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10th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 194) Abhay stops Pia from being kissed by Jay Khurana

Jay seduces Piya and almost kisses her
Episode 194 starts with Jay's Mother Dipannita Khurana introducing Jay to the Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal as her younger son. Jay shakes hands with Arnab and Madhu.
Dipannita: He is one of the popular Business Men in this City. Am I right?
Madhu: Dipannita, Meet my daughter Pia (Misha and Pia goes near them)Pia dear, This is Mrs Khurana.
Pia: Hi! (Mrs Khurana acknowledges her greeting)
Madhu: And my big daughter Panchi should be somewhere here.(Misha is stunned that Madhu is not introducing her) I saw Mr Rathore somewhere I think she went to meet him.
Mrs Khurana: Hello Piya, How are you?
Piya: Good Auntie...
Dipannita: Pia, meet my son Jay...Jay, Pia...
Jay: Yeah...whatever!
Pia: Whatever! (Misha signals Madhu to introduce her. When she sees no response from Madhu she goes to her and takes her to one side)
Dipannita: You Guys know each other?
Jay: Of course Mom, I do! Same College...

Misha talks to Madhu.
Misha: Am I neighbors daughter?
Madhu: You feel good wearing such clothes to Party? Making us embarrassed... What did you think? We won't do anything? (Arnab notices the mother daughter interaction and smiles) Manner less! You have no respect for us...
Misha: What do I do? My Momma did not teach me manners in childhood. (Misha goes in anger from there. Madhu joins Arnab)
Mr Khurana: This Children! My elder son also should be somewhere here. In Parties youngsters cannot stick on to one place. But my Jay... He is a rock solid son. He just loves to help out. Come on... I will introduce you to my eldest son...
Arnab: Of course! (Mrs Khurana, Arnab and Madhu leaves from there)

Pia and Jay comes closer to each other
Pia: Listen you... You rock solid whatever...Why did you tell your Mom that you know me? I don't know you...alright?
Jay:You know what? I don't want to know you...
Pia: Of course you don't want to know me. Because I have no time for losers like you, alright? As a matter of fact there are many hot boys behind me...
Jay: Seriously? Hot? At least I am not among them...
Pia: Of course you are not among them because I am talking about hot boys... not you...
Jay: I think your weight should be like that of a KG kid...small...If you want to say some dialogue... use some high level one... What can be your level? nothing! Anyways, you models are not known for sense. You only need to know how to walk on the ramp, right? Miss Dobriyal (Jay touches her head with his finger) Your top floor is empty.
Pia: Listen... Don't touch me alright?
Jay: Oh sorry! Let me hug you...
Pia: Listen... Don't even try that!
Jay: Think about it! If Jay Khurana hugs you...Your reputation will increase in front of all in the party. My reputation would go down a little...but that is okay. I can do that much for you...sacrifice...
Pia: Your type of Guys...I
Jai: My type of Guys? Tell me what you want...
Pia: Damn you! Stupid... (Pia walks from there)

Mrs Khurana receives a phone call. She is happy to hear the news from the other end. She cuts the phone and addresses the Party.
Dipannita: Attention everyone...I welcome you all to this Party. I am happy that you all have come to share my happiness. Just now we got another reason to celebrate. Excel Enterprises is going to build a Studio in Dehradun. India's biggest studio! For that we got the northern Dehradun jungle area.And I would like to raise a toast to Excel Studio and you all...Cheers! (They all raise their glasses)
Arnab: Unbelievable! Dehradun's northern side is Jungle...They got the permission to clear the Jungle? How is it possible?
Madhu: Looks like they are very influential..
Arnab: This is not about influence Madhu. But this is an environmental issue. It is a serious matter. But this people got the permissions... I must say that they have some very good connections.
Madhu: Anyways, Panchi's marriage is going to be in a powerful family. I just hopes that she likes the boy.
Arnab: I hope she likes the Mother in law...She looks to be very strict.
Madhu: How much ever strict the Mother in law is in front of Panchi everyone melts... (Arnab and Madhu smiles) She is a wonderful girl. Everybody loves her...You know that...
Arnab: Of course!

