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14th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 197) Abhay tells Haseena that he would be Pia’s Angel and protect her from all evil and dangers

Piya tells the Guys that they will have a nice date
Episode 197 starts with Jay telling Pia to choose any one of the 4 Guys as her Date. Pia thinks, 'Oh No Jay, I will not let you win this game'. Pia smiles.
Pia: Wow Jay! I like all the four. You paid for them, right? How much did you pay?
Jay: Guess...Thousands Pia, thousands seriously!
Pia: Only thousands? It should have been ten of thousands...I mean you know my dates are very expensive. But you are my friend, right? You paid for it. So sweet! One minute...let me check them out. (Jay looks at Pia open mouthed. Pia goes to the Guys while Jay watches)Hi boys! (She appreciates all the Guys one after the another touching them)You know Jay I think I will go with all the 4 of them. (Pia walks to Jay and stands in front of him)
Jay: Think of it Piya. So far no girl has even talked to these Guys properly. They will jump on you...
Pia: Oh Come on Jay. You are my friend and you spend this much money. So I can do atleast this much for you. It's Okay! Bye... I have to get ready... (Pia turns and walks to the Guys) So Guys, Today we are going to have a nice date...Love you Boys...Get ready and come...Bye!(Jay looks annoyed) I owe it to you Jay, Thank you so much! Bye Boys! (Pia blows flying kisses to the boys you are happy and goes from there. Jay looks angry and irritated)
Jay shows Pia a bunch of geeks to select from as her date
At the Dobriyal House Madhu and Arnab is in the Hall. Arnab is talking on the Phone while Madhu is looking at some jewelry. Panchi walks in. Madhu sees her and calls her near. Panchi sits next to Madhu on the Sofa. Madhu tells her that she has taken all Jewelry from the Bank Locker for her and that Arnab has asked to make 2-3 more Jewelry sets. Madhu tells Panchi that Dipannita is so happy with the engagement that she wants to set an earlier date for the wedding. Madhu tells Panchi that they should start shopping for the wedding. Panchi thinks, 'Oh Momma...How can I break your dreams?' Madhu keeps a necklace on Panchi's neck telling that it is a family heirloom which belonged to her grand Mother and asks Arnab how Panchi looks with the Jewelry. Madhu tells that Panchi looks like a Queen and that she looks so beautiful wearing the necklace. Madhu then tells Panchi that they wish to give her a Europe Tour as Honeymoon Gift and asks her Opinion. Panchi says in mind, 'Don't see this much dreams Momma. Even if I say yes this wedding cannot happen. Neel will break this engagement. Then not mine your hearts will break.Oh God! How will I handle this'.
Abhay tells Haseena that Pia is his reason to live
At the Raichands Residence somewhere out of Dehradun Haseena is speaking to Abhay who is seated on a Chair. Abhay's face is not visible. Haseena is standing in front of Abhay talking to him.
Haseena: You can't even imagine how happy I am that you are back. Pia saved you... her love is true Abhay...Otherwise nobody could have saved you from that Ice Grave. Abhay, I bought you here from there but it is your love who saved you. Go Abhay...Tell Pia that you have come back.
Abhay: No Mom! Pia has started her new life. She has learned to live without me. Let her live. You know who else was in the Jungle? (Abhay's face is shown. Abhay recalls the howling of the Wolves) They know that I am back and now they will follow me. Pia got saved from my cursed life once but I cannot put her into trouble again and again. I am a Vampire... a blood sucking creature... I stayed underneath the eyes for years...neither could I die nor could I live. Piya is a happy life and I the darkness of death. The Morning of life and darkness of death cannot meet. The one who does not have a heart can never be in love.
Haseena: Doesn't Pia know whom she loved? Piya loves you Abhay...only you! Her heart beats for you. Your heart is dead but still Pia is your heartbeat.
Abhay: Then this heart beat is not acceptable to me...this love is not acceptable to me... Pia is not acceptable to me... (Haseena comes near Abhay and kneels in front of him faces him at the same level. They stare at each other)
Haseena: How easily you said that Pia is not acceptable for you...her heartbeats are not acceptable for you...You are an animal... a blood sucking monster...but may be you have forgotten how much this animal loves Piya. Her love gave you a new life...gave you light. That girl has the power to show light to your darkness. She has the power to give life to your dead body. Your existence is nothing without that girl...And hers without you... What do you think Abhay? Will you be able to forget her? Will you be able to live without her? No Abhay! You know the story of the Candle and Butterfly? The butterfly knows that the candle would burn her but still she goes near. Keep your fear away and go back with me to Dehradun. Your life is in that City... your breathe is there...your heartbeat is there...I will handle everything. We will tell that we went out for some reason and now we are back.
Abhay: Life...I will not go!
Haseena: By staying here you won't be able to forget her. Abhay, I cannot see you in this condition. You are willing to die everyday in her memories but not her love... (Abhay gets up and walks a few steps)
Abhay: Pia is the reason for my life. She gave me a new life. She considers me her angel. So from today this Vampire...this monster...will stay her angel. I will protect her from every bad thing, sadness and trouble. From today onwards I will not be with her but would be near her. Angels don't think about themselves. From today I will only think about her...will only live for her...(Abhay closes his eyes)

Pia is standing in the room and the wind blows rising the window curtains. Misha is sleeping on the Cot. Pia feels a familiar calling from the Jungle. Pia walks to the window and gazes out for a minute. She then closes the windows.

