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27th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 206) Arnab Dobriyal decides to use the Yantra to subdue Vampires

Neel holds Panchi closer
Episode 206 starts with Arnab Dobriyal searching for something in the Book Shelf by standing on a ladder held by a house staff. He finds what he was looking for in the top shelf and climbs down with the object. He look at the object which resembles a mini camera and says, ‘The Yantra to bring the Vampire under control...This is the yantra which is used by tantriks...I will use this! Let me see who you are and where you are hiding. Now you won't be able to hide. I will use this and then you will have to come in front of me... The effect of this Yantra would be such that you won't be able to bear the pain and I will recognize you. Now I will not let any Vampire to come near my daughters. Now you won't be able to hide from me. I am ready to meet you. I am ready!'

Piya comes to the Mount College Car Parking lot where the Dobriyal's vehicle is parked. She thinks, 'What happened to Misha suddenly? Sure Misha is hiding something. I have not seen her getting angry like that. (The Chauffeur opens the Car door for Pia) What's happened to her? What is she hiding?' Piya asks the Driver if he has seen Misha's bike and when he replies in negative she asks him to stop the vehicle if he sees her on the way. Pia gets into the Car. The Chauffeur drives the vehicle from there. The Driver stops the vehicle suddenly in front of a Building. Pia asks him why he stopped and he replies that the Car cannot go further as it is Traffic Jam. Pia suddenly notices Misha's Bike in front of the Building. Piya asks the Driver to go home and tells him that she would come on her own. She gets down from the Car and goes and stands near the Bike waiting for Misha to come. After some time Misha comes out of the Building and is stunned to see Misha. Pia questions her as to why she is in the Building. Misha lies to her that she comes there daily as she likes a certain Guy called Venkiteshwara Ramaswamy. Piya makes faces and mocks hearing the name and Misha argues with her and tells her that a rose will be a rose even if it is called a pumpkin. Pia asks if the Guy likes her. Misha tells that she comes there to find out about that and would have shared with Pia if she was not so self involved. Misha tells Pia that it is her fault and tells her not to ask anymore questions. Pia tells sorry to Misha. Misha tells that she would forgive her if Pia treats her to an Ice cream. Pia agrees and they go from there. Misha is happy that she could save the situation.

At the Mount College Campus students are busy with Placards and other arrangements for the protest. Kabir tells T and Tracker that it is not a Fashioon Show but a Social Cause and tells that the College won't waste money on their costumes. He tells that he needs plain T Shirts on with it is written 'Save our land'. Tracker tells that she would not take it and goes from there. Kabir tells T that it is her turn and asks her if she would not make the T Shirts for him. T tells that she is bored of the Project and do not want to do the T Shirts. T tells that she has an exciting topic to think about. Kabir asks her what it is and Tanushree replies that she was thinking of going with Kabir to eat Mexican Food at the Restaurant near by her house the next day night. She informs him that she has booked a table for them already and asks him to pick her up from her home.
Kabir: It is ridiculous T. Don't you think that we have a more important thing to do other than dinner. (Tanushree rolls her eyes in disinterest) It is such a big problem. Instead of sorting that out you want to take me to eat Mexican, Wow! And what is this daily exotic food? By eating the happening food do we become the town's happening couple? (T is irritated) T...I am your Boyfriend. You should consider my likes and dislikes. You know what? I hate Mexican. I don't like Italian or Japanese or whatever you experiment on me. Do you know what I like?
Tanushree: No!
Kabir: Exactly! You know I like plain simple Khichdi (Indian version of comfort food)...simple khichdi
Tanushree: Khichadi... you mean khichadi...
Kabir: Why? You have a problem? But Babe I am sorry...this is how it is...Your Boyfriend likes Khichdi... whether it is today's fashion or not. But you know what? I am wasting my time. Now apart from me I have to think of others. I have to save the Jungle. So see you T (He gives a salute and turns and walks)
Tanushree: K...., K....
Kabir: T, I said see you later, Bye! (T is frustrated)

