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17th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 200) Abhay saves Pia after the Bike Accident

Jay and Neel going back with the Dobriyal girls after the Bike Accident
Episode 200 starts with Abhay sensing Pia in danger and rushing outside.

At the Jungle the bike has fallen down. Misha and Jay who falls near by gets up slowly. Jay is angry at Misha and shouts at her, 'Damn Misha...My Bike...'
Jay: I told you Misha you were drunk... (Both of them together lifts the bike to standing Position) What sorry Misha? Where is Pia? Where is Pia? Pia... (Misha looks around. Jay puts the bike down again instead of parking it properly. He looks around and realizes that Pia might have fallen down the steep. Jay and Misha calls Pia's name aloud and climbs down to the steep part. They reach down and look around calling Pia's name continuously but does not see Pia anywhere around. Jay scolds Misha for being immature and for not listening to him that the bike was heavy. They keep calling Pia but does not receive any response)

Neel stops the Bike on the Road. Panchi gets down while Neel removes him helmet.
Panchi: Neel,Where have you bought me?
Neel: I did not bring you...You came on your own will... (Neel suddenly pulls her closer)
Panchi: Neel...stop it! What the hell are you doing?
Neel: Trying to kiss you... I am sure this is not your first time...
Panchi: Neel, you are crossing the limits... (A little ahead a girl gets out of the car and stands there leaning to the Car. Neel looks at the girl and leaves Panchi)
Neel: If not you then someone else... (Neel walks to the girl while Panchi stands near the bike. He greets the girl, 'Hey sweetheart!'. Neel and the girl hugs. Neel kisses on her cheek. The girl pushes and tells him, 'Don't sweetheart me. How long I have been calling and you were not responding to my call'. Neel apologizes to her. The girl takes too miniature bottles out of her bag and gives one to Neel. Both of them say 'cheers' and drink. The girl notices Panchi standing near the bike.
Girl: Who is that girl? Is she your current girlfriend?
Neel: No bloody way...Mad or what? Remember the chick about whom I told you...
Girl: Oh! I want to meet her
Neel: Go ahead... (Neel signals the girl with his hands. The girls walks to Panchi smiling while Neel leans on the car.)
Girl: I am Sana. I am Neel's ex girlfriend. One year back we broke up because he was in search of someone else. And some days back he phoned me and told me that he got the girl. Strange, right? First Neil was not ready for commitment...and when he became ready , you were not ready...I also heard that your relationship is over. It's sad. I just wanted to see who is this girl who effected Neel this much.
Panchi: Well, Nice meeting you (The girl and Panchi smiles at each other. The girl walks back to Neel)
Sana: Remember when did we open this miniatures? During that holiday...
Neel: Which one?
Sana: The one where we did not get a room for two days and we camped out...
Neel: That was crazy fun...
Sana: Yeah...And you told me that you will get the girl of your dreams one day and I was like it's me...And you were like no...
Neel: Sana, That's because you are better than the girl in dreams. Sana, dreams break but you were reality. You are my best buddy. You are my hottest chick ever...
Sana: yeah, I can see that. I will just stay your friend and one day some other girl will come and take you along... No ways, I don't want to live this life of depression. (Panchi thinks, 'She is giving too much importance to him. He is not that good. Why anyone would like him that much? There is nothing that special in him'. Neel's mobile rings and he picks up the call from Jay who informs about the accident. Jay tells Neel that Pia is missing and asks him to come fast. Neel asks him to relax and tells him that they are coming. Neel tells Sana, 'Sana, I have to go. Please understand. It's very urgent'. He runs to the bike and tells Panchi about Pia's accident. Both of them gets into the bike fast and hurries from there).

Abhay is running through the Forest. He then stops and recalls Chand saying, 'One year you were not with us. We were at peace. Neither the wolves were behind us nor the people suspected us.As soon as you came the wolves revenge and Pia's love followed you and reached us. You made us prey'. Abhay resumes running. He stops near a tree again and says in mind, 'Pia, Where are you? Talk to me... tell me Piya, Where are you?'

Pia is lying unconscious near a tree. She has an injury on her forehead.

Abhay closes his eyes and concentrates. He sees Pia's necklace which is on her neck. He says, 'Are you alright? Where are you? Your necklace would help me reach you. Come on Pia...' Abahy closes his eyes concentrating again. The Pendant Pia is wearing glows. Abhay opens his eyes and says in mind, 'Pia, I am coming. Hold on Piya...I am coming. I am coming!'The wolves howl on the background.
Panchi and Neel going to the Accident spot
Neel is driving the Bike fast. Panchi who is sitting behind him thinks, 'How wrong I was about Neel. Papa says right. I always choose the wrong Guys. By selecting Neel for me Papa has done the right thing'.

