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11th June 2011 Maha Episode Written Update (Episode 195) Panchi Dobriyal gets engaged to Neel at the Khurana’s Party

Panchi asks Neel if he would always keep her happy
Episode 195 starts with Jay Khurana seducing Pia Dobriyal and almost kissing her when Pia hears the voice calling her name. She moves away from Jay. The voice tells her, 'I am going Pia...I am going Pia'. Pia is startled by what she heard.

At the Jungle workers are digging the ice with heavy wooden sticks. Abhay who is frozen in the Ice recalls Maithili telling him, ' Now I am leaving you here and going Abhayendra...alone in between this Ice...You are a dead human and will remain like a dead human in all respects. You won't even get the life of a Vampire till your true love caresses your dead heart. Till then you will stay frozen in the Ice sleeping... till true love melts the Ice. And this ice will melt only with the heat of the hand kept on your heart. But before that if anyone pieces your heart with wood then you will stay frozen in the ice forever...forever'. He construction workers hit on the ice with heavy wooden stakes continuously.

At Jay's Bedroom Pia keeps her hand on her head and goes towards the window. She opens it and gazes outside.
Jay: What happened? (Pia suddenly starts shouting with her back on Jay, ' What are you doing? Just Stop! (Jay is confused)I don't know you...May be I do...I need to know you... and just stop...I will not let anything happen to you...just stop...stop all this'. She keeps both her hands on her head and turns from the window.
Jay: Who are you talking to Pia?
Pia: I have to go...I have to save him...
Jay: Where? (Pia rushes out of the room and comes down the stairs. She sees Arnab and asks for the Car Key. Arnab gives the Key and Pia rushes out of the house).

At the Forest the workers are digging the Ice with wooden stakes. Mr Khanna scolds them and asks them to hurry up. The workers notice that the ice is setting again. Mr Khanna asks them to break again as the work has to finish today itself as per Madam's Order. A worker tells him, 'Order is alright. It is been hours since we have been trying to break the Ice. We won't be able to break it'.
Mr Khanna: Break it Brother...I don't want to hear anything...(The workers resume gigging the Ice)

Pia is driving the Car. She says in mind, 'I am coming. I won't let you go anywhere. I am coming! You have helped me...saved me from all problems...Your voice has guided me in this City...supported me...I don't recognize you but I know this much that I cannot lose you! Talk to me...Guide me...Call me!' Pia then hears the voice, 'Pia, everything is ending. I don't have much time.I am going...forever!'Pia communicates telepathically, 'No! Don't go! I am coming...I am coming'. Suddenly her Car stops. Pia says in mind, 'Oh No! This Car also had to break down now? What is this joke of fate that I am not able to reach the person who has saved me again and again. Maybe fate is stopping me from reaching him. Oh God...Help me please...'. She then hears the voice again, 'Pia, where are you?' Pia responds, 'I am coming,I am coming to you...' Pia opens the Car door and gets out the Car.

At the Khurana's Party Panchi goes to Misha.
Panchi: I am so sick and tired of this Misha. When will Mom and Dad understand that I am not a dumb puppet? They always are pressurizing me for marriage. I don't want to get married... especially no arranged marriage.
Misha: You know what Birdy? I pity you... I mean you are my sister and I cannot see you in this condition. I mean I love you and all that crap... So I decided that I would help you...
Panchi: Really Misha? (Panchi tries to hug Misha but Misha stops her)
Misha: Panchi, Don't be sentimental. I have a remedy for Momma Papa arrangement.
Panchi: Really? What? Tell me fast...
Misha: I feel that you should have 1-2 drinks. After that whichever Guy would see you will get scared and run off. And no Auntie would want you for a daughter in law.
Panchi: Your every idea starts with Drinks only?
Misha: Listen...don't worry...Trust me...
Panchi: I am not a kid...May be the marriage matter would get postponed...but who would handle me?
Misha: I will... Don't worry about it. (They reach the Bar Counter and Misha asks for 5 shots of kamikaze. The bartender puts the drinks in front of the girls. The girls sit on the stools near the Bar counter. Misha urges Panchi to drink and she drinks one shot after the other. Panchi drinks all the 5 shots. When Misha asks for the drinks for herself Panchi stops her telling that Misha has to handle her. Misha tells that she would be fine and asks for 5 shots of kamikaze)

