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7th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 191) Tanushree Ambolker gives Statement against Pia to the Police

Tanushree overhears the conversation between Jay and Pia
Episode 191 starts with Tanushree and her friends (Barbie and Skipper) at the Doctors Cabin. T's dog is sitting on the Table. The Doctor tells T, 'Nothing has happened to your dog'.
Tanushree: No Doctor! He is having full on problem. See how fast his heart beats.
Doctor: It's heart is beating like that of the normal dogs. It's okay!
Tanushree: Shut up Doctor! How can you call my Poochi Dog? (The Doctor keeps his hand on head in frustration)Don't call him Dog.
Doctor: See... I am a Child Specialist...Pediatrician! I am not a Vet. So please take him to a Vet.
T: So, He is also my Child, no?... He is my little baby, no? (T lovingly touches the dog) Cuchucoochu...Doctor, It could be that Poochi could be telling me a lie?
Doctor: Look! The problem here is that we don't have any evidence of your Poochi talking.
T: Don't be silly Doctor...Poochi is a Man and we know what men are...
Barbie and Skipper: Foolish!
T: No, Men are dogs! (The Doctor keeps his hand on head. T touches the dog fondly) Oh my God Poochi...Are you feeling cold? One second... I will give you my Jacket (T removes her jacket and covers the dog with the jacket)Poochi...This is my new fur Jacket. You will not feel cold and won't remember home also... Ahh... Doctor what I was saying is... (The Doctor leans back on his seat with a sigh Frustrated)

T is walking through the Hospital Corridor with a Report File. She stops when she hears a familiar voice. She sees that Jay Khurana is talking to Pia Dobriyal. Jay is standing while Pia is seated on a Chair.
Jay: What did you think? I told this lie for you? If the Police would have troubled you there would not have been anyone happier than me. Get it... and get that straight! And I want all of this to stop right now! Because your family has done too much... so let it be! (Pia gets up from the Chair)
Pia: Why are you telling all this?
Jay: Why do you keep playing the Drama? Why? Don't you know Neel?
Pia: Of course not! I have seen his face the first time... Who is he?
Jay: My Brother! (T smiles) My that Brother who is becoming mad in your sister Panchi's love. And your sister who played a false drama with him... made his believe that she is interested in him...and when he started becoming serious, she just left him! Reason being she got bored. And he drank liquor in his craziness and went to die there... And I am pretty sure that Panchi only would have send you to remove Neil from her way.
Pia: Just Stop it Okay? How can you say that? What do you think...I did all this intentionally? And Panchi... Panchi doesn't even know Neel...We asked her and she clearly told that she did not have anything with Neil...Neel is not Panchi's Boyfriend. And what do you think? I am Panchi's sister...Won't I know whom Panchi is with?
Jay: You know what Piya? You are a dumb chick to believe in your sister's words. But Madam...Open your eyes! Because this is the truth...Your sister spoiled my Brother's life. And all of this is enough Pia...I want you out right now! (Jay points to the door) Move it! (Pia leaves from there. Tanushree who overhears the conversation thinks, 'This is a very interesting twist. I have to take advantage of the situation')

Piya enters the House looking gloomy and upset. Arnab sees her and asks her what the matter is. He makes her sit on the chair and asks her why she is shivering. He calls Ramsingh for water and also call for Panchi and Madhu. Panchi and Madhu comes to the Hall. Piya tells them about the Accident. Arnab consoles her and tells her that he would find out how he is. Madhu also consoles her and goes from there to arrange hot water for Pia to take bath. Arnab asks the name of the Guy and Pia tells, 'Neel'. On hearing the name the expression on Panchi's face changes. Pia looks at Panchi.
Pia: Panchi, Tell me the truth! Are you dating Neel?
Panchi: Pia, No way! Don't believe all this... He only was behind me... I know this accident should not have happened to him but...I was not in a relationship with him. I trie dto make him understand. But he was coming on too strong... Believe me Pia... (Piya nods)

