Thursday, November 4, 2010

4th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 14) Misha Dobriyal breaks friendship with Piya Jaiswal

Kabir asks Piya for a Lunch date with him to celebrate her Birthday but Piya refuses. Misha also offers to throw a Party at the House to celebrate but Piya says that she does not want to celebrate her Birthday. Kabir tricks Piya to coming into the Restaurant telling that he is in trouble. Piya comes to the Restaurant and is angry for tricking her to come to the restaurant. Misha arrives there and fights with Piya for celebrating her birthday with Kabir instead of her. After Misha goes Abhay comes there and tells Kabir and Piya that it is him who revealed her Birthday Plans to Misha as he wanted to test how strong their friendship is. Kabir tells Abhay that Misha is her childhood friend and she would not break her friendship with him over a petty fight. Kabir Pushes Abhay and he hurt his hand when he holds on to the glass decoration bangles. Abhay tells Kabir that he feels like laughing at the stupidity of Kabir and walks off. Piya vows that she would get even with Abhay.

Abhay reveals tells Mr Raichand how much he hates Piya. The door bell rings and Chand Raichand opens the door. Abhay is stunned to see Piya. She tells Mr Chand Raichand that she came to give the Birthday Cake and celebrate her Birthday with Abhay as she could not find him when she was cutting the cake. She takes leave of them telling that she stays in a Hostel and would not want to have problems by going late. Mr Raichand is amazed to know that Piya is a lookalike of Maithli. Once she is out of the house she tries to call Misha who does not pick up her call. Piya is hurt with Abhay’s hatred towards her and her fights with Misha. Arnab notices That Misha is upset and not picking up her calls. He tries to console Misha but she continues to avoid Piya’s calls.

Piya reaches her Hostel room and meets a new roommate Maya. Piya is happy and both the girls get along well. At the Raichand House Mrs Raichand is worried about Abhay not being in control. Mr Raichand is worried about their truth being exposed in front of the humans as it is a question of their survival. Abhay heals the injury he got when Kabir pushes him away with his hands.

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