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21st June 2011 Written Update (Episode 202) Dipannita Khurana sends Jay to Dobriyal House with gift for Panchi

Dipannita tells Neel to take interest in the new Project
Episode 202 starts with the girls including Pia, Misha and Ruhi getting ready for the Volleyball Match at the Locker Room. Piya and Misha ties their shoe laces.
Pia: So girls, In today's match we have to remember that the boy's can be defeated not by strength but by brains. Don't think that this boys can do anything in front of us. We will give the reply to their strength and muscles with fastness and flexibility. So come on girls, let's do this... let's chak de! ( The girls raise their hands motivating each other. Tanushree comes to the Locker Room and notices Pia's shoes)
T: Hey Nice Shoes! How good your choice is Pia... (Misha whispers in Pia's ears, 'Dude! Looks like the new T ate the old one. Because if the old T would have seen the shoes she would have been jealous and would have started hatching plans to murder you or make you fall. This new T is scary man'. T tries to overhear the conversation) You said anything?
Misha: No...
Pia: Let's go...let's go...let's go win the Match
Misha: Listen! If we win we will have a super-duper Party. We will invite the Boys too...to be our Waiters... (The girls laugh and high five)

At the Mount College Ground the students get ready to watch the Volley Ball match of Girls Vs Boys. Both the Teams come to the court and occupy their positions. On the girls side is Misha, Piya, Ruhi and another girl. On the Boy's side is Jay, Kabir and 2 other Guys. Kabir throws the ball playfully at Misha and tells her when she catches it with difficulty, 'That is why I told you that girls should not play Volleyball'. Misha throws the ball at Kabir hitting him below the belt.Kabir is in pain)
Misha: You see that? That's why boys shouldn't play Volley Ball.(The girls laugh)
Jay: What happened?
Kabir: She hit me below the belt. How can I be alright? Mish.. (Kabir shows an I will see you sign to Misha) Guys, next time play with a protection okay...? Thanks! (The girls laugh and high five again)
Kabir: Mount College Guys, today we announce war again. This Delicate Girls have challenged us boys again. So let's see if their smile wins or (Kabir looks at his Bicep and then holds Jay's Biceps) our Biceps...their grace or our muscles...(Misha shows a thumbs down sign) We will show them boys...what say everybody ( T shouts, 'Go girls go') hello, What go? Me baby...cheer me!
Tanushree: Kabir my baby my darling...This time oops! I am not for the Boys. I am going to cheer the girlies...muah... (She sends flying kisses and jumps) Girls go...
Misha: Girlies... someone is going to be murdered. She is gone nuts man (The girls laugh)
Pia: Hey forget all this let's concentrate.
Jay: One Sec...Here you go... (Jay throws the ball to someone and catches a packet thrown at him. Jay taps Kabir and tells him, 'One thing is pending then I am done'. Jay comes near the net and calls Pia) Hey Piya, Come here... (Pia goes near Jay. Jay throws the tissues packet at Pia)This...for you. It's just that after losing the match you may need it. You may want to cry, right? Best of luck! (Both Jay and Pia walk back to their positions on the Volleyball Court)
Kabir tells Jay that he saw what Jai did at the Volleyball Match
Kabir tells Jai that Jay has fallen in love
The match begins. The girls and boys play an intense game scoring points against each other. The score is finally Girls 8 Boys 8. Pia takes the next hit and Jay says in mind, 'Pia, this is for you!'. Jay deliberately hits at the net giving the girls a point and victory. Jay has a silly smirk on his face while the girls jump and cheer. Kabir keeps his hand on Jays shoulder and then playfully catches his chin and tells him, 'I saw you dude...Well played ehh?'. Pia comes near the net with the tissues box and talks to Jay.
Pia: You know what? (She throws the box at Jay who catches it) Keep this box with you. May be it will come to your use (Pia turns and walks away. Kabir comes near Jay and teases him, 'So son, finally you are in love...'
Jay: What are you talking about?
Kabir: These Volleyball matches...I have played from childhood. I have played so many matches. The last shot which you deliberately missed... it happens when someone is in love.
Jay: No no no... let me correct.You are thinking wrong. There is nothing like that...
Kabir: Jay, for a girls smile you cheated on your friends... which means you have fallen in love... (Jay keeps looking at the tissues box) And this the earlier you tell yourself the better. Anyways, it's always nice playing with you dude. (Kabir playfully punches on Jay's chest and goes from there. Jay too walks from there. Abhay is standing behind a pillar. He looks towards Pia's direction and thinks, 'See Abhay, Pia is happy. Jay Khurana really loves Pia. For her happiness... her smile he would do anything. You came to see that. Now go away from Pia...Go away from her life. Now she does not need you. Pia is not yours Abhay, remove her from your heart...and go away. Leave her alone! She belongs to some one else'. Abhay turns to walk from there but is stopped by Maya).
Maya: Abhay! Oh my God finally! Where did you vanish? How are you Abahy and where are you?
Abhay: I am here only. I am alright. How are you?
Maya: I am really good. Thanks to you Abhay. I am good now...and happy. Okay, tell me something? Did you rejoin the College? (Abhay keeps his eyes down and remains silent) My God that's so great. Everything will be like earlier...Okay, did you see Pia? She was so great in the match, right? Awesome! She just beat all of them man... (Maya looks at Pia's direction and then at Abhay's gloomy face) Abhay, What is happening between you two? I heard that everything is over? But it is strange Abhay... How can this happen? How perfect you were for each other...
Abhay: Come on Maya...What love can be their between 17 and 18 year olds? We have grown up. Along with age love also moves on. And to tell you the truth I was sort of trapped in the relationship and now I have moved on. Anyways, I will see you later...take care! (Abhay walks from there. Maya thinks, 'Such a big lie...Abhay, you forgot that I know you and her too. If you are not together there is some other reason behind it because your love cannot fade out that easily Abhay. So what is it? What has changed?'

