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15th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 198) Pia confronts Misha regarding her Relationship with Abhay Raichand198

Dobriyals and Khurana's meet for Dinner
Misha is cutting her hair in front of the Mirror. Piya pushes the door open and walks in. Misha gets startled and tells Pia,' What the Hell! Don't you know to knock the door and then come in? I mean what if along with my hair the skin of the hand also come out?'
Pia: It would have been good. At least you would have got some intelligence.
Misha: Oh...Pia baby is angry?
Pia: Yeah...And with you...
Misha: What? What did I do?
Pia: How much did you lie to me Misha?
Misha: What are you talking about? What lie did I say?
Pia: The entire city knows about Abhay and me...they say we are meant to be a Couple...they say we were very happy and Abhay loves me a lot...and He was a good Guy...What all lies you told me about him? You tried to erase the place I have in my heart for him. Misha what is wrong with you? All my memories are gone. And best friend...and if you tell me lies what would happen Misha? How will I trust anyone? Tell me!
Misha: Pia please calm down...People tell anything...
Pia: And pictures? Photos also tell lies Misha? Has the entire city gone mad that they are imagining Abhay and my affair?
Misha: You know what Pia? What you want to believe you believe... You feel that a random stranger is telling you the truth and I, your sister...your Parents... all are telling lies? If there is any confusion in your head don't take that anger on us. And just think about it...Why would we tell you lies? And who is this stranger... who is this person who is supposedly telling you the truth? You must be really really to believe them. You know what Pia? What you want to believe it... I am tired of this! I don't have a remedy for your problem...
Pia: whatever! (Pia goes from the room. Misha is angry and wonders who the person is who is telling Abhay's Story to Pia. Misha takes her College bag and leaves the room)

Maya is walking through the College Corridor. Misha comes from the opposite side. Maya sees Misha and screams in excitement calling her name.
Misha: Oh my God Maya... (Misha runs to her and the girls hug) Did you rejoin the college? Are you staying in this City?
Maya: Misha, you have not changed at all. You are such a brat. Anyways, I have come to meet Pia. We have a Coffee date...
Misha: Oh... So you are the culprit... You told Pia about Abhay, right?
Maya: What about Abhay?
Misha : Come here (Misha tales Maya near the pillar) When you met Pia did you tell Pia that Abhay and she was a couple etc...?
Maya: yeah! I mean to say that... I was just thanking her. Misha, during my pregnancy time both helped me so much...I was thanking her. So Piya called me here to talk to Abhay and all...
Misha: Okay...Listen Maya... You would not tell Pia anything about Abhay, Okay?
Maya: What? What do you mean?
Misha: Okay... Last year Pia lost her memory in an accident. She does not remember anything. In fact she is my sister and studies in this College. She does not know anything about Abhay. She has forgotten about him. In fact we don't know where Abhay is. So it is useless to remind her of the painful memories.
Maya: Oh Misha... This much all happened and I did not know anything about it...
Misha: Don't worry about it...the matters are still not out of hand.
Maya: Misha, That day I told so much to Pia...
Misha: I will handle it. Don't worry about it, okay? Where are you meeting for Coffee?
Maya: HotsColds
Misha: HotsColds... Okay, you carry on and I will take care of everything else...
Maya: Okay...Sorry...
Misha: Not a problem! (Maya bids Bye to Misha and leaves from there)

