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13th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 196) Neel Khurana tells Panchi Dobriyal that he got engaged to with her to dump her

Abhay and Pia in the water underneath the Ice
Episode 196 starts with Pia realizing that there are wolves in the Forest and that she is in danger. Suddenly the Ice breaks up and Abhay's hands come out. He grabs Pia's hands and pulls her down with him. Pia falls into the water down and sees Abhay face to face. Abhay extends his other hand and Pia holds it. Abhay recalls some romantic moments with Pia. He also recalls calling out to her from the ice grave and asking where she is. Pia places her hands on Abhay's heart. After some time Pia slips and Abhay leaves the hold on her hand deliberately making her go down into the water. Someone pulls Piya out of the water.
Jay and Pia by the fire
Pia is lying on the ground. The fire is crackling in the background. Someone is rubbing her hand by keeping her hand between his hands. Pia in unconscious state mutters, 'Who are you? You are the one underneath the ice, right? What is happening with me? You are my angel, right?' Pia opens her eyes and sees Jay who looks at amused. He asks her, 'This much desperation Dobriyal that I went for a few hours and I became your angel? By the way, if you like me so much you should have told earlier'. He leaves her hand. He gets up and goes to sit near the fire. He starts warming his hands in the fire. Pia gets up and walks to him. She sits by the fire next to him.
Piya: Jay, Was that you?
Jay: Why? Where you expecting someone else? I was not much excited saving you. But if it would have been some hot girl whom I would have been giving mouth to mouth CPR it would have been fun. But it is you fun at all...
Pia: Whatever!
Jay: Because of you I left a very important very hot meeting. I left that hot meeting to save the goody shoes Dobriyal... What was I thinking? (Pia looks at Jay and he looks back at her) What happened? Are you jealous?
Piya: What rubbish!
Jay: What rubbish? You had gone crazy...(he mocks her)someone is underneath this ice...who is seeing me...who is touching me...he needs me! Whatever man...By the way I spoke with the nearby village people...Nearby there is a Himalaya Ranges river
which goes from underneath the ground because of which ice forms in the jungle for months together. You know what? Behind everything there is a scientific reason. But no...our Dobriyal sees a romantic story in everything, isn't? By the way, not under the ice but if you want I can romance you above the ice.
Pia: Just come to the point Jay! Did you see somebody there? But I saw...I could feel him...he talked to me...then held my hand...he was there!
Jay: Did you take drugs at the Party? I am sure you were doped. Pia, No one was there. I will give you some Guy's numbers who were left by their girlfriends. You do one thing...enjoy with them. You can put them in ice...take out and then do whatever you want to do...enjoy yourself!
Pia: Just shut up, Okay?
Jay: What shut up? Come on! I will leave you home... (Jay get up and puts his jacket on Pia (He then pats her shoulder) By the way the wild act look suits you very much...
Pia: Just stop it okay? (Pia gets up) Keep your nonsense with you...
Jay: Hold it! I was only trying to help you. Don't want? No sweat...If you are in mood let's go home or do you want to search someone in tree, river and plants? Let's go! (Jay walks from there. Pia thinks, 'How can that happen? I saw him...I touched him...But Jay is telling that no one was there. I have gone mad...I was so sure...' Pia closes her eyes. She hears Jay calling her, ' Let's go Princess! Can we go?' Pia follows Jay.

Next day morning. Panchi Dobriyal is in bed. She wakes up and sits leaning to the bed headboard. She sees her finger and looks at the new ring on her finger in confusion. Madhu comes to the room and greets her. Panchi greets her back. Madhu sits on the Cot and tells Panchi that she has given them a lot of happiness by deciding to get married. She tells Panchi that her Parents are very happy with the relationship.
Panchi: Relationship? Momma I don't know what you are saying
Madhu: Panchi I know that you don't know or understand the Boy... But Panchi there is a full life in front of you to know and understand the Guy... (Madhu looks at Panchi and imagines her in Wedding dress. Panchi tells that she is having a headache. Madhu tells her that she will get Panchi breakfast in bed comprising of Juice and Warm water with honey for Panchi to lose weight and get glow on skin before marriage. Panchi tells Madhu that she does not want marriage and pushes Madhu asking her to get breakfast. Madhu leaves from the room)