Abhay is running. He reaches Pia. He sees her bleeding and unconscious on the ground. He takes a black cloth out of his pocked and ties his head and eyes bandit style. He then kneels down and look at her. Only Abhay's eyes are visible. He says, 'I am here Pia...for save you. My this life is given by you. To save you I can end it also. Pia, fate tried to make us lose so many times. Be we live for each other. I will save you Pia... even if I have to face anyone for that...'. Suddenly the blood on Pia's forehead tempts Abhay. Abhay closes his eyes fighting to control himself. He says, 'Focus Abhay, focus! Forget the monster inside you...focus!' Abhay opens his eyes and without looking at her places his hand on her wound healing it. He then gently touches her her. Pia regains consciousness and looks at Abhay.
Pia: You came? I knew that you would come. You always come. Who are you? Why am I not remembering? Who are you? Seeing you why do I feel that all the answers of my life is with you.
Abhay: Ssshhhh! Forget everything. Just remember this that you are fully alright.
Pia: Forget everything? But...But I don't remember anything. Who are you tell me... What are you in my life? What are we? Say... (Pia falls unconscious again)
Abhay lifts Pia from the ground
Abhay looks at Pia thinking how he can be away from her
Abhay carrying Pia
Abhay puts Pia on the Ground
Abhay lifts Pia from the ground and into his arms. The Cloth with which his face and head was covered flies off in the breeze exposing his face. He stands there carrying Pia in his arms closer and looking at her face. He says in mind, 'Pia, How will I stay away from you? How long will I stay away from you?' He then walks trough the forest carrying her in his arms.

Jay and Misha are calling out Pia's name loud. Neel and Panchi arrives near the accident spot. Misha and Jay rushes to them. Panchi gets hyper and asks Misha where Pia is. She then slaps Misha for drinking and driving. Jay interferes in between and asks her to shut up. He asks them to search for Pia. All the four of them rushes to the forest to search for Piya.

Abhay comes walking through the Jungle carrying Piya in his arms and kneels down gently placing Pia on the ground near a tree. He tells an unconscious Pia , 'Your friends have come Pia. You are in their hands now. You will be safe'. Suddenly there is a howling sound on the background and Abhay is startled. He says to Pia, 'Everything will be alright'. Abhay then hears voices calling out for Pia and runs from there. All are calling for Pia loudly. Suddenly Jay spots Pia.
Jay: Guys, I found her... (He runs to Pia followed by others. He kneels down near her and touches on the side of her face. Misha also kneels down near Pia and touches her. Jay rubs her shoulders and asks her, 'You are alright?' Piya replies, 'Jay, it's you?'. Jay tells others, 'I think she is fine. But we need to take her home because just to make it sure...' Misha gets hyper seeing Pia in the condition and asks her to punish but to be alright).
Pia: Misha, Don't tell Papa-Momma what happened...Just don't tell them anything please...
Panchi: You saw...You irresponsible girl... Now also she is worried about you...
Jay: None of us will tell anything at home, get it? (Jay removes his jacket) You people go down. I will bring Pia... (The wolves howl in the background and everyone looks around) Okay Guys, I think the wolves are coming this side. Let's go! (Jay lifts Pia from the ground)
Jay Khurana going back with Pia after the Bike Accident
Jay is sitting on the bike with Pia in front of him facing him with legs either side above his thighs. She is covered with his jacket and her face is resting on his shoulder. Abhay comes running and stops near a tree looking at them.
Jay: Let's go! ( Neel drives the bike first. Misha is sandwiched in between Neel and Panchi. Jay follows in his bike with Pia).

Abhay looks them going. He thinks, 'Who is he? Why was he touching Pia like that?' Abhay then composes himself and says in mind, 'Stop it Abhay!You don't want any right on Pia. If she has fallen in love with a human, you should be happy that at last she has come out of your darkness and is going towards light... Be happy Abhay, and go back. Move away from the path of her happiness Abhay!' The Wolves howl in the background. Abhay turns and looks at the wolves whose eyes only are visible in the night at his Vampire form with fangs and blue eyes. He thinks, 'The death has now come in front of me. I am going to end my life for Piya. This is for you Pia...' (Episode ends)

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