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28th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 207) Werewolves attack Chand Raichand

Tanushree and Misha after the Cooking Disaster
At the Cooking Class the Teacher tells the students, 'Today we will make Fajitas. This is a Mexican Dish, Okay?' Tanushree interrupts, 'Why are we making exotic dishes. We are all beginners so we could make something simple... Indian dish...like Khichadi?' The Teacher agrees and asks them to start the Cooking. Misha puts water into the Cooker and then adds all the Vegetables uncut inside the pressure cooker to cook while T wonders what to do by looking into the Vegetable Basket. Misha tries to light the gas stove and then realizes that she did not on the gas. She lights the stove and keeps the Cooker on the flame. The Teacher notices Misha's Open Cooker and asks her what she is doing. Misha replies that she is cooking the Vegetables. The teacher takes the Vegetables out of the Cooker one by one. She shows the unpeeled onion to Misha and asks her, 'Without cutting...without peeling... you put it just like that?' Misha replies, 'Mam, It is in water so it would get washed automatically. And as far as the peels are concerned I have read that peels are very good for health'. The Teacher corrects her, 'Fruit Peels Misha... not onion peels'. The Teacher then demonstrates to her how to cut Onions.

The teacher notices Tanushree standing near her counter and texting on her Mobile and smiling. The Teacher asks T what she is doing. T replies that she was waiting for help. The Teacher takes T's mobile from her. T shows a lady's finger and asks the Teacher if she should cleanse it with face wash or cleanser. The Teacher tells T that the vegetables are cleaned with water. T and Misha cuts the vegetables and put them to the Cooker with the other ingredients. Both of them closes the lid of their Pressure Cookers. After some time the whistles of both the cookers start blowing. They keep continuously blowing but both the girls do not off the stove. After sometime both the Cooker's burst leaving both the girls black on their faces.

A Doctor is putting some cream on Misha's face and T is attended by a Nurse. The Teacher is talking to a Doctor. She tells him, 'Thank God! No body is dead! If I would have been dead it would have been nice, I would have got freedom from these two girls. Thank you Doctor, now you can go'.
Misha: No no no... Don't send the Doctors away. If someone ate T's Khichadi by mistake they will get food poisoning.
T: Shut up Misha...Your Khichadi is on the ceiling. (Kabir comes there. Misha waves at him)
Misha: Kabir Hi!
Kabir: Who are you?
Misha: Me Misha...
Kabir: Misha? Can someone tell me what is wrong here?
T: Baby,it was a small accident
Kabir: This is a small accident T? This much a big emergency and you were texting and calling me? You could have called me, right?
T: K, It was an urgent work. I was making Khichadi for you... see!
Kabir: This was your urgent work T? This disaster! There everybody is getting ready for protest and you are making Khichadi for me here?
T: K, This is for you...
Kabir: T...baby, won't I love it if you make Khichadi for me? But in the middle of this important day... T, I need you for the Protest...not Khichadi...
T: Okay K, I will come with you and bring along Khichadi too... (T asks her friend) Where is Khichadi? (Misha points to the ceiling and says, 'Khichadi'. T is sad. Kabir looks at the ceiling and says, 'Wow'.)
Tanushree tells Kabir that they will go for eating Khichadi
The students are sitting in the Forest in front of the Fire. The students shout, 'Save our Land'. There is a save our land Banner tied in between trees. Kabir, Misha, Angad and Pia are all there. All of them are wearing T shirts in which Save our land is written.
Pia: You know what Kabir...This is such a nice thing to do...All this happened because of you...
Kabir: Not at all! There is the efforts of all students.
Pia: But you took the initiative... You started all this! (T comes there and greets Kabir. She sits next to him and puts her hands around him)
T: Hi Darling! I came to support you.
Kabir: Thank you!
T: You know what? I am so proud of you K. You did a very good thing and after this thing you and me
Kabir: You and me?
T: Yeah, You and me you know...
Kabir: You and me?
T: You and me will go to eat Khichadi...
Kabir: Come on T...Khichadi? (Suddenly the students notice a Car on the Road and Dipannita Khurana getting out of it).
Dipannita Khurana offers support to Mount College Students
Pia walks to Dipannita Khurana.
Pia: Aunty, you here?
Dipannita: Pia, I knew that you would be definitely involved in this protest. The idea of saving the Jungle is yours, right? You are so sensitive Piya and I am so proud of you (The other students also come near Pia)
Pia: No Aunty! This is not my idea... I have just participate din this movement. Actually the idea is of my friend Kabir. Meet the brain behind all this...Kabir that's Aunty...
Kabir: Hi Mom!
Dipannita: Hi Kabir! Dipannita...I am here to support you all! We bought the Eastern side of the Jungle from the Government who was allotting plots one by one. Because of our buildings the greenery of the Jungle or the environment would not have any harm...no compromise need to be done...But College has auctioned the land... and that too without much thinking...without doing research on how they can affect the nature. And for what? Money... disgusting! Anyways students...whatever help you need from Khurana's we will give. We are there with you!
Pia: Thank you so much Auntie! We are here for one hour and no one has come. The Owners have not come...they are just not bothered about it...
Dipannita: Then bother them Pia... And don't worry! I will make sure that all news channels cover this protest. Anyways it is the talk of the town... and don't give up! We are there to support you! You will definitely get justice. I came here to tell you this. All the Best! Keep it up!
Pia: Thank you so much! (Dipannita goes from there. The students go back to where they were sitting by shouting, 'Save our land'. Piya looks at her watch)
Chand in Vampire form trying to scare the wolves
Chand is standing near a tree. He says in mind, 'Khurana's are taking advantage of the innocence of students. I know you Dipannita Khurana... For your Profits you are making these students aim at me. You don't know that the Raichands does not accept defeat so fast'. Chand hears the howling of wolves and turns and look behind. He sees the wolves eyes shinning in the dark there. Chand thinks, ' They came up to here? I did not see them coming. They are here...' Chand comes to his Vampire form and make faces at the Wolves. He thinks, 'Oh No! I won't be able to handle them alone...'. He tries to communicate telepathically with Abhay, ' Abhay! Can you hear me Abhay? I am in the Jungle!' Chand realizes that he could not reach Abhay and thinks that he should now handle the wolves alone. The wolves come running towards Chand. Chand runs fast through the Jungle with the wolves chasing behind closely. After some time Chand stumbles and falls back and the wolves jump on him one after the other.

