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29th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 208) Abhay Raichand and Hasina finds Chand unconscious and bitten by Werewolves

Hasina and Abhay are startled hearing the sound of mobile phone ringing
Episode 208 starts with Abhay opening the door and entering his home. He goes and sits on a couch. He notices Hasina worried and restless and asks her, 'What happened Mom? You look tensed'. Haseena sits on a chair.
Hasina: It's Chand! He is not lifting the Phone. It is 3 Hours since he has started from the Site. I don't know where he is.
Abhay: He had gone to see the protest at the Site. He keeps telling that none of us should go anywhere alone and now he went alone. When I asked if I can go with him he refused. I just don't get this... So stupid!
Hasina: Abhay, He wanted to keep you away from danger because you have the maximum danger. He made this rule because of you...because he cares for you...
Abhay: I am sorry Mom. I am just... a little worried.
Hasina: Me too! I know that in this circumstances anyone of us being alone is dangerous. I am so worried. I think we should go and look for him.
Abhay: Yeah...I will go and look for him. ( Abhay gets up to go. Haseena too gets up)
Hasina: No Abhay! I will also go with you...We have to stay together. (Both of them rushes out from there).

Misha and Pia returns home. Pia is impressed seeing the arrangements made by Panchi. Misha is happy seeing the Bar fully loaded and goes and stand behind the Bar Counter. Arnab comes and asks the girls what they are doing wearing the Jungle Protest clothes and tells them to go and wear some nice clothes. Arnab tells them that since Madhu is not there they only have to take care of the guests at the Party. Misha tells Arnab that she will take charge of the duty at the Bar. Arnab scolds Misha and tells her that she should not be seen anywhere near the Bar. After Arnab goes from there Misha tells Pia, ' Basically I have to wear clothes which has deep pockets. If I cannot go near the Bar, the Bar should come to me'. She runs away from there. Pia says, 'You are hopeless Misha!'

Arnab comes down the Stairs to the Hall dressed up. He tells Ramsingh to finish the decoration work as the Guests are about to come any moment. He looks around and thinks, 'This looks Great! How nicely Panchi has arranged everything. The Khuranas are doing so much for us... It is our responsibility too... I just wish Madhu was here'. He turns and looks to see Jay walking in. Arnab rushes to welcome him.
Arnab: Hello Jay
Jay: Hello Uncle... (They shake hands)
Arnab: How are you? You are very came on time. Come come come...
Jay: Nothing like that Uncle. My work was near by so I thought that I would come home and help you.
Arnab: It's sweet! But there is nothing to be done. Panchi has handled everything. She has made all the arrangements.
Jay : I see!
Arnab: Like them we do not need 2 hours to get ready. So we have time...let's have a drink...
Jay: Drink? No no Uncle Not before the Guests come. By the time they come if I would drop at a corner it would not look nice... (Arnab laughs)Uncle not seeing others...
Arnab: They might be getting ready upstairs. In fact, why don't you go up and meet them? You will get bored in my Company.
Jay: No Uncle...Come on...I love your Company...
Arnab: That's sweet! But still you go and see what they are doing. I am sure Misha is getting ready and Pia is pulling her legs.
Jay: I think then Pia will need my help! (Arnab laughs. Jay smiles)I will see you. (Jay climbs the stairs up. Arnab looks him going and says, 'Jay...Pia...Should talk to Dipannita').
Jay Khurana overhears the Conversation between Dobriyal Sisters
The Dobriyal Sisters are assembled in a room.
Misha: What? Neel... Panchi I am not understanding anything. You make me understand the entire story properly.
Panchi: I told you. Even I was shocked. I caught Neel red handed with a girl and both of them were naked. Shameless people...I threw the Jewelry on his face. How dare he do this to me? He was disgusting. Imagine how I felt when I saw him like that. And how many times I saw him with other girls. He is just sick!
Misha: Bloody f-ing moron. I will go and tell papa... (Misha turns to go)
Panchi: Misha wait! Listen...This drama is very will not get solved that fast. I need your help Guys!
Pia: Of course Panchi! Whatever you will say... we will do...
Panchi: Okay Listen... these are some photos (Panchi shows them the photos of Neel with the girl in Bed) of Neel and Sana...and there is a CD too (Panchi shows the CD) Tonight we will show this CD to all the Guests, Okay? (The girls nod) I am going to expose him tonight! (Jay is overhearing the Conversation) I will defeat Neel at his game. Neel ruined my life by getting engaged with me in front of everyone...and now I will show the same people his true face... Piya, you put this CD on the Player and check the Projector properly, Okay? I am going to show this to everybody...all the Guests tonight. (Pia takes the CD from Panchi)
Pia: Okay Panchi... I will do it! I didn't know that Neel would turn to be a big Moron.
Panchi: Pia, You don't even know anything. From the time my engagement happened Neel has ruined my life (Jay is stunned). In front of me...he with other girls... I mean it's disgusting...I just hate him!
Misha: Poor Birdie! First in order to get married to him you did this much dieting...You know what? (Jay hides himself. Misha gives a Burger to Panchi) You eat Burger... forget me! He is a Moron!
Panchi: My God! Wow! (Panchi takes a bite as if she has not eaten anything for ages. Pia watches her wide eyed) Hmm... I have not enjoyed so much since the engagement...Yum... (Misha makes fun of Panchi telling that the dieting has no effect on her. Panchi tells them that she has decided that she would not change herself for any boy) I am what I am!
Misha: So no Boys!
Panchi: No, not at all... And after what Neel did to me no way...
Misha: Relax Panchi! We will teach him a lesson... Don't worry about it... You change your clothes... (Pia and Misha goes out of the room talking about Neel. Pia tells Misha, 'Misha, we have to teach him a lesson. Don't know what he thinks of himself...'. Jay who is hiding behind the door says in mind, 'No Pia, You will not inult my Brother in front of everyone. What ever he did he did... He is my Brother. Family is family Pia...'Jay goes from there).

