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30th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 209) Abhay Raichand decides to rejoin Mount College to search for Werewolves

Pia tricks Jay into giving her his Jacket
Kabir's Mobile rings. He hides behind the tree and switches off the Mobile. Abhay and Hasina are startled hearing the mobile phone ringing sound and gets up. They look at the direction were Kabir is hiding.
Hasina: Some one is here. Someone is watching us. (Kabir runs from his hiding place. Abhay and Hasina sees someone running but they do not follow him)
Abhay: Mom, This place is not safe. Werewolves should be near us. We should get out of here. Let's go! (Abhay and Hasina kneels beside Chand again) Mom, we have to take Dad home as soon as possible. We have just one last hope. We should not lose it (Abhay and Haseena tries to lift Chand from the Ground)

Kabir is running. After some time he stops near a tree. His Phone rings again. He picks up the phone call from Tanushree. Kabir looks around fearing if someone has followed him.
Kabir: Yes T
T: K, I have been waiting for you for a long time. You have left your girlfriend and romancing the Trees? (Kabir still looks around) Come on K, This is not fair Okay? I am ready long time back. Just come and pick me up right now!
Kabir: T, I am really sorry baby. Just give me 10 minutes...I am coming!
T: Okay! (Kabir cuts the call. Kabir is looking scared and he is sweating. He says to himself, 'Relax Kabir, relax...relax'. He calms down a little and tries to recollect what was happening in the Forest. He says, 'What was happening there? And Kabir... why are you so scared? That was just Abhay... Abhay Raichand... But he was behaving very strangely. And that third person... If he is wounded why did they not take him to Hospital? Why was he and Mrs Raichand touching him? It was as if they were doing some black magic... Bloody weird people. And this Raichands... what were they doing in the jungle this time of the night? Why was Mrs Raichand looking scared? And on top of that she was crying... What happened there? And if the Raichands have come back to the City then why they are hiding in the Jungle? (Kabir looks back again) Brother Kabir, There is something really wrong here. You have to find out. But who will be able to help me? Who has the answers to these questions?')
Neel compliments Panchi as Dipannita and Arnab looks on
Dipannita and Neel walks in to Dobriyal House. Dipannita and Neel looks around and is impressed by the arrangements.Dipannita: Wow! Nice...
Neel: Very nice! (They come near Arnab)
Arnab: Welcome Dipannitaji...We were waiting for you. Hello Neel! (Arnab shake hands with Neel)
Neel: Hello Papa...How are you?
Dipannita: I must say...Panchi has thrown a very nice Party and that too without Madhu's help. In fact all important people in Dehradun are present here. She has done a good job!
Arnab: Oh Yes... In fact I was at home and went out for some work. When I came back the house was transformed completely. (Neel and Dipannita smiles) She is efficient. That's good, right? I am thinking that I will leave everything and get retired. (Dipannita laughs)
Dipannita: Neel, You are lucky...
Neel: I know Mom...By the way Papa...Where is Panchi? She is not seen anywhere...
Arnab: Panchi... (Panchi comes down the stairs to the Hall wearing a beautiful Green Sari and golden color blouse. Arnab points to Panchi.)There she is... (Neel looks at Panchi without blinking an eye. Panchi also looks at him and walks towards him. She says in mind, 'Today night everything will end. Tonight in front of everyone your truth would come out Neel'. Arnab hugs Panchi. Neel goes near Panchi and holds both her hands)
Neel: Panchi, You are looking very pretty today. I am getting impressed by that...
Panchi: Thank you!
Dipannita: Panchi, You are looking very pretty. Sari suits you.
Panchi: Thank you Auntie... (Neel holds Panchi's hand again and Arnab notices it)
Arnab: Dipannitaji I think it is a signal for us to move from here. Come on I want to introduce you to my friends.
Dipannita: Okay... (Dipannita and Arnab goes from there)
Neel asks Panchi how come she is suddenly interested in his Game
Neel turns Panchi towards him. Panchi removes her hands.
Neel: So how come you suddenly got interested in my game? You hate me, right?
Panchi: Why are you doubting baby? I am just doing what a happy Couple does... Everyone should feel that we are perfect for each other. (Panchi turns and goes from there. Pia catch holds of her and whispers to her, 'Panchi, Don't react in front of Neel. Jay had stolen that CD'.
Panchi: What? (Pia turns to Neel and smiles. Panchi also composes herself and turns to Neel smiling).
Pia: Neel Hi!
Panchi: Yeah Neel... This stupid Caterers...Can't they work properly? Idiots! (Pia goes from there) Neel, I will be back in 2 minutes. Somebody is trying to spoil my Party. And I will not let it happen. I will just be back! (Panchi smiles and goes from there. Neel thinks, 'Panchi is looking too happy. She is definitely planning something. I have to keep an eye on her'.