Maya is seated in a Restaurant.Misha is sitting with her back hidden from view. Misha gives Maya some instructions. Piya walks in. Maya greets her and invites her to sit. Piya sits on the opposite chair.
Pia: Thank you! Maya, Thank you so much for coming! I mean you know so much about my past and I my memory is lost so if you could help me that would be great.
Maya: Sure Pia! Ask away...
Pia: Maya, That day you were telling about Abhay and me that we were together? (Misha prompts Maya, 'You were together, the Perfect Couple. Then you came to know about Abhay's truth')
Maya: You were together, the perfect couple... (Pia smiles) And then you came to know about Abhay's truth (Pia's smile fades).
Pia: What? But Maya that day you were telling something else... (The waiter comes and asks Misha if she wants anything with Coffee and she tells him, ' Go from here...Go!'
Maya: Go from here... Go!
Pia: Maya, You want me to go from here?
Maya: No...No! Not you Pia...(Misha tells Maya to tell Pia that she came to know how much a big cheater Abhay is but did not want to repeat it to Pia and hurt her)
Actually I came to know that Abhay is a cheater and that he was cheating you. That's why I did not tell you Pia...
Pia: Maya listen... Are you Okay? Because you are looking very uncomfortable. If you want we can change the seats ...
Maya: No no No... Actually I love the seat. Whenever I come I always sit here. See there is a plant near the chair and flowers in it and... (Misha tells Maya, 'Shut up you idiot!') Shut up you idiot! (Maya taps on her head. Piya looks at her in confusion)
Pia: So you were telling me...
Maya: Basically I was telling you that Abhay was a big cheater. (Misha prompts, 'And he was abusive') And he was a user...
Pia: What? (Misha repeats, 'abusive')
Maya: Abusive...I mean he was very rude with you Pia... (Misha says, 'Good girl!')
Good girl! (Misha pinches Maya) I mean good grief...good grief...I mean he was very rude with you and when you came to know that he was cheating on you you broke up with him. After that I don't know anything. because I left the City...that's why... (Pia keeps her hands on head in frustration)
Pia: Oh God! What is wrong with me? How can I be so foolish? I even fought with Misha... She was right!
Maya: Ahhh Misha was right. I mean look, Abhay was a very good Guy but after sometime he became very bad.
Pia: Thanks Maya, I really have to go now. (Pia leaves from there. Misha and Maya leaves a sigh of relief. Then they give thumbs up to each other. Misha mutters, 'Mission successful!')

Neel is sitting and reading something. Jay enters the room.
Jay: Congratulations! Finally Neel Khurana hit a six! Not bad... (Jay pours a drink from the Bar counter)
Neel: As in?
Jay: As in your dream girl...Panchi Dobriyal! Finally your engagement happened...Now Happy?
Neil: yeah! I am very happy...not because Panchi Dobriyal became mine but because Now I will slowly slowly take all her happiness from her. (Jay keeps his drink on the counter and walks to Neel)
Jay: Wait wait wait...Something wrong! Neel, You liked Panchi then why all this?
Neel: Yeah, I liked her but she did not have any interest in me. She threw me like a use and throw tissue paper. But now... she will get the reward for her pride. So Neel Khurana will teach her what is the consequence of playing with someones feelings. (jay sits opposite Neel)
Jay: Listen Neel, I know that I am not a saint to talk to you on this. Flirting with a girl is a different matter but getting engaged with her and spoiling her life is a very different matter Neil. Neel what you are doing is wrong, don't!
Neel: You won't understand Jay! You cannot understand. I will break her just like how she broke my heart. That Panchi Dobriyal likes the dictate relationships...and now Neel Khurana will dictate her life...
Jay: No Neil No! I am again telling you what you are doing is wrong. And she is a Dobriyal, understand? And making enmity with a Dobriyal at this time can cost dearly for our Business Neel..., Do you understand? Don't do this!
Jay: You are telling this...
Neel: If they are Dobriyals we are Khurana's we will handle this... (Neil gets up and walks)
Jay: Neel, What you are doing is wrong. Don't do this... (Neel is climbing the stairs)
Neel: I really wish you understand jay. This girls only knows to make guys dance on their fingers. But I will show this Panchi Dobriyal...I mean Panachi Khurana... that what Neel Khurana is made of... She will do what I say. (Jay looks unhappy)

Madhu is setting up the table for Dinner. Arnab comes and praises her about the arranges of dinner. Arnab tells her that he has stocked the Bar well also and that they would make an impression on the Khuranas. A House Staff informs that the Guests have arrived and the Dobriyals rush to welcome them.

The Guests and Hosts are seated in the room. Piya and Misha are standing. Dipannita tells Madhu, 'You did not leave anything to make this night special for us'. Arnab tells that it had to be special as it is their first family dinner together. Two people come carrying a huge packet and Dipannita tells, 'Last week I had been to a small gift..'. Panchi comes and sits next to Mrs Khurana after greeting her. Mrs Khurana compliments Panchi on her beauty. Dipannita tells neel that his choice is fabulous. Neel and Panchi looks at each other. Jay looks at Neel. Arnab goes to get drinks for all. The house staff comes and serves the drinks to all. Before going back to the room Arnab gives two small glasses of drinks for Misha and Pia. Misha and Pia says cheers to each other. Misha is unhappy with the drink and eyes at the Bottle in the Bar. Misha goes to the Bar while Pia goes away from there. Misha pours alcohol into a glass. Jay gets up from there and walks to the next room. Misha says, 'Cheers Misha' and consumes the alcohol.

