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22nd June 2011 Written Update (Episode 203) Pia’s dates spikes her drink and misbehaves with her

Abhay runs off leaving an unconscious Pia at the middle of the Road
Episode 203 starts with the 4 geeks waiting for Pia at Poison Ivy Night Club. Pia reaches the Club wearing the short black dress and waves at the guys. The guys eye at her. The Guy with the specs tell the others, 'What a hot chick Pia is. We got a lottery. Will not leave her today'. The Guy with a teeth missing says, 'Yeah, She has come all prepared. You also be ready'. The Guy with the specs tells, 'I am always ready life time. This much good opportunity...will not leave her today'. Piya is really uncomfortable being there. She then thinks,'Yo! This tacky boys...Pia are you stuck up? But there is no other opportunity to teach Jay a lesson. Come on Pia...Courage!' Piya flashes a fake smile at the Guys and walk towards them. When she reaches the table all the Guys pull a chair for her. Piya says thanks to them and occupies one chair.
Guy with Specs: What will you drink Pia?
Toothless Guy: I have heard that Whisky gives a high (Pia laughs)
Third Guy: So, shall I get you Whisky?
Pia: No no...I don't drink Whisky. Coke!
Forth Guy: Okay, I will bring... (The Guy goes from there. The Boys who are standing behind her almost fall on her. Pia laughs)
Pia: Boys! You are so cute... (At the Bar counter the drink is spiked by the Guy. He comes to the table and offers Pia the Coke)
Forth Guy: This is for you...
Pia: Thank you so much. Cheers Boys! (All the Guys says Cheers. Pia takes a sip of the Coke) Anyway, you will dance with me? (All the Guys say, 'I'. Pia picks the Guy with the specs and gets up from the Chair with the drink in hand) Let's go...Come on...I will see you Boys! (At the dance floor Pia feel uneasy and keeps her hand on head. The Guys with the specs is dancing and holds Pia's hand to make her dance. The Third Guy comes to the Dance Floor with another spiked drink and gives to Pia. All the 4 Guys are dancing around her. Spiked Drinks are again offered to Pia which she drinks despite of feeling heavy headed and giddy. The guys dance close to her and touches her. Pia asks for water. The third Guy insists that Pia drink another soft drink but she refuses. The Guys tell her to enjoy with them and try to make her dance with them. The Guys insist but Pia moves out of the dance floor and goes and sits on a Sofa at the Night Club. All the four Guys comes to her and insists again that they all enjoy. A Guy goes to get coke for Pia while the other Guys sit on her feet. One guy tells her that they would drop her home. When the Guy comes with the Coke Pia refuses it and pushes it away. Pia tells them that she will go home alone. She gets up from the sofa and starts walking with unsteady steps. The Guys also gets up and tell her that they will drop her home).

Jay is driving the Car. He is angry at himself. He reaches the Poison Ivy Night Club and walks in. Inside the Club the Guys are supporting Pia and stealthily taking her out of the Club. The Bouncer of the Club stops them and asks who the girl is. One Guy tells him that she is their friend. The Bouncer asks if the girl is alright. The Toothless Guy replies that she is drunk and they are going to drop her home. The Guys leave from there with Pia and Jay comes into the Club from another side. Jai looks around for Pia.
Abhay shows his Vampire Avatar with Blue eyes and Fangs to the Guys
The Guys come out of the Club with Piya. One Guy tells the others, 'Hurry up! We have to go Ridge Road'. Another Bouncer who was standing outside watches them and goes inside. They all get into the Car. Pia is at the back with the toothless Guy and the Guy with Specs on either side. They drives the Car off from there. While on road, the Guys on the back starts misbehaving with Pia. Pia tries to push them off and pleads, 'Stop' continuously but the Guys keep misbehaving with her. She again says,'Stop it!' and Abhay who is standing in the Jungle hears her. Abhay runs through the Forest like wind. The Guys are drinking inside the Car and all Guys except the one driving are misbehaving with her. Abhay is running towards the Car through the middle of the road. The Guy on the Driving seat sees and curses him. In the next moment Abhay is standing on the bonnet of the Car and the Car comes to a halt. The Guys in the Car are shocked. Abhay stares at them and then reveals his Vampire form with blue eyes and fangs. The Guys are scared. Abhay jumps down from the bonnet of the Car and thrash the guys. The Guys are beaten black and blue and thrown on the road by Abhay. Abhay then lifts Pia out of the Car and walks from there. The Guys flee away from there leaving the Car.