The students are sitting on the Ground around the Fire. T is sleeping by leaning on to Kabir. Misha is also dozing off. All students are looking tired. Pia thinks, 'Oh my God I forgot...today is Panchi's dinner...But how will we go? We will have to go for Panchi. We will have to do something'. Piya She taps Misha and wakes her up. Pia: Listen Misha, today is Panchi's dinner... What will we do now? We are stuck! How will we tell them all that we are going from the midst of the protest. They are protesting and we go for the Party...how will they feel? What will we do?
Misha: I will handle it! ( Misha tells Kabir that no body bothers about the protest. Kabir tells her that they cannot accept defeat so fast. They here the howling of the wolves. Angad tells Kabir that it is better to go and have dinner than be the dinner of the wolves. Misha also supports Angad and gets up to go along with Pia. T is happy that she would be able to spend time alone with Kabir. Kabir is angry at the students and calls them selfish. Pia also tells Kabir that the protest at night does not make any sense and they would come next day morning with a new strategy. Kabir tells that everyone can go and that he would be there alone. T tells Kabir to pick her up in 2 hours for the Party. Misha and Pia gets into the Bike to go home).

The arrangements for the Party are going on at Dobriyal House. The House is decorated. Arnab comes there and is surprised to see the House. Panchi gives instructions to the House staff regarding food, drinks etc...
Arnab: Panchi...
Panchi: Papa...
Arnab: Has Madhu come back? What are these preparations of Party?
PanchI: No Papa, Mom is not back but I thought I will throw a Party from my side for Neel's family. Actually Dad how many gifts they keep sending me so I thought I should do at least this... They should not think that we don't care...
Arnab: Smart thinking! I am impressed. You have really become matured. (Arnab goes and sits on a sofa and Panchi goes and sits on the arm of the sofa) Madhu is not here but your training is good. (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Thank you!
Arnab: Isn't this a little on short notice?
Panchi: Yeah Papa! It is short notice but everyone is coming. everyone has confirmed. Our engagement guests from the side of Khuranas...all are coming...
Arnab: Very good then! So may I go and get ready?
Panchi: Yes! Come on... You have to look handsome tonight... (Arnab goes from there. Panchi walks to a house help and gives him instructions. Panchi thinks, 'You started the game in front of these people Neel by getting engaged with me. Now I will end this game in front of these people... You will see'). Episode ends

PreCap: Abhay says, 'The age old story has become true! Our biggest enemies...who like us are monsters in human form... who live in between humans... These wolves are not wolves but werewolves'.
Haseena: No...no...Chand... (Chand is lying on the ground. He has deep scratch marks on his cheek. Haseena and Abhay are kneeling near Chand)
Abhay: Dad...dad! (Kabir is standing near a tree and he sees them)

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