Monday, November 15, 2010

15th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 21) Piya agrees to be Kabir’s Girlfriend

Danish tells Kabir to drink to gather the courage to propose to Piya. Kabir gets drunk and proposes Piya in the party. Abhay encourages Piya telling that Kabir is rich and before someone else grabs him she should accept him. Piya accepts Kabir’s Proposal. The Raichands find the book 'The Living Dead' in Arnab's collection of rare books. They destroy the book later. Piya notices May atrying to talk to someone on her mobile outside the Dobriyal House. Piya tells Maya now 3 people know about your pregnancy but tomorrow everyone would know about it. She tells her that Maya’s Pregnancy is not just her problem and that she should make the father of the child aware of his responsibilities.

Panchi and Piya have to drop Danish and Kabir as they are drunk. The car breaks down in the middle of the forest. While the Guys go in search of a mechanic Piya sees Mr.Raichand in weird attire in the forest running fast. She is shocked. Panchi notices that Piya was silent during the drive and asks her what the problem is. On Kabir’s insistence she tells that she saw Chand at the forest running in weird attire. The guys make a joke of it and do not believe her. At the Raichand House Haseena tells Abhay that she and Chand have decided not to stay there anymore. She tells him that Piya saw Chand at the jungle and might be suspicious about them.

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