At the Road Pia is trying to talk to the voice. She says, 'Please talk to me. Have I lost you? Have I already lost you? (She keeps her hands on head) Why am I getting this feeling that If I lose you I will lose everything? Please talk to me! Who are you? Are you a shadow of my Past or...' A Car passes by. Pia waves her hands but the Car does not stop. She continues talking to the voice, 'Are you a shadow of my past or the voice of a living human. Or an in the stories or inhuman? How do you talk to me? Why am I feeling that if I lose you I would lose everything. Please talk to me. Please...Please talk to me...Give me a sign! Please tell me that you are around and nothing has happened to you...Please!'

At the Forest workers are still trying to break the ice which is not breaking at all. Haseena comes running through the Forest and stops at a distance. She is shocked to see workers trying to break the Ice underneath which Abhay rests. Hasina says, 'Abhay, I will not let that happen to you. This will not happen to you. You are not going anywhere Abhay. I will not let you freeze under this ice forever. No wooden stake would be able to touch your heart'. Haseena takes a deep breath and moves her hand forward as if pushing something. The construction workers falls back as if being thrown. Haseena says, 'I cannot do this for a longer time...'. Chand comes there and stops Haseena from what she was doing.
Chand: Stop it Haseena, What are you doing?
Hasina: You stop it Chand... (The Workers get up and looks around as if terrified)
Chand: You are putting yourself in danger by using your powers like this...How much pressure is happening on you know? You cannot stop this people. We cannot expose ourselves in front of them. We cannot expose ourselves in front of anyone. Let's go!
Haseena: No!I am not bothered about me. And how long will we keep hiding? How long will I stay scared of using my powers? Abhay is there and I have to save him. (The construction workers again comes closer to the ice) I am not leaving him like this here and going anywhere.
Chand: Hasina, when will you understand that we don't have a life and will never have one either. We are Vampires. Don't forget yourself. Let's go!
Haseena: No Chand! I have not forgotten anything... I remember how you saved Abhay's you saved a human and made him a Vampire like you... Abhay is my son! What him I did not give birth to him? Dead or alive... he is my son! And I will save him...
Chand: No Haseena stop it! Let's go from here...
Haseena: No, I am not going anywhere...I will not go anywhere... (Chand brings Haseena to the Car)
Chand: Come and sit in the Car...We are going away from here...
Haseena: No! Without Abhay I am not going anywhere.
Chand: Haseena, you are becoming weak.
Haseena: Weak? I? Weak? (Haseena comes to her Vampire form with fangs)
Chand: Stop it! (Haseena looks at Chand in anger and Chand stares back at her. Haseena comes back to her human form and turns her face from Chand. Chand walks to her)Haseena, (Haseena faces Chand again) Like you say Abhay is also my son. I also love him. And he will never wish that we expose our clan. Stop fighting with nature. Maithili has buried him in the Ice forever. He is he will never come back...
Hasina: No Chand! That is not true... (Chand comes closer to Haseena)
Chand: That is the truth! Abhay will never come back. Think that he got free from a monster's life... Now let's go! (Chand walks back to the Car. Haseena reluctantly follows him).

At the Khurana's House, Dipannita gets a call from Mr Khanna who informs him that an incident took place at the forest site. He tells her that the workers experienced something like the power of a ghost. Dipannita tells him that that he might be feeling like that because he is drunk. When he tries to talk to her again about it she scolds him for wasting her time by calling for silly matters like that. She then strictly tells him that the work should not stop and cuts the Phone. Jay comes near her.
Jay: Is everything alright Mom?
Dipannita: Jay you know this workers... They need some excuse to stop the work. And you know what this time...they are talking about some Ghost power which is troubling them. Rubbish! And this Mr Khanna...He can't handle 5 workers...On top of it he is taking their side and arguing with me...
Jay: It's okay...Just Relax!
Dipannita: Jay,You got to help me son...
Jay: Tell me...Tell me Mom...
Dipannita: Please go to the Site and sort this out...
Jay: I will...
Dipannita: I just knew it...I can depend on you...Love you Son!
Jay: Anything for you Mom! (Jay leaves from there)

