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24th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 205) Hasina Raichand wins the bid at the Auction for Forest Land

Misha sees the Raichand Family
Episode 205 starts with Arnab Dobriyal going towards the stairs of the Hall and Pia coming to the Hall. Arnab sees Pia and greets her. Pia is trying to put the clasp of her chain.
Arnab: Good Morning! Where are you running of this early in the morning?
Pia: Hi Dad! I am going for a job. Dad just help me... I am not able to do it (Pia comes and stand with her back to Arnab)
Arnab: See this! All the daughters in this house are strange. The one who should run is going by Car and the one who should not be running is going running off.
Pia: Papa Come on! Mom also keep calling her fatty fatty Don't call Panchi like that. At least you don't start...
Arnab: Atleast by telling some change has happened. She has become a little slim, right?
Pia: Of course...(Arnab puts the chain into the clasp. Pia removes the hair from the back and puts it to the front. Arnab is shocked to see that the Vampire Breathe mark which he noticed at night is no longer there). Papa, Over?
Arnab: ha...yeah...
Pia: Okay! Thanks...Bye! (Pia goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'That sign...Where has that sign gone? It was there yesterday night...but today...' Arnab hurries to his Book shelf and takes the Vampire Book out. He goes and sits with the book on the chair and look into the page where it is written about Vampire breath. He reads, 'Vampire Breath...Dead human's shadow...If a Vampire touches a human this sign stays up to 4 hours on the human and vanishes on its own after that'. Arnab thinks, '4 Hours? That means Pia met some Vampire last night. No! How is it possible? Siddharth is dead. Or has he returned? Otherwise someone else? No! No... It cannot happen. Who is this Vampire? (Arnab thinks) A Vampire touched Pia? Yesterday Night... How can it happen? That danger had passed from our lives. But this... No! This time I will not let the shadow of a monster fall on my child. I have to stop any circumstances... (Arnab leans back on the Chair) But how? How? What will I do?' )

At the Auction hall a Guy makes the Announcement regarding the Auction of 27 Acres of Forest Land which goes till the Boundary wall of Mount College. Haseena thinks, 'This land I have to buy at any cost. This success is very essential for the return of the Raichands'. Dipannita talks to Jay, 'Jay, this Raichands will fight for this property a lot'.
Jay: I know Mom! But don't let them win.
Dipannita: Never! This property value would go up to 6 Crores which this Raichands would not be able to afford.
Jay: Yeah... (The Announcer of the Auction shows a slide show showing the 27 Acres of land in the Eastern Forest Area in Dehradun belonging to the Mount College Trust. Once the presentation is over the Bid begins with an opening bid of 4.5 crores. Hasina and Dipannita keeps outbidding each other. Dipannita bids 9 crores and Haseena raises the bid by .5 crores. Dipannita tells Jay, 'You know what? It is not worth it!' The land gets sold to Hasina Raichand for a price of 9.5 Crores. Every one including the Khurana's clap.)
Haseena: Congratulations Abhay! We are back! (Dipannita Khurana walks to the Hasina Raichand and is followed by Jay)
Dipannita: Congratulations! (Haseena smiles) But you know what? But you know what? By increasing the bid you made this deal costly. Looks like you do not know to bargain. The value of this Property is utmost 6 Crores. And buying it at a higher price you have made it a loss making proposition. That is why I did not increase the bid (Haseena is sitting on the chair cool and composed with a slight smile on her lips)because it is the Business protocol to know where to stop.
Hasina: You seriously think(Hasina gets up and faces Dipannita. Abhay also gets up)that I made a loss making transaction?
Dipannita: Of course!
Hasina: But the land I bought is on the way of the land bought by you. When the way from my land will be closed for you that day the value of my land will increase on its own. So I have benefited, right? Because when there is no way how will people reach your Studio? You have to give me toll tax for your Construction. You have to pay me tax for each brick. (Abhay is smiling while Jay is taken aback just like his Mom) So in that case, I got this land at a very cheaper price. Excuse me! (Haseena turns and walks from there. Abhay follows her)
Dipannita: Not so soon! Dipannita Khurana does not accept defeat this fast. Come... (Dipannita leaves from there followed by Jay who is looking unhappy).

At the Mount College Campus Kabir is calling students for an emergency meeting at the College Canteen. Kabir stands on top of a chair and addresses the students. Misha, Pia, Tracker, T, Barbie and Skipper - all have assembled around Kabir.
Kabir: Guys Listen up...Listen up! Guys, There is a bad news. Our College Authorities have sold the empty forest land belonging to the College. They have sold this properties for a few Rupees where they could have made a stadium, football ground or anything else for extracurricular activities. They have just sold it off.
Tracker: No way! What the hell...How can it happen?
Kabir: And on top of that they sold the 25 acres of forest area also (Students are shocked). There some Construction Company is going to start their construction. So Guys, what about the Forest? What about all that trees in the Forest? What about our environment? Will we allow these money hungry people to seize our legacy? (Students nod 'No') Till when? Till when will we tolerate our elder's selfishness and ruin our future? Guys, By next week from the land all the trees will be taken off. And we have to stop it. We have to protest against this...We will not let this happen! Khurana's Excel Builders Company has already ruined the Western Forest area. This land is of the College and we will not let this happen. We will not let then build a Cement mansion there. We will tell them and the College Authorities that we know very well to preserve our legacy. So what say Guys? Are we there?(The students say yes) Cool! Okay Guys... For doing all this we need to go with full planning...placards, street drama, costume, banners... we have to use all this. We will make a task force and divide the teams. So Guys, Let us go and save our land.( The students shouts 'Save our our land...')

