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9th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 193) Pia and Misha mistakes Jay as Bartender at the Khurana’s Party

Arnab Dobriyal and Family arrives at the Khurana's Party venue
Episode 193 starts with Arnab walking in the Hall. He says, 'Where are these people? We would be late'. He then sees Madhu coming down the stairs to the Hall looking pretty in Sari and is awestruck. Arnab smiles and compliments Madhu when she comes near him, 'Wow Madhu! You are looking awesome!'.Madhu is not impressed and gives him a cold look.
Madhu: You normally give compliments when you need something. What do you need?
Arnab: What dear? You spoiled my mood (he sits on the sofa) What time has come...a Husband cannot even compliment his wife? By the way, Mr Rathore's phone came. His friend Mr Khurana is looking for a girl for his son. He was asking about Panchi.
Madhu: What? (Madhu is super excited and comes and sits next to Arnab)Really?
Arnab: Madhu...Calm down... calm down...let me tell you the full matter...
Madhu: No, You told this much...that's enough!I thought you are taking me to a boring dinner Party. But this big a surprise...(Arnab tries to talk) I can't believe daughter's wedding...Panchi's marriage? You know, right? How tensed up I am regarding Panchi...
Arnab: Calm down...calm down! Madhu, slow down! No conversation of that sort happened. The matter is that they wish to see Panchi...Let the girl and boy see each other first and then we can talk.
Madhu: Oh great! That's wonderful!
Arnab: You will make this Excitement Goddess understand that if our daughters hear it they would refuse to go for the Party.
Madhu: Hello! They are my daughters also. I know how to handle them and make them go...(Madhu gets up and walks towards the stairs. Arnab whistles looking at her back side)
Arnab: Sexy!
Madhu: Shut up...You only told that the children are at home...
Arnab: What children would do... (He takes the cell phone from pocket) Let me see where Pia is... she should have come by now.

Piya comes near her Car. She thinks, 'I cannot leave you there. Something is have helped me so many times. I cannot let any construction happen above you. I have to stop this! Who are this Excel Builders? I will go to them and appeal to them...maybe they would help...But how will I reach to them?' Pia's mobile phone rings and she picks up the phone from Arnab Dobriyal.
Pia: Hello! (She gets into her Car)Yeah Papa...
Arnab: Pia dear, where are you? We have to go to the's getting late...It is Excel Builder's Party. It would be a big Party...we can't miss it. I have to be there with my family. Moreover, you have to change also...Come fast!
Pia: Yes Papa, I am coming. I had some work and now I am on my way.
Arnab: Okay! We are waiting...Come fast!
Pia: Bye Papa (Pia puts the Phone down and thinks, 'Excel Builder's Party? I have to go to this Party. Maybe there I would be able to meet and talk to the Owner about this. Oh God! I was feeling that how will I do will I get through them... And now this Party and contacts would open a way for me. I will get you out of there.Whoever you are...I would find your story. I will not let you lose forever'. Piya drives the Car from there. Someone stealthily watches Pia as she drives off.

Misha comes and sits on the Cot. Panchi looks at her and comments, 'Thank God! My dressing sense is not like yours. Otherwise what would have happened to my family?'Panchi laughs.
Misha: yeah fatty you are very concerned about your family? I mean look at you skinny Jeans and Top. What sort of Ball gown have you worn?
Panchi: Excuse me! Don't you see any difference between my formal jeans and your clothes? (Madhu comes to the Room)
Madhu: Panchi, Are you going to wear this and go?
Panchi: Yes Mom, Why? (Madhu goes to the Cupboard and picks a gown for Panchi to wear and instructs her to wear it for the Party. She then goes from there. Panchi and Misha suspects that there is something that Madhu is not telling them. Misha tells Panchi to dress up while she would go and find what the matter is from Arnab).