At the Jungle Jay (His face is not shown) is sitting near the Ice Grave. Jay puts his hands in the water in the grave. He then gets up extending his hands on sides and says, 'I was waiting for long for you to come out of this Ice Abhay. I was waiting! (There is the howling of a wolf on the background) This Ice could have enslaved you Abhay but could not have killed you. But now I will kill you Abhay. I will end you Abhay...It's going to be me Abhay. I will erase your entire existence...fully! I will finish you...(Jay reflection on the water is shown)A Vampires death in a Werewolf's hand...Our ages of enmity will end now... Abhay, You got buried in the Ice grave because of one love and you got freed by the touch of another love. But now I will finish you Abhay...and you will never be able to come back...Never! And with you death will start the Vampires defeat and the victory of us Werewolves. (Jay transforms and howls. Only the silhouette of the back is visible. He then comes to his human form.He keeps howling)

Abhay and Haseena are sitting and talking.
Hasina: You are weak Abhay. You need not this Blood Abhay but the blood of a fresh prey. We have to go fast to the Jungle and hurt for prey...for us to bring our strength back...But the wolves are there waiting for us. And this time...they won't leave us... And you know that these wolves are in human form and stay among the humans. They can attack on us anytime and anywhere.
Abhay: I know Mom! From the time I killed that Werewolf the entire werewolves and their clan are behind me. And they would keep following me till they take revenge on me. And in between all this Piya's life is in danger...because probably they know that Pia released me... And because of that they may cause Pia harm. So I need to protect Piya. When I feel that Pia is fully safe and does not need any protection
I will go from here. In fact, we will go from here. Anywhere far...forever! And till then this wolves can try their level best to search me but they would not be able to find me.

Panchi is combing her hair in front of the Mirror. She thinks, 'What is all this happening with me...and this Neel...he was crazy behind and and now what happened to him suddenly? For what is he punishing me for? For not loving him? I don't believe it! I feel that he was telling all that yesterday in anger. Today I will remind him that he really loves me... and will ask him to leave me for the sake of love...and free me from this engagement. (Panchi recalls Neel telling her that the problem is with her because of which no guy stuck to her. She recalls Neil reminding her of her 2 love failures and telling her that he would dump her this third time) No way! I know... A Guy like Neel would not stoop to this level to hurt me. He is a little clingy but I will make him understand that he should leave me.

Madhu calls Panchi. Panchi comes to the Kitchen asking, 'What's for Breakfast?' Madhu tells her, 'Warm water and Honey'. Madhu tells that some designer dresses have come and Panchi must slim a little to fit into them. Panchi tells her that she is used to taking corn flakes in the morning otherwise she would feel giddiness. Madhu seizes the Corn Flakes bowl from Panchi and tells her that in 2 days she will get into the habit of taking warm water and honey.
Panchi: Mom this is getting too far (They then hear Neel's voice, 'Mom, let her eat'. Neel comes to the Kitchen. Madhu is happy seeing him and tells Neel that in order to fit into the ghagra matching his Sherwani Panchi has to lose some weight. Neel agrees and Praises Madhu and tells, 'Auntie you are so hot and Panchi you are not'.
Panchi: If I am not hot, why are you marrying me? Why not cancel it?
Neel: In my family foodies are okay (Neel takes the bowl of Corn flakes from Panchi who had taken it back from Madhu. Madhu is amused seeing it and advices him not to say 'fat' about his wife and otherwise he would be in trouble. Arnab comes hearing it and tells that the base of a relationship is base don how many compliments was given to the wife. Arnab takes Madhu from there. Neel takes the cornflakes bowl and honey water for Panchi and sits on the dining table. Panchi tells Neel that she will break the engagement in her own terms and would not let him come near her)
Neel: Really Panchi? (Neel pours milk on cornflakes) Do you think that after all this happening I want to come close to you? (Neel's mobile rings and Panchi looks at the Caller ID)
Panchi: Sana?
Neil: Hmm Sana...
Panchi: How do you know Sana?
Neel: So you want to know How and to what extent I know Sana...(Neel picks up the call and talks, 'Hello...yes baby...Of course I am meeting you...Yeah, I will see you'. He cuts the Phone)
Panchi:Are you not ashamed to make plans with other girls in front of me?
Neel: Isn't that cool Panchi? Anyways (he gets up) I will see you at night. You should know what Panchi...only drink lemon water. You know why? Because Sana may be elder to you...but is slimmer... you won't be able to compete with her...(Neel walks from there. Panchi stands there in anger)

Madhu sees Neel going and stops him. He tells that he has to meet a friend and would meet at dinner. He bids goodbye to Arnab and Madhu and leaves. Panchi thinks, 'What does he think of himself? Tonight at dinner I would break this engagement'. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Piya confronts Misha.
Pia: How many lies you told me Misha? How much did you lie to me?
Misha: What are you talking about? And what lie did I tell?
Pia: About Abhay and me the entire city knows. They say we were meant to be a Couple. They say that we were very happy. Abhay loved me a lot and He was a good Guy...and how much lies you told me about him...What place is there for him in my heart you tried to erase it...Misha, what's wrong with you? All my memories are gone... and you...my sister...my best friend...you lied to me? How will I trust anyone? Tell me...

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