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6th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 190) Jay saves Pia from the Police Inspector by taking the blame of Neel’s Accident

Jay and Pia brings an injured Neel to Hospital
Pia is driving the Car and stops in front of the Raichand Mansion. She thinks, 'Which is this place? What am I doing here? How did I come here?' Pia gets out of the Car and looks at Raichand mansion. She closes her eyes and thinks. She remembers visiting the house and a lady whose face is not visible inviting her in by calling her name. Piya thinks, 'I have come here before. I know the people here. But who are they?' She asks the watchman standing in front of the house, 'Who is staying here?' The Watchman replies, 'It is vacant for the past one year. And new owners would be coming to stay here soon'. Piya asks him who use to stay there before and the watchman replies that he does not know. Pia thinks, 'I need to find out. I have come to this place before. I am sure a big part of my life is here'. Piya gets into her Car and leaves from there.

Pia is driving the Car and she gets a call from Misha. Pia lifts the Call.
Pia: Hello!
Misha: So Madam, How was your Blind date? Who was he?
Pia: There was no Blind date Misha. It was a trick by that stupid Jay
Misha: Oh! He likes you? Wow!
Pia: No, He doesn't like me okay. He called me there to insult me again. Anyways I also bashed him a lot. I am coming home. By the way, How is Panchi? Is she okay?
Misha: Panchi? She is a different chapter. That loser Neel called her 47 times and she became so angry that she switched off her phone. Full on stress man...
Pia: Poor Neil!
Misha: Poor loser! Anyway, you come home. Catch you there!
Pia: Okay Bye!
Misha: Bye!
Pia puts down the phone and thinks, 'Poor Neil...I really feel bad. He really might be in love with Panchi. And what had he done? He only gave flowers. I don't know why Panchi is doing like that. I think I need to go home and talk to her'.