Kabir is walking through the Campus and Tracker catches up with him. She tells him that she will design the Costumes for the Forest Rescue Mission. Trackers friend also comes there. Kabir tells her that he want the help of all students and asks Tracker to do a good job with the costumes. Tracker is excited and runs off from there along with her friend.

Misha and Pia comes near Kabir. Misha appreciates Kabir and tells him that she did not expect the leader type behavior from him.
Kabir: That is why judge less and work more
Misha: Okay, Tell me what work I have to do? (Kabir thinks) Tell... I mean do you want me on an aggression mode?
Pia: You know what? I feel that we have to protest at two places. One at the College land and the other at the Office of those who have bought the land. I mean I am sure there are rich otherwise they cannot buy the land atonce.
Kabir: That is what we need to find out. Other than the Khurana's who has bought the rest of the land? You know what Guys... You both find out who bought the rest of the land.
Misha : Yes Sir! (Misha gives Kabir a mock salute)
Pia: Okay, So let us do this...At the College Office it would be lunch break. We will go there and find out, okay?
Misha: Yes Mam (Misha salutes Pia. The Girls say Bye to Kabir and rushes from there. Misha keeps shouting 'Save the Jungle' on the way).

T comes there followed by her friend and hugs Kabir.
T: You should have been the President
Kabir: Thank you Baby!
T: Okay, You do your preparations, I am going. Okay, One remember about tomorrow's date, don't you?
Kabir: But baby, How can we go on a date tomorrow? I mean from tomorrow we have to start the Protests. All the College students are making Banners, Tracker is taking care of the Costumes...and in between all this if I go on a date how will it be?
T: That you should have thought before. And moreover, if Tracker is designing the Costumes T and her army will not wear the costumes. Baby, you should have used your brains. You could have asked me to design the Costumes... I would have done.
Kabir: Actually Baby, This thing came to my mind but...
T: Will the Press be there?
Kabir: Of course! I have told Dad and called the whole Press.
T: So it is fine! I will be this movements Chair Person and dress designer. This will be my first public launch. It will be so amazing. And tell Tracker that we don't need her anymore. (T kisses Kabir on his cheek) I am going to go get ready and... ( T goes from there with her friend talking to her. Kabir touches his hand on his cheek where Tanushree kissed him and says, 'How sweet'. He then looks up and goes from there).

Tracker and T both are busy with their preparations of the Costume and dress up their Models.

Misha and Pia comes in front of the Office Room. There is a Board on the door in which it is written lunch time 1-2 PM. Piya tells Misha that it is 2:15 already and they would be coming anytime. Pia tells her that she would go in and look for the information while Misha stands outside. Misha tells Pia, '! If somebody sees me guarding the door they will think that definitely Misha is up to some prank. And we will get caught. So, do one thing I will go in and you guard the door...nobody will suspect seeing your innocent face...'. Piya agrees and Misha goes in. Misha searches on the table but does not find the file regarding the College land. She then opens a drawer and looks into the files there. Misha finds the file and looks into the details of the purchased. She is shocked to find that the land has been bought by the Raichands. Misha thinks, 'Raichands bought the land? This means that they are back in the City. How will I tell Pia? Before telling Pia I have to do some spy work. Yeah...Raichands new Office Address...'

Misha comes out of the Office Room.
Pia: You came to know something?
Misha: No! All the Drawers were closed. Afterwards I will find out from the Secretary.
Pia: You know what? I could have gone. At least I would have got something or the other. (Misha fakes anger and responds to Pia. She tells Pia why she has to do everything on her own and not trust others. Misha looks at the address written on her hand and thinks that she should go to that address fast.)
Tracker's Models show off Costumes
Tanushree's Models do a ramp walk wearing their costumes
Tracker comes to Kabir and tells him that he cannot do like that. T also comes there and sits next to Kabir. T insults Tracker. Kabir tells the girls that it is not for a fashion show that he wants the costumes but for a cause. Kabir asks both the girls to present their costumes after which he will decide which one to choose. Trackers friends who are holding umbrellas show off the costumes with leaves and flower theme ramp walk style. Kabir is not impressed. T tells that the dresses are tacky and calls her friends to present the Costume she designed. T's friends are wearing dresses like fashion models with no connection with the Cause they want to use the costume for. Kabir is in a dilemma as to whom to choose as he did not like the costumes of T or Tracker. He tells the girls that he want basic type t shirts on which Save the land is written.
T: So that means you did not like my dresses
Kabir: No no no T Baby...It is nothing like that. I was just thinking that the design you made for the fashion show...I mean would be very expensive.
T: No K! I mean I don't keep any profit margin. It is just 15000 bucks... (Kabir and Tracker are shocked. Tracker tells that her cost is only 14500. Kabir fakes surprise. He then gives a fake smile. He then says in mind, 'Oh God! Tell the Builders that along with the Jungle they take me up also'. Kabir asks them both to give him some time to think after which he will tell the decision. Kabir touches the chin of both the girls playfully. T kisses Kabir on the cheek again and tells him, 'K, after your decision I will thank you alone'. T goes from there and Tracker too runs off embarrassed.)

Misha looks into the Board displaying the names of the Companies in the Building. She sees that Raichand Industries is in Level 6. She says, 'I hope this is some other Raichands. If Abhay has come back to the City and Pia comes to know...Oh God, what would happen'. Misha presses the Lift Button. The lift is coming down from the 6th Floor. Misha notices Chand Raichand on the lift and runs and hides herself behind a wall. Chand Raichand comes out of the lift followed by Abhay and Hasina. The stand out side the lift together.
Chand: I am so happy. Now nobody can stop us. (The Raichand family goes from there through the other side. Misha curses herself and says, ' They are back... How will Pia react?'). Episode ends.

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