At the Life Care Hospital, T enters Neel's room.
T: Neel...I am so sorry! I sympathize with you on your condition. (Neel is lying on the bed with a bandage on head)
Neel: I am sorry I don't recognize you...
T: You don't know me but I know you. And I also know how Panchi dumped you. I mean... She is that sort of a girl. You know she does not have any right to break the heart of such a good looking Guy like you. And that too she lead on and dumped you... Trust me... I know now she would be laughing at your condition. But if you want I can help you. You just have to do what I say, Okay?
Neel: Really?
T: Really... I know how to make her say yes. So I will help you, alright?
Police comes to arrest Pia at the Dobriyal House
Police arrests Pia Dobriyal as Misha, Madhu, Arnab and Panchi looks on
Arnab is sitting in the Hall reading newspaper and having Tea. Pia comes to the Hall and tells him Bye.
Arnab: You are ready so early... There is one more hour to go to College...
Pia: No Papa, I was actually going to the Hospital to see Neel. I thought i will take some flowers for him and he would feel better.
Arnab: It's Okay my dear... (The door bell rings and Pia goes and opens the door. The Police Inspector and Constables are at the door step)
Inspector: Ms Pia Dobriyal...You are under arrest! (Pia looks shocked. Arnab is startled to hear the news and goes to the door)
Pia: But Inspector...arrest...why?
Inspector: Look, Whatever you want to ask, ask after reaching the Police Station.
Arnab: One minute! Inspector...Do you know in whose house you are standing and whom you are talking to? My daughter has already given the statement yesterday night and after that you are just troubling her. (Madhu comes there)
Inspector: The statement your daughter had given was false. We know that she was driving the vehicle. The accident happened by her... she hit Neel Khurana...despite of all this, she gave the Police wrong statement. She is telling lies!
Arnab: What proof do you have?
Inspector: We have the proof! We have the victim's statement...and along with that there is also a witness who was present at the accident spot and seen the accident.
Piya: Nobody was there Papa...
Arnab: One Minute... (To Pia) Don't tell anything. I will talk to my lawyer (Arnab dials a number on Phone. Panchi and Misha also comes to the Hall) He is a very good lawyer. You should not give any statement till I tell you. (To the Inspector)And I think Inspector...You should get your facts right! That Guy in an intoxicated state came in front of my daughter's Car and got hit. There is no fault of my daughter in that. In fact, Pia took that Guy to the Hospital...as a good citizen. And now he changed the statement? How dare he give the wrong statement? (To Pia) Pia... Don't worry!
Inspector: Arrest her! (The Inspector and lady's constables take Pia away from there)
Pia: Papa...
Arnab: You don't worry! I am coming with you... Ram Singh, Bring my Jacket!
Madhu: Arnab, Pia...
Arnab: Nothing will happen to Pia. I am going along. I have talked to lawyer. Don't worry! Tell him to bring the Jacket outside... (Arnab leaves from there)
Panchi: Momma... Just relax! I will get Pia out of the problem, Okay? I am going to the Hospital...
Madhu: Have you gone mad? leave all this to Papa...
Panchi: Momma...I know the Guy.
Misha: What?
Panchi: And I will force him to take the false statement back.
Madhu: Panchi, If the Guy takes the statement back that would be very good.
Panchi: I will talk to him that he take back the statement...whatever I have to do for that...Okay? (Panchi goes from there).

Panchi comes to Neel's room in the Hospital.
Panchi: Neel...(Neel is happy seeing Panchi and thinks, 'That girl was saying right. Panchi will come to me hearing the news of my accident. She will get angry at me but after some time she will agree with me') What do you think of yourself? Don't you understand? I don't wish to keep any relationship with you. I don't want to date you. You bore me. You get it? When I didn't agree you went in drunken state in front of my sister's Car?
Neel: But Panchi...
Panchi: Shut up! Don't tell me lie...I know you did it. You are such a creep! (Neel thinks, 'Oh! No... T told that Panchi would get angry but this has become a little over. No Panchi... Please don't hate me! I will play this drama a little more time. After that may be T's advice would work')
Neel: Panchi, I am not the one telling the lie...but Pia. And I am the one in the Hospital. Police would listen to me...
Panchi: Neel, if you are alive and in the Hospital it is because of my sister...otherwise you would have been dead. And you are giving this return for her goodness? (Panchi recalls her talk with Madhu that she would get Pia out of the situation at whatever cost) Neel... Take your statement back. i will do what you wish.
Neel: Really?
Panchi: But after taking the statement back if any legal inquiry happens with Pia then you understand Neel... (Neel nods)Neel, Please make the Call... (Neel nods again. Panchi gives her Cell Phone to him to make the Call)

Kabir is driving the Car with Tanushree sitting on the front passenger seat. Kabir smiles seeing Tanusshree happy and smiling.
Kabir: What is the matter T? You look very happy. What's up?
T: I am happy because all my plans are working. And I had a dream for the past 2 years and that is going to get fulfilled today. (Kabir's mobile Phone rings and he picks up the call from Misha)
Kabir: Hey Champ! (Kabir's expression changes on hearing the news from the other side)What? Yeah, sure... (He cuts the call)
T: Ahh... What happened K?
Kabir: T, That was Misha's call. Someone has arrested Pia. (T smiles and remembers her conversation with Neel. She tells Neel, 'You will call the Police and tell them that you are ready to give the statement. When they come here you would tell them that you were drunk and did not drive the vehicle as drinking and driving is an offense. And then from somewhere a Car came and you saw the driver...and that driver was Pia. You tried to move out of the path but Pia hit you with her Car' Neel tells T that nothing like that happened. T tells him, 'One second! Do you want Panchi back or not? (Neel nods) You have to trust me. Panchi would come back to you...and not happily...but shouting! She will even threaten you but you have to tell her that if she wishes to see Pia outside the Jail, then she has to date you...Got that?' T then makes a call to the Police Station. T comes back to her present ans smiles thinking that her plan worked)