Arnab comes near Mrs Khurana.
Arnab: You look a bit worried. Is there any problem?
Dipannita: Yeah...You know these things do happen in Business.
Arnab: That's true!
Dipannita: And the excuses...They are getting innovative day by day but they don't know who I am. I don't believe in their nonsense.
Arnab: I really admire you Mrs Khurana. At one side you have thrown such a wonderful Party and on the other your entire concentration is on your work.
Dipannita: Where does work stop? You know that Mr Arnab. Jay helps me a lot. He is young at age but shares more than half of my work. I am so fortunate. Anyway, Let's stop this boring talks and talk about the real work. My elder son has fallen in love with Panchi and I am very happy about it. He liked her at first sight.
Arnab: Wonderful! I am happy to hear that.
Mrs Khurana: In fact both your daughters are lovely! Where is your younger daughter Pia?

A Car is coming. Pia runs through the middle of the road trying to stop the Car.The Car stops and Pia looks through the front Passenger door and tells, 'Thank you so much for stopping for me. Will you please give me a lift?' Maya who was driving the Car looks at Pia in surprise.
Maya: Pia! Pia, Is that really you...My God I can't believe this... I am seeing you after years... (Pia thinks, 'She knows me very well')
Pia: Thank you so much. Please...will you drop me up to the Jungle? It is an emergency...please!
Maya: You want a ride? Hop in! (Piya thank her and get into the front passenger seat. Maya drives the Car from there) Pia, It's been so long, right? I did not even thank you both properly. You and Abhay did so much for me Pia. Seriously if you both would not have been there may be I would not have been alive. You both changed my life Pia. You guys were so good to me. (Pia thinks, 'Abhay? But Misha told me that he is a very bad Guy but what is she telling me..') And much he suffered because of much bad name he had to bear...But he did not care...about his reputation...about anything... He just stood up for me. He came to my life like an angel. And not only him... even you Pia... And you guys are so perfect as a couple. I remember in College everyone used to be so jealous of you, you know? (Pia is confused and silent trying to connect what Maya is saying) By the way, How is Abhay? Tell him that I said Hi...I really pray for you Guys Pia...You both have inspired me so much...(Pia closes her eyes and tries to communicate. She asks in mind, 'Who are you?' The voice responds, 'Abhay!'Pia opens her eyes. She thinks, 'But Misha told me...No! If you are what Misha is telling me then why do you helping me? Oh God...Misha was telling lies. Are you really that Angel? I am coming Abhay. I am coming!')
Panchi and Neel gets engaged

