Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 13) Abhay takes a drunken Piya to Hostel

Episode 13 starts with Abhay catching Piya. She is happy to see Abhay and talks merrily with him. She asks him ‘You came again to save me Abhay?’ and tells him that whenever she is in trouble Abhay is always there to save her and that he is her Hero. Piya then corrects herself and say that no… ‘You are my Angel but khadooswali'. She asks him if he does not smile and if his eyes change colors. She tells him that she has never seen any eyes like that of him. Abhay tells her to stop the chit chat or he would leave her in the forest in the midst of wolves. Piya keeps her fingers to her lips showing no talk sign and then nodding no to him. Abhay carries Piya who faints on his arms out of the jungle to the car. Piya regains conscious when they come near the car and asks Abhay to drop her at Misha’s House. She tells him that the warden of the Hostel would rusticate her if she finds Piya like that. Abhay says okay and drives the car to the Hostel.

Misha looks around to find that Piya is missing. Just then Kabir comes back after dropping Danish to pick Misha and Piya. Kabir, Misha and Tracker search for Piya. Tracker finds Piya’s bracelet near the bushes. Kabir gets news that Abhay was seen taking Piya to the road leading to the Hostel and hurries to the Hostel. Abhay stops the car in front of the Hostel and helps Piya out of the car. When Piya sees that he bought her to the Hostel instead of Misha’s House she asks him not to touch her. They have an eye lock and both get lost in each other’s eyes when the warden comes and sees Piya. Abhay tells the warden that Piya was drunk so he came to drop her. While the warden is taking Piya inside Kabir, Misha and Tracker reach the hostel. Kabir scolds Abhay for getting Piya into trouble with the warden for which Abhay tells him to hurry and help his friend packing as the warden would rusticate her. Kabir tries to defend Piya's actions with the warden but she refuses to listen to him.

In the warden discusses with Piya about her future and her circle of friends. Kabir is talking with Angad and is worried about Piya. Abhay comes and puts a bet of Rs 10000 and tells Kabir that Piya will be kicked out of hostel. Just then Piya comes in and hands over the money to Kabir telling him to enjoy it. She lambastes Abhay for putting her into trouble with the warden and asks him what she has done to deserve such treatment from him. Piya tells him that he did not expect such a behavior from even a Guy like him and Abhay says not to keep any expectations and walks off. Piya is surprised when Misha and Kabir wishes her happy birthday. Misha is hurt when Piya refuses to allow her to celebrate her birthday. The scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal who goes to the graveyard to celebrate Piya's birthday thinking that she and her mother Sugandh are dead. He remembers his friend telling him about Piya and her mother's death in a car accident.

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