Pia is driving the Car and sees a Man walking through the middle of the road. She presses the horn by the guy resumes walking through the middle of the road. Before she could do anything she hits him with his Car. Piya hears the screams of the Guy and stops the Car after going some distance. She gets out of the Car and go running to him. She sees the Guy bleeding and unconscious. She shakes him and shouts for help. She sees the Guys mobile and dials the last call number. Jay who is driving the Car picks up the Phone. Pia informs Jay that she ran over somebody with her Car and he is seriously injured. She tells him that she needs to take him to the Hospital and she does not have any one to help.
Jay: What? Neel had an accident?
Pia: I don't know who he is. He was walking through the middle of the road and I ran over him with my Car. Please help me!
Jay: What do you two sisters think of yourself? One breaks his heart and the other one tries to kill him. I mean...what is wrong with you Guys?
Pia:Stop it Okay? This is not the time to fight. I don't know he might lose his life. I need to take him to the Hospital...
Jay:Okay, Where are you?
Pia: Ridge Road
Jay: Ridge Road...? I am in the other part of the city. You do one thing..You take him from there to the Hospital.I will meet you there. Listen to me... Get into the Car and follow my instructions...From where you are go straight...take the first right then second left and then right. See you at the Life Care Hospital. Just go now...
Pia: Okay!
Abhay in the Ice
Pia drives the Car with Neel lying down on back seat. She thinks, 'What did Jay say? From where should I go? I have forgotten the way' She then hears a voice which tells her, 'Piya...Go straight and then first right...then second left...and then right' Pia looks at Neel who is unconscious and thinks, 'Who is that? Who said this?' Piya stops the Car and looks outside. She thinks, 'Who was it? Whose voice was that? And why was that voice familiar? The Car also had to stop right now?' She gets out of the Car. She thinks, 'I need help! What if something happens to Neel?' She opens the back door and looks at Neel. She says, 'Oh my God! Neel (She shakes him)...He is not even breathing. Have I killed him? Neel...I need help...Neel...' She then hears the same voice again and is startled. The voice calls her, 'Pia...' She runs a little distant from the car and looking around asks, 'Who is that?' She hears the voice again...'Don't lose your courage like that Pia. A man's life is in your hands. Don't lose Courage... Go, help him!' Piya turns around and asks again, 'Who is that? Who is that?'The voice talks to her again, 'Pia...Go get water from somewhere. Sprinkle water on his face. Bring him to senses... Come on! Move... Bring him to conscious Pia...Bring him to conscious Pia...Go!' Piya comes back to her Car and searches for water but does not find any. She thinks, 'There is no water anywhere in the Car. What do I do?'The voice guides her again,' In the Jungle near there is water. Go Pia!' Pia runs into the Jungle. As she runs the voice encourages her, 'Pia go ahead!' After a distance when she stops the voice tells her, 'Don't Stop Pia. You can do it! Go...Run Pia run!' Pia resumes running. After running some time Pia stumbles and falls over Abhay's resting Place. As always the connection to that place makes her remove the leaves on top of the place with her hands. She sees Ice and underneath a human face. She runs her hands over the ice block unconsciously. She thinks, 'Oh my God! Someone is there. Underneath the Ice there is a man...'She touches the ice gently losing herself in the moment. Suddenly she hears the sound of water from the water stream near by. She thinks touching the ice above the face of the Man, 'Who is he?' She then gets up and runs towards the water steam. When she reaches there she stops as if wondering what to do. She then hears the guiding voice again, 'Move Piya...You can save him, Go Pia!'. She finds a half coconut shell and runs to Neel carrying water in it. She opens the back seat of the car and makes Neel drinks some water. She is happy to see him alive and breathing. She assures him that he would be okay and that she is taking him to the hospital. Piya drives the Car from there. Piya thinks, 'Whose voice was that? Who was helping me? Under the ice...was he?'
Ice Block on Abhay melts on Pia's touch
The Ice Block on top of Abhay's resting place is melting. Abhay remembers Maithili's words when he freezes him in ice, 'Now...I am leaving you here and going between this ice. My love does not permit you to kill you...but I can enslave you! You will stay frozen in the ice till someone who truly loves you comes and keeps her hand on your heart. True love...Only true love can free you from this Abhayendra. And I am your true love. Till you realize that I will not free you. You are a dead human and will stay like a dead one in all respects. You won't be able to stay as a vampire as long as some one who truly loves you caresses your dead heart with her hands. Till then you will stay in the ice sleeping Abhayendra...till true love does not melt this ice.' The Ice on Abhay's face is melting.

At the Dobriyal House, Panchi is lying on the Cot browsing on her laptop and eating chips. Misha enters the room.
Misha: Hey Birdie... Where is your Cell Phone? (Misha sits on the Cot and takes Panchi's Mobile and looks at it) What the hell? I was calling you for a long time and your phone was switched off.
Panchi: Why were you calling me on phone? I am here at the house.
Misha: So to talk to you I have to come from the Hall to the room or what? I am tired. By the way, Why is your phone switched off?
Panchi: Full day I have to keep chatting or what? (Misha picks the bowl of Chips in front of Panchi and starts eating. Panchi seizes it back)Give me this and get your own from the Kitchen. (Misha takes the bowl of Chips again)
Misha: Are you mad? I will go back to the Kitchen or what?
Panchi: I forgot how Misha Baby has to work hard. Okay, let's do one thing! let us give all our staff phones. When you need something call and order.
Misha: That is a superb Idea fatty! I will appeal to Momma...(Misha takes Panchi's phone)
Panchi: God save me!!! (Panchi notices her phone in Misha's hands and takes it back) Misha, what are you doing? What the hell are you doing?
Misha: What is your problem? Oh...You are avoiding someone... Who?
Panchi: No One!
Misha: Liar! You don't know to tell lies...You are fully transparent... Tell me...What is the matter?
Panchi: I told you...a clingy Guy is behind me...He has already given me 47 miss calls.
Misha: Is he a loser?
Panchi: Big time loser!
Misha: But the matter to think here is that why a Guy is calling you...Did you give him money?
Panchi: You know what? You are not funny at all...
Misha: But seriously you would have given him some hint that is why he is so enthusiastic...Did you not say I love...
Panchi: Shut up! Stop right there...I did not give any such hint... I don't say such nonsense!
Misha: You should have done something.
Panchi: No!
Misha: You are a liar Panchi!You have serious issues. these days you are becoming a tease type of girl...And you better watch out... If you keep doing it you will be in big problems. I mean pick up Guys and then break up with them... Just because you are bored...It is not right! Don't behave that way...
Panchi: Misha, just shut up! And mind your own Business. I am elder to you... Be in your limits...And what do you know about all these things? Did you ever have a Boyfriend in life? Interfering fool... (Panchi gets up from the bed and walks to the dressing table)
Misha: You are guilty conscious. That is why you are scolding me...No Guy will behave in that manner unless he feels the other chance...Just think about it... (Misha picks up the Bowl of chips and leaves the room. Panchi stands in front of the mirror as if doing a soul searching).