Abhay is standing on the road with Pia in his arms. Abhay's face and head is covered with a black cloth bandit style with his eyes only visible. He says in mind, 'Piya, whenever I try to go away from you, fate brings me nearer to you. How will I stay away from you when I think of you only all day and night?' Pia opens her drooping eyes and asks him, ' came? (She struggles to keep her eyes open)
Pia: I knew that you would definitely come. Whenever I am in a problem you definitely come. You are my Angel! How do you know what is in my mind? How do you come to know that I need you. Please, don't leave me. Please...Stay this time...Please!
Abhay: Ssshhh! I am hear Pia, near you. We cannot be together. But I will never leave you. I will hear your every call. I will watch on you. I know that there are a lot of Questions in your mind but I cannot give you the answers to those Questions Pia. But I promise you that I will always be with you. For a life with you I can sacrifice thousands of my lives. I wish our lives were easy and I was a normal human like you. (Pia opens her eyes with difficulty)
Pia: I need you...
Abhay: Pia, I am with you. I will not leave you alone... (Pia gives a slight smile of relief)
Jay is worried for Pia and curses himself
At Poison Ivy Jay is looking around for Pia. He walks to the Bartender and inquires about Pia, 'Did you see any girl here? Black color dress...curly hair...'
Bartender: No Sir! (Jay notices the Bouncer who was outside the Night Club and stops him)
Jay: Excuse me! Did you see any girl here? Black color dress...curly hair... with four Guys?
Bouncer: That girl? She was drunk. She left along with the 4 Guys ten minutes ago
Jay: Do you have any idea where they might have gone? Which direction... Did you hear anything they talked?
Bouncer: Maybe towards Ridge Road
Jay: Thank you! ( Jay is angry and worried. He thinks, 'What the hell Pia... Why did you have to go with that Guys? I don't even know the Guys. This is bad Pia...this is really bad'. Jay walks from there. He comes out of the Night Club and runs to the Car. Jay drives the Car from there. Inside the Car he calls to Pia's mobile but there is no response. He says, 'Pick up the phone Pia...Pick up the phone God damn'. He calls again but does not get any response. Jay is frustrated and worried for Pia. He says, 'I am damn stupid. Why did I pull this stunt with Pia? dumb can you be? You don't even know the Guys. I just hope that nothing happens to her').

At the Road Abhay holds Pia closer and kisses on her forehead. Pia looks at him struggling to keep her eyes open.
Pia: Please... show your face...tell me your name...
Abhay: There is no use Pia. What would you do knowing me?
Pia: Who are you? What is our relationship and why are we not together? What is that reason why we are not together?
Abahy: It is such a long story and there is so to tell that life may come to an end. You just remember this that you are not alone. Any danger or trouble comes to you I will be there in front of you.
Pia: You will save me from any danger?
Abhay: Yeah, from any problem.
Pia: And if... if I jump from any mountain then also will you save me?
Abhay: Even if you jump from any mountain...then also...
Pia: But why are you so concerned about me?
Abhay: Promise me that you will not get into any problem on your own. Just promise me Pia, please! Promise me...
Abhay carrying an unconscious Pia in his arms
Jay comes to Piya
Jay is driving his car fast through the Road. Pia is unconscious in Abhay's arms. He puts her down on the middle of the road and runs away from there. Pia is lying on the road unconscious as Jay's Car is approaching her. Jay stops the Car and few feet away and goes running to her. He kneels beside her and calls her name repeatedly gently patting her face to bring her back to consciousness. Piya opens her eyes slowly.
Jay: Are you okay? (Jay gently caresses her forehead)
Pia: Jay...It's you?
Jay: Yes's me... You okay?
Pia: Jay, He was here...My Angel Jay...(Jay pats on her head fondly)I don't know why it happens... whenever he is near you are also there. Why it happens? Jay, He was here
(Jay thinks, 'Pia is again talking of some unknown Guy. She has no idea what she is saying. This time there is no use arguing with her. Just say Yes...')
Jay: Okay Pia, okay! Yeah...yeah... (Jay lifts Pia from the Road and takes her to the Car)
Jay carries Piya to the Car
Jay asks Pia to calm down patting her head gently
Jay is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat with the safety belt on. Pia's eyes are closed and she struggles to stay conscious. Even her talks are not clear.
Jay: Pia... Pia, what is wrong with you? Do you have any idea how much you have drunk?
Pia: No Jay, I didn't drink. I was just drinking soft drink. I was having Coke.
Jay: What? Coke? Pia...Those Guys mixed something in your drink? Pia... Did they mix something in your drink? (Pia nods 'Yes')
Pia: Yeah... But Angel was there...
Jay: Yeah yeah of course sure...
Pia: He always comes to save me. When ever I am in any trouble...
Jay: Hmm...How sweet!
Pia: He promised me that he will always come to save me...He has promised me...
Jay: How sweet! We will go and meet your Angel tomorrow...Okay Pia? And for now it is necessary that you go home. Till then relax...Sshh...!
Pia: No...He does not meet anyone Jai
Jay: I know... I know...
Pia: When I am in problem...he is my angel Jay...
Jay: Yes...he is your Angel Pia...Okay now Sshh...relax...Relax, Okay?
Pia: He saved me...
Jay: Yes, He saved you Pia (Jay puts his hand on Pia's head gently stroking and patting her head) Just calm down... We will meet that person who saved you tomorrow... just relax...Sshh Okay?
Pia: My Angel!
Jay: Yes, your Angel Pia...He is your angel... We will meet him. Sshh...just calm down...calm down...

Abhay comes out from the side of the road to the middle. His face is uncovered now. He comes and stand in front of the abandoned Car of the Geeks. Abhay says in mind, 'Make it a habit Abhay! You have to move behind and give space for Jay. He has the right to be near Pia...not you. This is right for Pia...This is right for you'. (Episode ends)

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