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8th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 192) Abhay helps Pia Dobriyal to prove Tanushree Ambolker wrong

Piya tells Tanushree that she would go to Jail for misleading Police
Episode 192 starts with Pia Dobriyal walking through the Hospital corridor along with the Lawyer. Pia recalls the accident. She recalls her sitting by Neel and shouting for help and no one coming for assistance. She thinks, 'T is telling lie. Buy why is she doing it? Does she hate me that much? What would she gain? How will I prove her wrong ? Someone help me!' Pia suddenly hears the voice and she stops. The voice tells her, 'Pia, Talk to Dr Khanna. Ask the exact time of the accident. Ask where he was at that time.'
Lawyer: Pia, Are you alright? (Pia nods and thinks, 'This voice... Who is he? An angel? An angel who always comes to help me. In the Road also it was this same voice. This voice helped me in saving Neel'. She remembers getting panicked when she could not find water in the Car and the voice speaking to her to get the water from the Jungle. She thinks, 'This voice had helped me that time. Who are you?' ) Come on Pia. We have to go to the Police Station and make inquiries. (Pia ignores it asks a nurse, ' Have you seen Dr Gaurav Khanna?' The Nurse points to Dr Khanna)

Pia and the Lawyer reaches in front of Dr Gaurav Khanna's Cabin.
Lawyer: Pia, Why have we come to meet him?
Pia: I don't know. But I know that he can help us. (Pia walks into the room while the Lawyer waits outside)
Pia: Excuse me Sir...Hi Sir...My name is Pia Dobriyal. Neel Khurana's accident happened with my vehicle. I bought him to the Hospital.
Dr Khanna: Oh that is really great... You did a sensible thing. He is much better now. We will discharge him today itself.
Pia: Thank you so much Sir! Sir, Do you know Tanushree Ambolker?
Dr Khanna: Of course I know her.
Pia: She is the main witness of the accident.
Dr Khanna: Accident?
Pia: Sir...
Dr Khanna: What did you say....accident? When did it happen?
Pia: Yesterday
Dr Khanna: Yesterday? How can that happen? Because yesterday Tanushree was sitting with me at my Hospital... and that too from evening 5'0'clock to night 9'0'clock. And when Neel Khurana was bought here after the accident to the Emergency room she was sitting with me. I am sorry but for the accident she can't be the witness because she was not there.
Pia: No sir, I am sure that is Tanushree Ambolker. Thank you so much Sir!
Dr Khanna: You are welcome! (Piya walks to the lawyer and they walk together through the Hospital Corridor)
Pia: That's what we need. Tanushree is lying! Doctor's statement would prove me innocent. Tanushree also would know what the punishment could be for taking the law in hands. You please go and ready the papers.
Lawyer: Okay! (He goes from there. Piya thinks, 'Whom to thank? Who would have known this? I would not have known that Dr Khanna and T was together if that voice would not have told me. (Piya feels a familiar presence) I know you are some where here. Who are you? Where are you?'

T's House. Calling Bell rings and T opens the door. T sees Neel standing by the door with a Bandage around his head.
T: You? What are you doing here? They left you this fast from the Hospital?
Neel: I need to talk to you T
T: About what?
Neel: You went to Police... and you told them that at the time of the accident you were there? Really T? This big a lie...why? You got a foolish... love sick fool guy to use to your advantage? To take your revenge on Panchi and Pia... You used me T, but not anymore...Because now I know the truth. I will now go to the Police and change my statement. Because now... I know the truth!
T: Neel... Neel you are not as dumb as you look. And don't you know that I was on your side...really? What did I say? Panchi will come and meet you. Did she not come?
Neel: No T. Not Panchi but Pia came to me. And she made me realize how wrong I was. I mean...If I had to get Panchi all I had to do was be with Pia...That's it! And waht did I do? I went against her...Not anymore I am going to be with Pia and that's how Panchi will like me. You better watch! (Neel turns to go from there)
T: And you easily accepted defeat? These are Dobriyal sisters...Both made you dance to their tunes. There is Piya who made friendship with you and made you change your statement and now she will be free. And now you don't need to do any promise to Panchi...Simple! Don't you see Neel that I am on your side and there is nothing in it for me. It doesn't matter to me. If you had to get Panchi you should have threatened her using Pia but you along with your statement took the threat back too!

