Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 23) Arnab Dobriyal Suspects Haseena Raichand

Episode 23 starts with Piya watching Abhay and T together. Kabir comes near Piya and looks at them too. Tanushree gives a victorious smile.
Kabir: Piya, We don’t need to see all this Drama. Let’s go babes. Anyways these two make a perfect couple and they deserve each other! (Piya and Kabir go from there)
Scene moves to the Dinner table at Dobriyal House. Danish is having Dinner with the Dobriyals. Danish appreciates the food. Arnab asks Danish how his new job is. Danish says that it’s going very well and that he is going with Mr Raichand to Delhi regarding land deal. Arnab tells that he is also going to Delhi regarding the same deal and that the deal is very important to him. Madhu is worried thinking if Danish’s new job would cause differences between Arnab and Danish.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Piya, Misha and Tracker are talking when they see T and Abhay coming with T clinging on to his arm. When Abhay sees Piya he hugs T closes and shows some PDA in front of her and says in mind, ‘See this Piya,Go away from me,Go away from my life…I need you to go…’ T tells him, ‘let’s go Abhay’ and they walk from there. Piya tells in mind, ‘I know why you are doing this. To escape from Maya’s problem you are showing that you have a girlfriend.But when people will find out they will know how disgusting you are’.
Scene moves to Piya in the Locker room. She sees Maya there and asks where she was and if she is not coming to the class. Maya tells that she had gone for a job interview at an Italian Restaurant which is opening on that day and that she got a part time job there as a waitress. Piya is happy for her and leaves from there.
Scene moves to Kabir and his father. Kabir’s father tells him that he would drop Kabir when he says that he is getting late and that his car is in the garage. Kabir asks his Dad advice regarding where to take Piya for a date and Kabir’s Dad suggests candle light dinner at the new restaurant which is opening for customers in the evening an dgives him invites for the same.

Scene moves to Mount College where Piya refuses to go with Kabir to the Restaurant on a date. She tells him that she has two assignments to complete and that she would see him later. She goes away from there and Kabir is disappointed. Kabir sees Misha and asks for her help to find out about Piya’s feelings for him.
T and Abhay are walking together with T clinging on to Abhay’s arm. T asks, ‘How was your day Abhay?’ Abhay removes T’s hand from his arm and tells her, ‘Stop touching me, now nobody is seeing us’.
T: Whatever, Anyways,what is your favorite color?
Abhay: Why?
T: Because tonight I want to go color cordinated.
Abhay: Tonight?
T: Yes, Restaurent Opening. Only couples are allowed. So I thought…
Abhay: You thought wrong! I won’t come there.
T: What do you mean? I heard Piya and Kabir talking that they are going. So why can’t we go? We won’t get a better opportunity than that to make them jealous.
Abhay: Okay, we will go! (He walks from there and T jumps in joy)

Scene moves to Danish and Panchi who have an argument as Danish refuses to go with Panchi for the Restaurant Opening. Panchi tells him that there are things which are important to his life apart from the job including her. He then apologizes to her and tells her that he would try to make it.

Scene moves to Misha confronting Piya at the locker room. Misha tells her that if she needs to give more thought regarding the relationship she should talk to Kabir. T comes there and informs regarding her date with Abhay and insults Misha. She tells them that tonight every one in the city would talk about her and Abhay. When T and her friends go Misha tells, ‘You are right Tanushree Ambolker, the whole city would talk’. Maya comes there and Piya tells her that on her first day of job she is going to get a bad customer, T.Maya tells them about the details of the restaurant opening party and invites them.

Scene moves to Beauty Parlor where T is highlighting her hair. Misha adds some liquid to the hair color to be used on T. Misha tells tracker to wait for some fun which would happen in the night at the Restaurant. Tracker si disappointe dthat they cannot go as they do not have partners. Misha tells her that they would go and that she has a plan. They go away from there.
Scene moves to Piya talking to kabir on phone. Kabir tells her that he understands that she needs some time. Piya tells him that she likes him but things are happening to fast and that they should give each other some time. She suggests him that they could go on for the restaurant opening. Kabir is happy and tells her that he would pick her at 8’o’clock.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab shares his suspicions regarding the Raichand’s with Madhu. He feels that it is strange that Mr Raichand gave such a big position for Danish in the Company and is also taking Danish him for the bid. The driver comes there and Arnab asks him about a particular book he always reads. The Driver gives him a half burned book telling that he found it in the fire. Arnab tells that he saw that book last in Mrs Raichand’s hand and that she would have put it on fire. Arnab tells that the book is priceless and he is looking for some answers from the book regarding something he saw on the jungle.

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