Misha goes and sits on the arm of the sofa and calls Arnab excitedly, 'Papa...' . Arnab hugs her saying 'My Baby!'
Arnab: You are ready?
Misha: Yeah...I want to ask something to you...
Arnab: Ask!
Misha: I am looking good, Is it not?
Arnab: Very nice! (Panchi comes to the Hall wearing the gown Madhu chose for her)
Panchi: And me?
Arnab: Superb!
Panchi: And this gown?
Arnab: Beautiful!
Misha: Papa, Can I bring a friend to the Party?
Arnab: Sure!
Panchi: Papa, What if I don't come?
Arnab: Of course! (Panchi is happy. Arnab realizes his mistake) No,no...You have to come.
Misha: Papa, Where is Pia?
Arnab: She is coming!
Panchi: Papa, My coming is essential? (Arnab raises the voice)
Arnab: It is essential. A Guy is coming to see you! (Misha and Panchi are shocked)
Panchi: Papa, I knew it! Why Papa? (Panchi sits on a Sofa) Why are you doing this to me? It is not fair! (Arnab goes and sits next to her)
Arnab: At least for once do not argue...
Panchi: No Papa! You cannot do that to me...
Arnab: Correction! We can do that...
Panchi: Come on...Papa, You know that I am not interested in relationships...I am happy like this...
Arnab: How long you would stay happy like that? One day or the other you would have to marry...
Panchi: Okay? You are fed up of me that you are giving me away to someone else?
Arnab: When did I say that?
Misha: That is right Papa. Birdy finishes our entire ration. How long will we feed her?
Panchi: Just shut up brat Misha, I will throw you in fire... (Arnab signals Misha to keep quiet)
Arnab: Panchi, This is for your good. How long will you let your past experiences affect your future life? (Pia walks in to the Hall)
Pia: Papa is telling right. He is not asking you to marry now...You know you meet the Guy and then decide!
Arnab: See how sensible she is!
Pia: Okay Papa, I will get ready and we will go,right?
Misha: Oh my God! That means that we won't reach for Dinner but for Breakfast... (Arnab laughs)
Pia: Shut up Misha, I'll just come... (Pia leaves the room)

Arnab Dobriyal arrives the Party venue with his family. Pia is wearing a green dress. Madhu notices that Panchi is uncomfortable and asks what happened. Panchi replies that she is not feeling good.
Arnab: What is good or bad in it? Meet the Guy. You don't have any pressure on you. If you don't like then it is okay. (Arnab and Madhu goes in while the 3 girls stay back. Misha tells that Panchi has her's and Pia's support. She takes an alcohol bottle out of her pocket and tells that after seeing that no body would want to talk of marriage.Panchi thinks, 'Misha , I wish you can save me with your childish acts. But now Momma-Papa would not listen to anyone. I have made so much mistakes in love that now that I have to follow what Momma-Papa wishes'.)
Misha: What are you waiting for? Come on Let's go Party! (The girl's start walking. Arnab comes there and stops them. Arnab comes there and takes Misha's alcohol bottle from her and goes from there. Misha grumbles about Arnab and takes one more bottle she had hidden from her back pocket. Panchi and Pia are shocked to see it. Misha runs towards the Party Hall. Pia and Panchi follows her.)
Pia and Misha at the Khurana's Party
Mrs Khurana is coming down the stairs (only her back is shown) talking on the Phone. The caller on the other side informs her that they have got permission from Forest Officer and Local authorities and now no one can stop them from doing the job. Mrs Khurana replies,'Fabulous! Then what are you waiting for? Get started...In fact keep me posted, alright?' She then turns revealing her face. Mrs Khurana thinks, 'Finally, now no one can stop me from taking the Excel Empire forward. In the place of the Jungle my studio will be built...the biggest in the country. My dream Project!' ' She then looks at a plan and says in mid, 'Everything is set and now a last story...'
Kabir and Tanushree at Khurana's Party
Kabir and T makes an entry to the Party with T holding on to Kabir's arm. Kabir notices that T is silent and looking lost.
Kabir: T, What's wrong?
T: K, I want to talk to you.
Kabir: Tell me!
T: K... I have decided that I don't want to waste my life quarreling with Dobriyal Sisters. In fact I want to end this years long war. I want to be friends with Piya. I want to start my life in a new slate. Look at Pia... (Kabir and T looks at Pia who is chatting with Misha at some distance)She is also starting her life now. And from the time she has returned from Paris she has changed so much. I think I will get along with her very well. (Kabir is happy and keeps his hands on T's shoulder)
Kabir: Really T? I am very happy today. I could not understand the hatred that existed between you and Piya. But now... Piya is really a very nice girl (They look at Piya and Misha standing at a distance). And moreover there is no use of such fights.
T: So true baby... (Kabir smiles) K...Will you help me? Will you talk to Pia? Can you tell her that I only need peace. And I do not wish to fight anymore.
Kabir: Of course T... I will talk to Pia...I will tell her that you realized your mistake and you have changed... (Tanushree laughs)
T: K...You are the World's best Boyfriend... (T leans forward and kisses Kabir on his cheek. Kabir cups her face with his hands and then keeps it on her shoulders saying, 'I will just come, Okay?' Kabir goes from there. Tanushree thinks, 'K...You will never learn! None of T's moves are without a plan. Being Pia's friend is just a stepping stone. The plan is much big!'