At the Raichand's residence Chand is lying on a Cot with White Cloth. Abhay is applying some sort of paste on Chand's wound from a bowl.
Abhay: Come on Dad... you can heal yourself...Come on Dad...Come on...
Hasina: You told right Abhay! The Wolves who attacked Chand where half human and half wolves...Werewolves. There is only one remedy for these wounds...One drop of blood from a werewolf.
Abhay: We have to get that one drop of blood.
Hasina: We have to do everything within 7 days otherwise we will lose Chand forever...
Abhay: We will bring that one drop of blood...
Hasina: But how? From where? We don't even know who they are... They can be anyone...they can be anywhere...
Abhay: I will bring that one drop of blood.

Tanushree and Kabir makes an entry to the Party. Tanushree sees someone she knows and abandons Kabir to go and meet her. Kabir goes to Misha who is standing behind the Bar Counter along with the Bartender and inquires where Arnab is. Kabir asks the students group if they have seen Mr Doriyal. They point out to Arnab who is talking with guests. Kabir goes near Arnab.
Kabir: Excuse me...sorry! Uncle (Arnab excuses himself from the Group to talk to Kabir)
Arnab: Yeah Kabir...
Kabir: Uncle, I wanted to ask you something...just a small thing...
Arnab: Ask me...
Kabir: Actually it's nothing very important. But since you are an expert of this area I thought you would know...
Arnab: Yeah, Tell me...
Kabir: Uncle, Actually I am doing some studies regarding the Mountains in Utharanchal... especially regarding the treatments...
Arnab: yeah...There are all types of herbs in these mountains. From ancient times the people here use it as medicines. The mountains and jungles here are full of Ayurveda stuff.
Kabir: No Uncle...not that. I am talking about the tribal times...even before Ayurveda... Uncle, Is there such healing where the wounds become alright by touch? Just by know...
Arnab: Kabir, What are you talking? Does someone become alright by touch? These mountains are known for the herbs...not for black magic... (Arnab smiles. kabir smiles too)
Kabir: I am sorry uncle. I might have made a mistake while researching... Anyways, Thanks for the Information and enjoy the Party.
Arnab: Alright, No Problem! Any time...
Kabir: See you Uncle (Kabir goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'Not black magic but there are some type of people who has this heal wounds by touch... Vampires! Kabir...Poor thing...He was already looking very nervous...He doesn't need to know about the dead humans roaming in these jungles... The lesser the people know about vampires, the better').

