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3rd June 2011 Written Update (Episode 189) Panchi Dobriyal dumps Neel

Pia sticks Abhay's torn photo together
Episode 189 starts with Pia sitting on her Cot and organizing Ruhi's torn Scrap Book. She then sees a torn photograph of Abhay and recalls seeing his eyes. She looks for the other part of the Photograph. She finds it and joins the picture of Abhay. She looks at the Photo and says, 'The same face...the name part also should be here'. She searches for the scrap book page with Abhay's details but does not find it. She sticks the torn photograph of Abhay with glue. She recalls seeing his eyes and face when Jay saves her from falling from the railing of the Night Club. She says, 'So it is you I see again and again. I already know you. You are in this College...just I have to know your name. Who are you? Whenever I am in a problem or trouble why do I see your face?' She takes the scrap book in her hands and looks at Abhay's picture. She asks, 'Who are you? How do I know you? Who are you to me? And whenever I am in a problem why do I see your face? And then where do you go?' Piya is frustrated. She says, 'Is this all truth or is my thoughts playing with me? I need to know. I want to know but whenever I question anyone about my past no one gives me any answers. I need to know who you are'. Pia holds the scrap book in hand and closes her eyes thinking. She opens her eyes and is disappointed that she is not able to remember anything. She then takes a picture of Abhay's photograph on her mobile and says, ' I will keep this Photograph with me. Some time or the other my memory would come back. And some day I would know who you are. How long you will stay hiding?' Pia feels the calling from the Jungle and gets up from her cot. She goes near the window and gazes at the Moon. She then closes her eyes and says, 'I wish I would find who you are'.
Jay warns Neel that Panchi would dump him
Jay and Neel are sitting on a Cot at their house. Jay is reading a book. Neel takes Jay's phone from the Bedside table.
Jay: Oye...Why are you taking my phone?
Neel: I wanted to send an important message...My Phone Battery is gone...
Jay: Important message? Important message or our Gulzar Saab is going to write Poetry for Panchi?
Neel: Whatever it is...
Jay: How do I make you understand Neel? She is going to dump you... seriously...Her validity is not more than one week for a Guy. (Neel hides his message from Jay) What are you hiding? Don't I know? (Neel nods no)How many days you have been with her? 3! How many days remaining? 4... I am telling you...Come to your senses! You still have the time...Seriously! Your Panchi is not having commitment phobia but hysteria...she is mad... (Jay goes back to reading his book)
Neel: Anything else Sir?
Jay: Nothing!
Neel: You know Bro? She likes me so much. And in my life there is no one other than her. I have seen her several months before... and from then it was only her in my dreams. And today that dream has come true! She is with me. And that happens only in Stories...only in stories!
Jay: You are right!It is a Story...Panchi- Neel... a scary Love Story...
Neel: Why are you taking my parade? Can't you see my happiness?
Jay: I am telling you this for your happiness. Tell me one thing. If this Panchi loves you this much why she is not bringing you in front of anyone. Neither has she told her sister nor her friends about you... She always meets you alone. Have you thought of all these things...Why?
Neel: Why? Because it is Romantic! Romance... which is not in your Dictionary...Dude You call Panchi a flirt, right? What are you? Every day you are with a new girl and many times you don't even know their names. At least I know what we feel for each other.(Jay gets frustrated and angry for starting the topic. He puts the book down and says Good Night to Neel as if he is saying, 'Enough!'. He then goes to sleep).

Neel looks at Jay. He then checks the pictures in Neel's Phone and sees a picture of Pia Dobriyal. Neel thinks, 'Come on now Brother! Tough from outside and from inside soft corner for Pia. Your love is secretive than mine. How Romantic! Okay, I will try to bring your love to you'. Neel thinks something and then gets up from the cot and goes on sits on the chair in the Room. He takes a note pad and writes something. He then tears the paper and folding it keeps it in Jay's Book.