Abhay and Haseena comes to the Jungle. They stop near a tree. They hear the howling of Wolves.
Hasina: These wolves have reached till this... I hope they did not reach Chand... Chand! Chand! (Abhay raises his hand signaling Hasina to stop)
Abhay: Ssshhh! Control yourself! If they have attacked Dad we need to be sensible. You are attracting the wolves to yourself by shouting like this. Just calm down...
Hasina: But Chand... (Abhay closes his eyes concentrating and inhaling. He then runs from there followed by Hasina. They stop at one place and drop on the ground)
Hasina: Chand's Blood! That means the Wolves attacked him...We should not have left him alone...
Abhay: Mom...Relax! I will try to reach him... (Abhay concentrates and tries to connect with Chand. He keeps trying)
Hasina: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: He is not responding...He is in danger...let's go! (They get up from there and searches for Chand again)

At the Dobriyal House Pia comes down the stairs with the CD in hand. She is wearing a short dress now. Pia reaches the Hall and inserts the CD into the Player. Jay watches her from upstairs. After inserting the CD on the Player Piya goes from there. Jay says in mind, 'You can't remove the CD in front of them Jay ...Do something! Think...think...' Jay notices that no one is near the CD Player and comes down the stairs to the Hall. Suddenly Arnab comes near the Player and keeps his hand on top of the CD Player. He is talking to someone by standing there. Jay circles among the Guests for sometime. He then notices the Waiters putting the Food on the Buffet Counter. Jay follows the Waiter and comes to the Kitchen area where the Chefs and waiters are busy. He notices a pair of uniform kept at the Kitchen counter. Jay stealthily comes and picks the Uniform from there unnoticed. He notices the coal which is kept there.
Jay disguised as Waiter
Jay comes to the Hall disguised as a Waiter having a dark complexion and wearing glasses.He even shows his teeth and smiles at Guests offering the Snacks he is carrying. Piya is standing in the Hall taking to a Girl. He comes near them and offers the Snacks. When he notices Pia he turns and walks from there.
Pia: Excuse me! (Jay stops but does not turn and look at her.) Look! You not only have to carry the plate and roam around guests ...You also have to serve the Guests telling the name of the Dish. Tell me...What is the name of this dish?
Jay: kakaka khosla ka kabab!
Pia: What? Khosla Kabab...What sort of dish is this?
Jay: That's made on coal...that's why...
Pia: Okay...Go and serve! (Jay turns and go from there. Pia thinks, 'This Waiter was un-presentable and dirty...And what is Khosla Kabab? The Waiter was weird... something is wrong!' Pia follows Jay but Arnab stops her.)
Arnab: Pia, Where is Panchi? Is she getting prepared for the Marriage? This is just a normal Party. When will she come?
Pia: Come on Dad! It's her big day...Let her take her own time and then make an entry like a Princess... (Arnab nods his head as if he made a mistake)
Arnab: Made a mistake...asked you... (Arnab goes from there. Pia looks around and finds that the Waiter is not in the Hall. She thinks, 'Where is this Waiter gone? Definitely there is some problem...I need to find out!')