Piya enters the house looking happy and excited.
Pia: Momma, You won't believe what happened.
Madhu: Whatever happened would have been good. See the smile...You are looking so happy.
Pia: Not just happy Mom...super happy! (Arnab comes to the Hall) You know...T was telling lies. She was not present there during the accident.
Madhu: T giving statement to Police... but why?
Pia: Anyway Mom. T's statement is it does not matter!
Madhu: But why did T tell lies?
Pia: Because Mom she is like that! T told everyone that she saw the acident with her own eyes. But Dr Khanna said during the accident she was with him in his Cabin... So T was plain lying...imagine that?
Arnab: She is not only telling lies...but playing with the law...and she will pay for it! She will get punishment...she will be behind bars... But what is important is that you have been cleared. And I am very happy about it. One Second...(Arnab gets busy with the phone)
Madhu: that's great Pia. I will get the food served. I am sure you must be hungry, right? (Misha come to the Hall and is happy hearing the news. She sits on a chair. Pia sits too)
Misha: This is great. I told everyone that T should be kept closed in the Zoo...she is a snake... Saw it?
Pia: I saw everything Misha. T told me before the memory loss I was a poor charity case. Not any more Misha! She does not know whom she has declared war with. Now she would know what is the punishment for telling lies. And she deserves it!
Misha:! My warrior sister... You just promise me one would end T..., promise? You know what? You deserve a medal for that. I will steal a medal from Panchi's medals and bring... (Misha gets up and goes. Pia laughs)
Arnab: I have talked...They will handle T and also take your statement.
Pia: Anytime Dad...against T...anytime...
Arnab: You tell me something... How did you know that she was with Dr Gaurav Khanna?
Pia: Some luck and some guess work...
Arnab: Nice guesswork!
Pia: Thank you! (Pia thinks, 'I don't know who you are and where you are...But you are the answer to all my confusions in life. If you are helping me...why? If you are are calling me towards the Jungle again and again...why? Who are you and what are you hiding from me? Oh God... Are you the one who is in the midst of the Jungle underneath the Ice? can that happen?
T tells Pia that she would not leave her
The Next day at Mount College Campus. T and her Bimbo's are standing at the Campus with many students around them. She remarks, 'Paris Hilton also would not have jumped and driven like our Pia darling'. T narrates how Pia hit Neel with her Car. She tells the students that Neel only did the mistake of loving Panchi Dobriyal and the two sisters schemed to murder him. T tells the students that the Dobriyal sisters are dangerous. Pia and Tracker comes there.
Pia: Why did you stop T? Tell everyone your story. I am wondering from where she got the story...from any novel or any movie...? And when you are telling the story you saw with your own eyes to everyone also tell what you were doing when I was doing the accident intentionally? (Misha and Angad comes there) You were standing and watching? Why did you not stop me? And after the accident why did you not take the accident victim to Hospital? T...T is so great that how could you watch me do the accident? How could you survive it? When I...Neel's murderer... was taking him to the Hospital...why you didn't help me?(Pia raises her voice) Why didn't you help me T?
T: How dare you?
Pia: T, I think your story is short and meaningless like your name. So sad... I think T did not think of its ending. T, you lied to me. You lied to Neel and to the Police. Girls and Boys, (Pia points to T) This is Miss Dangerous! Her preoccupation is to make the small petty fights of College big...and send her enemies to Jail. I mean she plays big games! Finally T...I remembered...I met your friend. Dr Khanna...he was remembering you. You know what he told me? You were in his cabin from evening 5'0'clock to night 9'0'clock. I mean the funny part is that you came to know about the accident when I bought Neel to the Hospital. And someone called for Dr Khanna. So strange...right Misha? What a coincidence... (T calls Pia names and charges on her)
T: How dare you?
Pia: T... You have shown your colors to people here... now keep something for the Police also. I am going to give my statement and Dr Khanna has already given his statement. This is called forgery. Now you will know Miss Ambolker what would be the punishment for telling lies in front of law. And T...Now it won't be Paris Hilton or Me...but You will go to jail. (Misha, Tracker and Gang shouts, 'Go to jail...Go to jail...Go to Jail'. Kabir comes there)
Kabir: Stop it!
Misha: Go to Jail...
Kabir: Shut up Misha... What is wrong with you Guys? Are you children? You know what? You guys are unbelievable! T, Just ignore them okay...Let's go! (Kabir catches T's hands)
Misha: Listen Kabir!
Kabir: Enough Misha... I don't want to hear anything else , okay? (Kabir holds T's hands and walk from there. Barbie and Skipper follows. The other student disburses leaving Misha and Pia standing there).
Panchi tells Neel that she does not want to date him
Neel is leaning on to the side of his Car waiting for someone. A Car comes and Panchi gets down.
Neel: Panchi...
Panchi: Neel, Before you start off let me tell you that I have read T's false statement. Everyone knows that T is a liar and you supported her. Now we even have proof. Piya is cleared off the offense. But you joined with her and schemed against me... And what did you think? You will get me by doing all that?
Neel: Panchi, It was a mistake...
Panchi: yes, It was a mistake! You are so right... And your punishment is that... what ever was left between us is also finished now. Neel, I don't even want to see your face. i don't want to date it. Get that clear...
Neel: Panchi, I swear I did not know that T is playing such a big game with me.
Panchi: Listen Neel...You attacked my family...Whatever place was there for you in my heart is gone now. I told you that if you change your statement against Pia I would become yours. But now there is no need for any of that because now T is been caught...and you are left all alone (Panchi turns and gets into her Car)
Neil: But Panchi...Listen to me... Panchi, you cannot do this. (Panchi drives the car away) Panchi...
Kabir requests Pia not to put any case against Tanushree
Misha and Pia are walking through the College campus. Misha is angry at Kabir.
Misha: I am his best friend and just like that he betrayed...
Pia: T is his girlfriend. He was just trying to protect her...that's all...
Misha: See I am his best friend and T time pass and rubbish, okay? He shouted at me... I will see Kabir! (Misha rushes from there in anger)
Pia: Misha, wait! (Kabir comes running to Pia)
Kabir: Pia, Please...I need to talk to you...
Pia: Yeah... (Both of them sits on a bench on the Campus)
Kabir: Look Pia, I don't have any rights to ask you for help. But please...take the statement back from Police... On the basis of your statement they will arrest T. I know you have a big heart. Please don't do any case against T. On the basis of Dr Khanna's statement you would be free but T... her life would be ruined and I don't want that. Please tell your Papa not to put any case against her.
Pia: Kabir, What are you saying? I mean...Did T threaten you? You know what you are doing?
Kabir: This is called love Pia...I love her and I do not wish that her life gets spoiled...And only you can save her. Please Pia...Please save her!
Pia: Okay Kabir! But Kabir, If there is anything you are not telling me now you can tell me any other time... I am right here, Okay?
Kabir: Thanks Pia! I knew I can depend on you... (Pia smiles at him. Kabir smiles and goes from there. Pia thinks, 'Oh No! I had to reach the Jungle before it is dark').