At the Khurana's Party, Dipannita and Arnab are talking.
Dipannita: Mr Arnab, We should do this properly. What do you say?
Arnab: Sure!
Dipannita: Where is your wife?
Arnab: There she is... (Arnab and Mrs Khurana walks to Madhu)
Dipannita: Madhu...Can I call you that?
Madhu: Of course, why not?
Dipannita: I must say that you have raised your daughters very well. And you know my son Neel liked your daughter Panchi very much. And after seeing her Even I have no complaints. Panchi is perfect to be the daughter in law of my house. And I think we should not delay much in this. (Madhu is happy)
Arnab: Wow Mrs Khurana...what can I say... We are honored to have Panchi wed to your family.
Dipannita: Thank you! By the way... When I take a decision I don't waste much time thinking of it. I think we should get them engaged...what do you say?
Madhu: Engagement? We have not done any preparations also... And so fast?
Dipannita: Don't worry Madhu! In our house daughters step in with happiness and nothing else. And talking of engagement...there is an opportunity and perfect atmosphere... Waht is left is the ring...which I grandmother's ring. Which ever bride came to our family wore that ring and came. If the decision is right, why wait?
Arnab: Well Mrs Khurana... (Arnab asks Madhu) Where is Panchi? (Arnab spots Panchi and Misha. He calls Panchi. Misha tells Panchi, 'Come on Birdie...Start now...just act drunk'. Misha and Panchi goes to them. Madhu hugs Panchi saying, 'my lovely daughter')
Madhu: Look Panchi...I told you... Everyone loves you. Mrs Khurana and Neel has liked you. They are happy with this relationship. We also have given our consent. And we wish that without wasting time we announce your engagement today. What do you say? Isn't it great? (Panchi stares at Madhu. As Madhu is talking Panchi hears nothing. She only sees the lip movements. Panchi smiles and then laughs. Arnab and Madhu assumes that Panchi is happy with the engagement)
Arnab: I guess she likes the Boy
Dipannita: That's great! I will call Neel now. Neel! (Neel walks to them. Misha thinks, 'Oh what did I do? I made you unconscious by making you drink when you should have been in full consciousness for this new drama'. Neel goes and stands next to Panchi. Mr Khurana introduces Neel to the Dobriyals. Dipannita excuses herself from there telling them that she would be back fast. Panchi looks at Neel and laughs)
Panchi: You reached here? You reach everywhere?
Neel: Panchi, Thank you so much! I feel so lucky right now. (Misha tries to tell Arnab about Panchi but Arnab silences her. Mrs Khurana comes there with the ring and addresses the Party)
Mrs Khurana: Attention Ladies and Gentlemen! Maybe today one celebration is not enough. So I thought that we should have another celebration. I hereby announce the engagement of my elder son Neel with Panchi who is from the well known Dobriyal Family of this City. (Every one claps. Mrs Khurana gives Neel the ring. Arnab gives his ring to Panchi. Panchi and Neel exchange rings. Every one claps. Panchi suddenly starts laughing and Arnab-Madhu gets suspicious. Misha tells them that Panchi is drunk and that they did a wrong thing by getting an unconscious Panchi engaged. Madhu almost becomes unconscious when Misha tells that Panchi drank 5 pegs. Arnab tells Misha that her prank has come to some use to them as Panchi would have refused if she would have been in conscious. Misha tries to defend for Panchi. Arnab tells her, 'Look Misha, All of Panchi's choices were wrong... We have made the choice for her good and that is right.Now no arguments...Go!')

Neel holds Panchi's hand.
Neel: Panchi, Today all my dreams have come true. Thank you so much! (Neel then turns to Dipannita)Mom, you have given me the biggest happiness in this world... Thank you so much! (Dipannita asks Neel to get blessings from Arnab and Madhu. Neel takes blessings.)
Madhu: I got a son...I am so happy
Neel: Don't worry Auntie. I promise that I would give your daughter all the World's happiness.
Arnab: Wow! So I think we have a reason to celebrate. Let's have a drink. Come Neel... (Neel and Mrs Khurana goes with Arnab. Panchi excitedly says, 'Neel, me too let's have some kamakaze...' Madhu stops her)

At the Forest site the Workers refuse to work telling that there was some Ghost there and that they would not put their life at risk for one day's pay. A Guy says, 'Jungle is protecting itself. Consider it will of God. We can't do this work'. The Workers run from there.

At the party, Neel and Panchi are standing together. People come and congratulate them. Misha takes Panchi from there and tries to tell her what happened with her in her drunken state. Panchi asks Misha for a drink and seems to be happy about things. Misha tells her that in the morning she would understands her and teases her calling Mr Khurana. Neel comes there hearing it. He remarks, 'Mrs Khurana...That sounds great!' He kisses on Panchi's cheek and Panchi is all over him.
Panchi: Neel!
Neel: Yes!
Panchi: You will always keep me happy, won't you?
Neel: Of course Panchi!
Panchi: You will listen to everything I say?
Neel: yes!
Panchi: Then make me a drink and bring... (Panchi hugs him)
Neil: Okay (Misha goes from there in frustration)