Misha comes to Pia's Room and sees Pia sitting in front of a bunch of torn papers.
Misha: Oh my God! Some bomb explosion happened here? How dirty the room is. If Momma sees she would say 'Piya, what is all this. See Misha...Why are you not like Misha' (Misha sits on the Cot) Seriously dude...What is all this?
Pia: In Tracker and Angad's Mahabharata she tore her scrap book. And now I am helping her fix this...
Misha: I see...(Misha looks at the Pictures and sees her picture with Pia) God! This pictures are old... See much a loser I use to look. (Pia shows Abhay's picture to Misha)
Piya: And this Picture Misha?
Misha: Pia, I am feeling hungry. It is time for my midnight snack. I am going...(Misha is about to get up, Pia stops her with her question)
Pia: Misha, Who is this?
Misha: Ahh...he? Yeah, He is ex student. He came to the College only for 2-3 months...
Piya: Are you sure?
Misha: Obviously man! (Misha notices Pia's expressions) You are alright?
Piya: Misha, This is the same Guy whom I see again and again. Remember I told you whenever I am in any problem or trouble...I can see him you know. Whenever I see his face...I feel different... And if this is not Abhay...Armaan,I don't remember him! (Misha thinks, 'Oh God! I have to fix this!')
Misha: Obviously you forgot him. You had a memory loss, remember? It happens many times that we see a person and feel that their face is we know them for years...But it is just the trick of the brain. And if you look at every photograph and give stress to your brain you would get into trouble. See Piya, In life everyone does not get the chance to have a fresh start. You are one of the lucky few...just move ahead now! I mean College's hottest Guys are ready to worship you. But if you keep looking at the rear view mirror you would not see the vehicle in front. So just have fun...You are are in College...just forget all these things...
pia: You know what? I think you are right.
Misha: Obviously! I am never wrong! (Misha gets up from the Cot and goes from thereafter teasing Piya. Piya looks at Abhay's photograph. Misha who comes to the hall thinks,'Will Abhay's memories never leave Pia?')
Neel leaves Flowers and Love Note for Panchi at the College
Scene moves to Mount College. Neel enters a room with a Bouquet in hand. He asks a student, 'Can you please tell mewhere I can see Panchi Dobriyal?' The girl replies, 'Panchi Dobriyal should be in her Drama Classes. She should be coming in some time' Neel says thanks to the girl and keeps the Bouquet on the Table. He then writes a note for her, 'Panchi, I Love You - Neel'. He thinks, 'That is it Panchi. Today everyone would know that how close we are to each other. I Love you! I want to shout and say to the entire world that Panchi Dobriyal is mine. I know Jay is wrong about you. I have to prove him wrong...I just have to... Now the second arrow of love will hit the bulls eye'. Neel folds the paper and keeps it inside the Bouquet. Students watch him with interest. He goes from there leaving the Bouquet on the table.

Neel enters the Locker Room. He looks around. He sees Pia's Locker and breaks the lock. He puts a note on Pia's Notebook and closes her locker. He then leaves the room.

At the Drama Club a lot a students are assembled. Panchi enters the room.
Panchi: Hi Guys! What a pleasant surprise...Today everyone is waiting for me? Not bad! Sit everybody...Please sit...(Panchi pulls a chair to sit) why is everyone quiet? You all are up to some prank or are you people hiding something? What is going on?
Tracker: (She goes from there and comes back running with Neel's Bouquet in hands. Pia is happy seeing the flowers for Panchi. Ruhi keeps the flowers on the table)This is for you! (Tracker takes the note out of the Bouquet)
Panchi: What?
Tracker: Oh! Your BF has send this... (Pia is excited to hear it)
Panchi: Who?
Tracker: Your Boyfriend... Neel... (She shows the note to everyone. Panchi is embarrassed)
T: Oh my God! What is going to happen to this College? Teachers bring their personal affairs here. cheap! What effect this will have on students? This matter should go to the Parent's Council.
Panchi: Excuse me?
T's friend: Panchi-Neel...
Another Girl: Panchi-Neel! Wow! But Mam...Will you leave us in the middle of the Play to get married?
Tracker: Oh! One thing please...Please give me 6 months notice. I want to wear sharara on your wedding...
Panchi: Enough! Enough...seriously! Class is dismissed...please leave! Leave Guys... (All the Students leave the Room. Panchi takes Neel's loves note and throws it away after crumbling it. She then dials Neel's number on her Mobile Phone)