Misha pulls Pia along with her.
Misha: Just come along with me... I need a refill (showing her liquor bottle)
Piya: Misha...You need to go to the rehab...what are you doing?
Misha: Just chill man! This is medicine. This is worlds best liquor...
Pia: Really...Which one?
Misha: Everything dear...Any liquor which is free is the tastiest... (Misha notices Jay at the Bar Counter and points him to Pia)Pia...That is Jay, right?
Pia: Yeah...
Misha: What a loser Man... (Jay serves liquor to Guests who comes to the Bar counter) He acts cool in College and is serving drinks here... Just wait and watch! This is going to be fun! Come with me...
Pia: Okay! (The girls go to the Bar Counter)
Misha: Hey You... I scotch in the rocks... (Jay ignores them) Are you deaf? Can't you hear? Jay... whatever your name is...One scotch in the rocks... (Jay goes on ignoring them) God! How much attitude he has... Bloody Bartender, Your attitude stinks! (Jay keeps silent and still ignores them)
Pia: You know what Misha? I think he is having this much attitude because he does not get much tips in his Job. (The girls laugh)You know what Bartender..., serve the drinks with a smile...maybe you will get more money... (Misha nods. Jai pours water from a Jug and keeps a glass of water on the Counter.)
Jay: Here... Water... For that dialogues water. If you need Orange Juice that too... Come on Girls, Grow up!
Pia: Listen! You... Jay whatever... What is said serve that drinks otherwise I will go and complain to your Boss that you will end up losing your job loser... So serve! (Jay raises his eyes and looks at Pia but says nothing)Look at him...
Misha: Who are you staring at?
Mrs Khurana greets Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal
Dipannita Khurana introduces Jay to Arnab and Madhu
Mrs Khurana greets Arnab and Madhu at the Party.
Mrs Khurana: Mr Dobriyal... Mrs Dobriyal...Lovely to meet you. I have heard a lot of praises about you...
Arnab: Oh! Thank you very much Mrs Khurana... And... You are welcome to our beautiful city... Thank you very much for inviting us to the Party.
Mrs Khurana: Not at all...In fact you are the only people in this city who are of our level. In fact you are on the top of my list. (Madhu laughs)
Madhu: Oh! How sweet. That is so nice of you... (Pia and Misha comes there and watches Mrs Khurana talking to their Parents) By the way, Your son is not seen? (Arnab is embarrassed) I mean...
Mrs Khurana: Of course! My eldest son...I mean he is like my son only... He grew up in our family... (she looks around) I am not seeing him anywhere... I can introduce you to my younger son (she looks around and spots him) There he is... Come! (Arnab and Madhu follows Mrs Khurana)
Misha: Come on... let's go meet Brother in law... (A waiter passes by. Misha picks one glass and sips the drink. Mrs Khurana reaches the Bar Counter along with the Dobriyals)
Mrs Khurana: Meet my son Jay... (Pia and Misha is shocked seeing Jay being introduced as Mrs Khurana's son. Misha almost throws up her drink. Pia keeps her hand on her mouth) He is very enterprising. He is making cocktails for our Business Associates with his own hands. It is his specialty. Jay, Meet my friends. He shakes hands with Arnab and then looks at Misha and Piya. Jay then looks at his mother.
Misha: His Proposal has come for Panchi? (Piya nods)Episode ends.

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