Jay and Pia are in the Hospital. The Hospital staff are taking Neel into the ICU. The Doctor stops Jay from entering the room.
Doctor: Please stop there? Is he related to you?
Jay: Yeah Doctor...He is my Cousin...His name is Neel. he is 23 years old and his blood group is A negative.
Doctor: See this is a road accident. So it is a police case. I think we have to inform the Police.
Jay: Okay Doctor! (Piya walks to Jay)
Pia: God! I hope he becomes fine...
Jay: Poor Pia...You are feeling sad, right? It is a Police Case now.
Pia: No Jay! I just hope he becomes fine and... (Jay signals her to stop)
Jay: Just let it be? From when you started caring about others other than yourself? Just let it be... (Jay keeps his hand on head in frustration. Both Jay and Pia pace around or look through the door while Neel is been attended by the Doctors.)
Jay tells the Inspector that he was driving the Car
Police Inspector is talking to Jay, 'See what ever you saw...please tell in detail'.
Inspector: According to the Doctors your Brother was drunk heavily. Whose vehicle was it? Who was driving it?
Jay: Sir, I was driving the Car. (Pia is shocked and get up from where she was sitting)Neel had called me to pick him up as he was drunk. I was almost near him when he suddenly came in front of the Car. I tried to put the brakes but it was too late. Neel was unconscious. And if I was not driving slowly maybe he would have been hurt more.
Inspector: Miss Pia...Pia Dobriyal, right? (Pia nods)
Jay: Sir, She is with me...
Inspector: Were you present at the accident spot?
Pia: Yeah...We both were going to pick up Neel only when he came in front of our Car. He was drunk... (Inspector looks at Jay who was not looking straight into eyes. Jay turns to Pia and speaks to her, ' It's okay Pia. Everything would be alright...Just don't worry!'Pia nods)
Inspector: Thank you!
Jay: Thank you Sir!
Inspector: We will stay in touch with you.
Jay: Please...Please do! (The Inspector goes from there. Jay closes his eyes and leans to the wall. Pia goes and stands in front of him).
Pia: Jay, Thank you so much...I don't know what to say...
jay: You don't need to say anything Pia. i did not do that for you. Get that straight! (Jay walks from there) Episode ends

PreCap:Piya and Jay are talking.
Pia: Neel is not Panchi's Boyfriend. What do you think? I am Panchi's sister. Wouldn't I know Panchi is with whom?
Jay: You know what Pia? You are a dumb chick who believe in your sister's words. But Madam, Open your eyes...because this is the truth...You sister spoiled my Brothers life...All of this is enough Pia... I want you out right now! Move it(Pia goes from there. T who had overheard the conversation thinks, 'This is a very interesting twist. I need to take advantage of the situation'.

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