Friday, November 5, 2010

5th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 15) Abhay clears the misunderstandings between Piya and Misha

Episode 15 starts with Kabir writing a love letter for Piya to express his feelings for her. He writes in the letter asking Piya to wear yellow the next day if his feelings are reciprocated.He is happy to know that Danish is planning to join a job. Piya is hurt when Misha avoids her in the college. But she gets surprised when Abhay comes and reveals the truth to Misha about Piya’s birthday incident. He tells her that it is not Piya’s fault and he and Kabir are both at fault. He tells her that Kabir tricked her to go to the Restaurant by making a call and Abhay on his part though he knew the full truth he only told Misha the half truth. Piya asks Abhay now why he is doing all this. He created the problem for her and is now solving it. Abhay tells her that ‘You ask too many Questions’ and walks off from there. Misha apologizes to Piya for not trusting her. Panchi is happy to know that Danish is attending an interview and hopes for a better future with him.

Danish meets Mr Raichand for his interview and is surprised when he gives him the job. Panchi is happy to know that her Boyfriend Danish had got a job at Mr Raichand’s company. Kabir searches for Piya’s locker in the locker room. Misha teases Kabir for writing a love letter for his special girl. Kabir mistakes Misha’s locker to be Piya’s when she sees Piya keeping stuff into it and keeps the letter in it. Misha is shocked to read Kabir’s love letter and is embarrassed. Piya meets Abhay outside near a Tea stall and questions him the reason behind him being rude to her. She asks him what he wants from her. Abhay tells her that he expect nothing from her, neither friendship and nor enmity, he just wants them to be like strangers. Abhay and Piya makes a decision to stay away from each other.

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