Dipannita Khurana thinks, 'The Jungle has to be cleared tonight itself. I don't wish that the news spreads tomorrow and people start save trees mission. No! This work has to complete tonight itself'. Mrs Khurana makes a call to one Mr Khanna and instructs him to go to the building site immediately. Though at first he tries to say an excuse he had to agree to reach the Site. Dipannita thinks, 'I will rule this City...But before that I would have to accept the people in the City. Where is this Panchi?' Mrs Khurana spots Panchi talking to 2 Girls. She walks towards Panchi.
Dipannita: Panchi! Well well well...When people are praising you they are not telling lies. Whatever I heard about you is less.(Panchi smiles)Your Beauty...your upbringing...your style...I agree. People are telling the truth. You are lovely! And you stand true to your words...
Panchi: Thank you so much Auntie...
Dipannita: You know what? You should meet my son. I am sure how much I was impressed meeting you he also would be... (Dipannita notices Panchi's smile fading)
I pressures...Take your time. Get to know him. Then we will see...
Panchi: But Auntie...
Dipannita: Come on...You do not know have not met him..., is it not? So... don't delay...Meet now! He is there upstairs. Come on him! Come on dear. (Mrs Khurana gently pushes Panchi)
Panchi: Okay Auntie (Panchi climbs the stairs. She thinks, 'What nonsense is this. Escaped from Momma- Papa... Aunty caught...I don't want to do any arranged marriage. Let me see this loser... I will say no to him'

Panchi then sees Neel there.
Panchi: Oh God! Bloody loser! (She confronts Neel)
Neel: Panchi...
Panchi: What? You followed me and came here too? Who called you here? What is your problem?
Neil: Problem? You know the funniest part Panchi? You are my problem and also my Solution. I tried a lot to forget you...But could not...It is not happening Panchi!
Panchi: Here anyone else came other than you? (Neel nods no)Because I came to meet some Guy regarding some marriage proposal.
Neel: What? Panchi, You did not give me even one chance and now you are going to marry someone else?
Panchi: Will you shut up? I am fed up repeating again and again to you. How many times do I tell that I don't like you...I am not interested you. Why don't you just move on in life?
Neel: But Panchi...Move on...just like that? Go to some Party and make a new relationship? It is not that easy Panchi! At least not for me... You cannot do this to me Panchi... (Neel suddenly gets pain on his shoulders and he keeps his hand on shoulder. Panchi goes near him)
Panchi: Listen...Are you Okay? (Neel nods) Neel, You have to calm down. My Parents fixed this relationship. And I came here to tell that Guy that I am not interested. I wish to stay alone now. I don't want to be in any relationship. Not with that Guy...not with you...with no one... (Panchi goes from there)
Neel: Panchi...

Misha meets Kabir at the Bar Counter.
Misha: Cheers Man! (Kabir raises his glass)
Kabir: Cheers up! (Misha notices Kabir happy)
Misha: What is the matter dear you are looking happy...Looks like finally you left Dhannu...Good to you man...
Kabir: Stop it! If you want to talk nonsense about T...I am not interested okay?
Misha: Oh my God!
Kabir: Mish...I am serious. T is a good girl. She is so lovely.
Misha: Lovely like a snake...
Kabir: Enough! She really wants to be friends with you. She is sorry that she behaved badly with you. In fact she wants to be friends with Pia also...
Misha: Yeah...she also wants to go to the Moon. Your Girlfriend is telling lies ...You are falling for it...Idiot! (Misha turns and walks from there. Tanushree hugs her as Kabir looks on. Kabir smiles)
T: Hi Misha! (T keeps her hands on Misha's shoulders). We are friends from childhood, is it not? We get angry and make up with each other. But you know what? I don't want War...I want only peace... (T pinches on Misha's cheeks) Right Baby?
Misha: Dude...Is she drunk?
T: Come on Champ...She is trying...Make an effort...You also try (T blows a flying kiss to Kabir)
Misha: Okay! How are you Basanthi? (Misha pushes T and walks from there. T runs behind her)
T: Misha...Misha... How sweet you are (Tanushree puts a hand around Misha's neck and holds Misha's hand with the other hand) How funny your jokes are... (Misha pushes her away)
Misha: I am so sweet that sweetness is falling from me. You do one think wash your hands in this sweetness and give your new Manish Malhothra dress to me... as a humble friendship day gift. What say sweety pie? (Misha pinches T's both cheeks. T tries to say an excuse but Misha does not allow her. She tells that she would alter it) K was so right! How sweet you are...How cute... (Misha again pinches Tanushree's both cheeks) You are self less T... selfless! (Misha forcefully hugs T. Misha then asks for T's shoes also as it would compliment her rock star image. Piya comes there and watches the drama open mouthed. Misha sees Pia)
Misha: Pia...Pia...come here. How sweet T is and how generous. She was telling that her everything is ours and sharing is caring. So basically whatever is in her cupboard is ours.
T: Pia! Misha is telling that I want to apologize!
Pia: Oh!
T: Actually, I did a lot of wrong things with you and made you so sad. So, I just want to say sorry. I am changed now and I just want to be friends, okay? (Misha and Pia looks at each other not interested in the idea)
Pia: Yeah,of course!
T: You know what I was thinking...I will give you a treat tomorrow. It is my treat. We will go for a Movie and then we will go for Dinner at any favorite restaurant of yours. If you want I can cook for you also. And after that Girl's Pajama Party at my house and tomorrow morning we can go for Yoga also. My Guru will teach you Yoga...
Piya: You know T I feel that you made a years plan today itself so ... You know what? I will give you a call and we will coordinate on this... I will call you, okay?
Tanushree: Actually, I will call you, Okay? And I will send my Car to pick you up.
Pia: Excuse me! (Pia takes Misha to a side) What happened to her?
Misha: Dude...I think she is drunk. (The girls laugh. Misha and Pia waves hands at T. T waves back and thinks, 'Smile all you want sisters. Because T is going to erase your smile. Smile...Smile...')