Maya who is driving suddenly stops the Car.
Pia: Maya, What happened? Why did you stop the Car? (Maya takes her Mobile phone from the back seat and gives it to Pia)
Maya: See, I have so many photos of you. Whenever I remember you I always look at them...See! (Pia looks at the Pictures and one my one flashes of her intimate moments with Abhay comes to her mind)
Maya: Pia, You are listening, right? I was saying that you Guys are so lucky. Only lucky people get true love.
Pia: Maya, Can you please drive fast? I will get late... please...
Maya: I am so sorry! It's just that I have seen you after a long time... (maya resumes driving)
Hasina tells Chand that Abhay is coming back
Chand is driving the Car with Haseena on the front passenger seat.
Chand: Haseena, Why don't you try to understand? We are vampires. Human emotions have no place in between us. If I would not have reached there today don't know what would have happened. Pia sees the Car coming from the opposite side and the people sitting in it. Haseena also sees Pia. The Car crosses each other.
Haseena: Chand, Stop! (Chand stops the Car. Piya thinks, 'This I know her? Why did she look at me like that? Who is she?')Chand, Pia is here. I told you right...that Pia would save Abhay. See...She is here. I knew that their love is true.

Piya thinks, 'So many memories but I am not able to remember anything. But I need to know' Piya closes her eyes.

Haseena is talking to Chand.
Haseena: Their love is strange. It is beyond all the laws of nature and universe. But it has so much power that she can bring Abhay back. And she will! Isn't that what is said in vampires history? That the only way a curse , a supernatural barrier can be broken is through true love. Chand, Today Abhay is going to wake up. Your son is going to be back. Don't you want to see it? (Chand starts the Car and takes a reverse to go back to where they came from)

Jay stops the Car and gets out. He crosses the road and goes to the Forest Site. He goes to Mr Khanna and other Officers standing there.
Jay: Where are the workers? And why the work has been stopped?
Mr Khanna: All the workers got scared and went leaving the job
Jay: What?
Mr Khanna: Something strange happened here. It was like some invisible power throwing all the workers. Sir, I am surprised...I have never seen anything like that in my life.
Jay: Shut up Khanna! I have not come here to hear your nonsense, get it? If you people cannot get the work done I will show you how the work is done. And now go and get the workers back. Right now! (Mr Khanna and the other officers leave from there. Jay removes his Jacket and puts it on the rope there.

The Car stops. Pia gets out of the Car and thank Maya.
Maya: Piya, Here in this Jungle what work you have? You want me to go with you?
Piya: No! Thank you so much! This work I have to do alone... But thank you...
Maya: Okay...Take Care, Bye! (Maya drives off)

Pia runs to the Icy spot. She sees Jay raising the stake to dig into the ice block. She shouts, 'Jay, No!' Jay stops mid way. Piya runs to him saying, 'Just stop!'
Jay: What stop? And by the way what are you doing here? What is wrong? Listen, I am getting late to do the work. SO please move away...
Pia: Don't you see? Something else is happening here... (Pia kneels and touche sthe ice) In this Jungle there is only this ice. Something different is happening here. Someone is here. There is someone underneath the Ice!
Jay: What? What is wrong with you Pia? (Jay's mobile rings and he picks up the call and tells someone, 'Hi Baby! I am reaching there in 15 minutes. I will see you there...' Pia touches the ice gently) Listen Pia! I don't care who is under this ice or who isn't or why it is here... I only know that this land is Khurana's and you cannot stop us from doing the work, You get it? As you see, Someone is waiting for me who is exactly opposite to his ice. So take your cold attitude away and let me work! If you want I will bury you in this ice too...
Piya: I know you hate me ans is here because of your Mom. But trust me it is a life...You can't do this...You can't do this...
Jay: Pia, It is just a block of Ice! No one is here... Can't you see?
Pia: I know that you can't see anything but I can feel it. Someone is here...someone is underneath this...In this whole Jungle only here there is ice. He talks to me. The one who guides me...he is here... He is under this...I have to save him! (Jay's mobile rings again and he attends the call and tells, 'Hi! Yes Darling...I am on my way!')
Jay: You are damn lucky Pia that I have to go somewhere now. I am giving you some hours. Do what you want to do. You want to take this ice home or want to save who is trapped that. But be away when I am back, Get it? (Jay goes from there. Pia keeps touching the ice gently. She suddenly hears the growling of wolves and gets scared. She thinks, 'Wolves? Oh my God...Where am I trapped? I am alone in this Jungle.'The eyes of the Wolves are visible in the dark. Suddenly the Ice breaks and from underneath the Ice a hand comes out and catches Pia's hand. Pia is surprised and shocked. She tries to free her hand.) Episode ends.

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