Arnab and Pia at the Police Station. Arnab is sitting on a chair opposite the Inspector while Pia is sitting on a side chair.
Inspector: Dobriyal Sir, You can take Pia and go...Her bail is done.
Arnab: The Bail had to happen. I would not have let Pia be here in any condition. She is my daughter and I would not let any harm on her. And you came to my house and (Pia suddenly gets a flash of her past. Piya is shouting at Arnab, 'Why don't you tell anything? How long will you give excuses?' Siddharth and Misha looks on. She continues, 'Give me at least one opportunity in life that I don't feel ashamed because of you. Say something!' Pia looks at Arnab) You made her sit here 3 hours. What would be the consequences of that you would understand fast. Can we go now? (Arnab gets up from the Chair and goes and sits near Pia)
Arnab: Pia, are you alright dear?
Pia : Yeah... (Arnab and Pia leaves the Police Station)
Jay shouts at Neel for giving statement to Police against Pia
At Neel's Hospital Room Jay is talking to Neel.
Jay: Neel... Neel, Seriously... What is wrong with you? You gave statement against Pia and that too false... Because she is a Dobriyal? Do you think her Mom and Dad would let her go to Jail that easily? No dude no... you have gone mad!
Neel: Brother,Whatever I did I did for Panchi...
Jay: wait!wait...wait... for whom?
Neel: Panchi!
Jay: Panchi? How does Panchi come in between all of this?
Neel: I gave statement against her sister and she came to meet me here.And she promised me that if I change my statement she would get involved with me again.
Jay: Oh my God Neel No... (Jay keeps his hand on head)
Neel: Bro... I love her!
Jay: You mean to say Neel that you did this only to to force that girl to love you. Do you have any idea how idiotic does that sound?
Neel: You have control on your love? You keep hiding from the world, right? I know the truth...
Jay: What do you mean?
Neel: You know well. I don't wish to tell more...Still you won't admit how powerful love is... What all people do for love... (Jay turns his head in frustration) I only told a lie... And you see Bro... that lie worked! Panchi is mine now!
Jay: Enough with your Panchi Panchi crap Neel... and I am serious. I am fed up making you understand. You know what? You and me are done talking. (Jay walks out of there...Neel tries to stop him unsuccessfully)

Arnab is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat. Arnab notices that Pia is looking dull.
Arnab: What happened Pia? You are very silent... Did they behave badly with you there? You can tell me...
Piya: No Papa! Actually when you were arranging my bail I saw a flash of my past. Like I was in some scene. (Arnab thinks, 'Oh God! What does she remember now?')Papa, I saw that I behaved rudely with you. Not one time...but again and again! I saw that I was very bad with you...it was not good at all! I spoke with you so rudely and you forgave me? Why Papa?
Arnab: No Pia! You did not do anything that I feel hurt. You are a part of my heart and you have all rights to get angry at your Papa. As far as your old memories are concerned that are memories...They are in the past and let them be there...They belong there.
Pia: Papa, Don't know why Neel changed his statement. I mean...He knew that I did not do it intentionally. His Brother also had given statement to the Police. I don't know why he did like that...You know what Papa? You please leave me at the Hospital. I want to talk to him. I want to sort this out as to why he did it.
Arnab: Okay! I think you are right! You should sort this out. I will also go with you.
Pia: No Papa. I will go alone! It is between him and me...
Arnab: Okay!
Pia: Thank you!

Pia enters Neel's Hospital Room. Neel is lying down with eyes closed. She goes and sits on a stool near the Cot.
Pia: Hi Neel! (Neel looks at her and adjusts his position to talk to her)
Neel: Pia... (Pia smiles at him)
Pia: How are you?
Neel: I am Okay!
Pia: Neel! Neel, I don't understand why you did that. Because we both know what happened. Then Neel, Why did you feel that what I did I did intentionally? Oh...So you did all this for Panchi? Really Neel...for Panchi...Why? Look! I don't know who made you do it. Neel, maybe Panchi would be with you but in her heart she would think that the relationship was been forced on her by blackmailing her. Neel, Panchi is my sister. She would do anything for me. But you... If instead of sending me to jail if you would have supported me and if this all did not happen... You know what? Panchi would have come to you on her own. Bu now... Neel, you spoiled it!
Neel: I don't know Pia why I did that...I had become blind...
Pia: Don't worry...okay Neel? I will talk to Panchi, alright?
Neel: I am really sorry Pia... (Pia keeps her hand on Neel's shoulder)
Pia: It's okay Neel... After getting out of the accident trauma you would give a fresh statement which would be true. You know what? Panchi is going to appreciate that. (A lawyer knocks at the Door)
Lawyer: Miss Pia Dobriyal... Ms Pia I am sorry to disturb you but your Papa said that you are here.
Pia: You came at the right time Uncle. Neel is ready to give his statement.
Lawyer: But it is too late Ms Pia. Now his statement is of no use to us. Police has got a new eye witness and she is not willing to change her statement. She has admitted that you have intentionally tried to murder him.
Pia: Witness? But no one was there...Who is the witness? What's the name?
Lawyer: Tanushree Ambolker (Pia is shocked) Episode ends.

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