Piya is walking through the College corridor looking at her mobile. Maya comes running to her.
Maya: Pia...
Pia: Maya, Hi! Listen, I was looking for you after lunch. Where were you? (Maya thinks,'How happy Pia is looking without Abhay. If she really has forgotten him why should I interfere in between? Maybe by doing that I would make her sad...No!') Hey! Where are you lost? Listen...by the way, did you see the match? How we defeated the boys...really fantabulous...Boys were like... How the boys were acting cool...losers! (Maya thinks, 'How much Pia has changed... She is no longer that old Pia. She is happier. I saw both of them and both of them has changed this much. How can this happen? I can agree about anyone else but how can Abhay and Pia forget each other').

Maya and Pia are walking through the road. A Car goes splashing muddy water on Pia's face and dress. The Car stops a little ahead.
Pia: What the hell! Who the hell is this manner less? Who the hell is this? (Jay climbs out of the Driver's seat) Jay, Don't you have any sportsman spirit? If you lose you will do this? You will splashed mud on my face bloody hell... (Jay's phone rings and he picks up the call from his Mom Dipannita Khurana. He tells her that he would reach soon and cuts the phone. Jay then walks towards Piya. Piya tells Maya, 'Now see, He will come and say sorry to me...bloody bat!)
Jay: Wow! Great improvement...This mud on your loser shirt looks awesome. Keep it up Pia! (He turns and walks back to his Car. Pia is angry. Jay gets into the Car and drives off)
Pia: What the...Bloody hell...loser! You know what Maya? I am sorry for all this. I just have to go. I will teach him a lesson. I will see you... (Pia walks from there in anger.)