Neel gets into the Driver seat of his Car. His Mobile rings and he picks up the call from Panchi.
Neel: Hi Sweetheart!
Panchi: Neel, What the hell! How dare you? You came up to my College? What did you think? Do you have any sense of responsibility? What did you think? If I don't want to bring the relationship in would do anything?
Neel: But Panchi..
Panchi: Today you have crossed all the limits Neel! Just don't even come close to me...It is a strict warning and don't argue...
Neel: But Panchi...i felt that if you get the flowers in the morning a smile will come on your face.
Panchi: Neel, I am a Teacher. And you embarrassed me in front of everyone.
Neel: I am sorry! I am really sorry Panchi...
Panchi: Neel, I am warning you...Just get lost! Panchi Dobriyal have thrown out many better Guys from her life than you for much smaller crimes than this. And if you don't understand Hindi, I shall translate it for you in English...We are Over! (Panchi cuts the Call. Neel is sad and tears flow from his eyes. He drives the Car from there)

Pia comes and gets into the Driver Seat of her Car. She throws a note book to the front passenger seat. Piya says, 'I think Misha was telling right. Everyone does not get a chance to live life twice. After that accident I got a new life. I think I should just live it up (She smiles. She then notices a pink slip peeping out of her notebook. She reads the note, 'Can we meet for a Coffee at Cocoa Beans? Your Number 1 Fan'. Piya smiles again. So there is someone who wants to meet me over Coffee. Maybe I should take Misha's advice and meet this boy'. Piya looks into her watch and sees that the time is 5:45.
Pia and Jay confronts each other on blind date
Jay is walking to and fro in the Coffee Shop frustrated and impatient. He says, 'Blind date and on top of it fashionably late...Girls don't make me wait, I make them wait (He looks into his watch). Miss Blind date, Whoever you are... 5 more minutes then I am gone! Bye Bye!' He sits on the chair. Suddenly a Car comes fast and stops in front of the Cafe. Jay thinks, 'At least she knows that she is late...Good! I can make her feel guilty'. Jay smiles. The Car door opens and Pia gets out of the Car talking to Misha on Phone with her back on Jay. Piya tells, 'Misha, I can talk to you now . No, I mean I am getting late...(She turns towards the Cafe)I am on a blind date. (Jay sees her and his smile fades. He is angry. Pia walks into the Restaurent talking to Misha on phone) I don't know...he is some new Guy. He says he is my number one fan. Bye!' Jay gets up. Piya sees him too.
Jay: You? God! You have to be kidding me! (Both walk to each other in anger)
Pia: You! Listen you must be joking!
Jay: No, You have to be joking. Dobriyal, you go to any extent, don't you? You send me a note without a name... I am your number one fan, Please come and meet me. Seriously? If you had this much interest in me you could have told me earlier. Oh no no no...Then how would you play your dirty games, right? Dobriyal, I think all the 3 sisters are this desperate. Do your Parents know that you throw yourself at Guys like this?
Pia: Just Shut up! Okay? What do you think? I am interested in a loser like you? And you know what?...You are pathetic. Have you seen your face and my face? I am Pia and I would not roam around with a downy loser like you. Pia Dobriyal...I am your number one fan...let's go on a date... Bloody this is your reality. This is why you keep following me, right? You loser! Get a life Okay? (Jay walks out of the Cafe in anger) You know what? You made me sick! This is where you are going. I am talking to you. Come Back! (Jay refuses and tries calling someone. Pia also come out of the Cafe cursing and gets into the Car. No one picks up the Phone. Jay says in mind, 'Pia Dobriyal, This time you will have to pay for it'.)Episode ends.

PreCap: Pia gets out of the Car. She sees Neel lying on the Road. Pia runs towards him. She kneels down near him and tries to shake him. She shouts, 'Help! Any one there?'Neel's mobile rings then and she picks it up. She looks at the Caller ID and talks to Jay and tells him that she ran over someone who had an accident. She tells him that the Guy is bleeding and needs to be taken to the Hospital.

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