, Can you sit properly? The bike is losing balance...
Piya: I have sat like this because I don't want to fall off...
Jay: If you are so scared of falling then you can hold me. Oh come on Pia...By touching me you won't get any disease...I am not contagious... Anyways, since your sister is a little mad it is good for you. So go ahead! (Pia keeps her hand on Jay's shoulder)
Jay: This much delicate touch? Are you trying to seduce me? It's working by the way.. (Pia takes her hand off)
Pia: I have no interest in touching you...
Jay: Seriously? Are you scared that you will fall for me?
Pia: Are you mad?
Jay: I am not! Maybe you are... that's why you have a problem touching me. I have no problem in touching you. (Misha is amused by the conversation. Piya keeps her hand on Jay's shoulder)
Pia: Now happy?
Jay: Yeah...enlightened...

At the Dobriyal house Dipannita compliments Madhu on the food. She tells that the Pasta was too good. Dipannita and Madhu sits on the sofa in the Hall after the Dinner.A house staff comes and serves after dinner drinks for them. Arnab also sits on a chair. Arnab asks if the children has gone to eat ice cream or gone to make ice cream. Madhu supports the children. Arnab tells that when Pia is out at Night at the Jungle side he gets worried.
Dipannita: Why? Pia has any danger from Jungle?
Arnab: No, nothing like that! Actually last year she had a very big accident in the jungle because of which she lost her memory. She remember some things like us... But after that whenever she goes on the jungle side we get worried.
Dipannita: Poor thing! Looking at her no one can say that she has gone through so much. In fact she looks like a very calm, composed and sensible child.
Arnab: Yeah sensible... If only she give some to our Misha also...Pne is very calm and the other is like a storm.
Dipannita: I know! Misha looks very naughty. But don't worry! I will tell Jay to look out for Piya at college. After all, we are family now!
Arnab: Thank you so much...So sweet of you... (Dipannita's mobile phone rings. She looks at the Caller ID and excuse herself from there)Panchi is very lucky...They are very good people.

Dipannita goes near the window and attends the call. She scolds the caller for disturbing during dinner and asks to 'go ahead'. She then cuts the phone and gazes out through the Window. The wolves howl and Dipannita looks happy. She closes her eyes enjoying the sound of them.

Abhay is standing near the window. He is restless and closes his eyes trying to concentrate. Chand comes and stands behind him.
Chand: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: I am not able to smell them Dad...why?
Chand: Their shields are very strong. How much ever we try to break through it will protect them. So till I make a full plan you will not do anything. You will not go anywhere...
Abahy: Okay! (Chand goes from there. Abhay closes his eyes trying to sense Pia. He then opens his eyes and says in mind, 'Why am I feeling so restless? Why am I feeling that today my life is about to go from me? Why am I feeling that today I am going to lose everything? Why? Why am I getting this feeling? Something very bad is going to happen'. Abhay looks at the Moon.

Misha is driving the Bike through the Forest side Road. She loses her control and the bike is going haywire. Jay shouts her to apply the brakes. A vehicles suddenly comes in front of them and the lights from the vehicle falls on them. The bike takes a turn avoiding the vehicle which passed by. Jay shouts instructions and Pia screams.

There is the voice of the vehicle hitting and falling down. Abhay keeps his hands on his eyes and says, 'No!' He then says, 'No Pia no...I knew today something was going to happen'. Abhay turns and rushes from there but Chand stops him.
Chand: Where are you going? Didn't I tell you that until I have my plans in place you will not go anywhere.
Abhay: I heard what you said. But this time I have to help Pia. She is in danger. I have to go... (Abhay tries to move from there but Chand stops him again)
Chand: Your Story of love will put all of us in trouble Abhay. When will you understand that your actions will affect others also? When will you understand that every time we cannot put ourselves in trouble because of this girl.
Abhay: Then what to do? Leave her to fate because of whom I have returned...
Chand: I wish you think about our survival. Think that if you expose us we all will be in trouble.
Abhay: And I fear and hide? See my love in trouble and do nothing? No Dad...The human inside me do not permit me to do that. It is humanity to help those in trouble. To see the difference between right and wrong is humanity.
Chand: You are not a human. You are a dead human (Chand shows off his fangs). You are a Vampire... (Chand stares at Abhay and then comes to his human form) A monster who drinks blood to survive... The words of love... right or wrong... these does not look good from your mouth. There is no place for human feelings between us. Neither can we love nor can we hate...
Abhay: Too late Dad. I have loved. I am capable of loving... And that love needs me today. That love who gave me a new life...because of whom today I am standing in front of you... (Abhay recalls Pia touching the ice on top of him with her hand. He recalls the Werewolves surrounding Pia and him breaking the ice pulling her down into the water underneath Ice grave. He remembers her touching his dead heart with her hand. Abhay looks at Chand) She is that human who gave me a new life... who freed me from Maithili's curse... who got me out of the ice grave where I stayed buried for a year... And you are telling me to stay away from her? No Dad! She did not leave any stones unturned to give me a life and save me...She even put her own life in risk. I cannot do that Dad. I have made a promise that I will save her from all sorrow, all troubles and all dangers. And if the need arises I will save her from you and me also. (Abhay remembers his conversation with Haseena, 'Piya is the reason for me to live. She has given me a new life. She has considered me her angel. So from today...this Vampire...this monster...will be her angel. I will protect her from all bad things, all sorrow and troubles... From today I will live for her. Not with her but will stay near her'.
Chand: One year you were not with us. We were at peace. No wolves were behind us nor did any humans doubted us. As soon as you came... the werewolves revenge... Pia's love... all this followed you and reached us. You have made us a prey. Because of your love we will land into trouble. Your love would make us weak.
Abhay: This weakness is acceptable to me. It is acceptable for me to sacrifice myself in Pia's love... I have to go! (Abhay goes from there pushing Chand's hands away) Episode ends.

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