Pia is in the Bathroom. She opens the tap of the wash basin and looks at the Mirror. She recalls being pulled down to the water. She says, What is wrong with you Piya? What happened to you? What happened to you after the accident? How can anyone think that someone is talking from underneath the ice? That does not happen in even stories. What's wrong with you Pia? Pia sprinkles water on her face and looks at the mirror again. She thinks, 'First in this accident I have lost all memories. And now in this matters I may lose myself fully. Life does not give chances again and again Pia. You have to move on. Just before people think of you as mad forget all these. Misha was telling right... roaming alone in the jungle...hearing voices in the mind...this is not normal. Jay did not see anyone there. No one saw anything then why were you feeling someone's presence there? Why? Why do you think someone was there? Just stop, Okay...Then move ahead! If someone would have been there everyone would have seen him . If he was there now where is he?' Pia bends and throws water on her face again. She then straightens and says, 'Enough Pia, Stop it...Okay? Stop this craziness. Just stop!' She sprinkles water on her face again and then looks at the mirror. She sees Abhay standing behind her. She turns and looks open mouthed. She looks around finding no one. She then says, 'I think you are losing Pia... You are losing it. No one is here. There is no body here Pia. Forget need to forget all this. Forget it Pia! (She keeps her hands on her ears closing it) Now no more... Not any more!'

Panchi comes out of the Bathroom rubbing her hair with towel after bath. Misha comes to the room and tells that in her drunken state Panchi took the biggest and more stupid decision of her life. Misha tells Panchi about her engagement with Neel Khurana at the Khurana's Party in drunken state. Panchi tells Misha that she would opt out of the relationship and that Neel cannot marry her against her will.
Panchi: I will fix this all today itself.
Misha: Okay, let's see this drama also...
Panchi: Wait and watch... (Panchi throws the towel)
Misha: Fine, I will wait and watch. Don't have Kamekazi's ... loser!
Panchi Dobriyal tells Neel Khurana that she is not interested in him
Neel is sitting in a room. Panchi storms in. Neel gets up.
Panchi: What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you understand that Panchi Dobriyal is not interested in you? You played this dirty game with me? And what did you think... If you involve my Mom and Dad I would agree?
Neel: Panchi, relax! Yesterday whatever happened was your fault. What is my fault in that? Is my fault that I loved you? Or that I ran behind you. panchi, because of you I went to hospital...because of you my heart got broken (Panchi keeps a not interested face). And as far as yesterday night is concerned (Neel smiles and changes his tone of talk)...that was the chance! (Panchi looks at him shocked) Panchi, that was the chance to give you the taste of your own medicine...
Panchi: What?
Neel: So, How was the taste? Did you like it? Now our relationship is in equal footing. (Neel goes and sits on the chair) You broke my heart, right? Now I will insult you in public...
Panchi: Neel listen! (Neel gets up from the chair and faces Panchi again)
Neel: You listen...damn it! I did not even listen to my Brother thinking one day you would love me. Because I fell in love with you...But now I understand that a flirt like you cannot be with anyone...You and me? nah...It's not happening...In fact you do not deserve me! So, I will break the engagement...but not so fast...I will show high hopes to your Parents...I will show them beautiful dreams...and one day when it suits me I will dump you in front of everyone without a reason...
Panchi: So you did all this deliberately? (Neil nods)
Neel: Yes!Deliberately! I wanted to show you Panchi that the whole whole won't run behind you...nor do all Guys become mad in your love...You love attention, don't you Panchi? You enjoy making the Guy chase you..., right? I will give you all attention but Neel Khurana style...
Panchi: I will break the engagement. I will not give you the pleasure.
Neel: Wow Panchi Dobriyal wow! You are very intelligent...I must say that...Do one thing...You go to your Mom Dad and tell them that you want to break the third engagement also which has happened after the breaking of your two engagements. (Neel sits on the chair) And you tell them that you are such a girl who is interested in only roaming around with Guys but have no interest in Marriage. And then let's see how your Parents will react. Panchi, actually the problem is with you and not with anyone else. That's why no Guy could stay with you.(Neel gets up from the chair) Your first love...what did he do? He was a cheater, right? He made a girl pregnant. And your second love...what to tell? What all stories have I heard about him? And now me...Neel Khurana...(He goes and sits on the chair again) Khurana industries heir Neel Khurana will dump you, Panchi Dobriyal, in front of everyone a third time. (Neil gets up and comes to stand behind Panchi with a drink in hand) So how about a Kamekazi (Showing the drink to Panchi. Panchi goes from there and Neel pours the entire drink into his mouth)

Scene moves to Mount College. Jay has organized 4 ugly looking Guys for Pia to choose as date. Jay sees Pia walking and calls her. Pia looks at him suspiciously and Jay walks to her cheerfully followed by the Guys. Jay tells her that he is keeping his promise of getting some Guys for her to choose from. He insults her further and tells that he had already made payments to them to motivate them to go on date with her. He tells her that now she has choices and starts pitching about one Guy after the other. He then tells her, 'You can choose anyone...go ahead'. Pia thinks, 'Oh no Jay...I will not allow you to win in this Game...'(Episode ends)

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