Pia walks into Misha's room in anger. Misha sees her and jokes, 'My Captain...my Captain... In the happiness of Victory did you roll in the mud?'
Pia: Shut up Okay? Not one word...Not even one... That bloody idiot? What does he think of himself? If he lose the match he will splash mud on me like this...than mean, idiot, bloody, swine, pig (Pia opens Misha's cupboard and looks at the clothes)
Misha: That means Jay likes you...Because of that he is doing childish acts, for your attention.
Pia: Misha, Have you gone mad? Have you come from Mars? What do you think that bloody slouchy ugly pig will ask for my attention? Before that wouldn't I murder him? Bloody hell...I am so angry. There is no one I hate more than him...
Misha: Okay okay alright! You are only thinking of him, right? So his plan succeeded.(Pia walks to Misha in anger with some clothes in hand)
Pia: Misha, You know what? When ever you open your mouth you only talk nonsense. (Pia sits on the Cot and puts the clothes on the cot looking at them. Misha also sits on the Cot)
Misha: Piya, What are you doing? Why have you taken out my rejected and waste clothes? These are rubbish man!
Pia: Exactly! I will recycle this stupid waste clothes and use in Jay Khurana Murder Case. You know what? I will teach him such a lesson that I need all this. (Pia gets up from the cot with the dresses in hand. (Misha pulls her back to sit on the Cot)
Misha: Hey hold on! This is perfect you know. From the time T has turned good I have lost all fun in life. I have not plotted against anyone... Come on Pia let's teach Jay a lesson.
Pia: Hmm! Jay has set me up with 4 guys for a date and he feels that I will be scared and I am not going to go. I ain't crying baby. I will go on the date.
Misha: Great!
Pia: With all the 4 of them! (Misha is shocked)
Misha: What? I mean is this Jay's punishment or yours?
Pia: Don't worry Misha. I will teach Jay such a lesson... he does not know who Pia Dobriyal is... You know what? I will go in these tacky clothes to that Party. What does Jay feel that I am like that, right? Just give him the benefit of doubt and in the end I will show him my true colors. So what do you think? (Misha picks up a dress)
Misha: This has got my approval.
Pia: Good! Goes with my Plan. I will go get ready (Pia goes from the room. Misha thinks, 'What time has come. T has changed from Villain to good and my my goodie sister has become cat woman. In this World everything is not right. (Misha taps her chin with fingers) All is not well!' She smiles.)
Dipannita shows Jay the Jewelry for Panchi
At Jay's House Dipannita is talking over the phone to someone. She asks the Guy on the other side if he has quoted the same figures she has told him. She tells him that she does not want to take any risks and asks him to send her the papers. Neel comes and sits on the chair opposite Dipannita. She cuts the phone.
Dipannita: Great! You know what? I have given a bid for the land on the other side of the Jungle also and now we will become the biggest land owners of this city. Neel, I want you to take special interest in this Project. (Neil nods) And anyways...your marriage is going to happen and I want you to start taking responsibilities. Dobriyal Family is one of the most known people in this City so I wish that they respect you as much as they respect me. They should know that neel Khurana can increase Business four fold, right?
Neel: Whatever it is...You tell me what I need to do and I will make sure I do it. Don't worry about it...
Dipannita: Anyways Neel...Arnab and Madhu seem to be very happy with his relationship. I wish this Marriage happens soon. I mean why delay? And you know it...I cannot wait... (Dipannita gets up and walks from there. Jay come there)
Jay: Hi Mom!
Dipannita: Jay! It's nice I saw you. Come! (Dipannita walks and picks up a Jewelry Box from the table) Take this necklace to the Dobriyals. It is our tradition here that till the marriage does not happen gifts go to the bride's house (Dipannita shows the necklace to Jai)So I thought why not start with this. How is it?
Jay: Beautiful! Lucky Panchi! (Dipannita gives the Jewelry box to Jay)
Dipannita: Thanks! So take this necklace immediately to Dobriyal House.
Jay: Sure Mom!
Dipannita: Okay, Bye bye!
Jay: Bye! (Dipannita goes from there. Neel calls Jay. Jay goes and sits on the Chair.