T is sitting in the Campus looking unhappy. T's friend comes there and gives her a report of the latest gossip updates. She tells, Rohit Bal's entertainment Party yesterday was a super hit. Aiswarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan are going to have a child. Now listen to this one...your favorite color dress is now available in Dehraduns one and only store. And now your love scope... Your Boyfriend will dump you today for your biggest enemy'.
T: Excuse me! What sort of stale news you have got...Get some new ideas! If you are this useless go and become Tracker's friend. Get lost! Go... please go.... (The girl goes from there. T thinks, 'I will not let my K go to my enemy. Piya will never get K. Khichadi...Yo! No problem Baby!'

Misha stops her Bike in front of a Shop behind a Car (Haseena Raichand is in the Front passenger seat of the Car). She tells Pia that she has to take an USB and goes insides the Shop. Pia sits on the bike waiting for Misha. While Pia's face is turned the other side Abhay comes there and sees her. He looks at her. The wind blows suddenly and Pia thinks, 'What's that? Why do I feel that the person I am waiting for is here'. Abhay gets into the Car and Drives from there. Pia turns her face and then looks at the Car. Piya thinks, 'I have seen this number of Car somewhere, It feels like I recognize this number very well'. Misha comes out of the Shop and Pia asks her if she knows a Car with 111 Number belonging to some acquaintance. Misha tries to evade the Question and tells, 'let's go'. Pia tells that she knows that it has some connection with her past life. Misha thinks, 'This is crazy... In this city everything reminds Pia of Abhay. And now he has come back. How will I hide this?'
Misha: Piya, in this city there are so many important people... Some one would have got a special number, what's the big deal? Okay, Listen...
Pia: No, You listen Misha...I know... it's connected to my past. There is something to it. Let's just follow it... It went just now. (Misha puts on the helmet)
Misha: No no no... Are you mad? I am already late for class. If I bunk this class Mam would hang me upside down...
Pia: What class?
Misha: yeah! It's my extra class... Otherwise I won't pass for exams. How much big problems we kids have of studying and passing... Move! ( Misha gets into the Bike. Pia thinks, 'What is happening to me? I keep bothering myself over small small things. That day near the Old house also I felt like how I felt seeing the Car. I felt the same way near the Ice grave in the middle of the Jungle also. Are this things connected to each other? Does all these really have a connection with my life? And if Misha is not helping me I have to search for the answers myself').

Tanushree Ambolker comes to the Cooking Class.
Teacher: Tanushree Ambolker, what are you doing here?
T: Mam, I have come to join your class. Mam, You remember right? In the First year your literature class used to be my favorite. SO I thought in this subject also you could inspire me. And nowadays, cooking is so glamorous. Master Chef T... sounds good, ehh?
Teacher: First attend the Class. You can become Master later! Go to table number 3.
T: Thank You Mam. (T goes to her Table. her friend is also in the Class. Misha comes there hurriedly)
Misha: Sorry...sorry... Am I late?
Teacher: Misha... what are you doing here?
Misha: Attending the class
Teacher: Are you joining the cooking class? (T looks suspiciously) There can be only one reason to it. Come on tell me the truth!
Misha: No Mam! Mam am getting failed. And to attend the class there is five grace marks. I really need it...please!
Teacher: See how well I know you...
Misha: Mam, You are a genius!
Teacher: Apply the butter on the dish and not me. And if the food is not prepared well the marks would be minus (Tanushree is trying to figure out what to do with the Apron)
Misha: Don't worry about it Mam. You know how much a foodie I am so cooking will be easy for me...
Teacher: We will see...Table number 1... (T's friend helps her to tie the Apron) Come on girls...quick (T claps her fingers and 3 chefs come for her assistance. Tanushree tells the teacher that she would concentrate on learning while the Chef's do the practical stuff. The teacher asks Tanushree to leave the class room. T thinks, 'I need to make Khichdi for K. I hope the love scope not become true...It is a matter of one class. Make Khichdi and then straight to the Salon for Manicure!'T sends her chefs off and tells the Teacher that she will do everything. The Teacher asks all of them to start the Cooking.