Jay is in the Kitchen now and without disguise. Pia opens the door and peeps in. Jay is standing with his back towards Pia. She thinks, 'Why this Jay was roaming around as Waiter and that too in such a bad disguise...' Jay wears the Jacket over his white shirt. Pia thinks, 'Why would he... Oh my God! I am sure he is up to something... And I think I know what he is doing'. Pia goes from there. At the Kitchen Jay shuffles his hair and sets his jacket right. He thinks, 'Game set! Match Point to Khuranas!' He smiles.

Pia comes to the hall. She goes near the CD Player and checks for the CD. She finds the Player empty. She says in mind, 'What do you think won? You have not seen the rest of our strategy'.

At the Jungle Abhay and Hasina are running. Suddenly Abhay notices someone lying on the ground with face hidden by the tree.
Hasina: Chand... (Both of them runs to Chand and kneel beside him. Chand has deep stratch marks on his cheek and seems to be unconscious. Abhay and Haseena calls Chand but he does not give any response.
Abhay: Dad get up Dad...Get up! Don't worry Mom... We will make him alright! We will fight this situation...We will not accept defeat with any wolf. Dad... come on dad...Dad, you can do it Dad... Mom, I will try to heal him.
Hasina : Come on Abhay... (Abhay tries to heal by touching the wound with his hands but it does not heal. He tries again and again but is not able to heal the wound. Abhay is frustrated and angry) Chand...Abhay, do something...What is happening to him? Why are we not able to heal him? His wound should have been alright by now... Abhay, why is the wound not getting alright?
Abhay: Mom, What Dad was afraid of that has happened. He had told me that it would happen. Yeah Mom, These wolves are not wolves. The day when they attacked me I told Dad that their eyes was not like that of wolves but like that of humans. The Age old Story has become true. Our biggest enemy who like us are monsters in human form... who live in between humans...that wolves are not wolves but werewolves...
Hasina: No...No...Chand... Come on Get up!
Abhay: Come on... Dad... ( Kabir is standing at a distance behind a tree looking at them. He thinks, 'Abhay Raichand...Abhay Raichand has come back? And his Mother too? What were they doing here? And why do they look so tense?')
Abhay: Mom...We should take Dad home. This place is not safe... Let's go!
Hasina: Abhay, How will we fight these wolves? Werewolves...No one has seen them for ages...Wolves in human form...We have to save our lives from them. But how will we fight with this unseen and unknown enemy?
Abhay: Mom, We cannot handle this situation alone. Whenever Dad was in any trouble he used to consult with the Vampire Council. We will consult with the Vampire Council...they are ancient than us...Older than us... They are in this earth for ages... They will definitely have some solution or the other for this. Yeah Mom, We will talk with them. They will give us a solution for this...
Hasina: You are right! (Kabir tries to get a clear view of the Raichands. Suddenly his Mobile rings and he hides himself behind the tree switching it off. Abhay and Haseena looks at Kabir's direction after hearing sound of the mobile ringing).

PreCap: Hasina tells Abhay that there is only one remedy for the wounds on Chand and that is a drop of the Blood of the Werewolf. Abhay vows to save Chand by bringing the blood of the Werewolf.

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