Pia is talking to Panchi.
Pia: Jay has taken the CD from there. He was in a Waiter's Dress and stole the CD from there.
Panchi: What? This is ridiculous! I kept this Party in order to expose Neel...don't know where he would have kept the CD.
Pia: I have doubt that the CD is in his Jacket. (Misha comes there and apologizes for drinking alone and makes fun of her sisters. Pia tells her that Jay has stolen the CD and that they have to deal with him smartly and get the CD back. Pia then notices Kabir putting his coat over Tanushree and tells her sisters that she will ask Jay for his Jacket in front of his Mom and Neel. She tells Panchi and Misha that no Guy would refuse to give his Jacket to a pretty gold who is feeling cold. Panchi is impressed but Misha tells her that Jay would not be that much stupid to handover the CD is put efforts in stealing just that.
Pia: You know what Misha? No Guy will give a problem to a damsel in distress...So you wait and watch... (Pia goes from there to where Khurana Family is standing and talking with Arnab while Misha and Panchi watches her).
Jay takes his Jacket out to give to Pia
Jay puts his Jacket on Piya
Pia hugs Jay thanking him for the Jacket
Pia: Hi Auntie...
Dipannita: Pia...the pretty girl...
Pia: Thank you so much... (Pia suddenly acts as if she is cold)
Dipannita: You okay?
Pia: Yeah Aunty, I am just feeling a little cold...
Jay: If you insist I will increase the central heating system...
Pia: No, I think it is only me and T who are feeling cold. (Pia thinks in mind, 'What manners is that Jay? A helpless girl is feeling cold and you are thinking of increasing the central heating system'. Pia looks at T's direction and says, 'Oh Wow! Look at that... So chivalrous! Kabir gave T his Coat (Everyone looks at Kabir and T. Arnab and Dipanita smiles) So nice... (Pia rubs her hands as if she is feeling cold)
Dipannita: Jay, Give the Jacket to the lady...
Jay: Why?
Dipannita: Because I taught my sons manners... And you are a gentleman, right? So don't embarrass... Come on... What will people say? That I did not teach you anything?
Jay: Okay Mom..., Okay! No need to get emotional for everything...
Pia: No no no Auntie... I am perfectly fine... I am fine... (Jay removes his Jacket)
Dipannita: That's my son!
Jay: Yeah! (Jay puts the Jacket over Piya. (Misha and Panchi smiles. Misha tells Panchi, 'Wait and watch and learn!' Pia hugs Jay. T watches them.)
Pia: Thank you so much Jay... ( T thinks, 'The Dobriyal sisters catch the rich boys as soon as they see them. Pia is not trying to attract Jay. The elder sister caught hold of one Khurana Guy and second one this charity case will catch. If there was a third son Misha would have gone for him. So cheap!' Pia looks at Jay and smiles. Jay is looking unhappy.)
Dipannita: You are okay now?
Pia: Much better! (Arnab and Dipannita smiles. Pia winks at her sisters.)Excuse me Please... (Pia walks to her sisters. Piya hands over the CD to Misha. Jay sees it and watch them helplessly.

Misha goes near the CD Player with the CD and addresses the Party
Misha: Okay Guys, Listen up...listen up... (The people who are sitting also gets up) I mean respected Uncles and Aunties... We have prepared a surprise for you and this surprise has come from Neel's hands for Panchi. Neel has expressed his feelings of the heart through this CD in a big, big way. He has shown how terrific and awesome he is... and how lucky Panchi is that she got this CD.
Dipannita: So sweet Neel...
Misha: Screen Please! (2 House staff comes and puts a big screen on the Party Hall.) Seeing this CD everyone will know Neel and Panchi... Like I said enough of this talk...time to get to work... (Misha puts the CD in the Player. Neel thinks, 'What is this CD? I did not make any CD. Then what are they showing?')

At the Raichand's Residence Abhay and Haseena are walking to and fro in the room.
Abhay: 7 Days... We have very less time in hand. we have to find about these werewolves who are living in this City in human form.
Hasina: But how Abhay? Where will we search them? How will we find out? They could be anyone!
Abhay: I will go back there. In that that that College...I will make friends there and I will find out...
Hasina: You will?
Abhay: Yeah Mom! Abhay Raichand would go back to College. In this College the children of all important people in the City study. I will find the werewolves from among them and bring the blood.
Hasina: This time how much Chand needs that...
Abhay: I know that. But this time I am here! I know what I have to do. This time I am not in this City to make friends or make a name in the society but for another purpose. This time I will know it all! Because this time it is the Question of my Dad's life... I will find those Werewolves within 7 days. Mount College...I am coming!

PreCap: Jay tells Neel that if the CD works then they have to do a serious damage control. Jay reveals that the Pictures Panchi has taken of Neel and a girl at his Bedroom are going to be shown at the Party. Neel is worried and embarrassed. The Pictures starts getting displayed. Arnab and Dipannita is stunned seeing the Pictures.

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