Jay enters the room and sees Pia who is standing and doing something by the dining table with her back on him. Her back is exposed as she is wearing a backless type of top. Jay looks at her and walks slowly towards her. He says in mind, 'Calm down Jay, calm down... You cannot think of Pia like that. You hate her. Just remember this... forget everything... Stop looking at her...' Pia turns and sees Jay. They look at each other. Pia again continues what she was doing at the table. Jay is now almost near her. He tells in mind, 'Jay, stop being a fool.(He closes his eyes) Don't fall in love with Piya even by will be the biggest fool alive...Don't!' Misha comes there and gives alcohol to Jay.
Misha: So tell me Jay. This family gatherings feel very boring to me...what about you?
Jay: Yeah... for me too
Misha: Ahh...Something in common. Cheers to that! (They touch there glasses and drink the alcohol in one gulp. Piya looks at Jay and he too looks at her. Misha notices this. Pia walks from there. Jay feels embarrassed the way he looked at her and closes his eyes. Misha takes the glass from him)
Jay and Misha gets friendly over drinks
Piya goes and sits near Dipannita. She then questions her on why she is building the Studio in the midst of the Jungle.
Dipannita: No, Harming the Jungle is not my intention. In that area of the forest there are many animals and poisonous plants which are dangerous for the humans. So we thought why not set up a good studio there. And left is the forest preservation thing, let's leave it to others.
Pia: This is good. First we throw the Jungle animals from their own home and then we declare them dangerous for humans.But we do not realize that we only got them out of their homes.
Madhu: Pia...What are you talking dear?
Dipannita: Not at all Madhu. Let us also know what the youth thinks...and whatever we are doing we are doing for them... And talking of ecobalance...These all things look good in books only. In the real world it is different you is the survival of the fittest... If we do not enter the animal's homes they would enter our homes...It is said because of that humans are the most dangerous animals. (Pia opens her mouth to say something but Madhu stops her by telling, 'Pia, please look if the Dinner is served or not'.Pia gets up and goes from there)
Jay tells that there is nothing to be seen in Piya
Misha and Jay are talking.
Misha: So Mr Jay, What sort of girl you want? I mean in college the gossip mills say that girls line up waiting for you and that you have no time from breaking hearts. So tell me dude...what are you waiting for?
Jay: Well...You know what? So far I have not met any girl who have impressed me that much. Someones eyes is good...someones hair is good (Pia hears the conversation and stops)someones lips is know what I mean? (Jay and Misha smiles)
Misha: Ahh...Okay!
Jay: That's it, So... (Pia comes in front of them)
Pia: Guys like you cannot stay with one girl.
Jay: Excuse me!
Pia: You Guys roam around trying to be Heroes. Actually you Guys are scared that some girl will break your heart. So you break their heart...It's really sad that you Guys don't give a chance for true love.
Misha: And the war begins! Round number one...tring!
Jay: Nice theory! It is not that I am scared. It is just that no girl is worth...simple!
Pia: Actually your eyes are closed...Open your eyes!
Jay: Trust me Dobriyal...There is nothing to see (Misha opens her mouth in amazement seeing Pia indicating herself and Jay's response)The girls who date me is their choice and I dump is my choice...
Pia: Poor Girls! They don't know how bad their choice is...what sort of Guy they are dating...Or it should be that their standards are low. (Piya walks from there)
Jay: What is wrong with this girl? Seriously... Is she mad?
Misha: Time for another drink, Come! (Jay follows Misha)

At the Raichands Home Haseena and Chand are talking.
Haseena: There is no use getting angry at me. I am just giving the message, That's it!
Chand: Haseena, Abhay is no one to take a decision about us. We have to go away from here. He is with us because of Pia... and once again we cannot put us in trouble because of Piya. There is no discussion, we have to leave!
Haseena: I won't tell this to him. Why don't you tell him yourself?
Chand: Look Haseena, I am not scared of Abhay. Whether he wishes or not, we must leave. Is that clear? (Chand gets a call on his mobile and he attends it. After the call finishes Haseena asks Chand if everything is okay). The news of Abhay's return has spread everywhere. The Wolves are camped at Dehradun to take revenge on him. We are at war...
Haseena: No... We will go from here. I will make arrangements to go from here in an hour.
Chand: No Haseena! We will not go anywhere. We have got instructions to stay here and fight with the Wolves.We have to fight! (They hear the howling of wolves on the background)This is the cost we have to pay for love. (Episode ends)

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