Panchi bumps into Piya upstairs.
Pia: What is all this? Dobriyal sisters have this disease of bumping into each other or what? Why are you looking dull?
Panchi: Nothing! I am escaping with my life... This Party is full of losers! (Panchi walks from there)
Pia: What losers? Panchi... (Pia then sees Neil. She smiles at him.)Neel... Hi! How are you now?
Neel: Pia, I can't leave without Panchi... (Jay comes and stands behind Pia) I swear I can't (Neel walks away. Pia follows him but is stopped by Jay) Neel...Neel...
Jay: What Neel...what Neel eh? Did you see what your sister did?
Pia: Listen you freak! What do you think... Your Brother's plight is because of my sister? You know what? If your Brother can't accept the truth that is not our problem. And you know what? All of you are losers! This is a free country. If my sister does not like your brother what will you do? Put a case on us? Stop putting the blame of your mistakes on us!
Jay: You are also like your sister... (Pia spills her drink on her dress. She throws the rest of the drink on Jay's face)
Pia: Idiot! (Pia walks from there while Jay looks at his clothes. Suddenly his mobile phone rings. He looks at the Caller ID and then looks down to the Hall. The girl rings again but Jay cuts the call again. Jays says, 'What is Sanjana doing here? Girls... Don't they understand that I have no interest on them? How clingy you are...And on top of it my shirt... God! I hate this Party'. Jay leave from there.

The Officials come to the Icy Spot. Some workers are gathered around there. One Guy tells that they tried a lot to break the Ice but it is like steel and not breaking. The Official tells the workers that the job has to be done in the night itself and asks them to call for whatever equipment they need. The official looks at the Ice and thinks, 'How can this happen? How come this Ice is here?' He notices that the Ice is melting and gives instructions to dig from there.
Jay tells Pia to Stay away from him
Jay tells Sanjana that he and Pia are together
Pia and Jay about to kiss
Jay is in this room removing his shirt. He takes a white shirt from the cupboard and starts buttoning it cursing Pia. He goes near his washroom and Pia comes out screaming.
Jay: Hello! Why are you screaming this much? What are you doing in my Bedroom? Don't you understand when I say once...just stay away...
Pia: Listen you dirty mind okay?... I was cleaning my dress...Idiot! (Sanjana opens the door and comes in. She sees Pia and Jay with his shirt open)
Sanjana: Oh my God... Jay, you here in this Bedroom with some other girl? How could you do this to me? (Suddenly Jay hugs Pia) You cheat!
Pia: No!
Jay: Hi Sanjana! I already told you. There can be nothing between you and me (Pia tries to resist but Jay does not leave her and tells her, 'It's's okay') So...if you don't mind... And by the way this is Pia...I am now with her...(Jay hugs her. Pia again tries to resist but Jay tells her, 'Let Sanjana go... after that I am all yours') Thanks! (Pia tries to stop Sanjana but she goes away from the Room. Pia pushes Jay)
Pia: Leave me you dirty mutt...How dare you touch me? And why did you break that girl's heart and that too by taking my name? Are you not ashamed to break a girl's heart? Just because she likes you... Idiot!
Jay: Exactly! Just like your sister Panchi...right? And by the way Madam, the drama is over... You may Leave... Unless you want to stay here... you are most welcome..
Pia: Listen! You are not my type, Okay?
Jay: You know what? I cannot be your type also. Because your type would be idiots. If a Guy has at least some brains he would stay away from you. And by the way Dobriyal...and this excuse of stain... a lot of girls try to do that to get closer to me. SO let it be...
Pia: You know what? You have a lot of misconceptions about you. Do you think you have any effect on me you idiot? (Jay turns Pia to face him. He holds her close looking into her eyes)
Jay: No effect on you?
Pia: No! (Pia turns her face away. Jay turns her face towards her with his fingers and stares into her eyes. Jay runs his fingers slowly on the side of her face seducing her. Pia's expression softens and she closes her eyes raising her lips to be kissed by him as if in trance. Jay brings his lips closer to hers. Precisely at the same moment Workers at the Forest Site starts digging on the Ice. Suddenly Pia hears Abhay's voice, 'Pia'. Pia suddenly backs away as if snapped out of the trance created by Jay. The voice continues, 'I am going Pia'. Pia looks shocked) Episode ends.

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