Piya is walking through the Campus talking to Arnab on Phone.
Pia: Hello Papa
Arnab: Hello Pia... I made all the paper...only your signatures are needed.
Pia: Papa, I don't wish to sign any papers. I don't want to take any action against T. I don't want to teach her a lesson. My name is cleared and I think that is enough for me.
Arnab: Okay...Of course... Can I say one thing? That is a very matured thinking. You are thinking good. You are not talking of revenge but of forgiveness. That's very nice! Don't worry...We will end the matter here. You come home fast... There is a Party... There is some new people in town... We have to meet them, Okay? We need to go there...
Pia: Papa...I have a small work... After that I will come straight home...
Arnab: Okay! (Pia cuts the Call. She thinks, 'How will I recognize you? Am I hearing you or is my mind playing with me. If you are underneath the ice, how are you talking to me? Are you not an ordinary human? Who are you? (She recalls the torn photograph) That photo...that eyes...I know! But how? From where? What is the importance of that eyes in my life? (Pia looks at Abhay's picture on her mobile) This familiar it looks. It is as if I don't remember any other face. I know you are my angel...who comes again and again and saves me. Who you are? I don't know! Why? I don't know. But I do know that I will find you. This Jungle has always pulled me towards it. Now I know why... Maybe underneath the Ice you are waiting for me... and I am coming!'

At the Jungle the ice on top of Abhay's face is melting. Pia gets down from the Car and runs towards the Forest. She is startled to see lights and people there. She shouts, 'Excuse me! What is happening here?'
Engineer: Mam, A Studio is going to be built here and we are discussing the plans.
Pia: But for God's sake this is a Jungle and you cannot do that...
Engineer: Mam, If you have any problem you can talk to the owner of Excel Builders because we already have got permissions to build studio. In 2 days this entire place would be cleared...
Pia: No, You can't do this Okay?
Engineer: Madam, Go from here and let us do our work. We have already got the permissions.
Pia: I will stop you... (The Engineer goes back to his colleagues) Just stop! (Pia looks at the Board which says 'Property owned by Excel Builders'. Pia thinks, 'I know that you are underneath the Ice. I know that the answers to all my Questions are with you. And I will get you out of there. But how?') Episode ends

PreCap: Arnab is talking on Phone to Pia who is sitting on her Car, 'That Old Bunglow...which is in the middle of the Jungle which was sold just now...Ask anyone... Excel Builders bought it just now...'
Pia: Papa, I am reaching...
Arnab: Okay, You come soon! We are waiting...
Pia: Bye Papa... (Pia drives her Car from there. Someone watches her as she goes)

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