Neel: So Jay, You Guys won the match?
Jay: Match? No!
Neel: What? You got defeated by girls?
Jay: Some times in order to have big victories we have to lose in the small ones (Neel looks at Jay in confusion) You won't understand! (Jay gets up and goes from there)
Jay asks Pia where she is going for the date
Calling Bell rings at the Dobriyal House. Arnab opens the door.
Arnab: Hi Jay! Come come...
Jay: Hello Uncle! (Jay gives the Jewelry Box and Flower Bouquet to Arnab) Uncle, Mom send this for Panchi)
Arnab: That's so sweet! But what was the need of all this? Come sit...
Jay: It just that Uncle it's a ritual of our house that till the wedding day to send a gift to the bride every day. I don't know why. But if you wish that this ritual stop (Jay and Arnab both sits) then you get the marriage done as soon as possible. (Arnab laughs)
Arnab: Well, This is an interesting ritual. Don't tell the girls otherwise they will not marry before one year. (Jay smiles) In fact Madhu is also busy with the Shopping...
Jay: Really?
Arnab: Yeah, banaras, Jaipur Saris...Jewelry etc...I feel that they do Marriages because they get the excuse for shopping.
Jay: By the way, regarding this you should see Mom. She goes for Business Trip but comes back with 3 suitcases... Now she got another excuse. She made Neel our new Project Head. We are thinking that we buy the land on the other side of the Jungle also. So both the sides are going to be ours.
Arnab: Oh wow! I think it is a very good Idea. If the land on both the sides of the Jungle is yours it would make it easy in Business also.
Jay: Correct!
Arnab: I think your Mom is got good Business sense...very good...
Jay: You are right...Mom is the best! So I take a leave...
Arnab: No no...How can I leave you like that? Madhu is not at home but always her eyes is on me. If I don't entertain you well she will get angry at me. Tell, what will you take? Cofee or... I will bring something stronger. (Arnab goes to the Bar Counter and comes back with a drink for Jay) There you are... (He gives the drink to Jay)
Jay: Thanks Uncle!
Arnab: Cheers!
Jay: Cheers! (Arnab takes the Jewelry and flowers from the table)
Arnab: I will keep this and come.
Jay: Sure!
Arnab: Be Comfortable!
Jay: Yeah...(Arnab goes upstairs. Jay sips the drink. He turns his face and sees Pia coming down the stairs. Jay keeps the drink on the table. Pia sees Jay too and goes to him)
Pia: Oh my God Jay... (Jay gets up from the Sofa and faces her) Okay tell me (She keeps the dress on her body) How is this dress for today evenings date?
Jay: Hmm...Where is the rest?
Pia: Oh my God Jay...You are so funny (Pia goes near him) You only told me that you paid those Guys to go on date with me. So I thought why to waste your money. I am those Guys Dream Girl. At least let their dreams come true. By the way, No Guy forgets a date with Pia Dobriyal.
Jay: Okay Pia... If you are doing this to impress me then it is not working (Jay sits on the Sofa again. Pia sits facing him on the table)
Pia: Really? You know what? This all I am doing not to impress you. But I think you are feeling jealous. Are you not feeling good that I am getting ready and going for those Guys. You know what? This was your own idea only. What did you think? I won't go...that I will get scared...You know what? This time you have got the wrong girl.
Jay: Listen Piya, I don't know how those guys are and if those guys do anything wrong with you...I will not be blamed...Sure...
Pia: Oh! So sweet! But a little late. I  can take care of myself. And all this you should have though before setting dates for me. Okay? Thank you!
Jay: Okay! Tell me one thing (Pia is about to get up) You wait! Where are you going with them by the way?
Pia: Poison Ivy. Why? You are coming?
Jay: Yeah! At least someone should be there to see your Drama so I will come.
Pia: Whatever... you know...
(Arnab notices Pia and Jay talking from upstairs. Arnab looks at them and thinks, 'Well well well What is this happening? Ahh...should tell Madhu. She will go mad with happiness. Both sisters marriage in one family? Perfect!) Episode ends.

PreCap: Misha opens the door with Arnab standing behind her. Both are shocked. Jay is at the door supporting Pia who seems to be drunk.

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