Neel comes to Dobriyal House. Arnab is sitting on the sofa and working on the Laptop. Neel knocks at the door.
Neel: Hello Papa!
Arnab: Hello Neel! What a surprise... Come come come... (Neel walks in and sits on the chair next to Arnab)
Neel: Actually, Mom gave this for Panchi (Showing a Jewerly box). So I thought I will give this and also use it as an excuse to have coffee with you.
Arnab: Any time! Actually I don't understand this ritual of the Khurana family. You are making us ashamed with all this gifts.
Neel: Not at all... It is the tradition of the family we are following...that's all
Arnab: Panchi... (Panchi comes down the stairs with a glass of juice in hand)
Panchi: Papa, How many times I told you that I don't want to drink this Orange Juice... (She sees Neel)
Arnab: From your in-laws a gift has come. One more gift...
Neel: That's for my beautiful Bride...
Arnab: Come, You two sit and talk... I will make Coffee for you two... Ramsingh! (Arnab walks from there. Panchi walks and stands in front of Neel)
Panchi: Why have you come here? Your time pass girls got bored of you?
Neel: Not even close Baby! It is just that Mom told me to take some time out for my to be I took little time out for you that's all...
Panchi: Keep your Gift and your time with you...(Neel is about to get up. But Arnab comes there and informs that the Coffee is on the way so Neel leans back to the chair.
Arnab: Tell me Neel...What's up!
Neel: Nothing Dad! Panchi was telling me how much she loves Maang Tikka (an Indian hair jewelry worn on the forehead). In fact Sweetheart...why don't you try this maang tikka along with the Necklace?
Panchi: Will do later!
Neel: Panchi Please...I want to see how it looks on you...Please!
Arnab: Come on Panchi... Wear and show...He is asking so lovingly...
Neel: yeah Panchi... let me see how my family heirlooms look on you... If not we will get it changed...
Arnab: No no no...of course not... Go Panchi...Go and wear the necklace and come.
Panchi: I will come ( She goes from there. Neel follows her telling that she will need his help to tie the necklace. He tells her, 'That is what husbands are for, right?' Arnab looks at them going with a smile on his face and says, 'sweet!')
Neel tells Panchi that she has no idea of his game and plans for her
Panchi comes to her room followed by Neel. Neel looks around appreciating the room
Neel: Nice Room...
Panchi: Shut up! Listen Neel...It's enough...I am fed up with your drama. I know that you wish to take revenge on me but now you are crossing the damn line. Stay away from my family.
Neel; If your family is not in the game how will this game be thrilling?
Panchi: What the hell! You are playing with my family?
Neel: Ofcourse! I learned it from you...
Panchi: You know what? I also learned to deal with you. What you want to do do...It won't have any effect on me. I won't let you win! (Neel smiles and comes closer to Panchi telling her name and pulls her to him by putting a hand on her waist. Panchi tries to free herself but Neel holds her closer)
Neel: Panchi, Don't even think that you know anything about my game. Because this game has just started Panchi. And what all I have kept planned for you... you have no idea!
Panchi: Leave me!
Neel: Gladly! (He leaves her)Panchi, Anyhow I am not interested in you. You are so boring and cold...For me you are that Bird who flutters the wings in the cage... (Panchi's mobile rings and she picks up the phone. Neel's face suddenly becomes serious. Panchi talks to someone and tells him, 'Not a problem! Now only my engagement has happened. And everyone knows that Neel Khurana is a big loser. And this engagement is just a business deal...well not a problem, I will see you tonight! I will see you today...Bye...muuaahh...' She cuts the Phone.
Neel: Who was that?
Panchi: None of your Business!
Neel: Panchi, You really think that I cannot find out?
Panchi: Why? Just now I was boring...cold... Now you are suddenly interested? You know what Neel? You started this game...and I will end it! Get it? So...You may leave...

PreCap: Chand Raichand being chased by Wolves through the Forest.

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